Taskmaster: The Podcast - Discussing Series 11, Episode 3 | Feat. Katherine Parkinson

13. april. 2021
19 672 Ganger

Ex-Taskmaster contestant Ed Gamble is joined by actress (and most importantly fellow ex-Taskmaster contestant) Katherine Parkinson as they go back and discuss series 11, episode 3 of Taskmaster.

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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Who would be the contestants for a "best of the worst" show? Katherine Parkinson, Charlotte Ritchie, David Badiel and who else?

    Jonathan BjørnsethJonathan Bjørnseth12 timer siden
  • oh mummy

    jigokushoujojigokushoujo2 dager siden
  • nemonic mnemnonic menomic

    GlowackosGlowackos3 dager siden
  • As an introvert American I have just found Taskmaster (THANK YOU NOworld...) and other British Comedy panel shows. I had no clue who she was. Katherine was such fun to watch and lovely to think about too. Such a beauty and an amazing laugh. Turns out she is an actress with amazing legs. Thank you for providing such fun talk about my new favorite show.

    trevonbachtrevonbach9 dager siden
  • Seeing Katherine Parkinson on taskmaster only made me love her more as an entertainer! It always looked to me like you were half way between wanting to win and wondering to yourself what you were doing. Loved her in IT crowd and everything else I've seen her in. Much love from the US

    the one all in blackthe one all in black19 dager siden
  • Great job again, but whats with the 15 ads?

    kamaankamaan26 dager siden
  • Remember 18. then 10101 twice. Those are the last digits of each month's number of days. Remember 10101 because you sound like Pacman when you say it.

    Dick ReckardDick Reckard27 dager siden
  • I love her so much😂😂 EXTREMELY relatable and so loveable and hilarious, 20/10 entertainment here and on her season!! 100% up there with one of my favourites :)

    Lauren WilliamsLauren Williams29 dager siden
  • 15 ads is a bit excessive

    Sira MeaSira MeaMåned siden
  • Mike's prize was never a real sculpture, it was always a box of broken bits, he probably didn't expect everyone to fall for it

    Sira MeaSira MeaMåned siden
  • Hey guys could you put more adverts on your videos please, I almost listened for five uninterrupted minutes there!

    What's That Noise?What's That Noise?Måned siden
  • Lee Mack actually holds two world records in darts!

    PipiXPipiXMåned siden
    • I'm hoping there's a dartish task coming up where Lee either gets to shine or gets horribly humiliated because it looks like darts but isn't.

      Radical.CompoundsRadical.CompoundsMåned siden
  • i cant watch this in the uk ???

    Yeah OkYeah OkMåned siden
  • 52:29 : Ed so desperately wants to talk about David Baddiel there

    Caesar TjalboCaesar TjalboMåned siden
  • The masks were utterly shit, she's not an artist. She should stop torturing clay.

    Seán O'NilbudSeán O'NilbudMåned siden
  • So...why is this no longer available in the UK?

    Thomas Smith-KearyThomas Smith-KearyMåned siden
  • such a delight of a woman. cheers from brazil!

    Bruno AngeloBruno AngeloMåned siden
  • I tried to listen.... It's too hard.

    Mr PolishMr PolishMåned siden
  • How do we vote Ed Gamble off taskmaster island? Anyone else think that his pre-recorded intro is cringeworthy? What kind of host can't introduce the podcast during the interview???? The kind that waffles on and on and on.... Get frikking on with it you terrible terrible man. Fight me if you like.

    Mr PolishMr PolishMåned siden
  • 'Bums and front stuff' is the name of my new band

    DylzhaarDylzhaarMåned siden
  • She never did a task by herself! She used Alex Horne all the time and even the crew. I found her acting like she was incredibly ‘superior’ to the others.

    Patti MercerPatti MercerMåned siden
    • Alex Horne touched on this previously. They helped because they knew it wouldn't make a difference to the final result.

      JoshJosh26 dager siden
  • I assumed Wozniak's prize was intentionally broken, so that that was the shocking bit after his in-depth description of what it would be. Since he didn't run with it, I guess I was wrong.

    Logan5Logan5Måned siden
  • Taskmaster is the best show EVER!

    DeenlyfeDeenlyfeMåned siden
  • The series 12 that I would like to see: Richard Ayoade, Rachel Riley, Jack Whitehall, Victoria Mitchell, & of course, possibly the first American to compete (I think?), Rich Hall. And if Rich isn't available, Vic Reeves will do quite nicely. Done! You're welcome!!

    theTRUTHgrouptheTRUTHgroupMåned siden
    • that would be awesome

      Travis KempTravis Kemp25 dager siden
  • POSH

    CreekerCreekerMåned siden
  • "Am I the spider?" is one of the all-time greatest quotes from Taskmaster.

    ElQuark0ElQuark0Måned siden
  • I only found out a few months back that pipe cleaners were meant to clean smoking pipes. I had a very hard time finding pipe cleaners that weren't for crafts (needed sturdy ones) and was referred to the tobacco section of the store. Very confused, I asked "Why tobacco?" The lady answered "For cleaning pipes" And a light bulb went on.

    Anna HelanderAnna HelanderMåned siden
    • lmao i relate to this so hard!

      sarahsarah28 dager siden
  • I haven't listened to any podcasts yet but I saw Katherine Parkinson and I had to click. Anything for the most chaotic contestant on this show!

    Alai CaputoAlai CaputoMåned siden
  • I have a soft spot for Katherine Parkinson and her authenticity on the show. I really felt her approach to the tasks 😅❤️

    Maurits PonnetteMaurits PonnetteMåned siden
  • I felt the same way as Katherine about the luggage task. It's the first time I haven't been able to watch the whole task.

    acdallasacdallasMåned siden
  • why the delay? this episode was originally published on other platforms on 1st of april... (the following feat. rick edwards on the 8th of april.)

    IronWhyIronWhyMåned siden
  • This will be the first podcast we hear for the most of us. We love Katherine

    GameThroughGameThroughMåned siden
  • The pod hasn't tarted yet but I still have outstanding doubts about how their two energies will collide

    A BJA BJMåned siden
  • Not since the attempt of filling a net with water have I laughed so hard at any task attempt. She is lovely, I was delighted by this episode!

    MyopicAutisticMetalMyopicAutisticMetalMåned siden
  • Katherine was such a delight and im glad we got to know her a bit better and that she is in fact alright post taskmaster

    DmeepDmeepMåned siden
  • How come all the podcasts have suddenly disappeared from NOworld and now this one has randomly appeared two weeks later?

    Ben StockdaleBen StockdaleMåned siden
  • For gods sake!!! When the hell are you going to listen to your fans and get Richard herring to host this!! Even Ed is copying him now by saying tmp! Why have a fake when you could get the real thing!! GET RICHARD HERRING NOW!

    Ellis GribbleEllis GribbleMåned siden
  • Mike's smashed prize was definitely just a box of glass and was never actually a sculpture. At least that's what I assumed. I couldn't believe it when I heard Ed and Katherine talking about how it was a shame that the statue smashed. There was no statue.

    Tracey LoughTracey LoughMåned siden
    • That was my interpretation too!

      AshleyAshleyMåned siden
  • "The first worry would be something beginning with T, like, um, y'know, The climbing frame." Truly a remarkable brain.

    Andrew ForbesAndrew ForbesMåned siden
  • Is the NOworld taskmaster podcast behind by a week?

    Chris PlaggeChris PlaggeMåned siden
    • pretty much, yeah

      sarahsarah28 dager siden
  • Hearing Katherine say she did WILTY because it's closer to a parlour game than a panel show makes me want to see how she'd do on Just A Minute, or one of the other 'gamier' Radio 4 shows.

    beemohbeemohMåned siden
  • Oh please upload the video not just a picture

    ab cdab cdMåned siden
  • Video on pls, it's rude.

    NishNishMåned siden
  • Katherine Parkinson: "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, no I need to keep those worries in my head so I can deal with them during a sort of thinky time at a later date, yeah."

    Caesar TjalboCaesar TjalboMåned siden
    • What an absolutely amazing line.

      NadyaNadyaMåned siden
    • So relatable!

      SabrinaSabrinaMåned siden
  • Are we the podcast?

    Muralidharan KMuralidharan KMåned siden
  • This is late as he.... Had to go and listen at Acast About 2 weeks back

    Sarang ShindeSarang ShindeMåned siden
  • Ed as the host... I'll pass then and maybe catch another if the host changes to one of the real 2 hosts.

    Unleashed75Unleashed75Måned siden
    • It's pretty much an Ed Gamble podcast, he's hosted all 27 episodes I believe.

      Sid HackneySid HackneyMåned siden
  • I gasped so hard, I’m sooooo happpppppy! I loveddd Katherine😂♥️♥️♥️

    hessaalsalem42hessaalsalem42Måned siden
  • How come we're a full week behind the podcasts on NOworld?

    Liam GarrettLiam GarrettMåned siden
  • I'd love an underdog redemption series with all of the contest that were last

    KristankaKristankaMåned siden
    • +1 that would be a very interesting bit of TM 😁

      Maurits PonnetteMaurits PonnetteMåned siden

    emmoermemmoermMåned siden
  • Is she the spider?

    Christopher ClarkChristopher ClarkMåned siden
  • How are there more than 15 ads in this 1-hour podcast :/

    kai Feuersteinkai FeuersteinMåned siden
  • SARAH Parkinson? Who writes the description?

    TheLongDarkTheLongDarkMåned siden
  • I love that katherine's approach to the sauna stone task is to try spitting, knowingly fail, then ask someone from the crew to do the spitting. The whole point of spitting is that you cant go past the rope, so if someone else is doing the spitting for you they could just walk up to it or pour water on it.

    Melodica DudeMelodica DudeMåned siden
  • I absolutely love how they block the episodes in the US and then push the podcast. "Make sure you watch the episode first!" I can't, but thanks.

    Elizabeth DenkingerElizabeth DenkingerMåned siden
    • @Elizabeth Denkinger then watch the episode first and come back to the podcast after! ^^

      Jupiter MoonJupiter MoonMåned siden
    • @Jupiter Moon no, if they don't want the ad revenue I'll just get it from pirates. I shouldn't need to give my information to a third party.

      Elizabeth DenkingerElizabeth DenkingerMåned siden
    • Proxies or VPNs could be the answer ;)

      Jupiter MoonJupiter MoonMåned siden
  • Did anyone else notice, it's Sarah Parkinson in the description?

    Schniedel WutzSchniedel WutzMåned siden
  • I thought that ice bucket was a tribute to ice bucket challenge, which was viral, caused actual shock to whoever did it and helped medical research on ALS.

    Black MagicBlack MagicMåned siden
  • She is just wonderful, both as a contestant and as a podcast guest

    Ana MarkoAna MarkoMåned siden
    • I know i looooove her

      niels p.niels p.Måned siden
  • Finally! Been a long time, and when is the Rick Edwards one coming?

    TheChillindude44TheChillindude44Måned siden
  • Any Reason the previous ones were taken down, hadn't finished listening to them???

    Martyn DMartyn DMåned siden
    • you can find them on podcast platforms (google podcasts, apple podcasts, spotify, stitcher, etc.) the same days the new episodes come out :) they're usually uploaded here a few days later

      sarahsarah28 dager siden
    • They are still there when I look. The newest ones haven't been added to the Podcast Playlist yet, but they're there under the regular Videos tab.

      sᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇsᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇMåned siden
  • Sarah Parkinson? What a weird mistake XD

    WhitefireWhitefireMåned siden
  • Queen of Chaos is back.

    Injamamul IslamInjamamul IslamMåned siden
  • i haven't listened to a podcast faster than this one

    wemestroswemestrosMåned siden
    • @D Cross 1.5 actually

      wemestroswemestrosMåned siden
    • Did you listen to it on double speed?

      D CrossD CrossMåned siden
  • I used to like Katherine before Taskmaster, but post the show, I have completely fallen in love with her personality.

    Mudit ChauhanMudit ChauhanMåned siden
    • She’s very endearing.

      Adam ArensAdam ArensMåned siden
  • Love her!

    General BroadheadGeneral BroadheadMåned siden
  • mammy!!

    J KJ KMåned siden
  • Ooh, listened to this earlier on the Taskmaster site. Why did all the podcasts suddenly disappear off the channel?

    D CrossD CrossMåned siden
  • Definitely my favorite contestant of series 10

    TrirenTrirenMåned siden
  • Oh, mummy. 🥰🥰🥰 So glad she could answer the often googled questions about her mental health. And the answer is positive.

    SabrinaSabrinaMåned siden
  • This is one of the funniest ones! I laughed so much whilst listening to it 😂😂😂 She's great

    Michelle FidelisMichelle FidelisMåned siden
  • Had to say I was surprised that despite being a huge Tasmaster fan Ed didn't recognise Mike's prize task as being deliberately broken - especially considering this is essentially what he did in the original show at the Fringe for the "Post Alex the biggest thing" task (he went with a gigantic ice statue on small wooden plinth).

    PandafaustePandafausteMåned siden
    • They even showed the delivery details. Very fishy 😂

      JustMEJustMEMåned siden
  • The description box says Sarah Parkinson 🤔

    AhopekAhopekMåned siden
    • Probably at Katherine's request - hopefully everyone will start to believe it _was_ Sarah Parkinson.

      sᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇsᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇMåned siden
  • I regularly cry laughing at how great/creative/unexpected/honest this show is! 😂 And I feel like Katherine wasn't given a fair shake! I loved those masks!

    AhopekAhopekMåned siden
    • You should get yourself diagnosed and take the meds.

      Seán O'NilbudSeán O'NilbudMåned siden

    Tee CarratTee CarratMåned siden
    • @Seán O'Nilbud Probably because some people enjoy watching the people on the podcast during the conversations. I'm just guessing, of course.

      RamuDonRamuDon27 dager siden
    • Why?

      Seán O'NilbudSeán O'NilbudMåned siden
  • Oh I waited for this

    Полина МакароваПолина МакароваMåned siden
  • is Ed gamble single...

    PT TaekwondoPT TaekwondoMåned siden
    • I think he's getting married actually! Congrats Ed.

      SabrinaSabrinaMåned siden
  • Whats up with the name in description?

    Oskar PalusOskar PalusMåned siden
  • Oooh we are EARLY

    thatfictionthatfictionMåned siden
  • Nice

    Catherine NguyenCatherine NguyenMåned siden