Taskmaster: The Podcast - Discussing Series 11, Episode 2 | Feat. Jamali Maddix

29. mars. 2021
21 065 Ganger

Ex-Taskmaster contestant Ed Gamble is joined by stand-up comedian and documentary maker (and most importantly fellow ex-Taskmaster contestant) Jamali Maddix as they go back and discuss series 11, episode 2 of Taskmaster.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • a) Towels take long to dry because they can soak up a lot of water. So it's not ironic but actually rather logical. b) Half a litre of milk a day isn't that much. Eat cereal for breakfast every day (which on the continent a lot of people, particularly younger ones do) and you get a quarter of a litre already. Bit of coffee or just milk to go with your sweet treat in the afternoon. Not every nation is masochistic enough to mostly drink tea. c) The entire studio task was complete BS. Guessing your position when you're on one of the extremes (1 or 5) is fairly easy, 70% of those got themselves in the right place. Guessing when you're somewhere in the middle is a lot harder, only 20% got it right there. So Lee - who was the extreme in 4 out of the 5 questions, was essentially set up to win it.

    DrZaius3141DrZaius314129 dager siden
  • This has 16 ad breaks. Many of them double ads. It’s getting a bit much.

    glockenreinglockenreinMåned siden
    • @Dan Raider I know but I do like to give them money because I truly enjoy the show and I’m happy that it’s on NOworld. So just switching ads off doesn’t feel entirely right.

      glockenreinglockenreinMåned siden
    • Adblock/youtubevanced You have many options Unless you're an iphone jobber

      Dan RaiderDan RaiderMåned siden
  • What happened to your pod cast?

    Steve and Myrna PerezSteve and Myrna PerezMåned siden
  • Where is the podcast with Katherine??? 💗

    JustMEJustMEMåned siden
    • I found it on Spotify 😅

      JustMEJustMEMåned siden
  • 10 minutes in and already four ad breaks. This is unwatchable/unlistenable.

    Jonathon RobinsonJonathon RobinsonMåned siden
    • What ads? Have you never heard of an Ad-Blocker?

      SierraRomeoRomeoSierraRomeoRomeoMåned siden
  • Literally the whiniest most negative cast member on the show so far. Seems like a super entitled woke crybaby to me...

    Jeremyk 541Jeremyk 541Måned siden
  • So many ads

    Stephen OxleyStephen OxleyMåned siden
  • Please, we would love it if you brought Mike Wozniak on the podcast

    Miriam MiriamMiriam MiriamMåned siden
  • I have never seen any other comedian on taskmaster try this hard to sound cool while not being that cool.

    M.B.M.B.Måned siden
  • Take a shot every time he says ‘do you know what I’m saying’

    Molly HMolly HMåned siden
  • I don't think Lee won the studio task because he knows himself, but because he was mostly first or last. That's much easier to guess than differentiating between 2 and 3 or 3 and 4. It's easy to guess right if you don't drink milk.

    Michael MotejatMichael MotejatMåned siden
  • I see where Jamali is coming from now, but he came across (to me) as a disagreeable brat in the first episode (having not seen any of his stuff before). I think he was scored low by Greg, partly for his attitude, despite being decent in the tasks. If I were him, I wouldn’t poke Greg’s ego so much. Just goes to show, how much being likable & pleasing actually matters, isn’t it? even in a show dedicated to highlighting quirks.

    Indira IIndira IMåned siden
  • When a friend came back from China, she had a square cloth for spinning, with little bells on. The task was to spin it silently. It was cool. Bright red cloth, gold stitching and edging, little yellow metal bells. Magical.

    Red Elf Shot the FoodRed Elf Shot the FoodMåned siden
  • This season has been great so far. A much more charismatic cast chemistry compared to the last series.

    Temporal SolitonTemporal SolitonMåned siden
  • Not enough ads. More ads please! 2 or 3 times as many, if you can!

    Mc PaMc PaMåned siden
    • ​@SierraRomeoRomeo Please do tell me about computers and adblockers. I want to hear more. Your authoritative voice seduces me. Meanwhile I want them to put more ads on, please. Many more ads. Many, many more.

      Mc PaMc PaMåned siden
    • Learn about computers, I never see ads on YT!

      SierraRomeoRomeoSierraRomeoRomeoMåned siden
  • So... many... ads!

    quertovichquertovichMåned siden
  • Commented that I didn't like the first episode but happy to say that I enjoyed this one much more. Still not sold on Jamali or Sarah but they'll win me over in the end. They always do. Hard to see past Mike though, can see why he won the Edinburgh Taskmaster!

    Barry RowlingsBarry RowlingsMåned siden
    • There were a couple of very funny moments but as an episode it didn't entirely click for me either. This episode was much more satisfying overall.

      Malcolm BoydMalcolm BoydMåned siden
  • I thought everyone knew what a Love Spoon is? They are a common thing arent they?

    CelticWalesCelticWalesMåned siden
    • @glockenrein I believe that they're Welsh.

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)22 dager siden
    • I assure you they’re not. 😂 I think they might be a very regional thing.

      glockenreinglockenreinMåned siden
  • This towel chat is insane! I have one towel for drying myself, use it every day, and wash it when it starts to smell. That takes at least a month. Wtf is wrong with these people who use a towel once and then wash it? You only dry yourself after you've cleaned yourself, so the towel doesn't get that dirty! I know there are more important things to get angry about but what are these guys on?

    CarrotsCarrotsMåned siden
    • @DrZaius3141 I change mine approximately weekly, the same as the bed linens. Maybe a little more frequently in the winter when the towel stays damp longer because the room is cold. (My bathroom window is open pretty much permanently.)

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)22 dager siden
    • It's not that it gets dirty, but it hangs around being wet.

      DrZaius3141DrZaius314129 dager siden
    • A month is seriously pushing it. How often do you change your linens?

      glockenreinglockenreinMåned siden
    • I don't think they're on anything. I just think we have different standards for cleanliness. For example, what you described sounds absolutely disgusting to me. The idea of using only one towel for a month or more and actually waiting until it starts to smell makes me want to throw up.

      M.B.M.B.Måned siden
    • Depends on how many people are using it i guess, also if its a hand towel it gets used many timed a day

      Margarida PereiraMargarida PereiraMåned siden
  • 50:39 There really has to be very high humidity in British air when your towels take two days to dry on a rack! In Germany I hang mine on the rack for a day and they're dry as a brick, I dunno...

    Sebastian W.Sebastian W.Måned siden
  • Is there another platform I can listen on? I couldn't find it on I heart radio

    bryan davisbryan davisMåned siden
    • Yes, there's a couple.

      SierraRomeoRomeoSierraRomeoRomeoMåned siden
  • Jamali is one of the four contestants in this series who I ashamedly hadn't heard of before, but they've all burrowed their way into my heart! town

    Alex ThirkellAlex ThirkellMåned siden
    • Go watch some Frankie Boyle's New World Order. It's brilliant and Jamali is more in his element there, because it's comedy + knoweldge instead of comedy + hijynx.

      DrZaius3141DrZaius314129 dager siden
    • Bank

      Chris PlaggeChris PlaggeMåned siden
  • hiss. hot. knives.

    Thea ClairyThea ClairyMåned siden
  • Well at least it was better than last weeks boring episode and as for the prize tasks god that are really really shite After all it supposed to be prizes that you want to,actually take home rather than throwing in the bin by the stage door on the way out

    Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • they didn't talk about lee's egg holding skills.

    Bilal AltafBilal AltafMåned siden
  • I just found the New Zealand taskmaster any chance of adding that in at some point

    Jeff Benoit Bowling GreenJeff Benoit Bowling GreenMåned siden
  • I think Jamali got marked down on the Mortimore Apple rule. Yeah, it’s cool, but we’ve seen it before. Don’t recycle your bits on our show and expect top points.

    Traveler XTraveler XMåned siden
  • I wondered about the phone thing too - I have tons of contacts via social media but not their actual numbers programmed into my phone, cuz they’ve moved about or I contact them via platforms... Qualifiers!

    Klay ThoringKlay ThoringMåned siden
  • I think it would be a cool if Big Narstie hosted. A different spin, but potentially really interesting. I seem to have a minority opinion though.

    Radical.CompoundsRadical.CompoundsMåned siden
    • @Tony Cox I was thinking of a Jabba the Hutt presiding over his court vibe (Jimmy Carr said it first, not me!)

      Radical.CompoundsRadical.CompoundsMåned siden
    • Be cool to have Narstie on, but not hosting. 👍

      Tony CoxTony CoxMåned siden
  • Technical question: At the time of this podcast, while Jamali is talking about episode 2, is he already knowledgeable about the entire series? And, therefore, just having to remain quiet until it all plays out? Or has he not been filmed in studio for episode 3 yet? I'm very curious about the timing of these things.

    theTRUTHgrouptheTRUTHgroupMåned siden
    • Good to know. Thanks!

      theTRUTHgrouptheTRUTHgroupMåned siden
    • All Series 11 episodes have already been filmed - tasks, studio bits and all. Jamali will have been briefed to not give anything away about episodes yet to be aired apart from a few hints, as he does in this episode of the podcast.

      Anthony HobsonAnthony HobsonMåned siden
    • Everything has been filmed, I believe. He's just keeping quiet.

      Radical.CompoundsRadical.CompoundsMåned siden
  • I don’t like this guy at all. Seems like he thinks he’s too good for this show. He has no idea what boost this will give his career world-wide. It bugged me especially when he said he didn’t want to put effort into the prize tasks. Like it was “homework” and he wasn’t getting paid for that. What an honor it is to be on this show and it’s barely a second thought for him. He even complained about the money it pays. Long way to go in this series, but definitely not someone I’m rooting for. I hope he changes my mind. I’ve grown to love everyone in this show. I’ve seen every series with the exception of series 9 so far (only because I can’t find it). Being an American, I wasn’t familiar with a single one of them prior to seeing them on Taskmaster (with the exception of Lee Mack). Looking into each participants career’s has opened up a whole new world of comedy I otherwise would have not of known existed. It’s like seeing a new color.

    Real Detective51Real Detective51Måned siden
    • @Martin A. Maguire - [Music] I think you should start a youtube commenters' counselling channel :)

      Radical.CompoundsRadical.CompoundsMåned siden
    • @Real Detective51 Then again, neither did he mention race, but what else might he have meant? Maybe people with a thick regional accent, I guess he could have meant. Either way, I thought you were very reasonable and there should be more people who know what it is to dislike but also be polite and balanced. :)

      Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Måned siden
    • @Adrian Mata Anaya I think you may also need to do a quick search of what prejudice means. It means judging someone prior to experiencing them as a person (i.e. based on some immediate aspect to their appearance, or job, or nation, or even a hobby), and the OP judged them *after* experiencing them. So without bringing race into this, your statement is mistaken.

      Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Måned siden
    • @Real Detective51 Oops! I think you may need to do a quick search of what prejudice means (hint: it does not necessarily equate to embedded racism). I replied to your post because you missed some narrative points that redeem Jamali by your proposed standards. I am not sure you were willing to respond to my points, so I'll have to leave this discussion. PS: I'm from the states, lol.

      Adrian Mata AnayaAdrian Mata AnayaMåned siden
    • @Adrian Mata Anaya How dare you assume I may “carry some prejudices”. Why would you just assume that about someone you’ve never met before? Especially since I never mentioned or even eluded to race in anyway with the exception of complementing British comedy which in itself is very rich in many cultures . What a nasty thing to assume about someone with absolutely no basis whatsoever. I was very complementary to every other cast member in the show’s history, lest you forget there have been many different races and ethnic backgrounds throughout the show’s history. But I don’t like the approach of one person, and you just assume I’m a racist for that? Or did you just assume that because I said I’m American? In which case, you may “carry some prejudices” of your own.

      Real Detective51Real Detective51Måned siden
  • I just calculated the amount of milk I drink per month. It's the same as Mike!

    Rat KindlerRat KindlerMåned siden
  • Mike's haunted house looked like Terry Gilliam animation - not that original either.

    justnskijustnskiMåned siden
  • Okay, ED, can this be a recurring round on the TM Podcast? "How would you take on the Taskmaster in hand-to-hand combat?" Jamali's got you off to a good start, but I'm curious now how the rest of TM's contestants would tackle that task.

    TellTaleTellTaleMåned siden
  • Ed @ 53.55: "We've got a few emails from... uh, [sneering] listeners."

    Daniel WDaniel WMåned siden
  • Caravan is not the house. House is for taskmaster, caravan is for Alex; also, the property itself was called the taskmaster estate, separate from the actual house (in the find the house and kiss the portrait episode). Just finished the rest, thanks Ed and Jamali!

    ProtMythicProtMythicMåned siden
  • It's not a good idea to have participants of the current season, unless it's the final episode. They can easily spoil something. Of course, those moments can always be edited out, but why go through that?

    cammyplayercammyplayerMåned siden
  • Any chance we can get an episode with Freddie Highmore from the american taskmaster season?

    Herr SchmidtHerr SchmidtMåned siden
  • Ah the Taskmaster's point system... He "hates" the youth and, I believe, also the bearded (somewhat thick to full-thickness). That's why the likes of Lolly, Joe Wilkinson, Mark Watson, Nish, Asim and Mawaan, more often than not, needed to be clear cut winners to have won. He could be serious with his points or, as he said before, he would do it to rile up the internet. So good luck to Charlotte and Jamali. 😅

    Kitt JyKitt JyMåned siden
  • How many adverts ??? I refuse to listen as they spoil the episode -A couple I can handle but I had over 15 sort it out

    Paul JohnPaul JohnMåned siden
  • Don't think it went unnoticed, Ed: ripping off Richard Herring's shtick right at the beginning there. "... TMP, that's what all the cool kids say" - do they though, do they? I thought it was RHLSTP.

    sᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇsᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇMåned siden
    • There's a difference between a rip-off and a homage.

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)22 dager siden
    • And on top of the indignity of refusing to hand Herring his rightful prize of hosting the podcast once the new series begins...

      Scotty NisbetScotty NisbetMåned siden
  • Big Narstie hosting Taskmaster would ruin it in the worst way

    iamdb1990iamdb1990Måned siden
  • static electricity shouldn't have counted. That is not hovering. It is the same as glueing it onto yourself.

    Rainer RieglerRainer RieglerMåned siden
  • a plastic cup is certainly worse than a glass

    Rainer RieglerRainer RieglerMåned siden
  • I like Jamali but...there will only ever be one Taskmaster and that is Mr Greg Davis. Having Greg leave the show would upset people in the same way as when Geri left the spice girls or the Beatles splitting up or Zayn leaving one direction. Never do that to us please!!!

    Ella LElla LMåned siden
  • Towels take ages to dry because their entire purpose is to absorb water. Quick-drying towels could not be as absorbent, and therefor would be shit towels.

    puckeringspuckeringsMåned siden
    • There are those microfibre towels for travelling. But they don’t feel nice at all, true.

      glockenreinglockenreinMåned siden
  • jamali is one of my favorites so far this season, and greg did him a huge injustice in only giving him 1 point on the pillow spinning task. he should have gotten a full 5 for proving greg couldn't do what he could. edit: jamali's team on the team task should have lost on the first person. chalotte said more than 10 words to start the argument in the task.

    Chris TamChris TamMåned siden
    • @Derp Wayne they all messed up the rat task because they were much shorter than 3 meters. but i think compared to lee's mushed up piece of bread, it should have been a 4 point minimum for the pillow spin, maybe 5 because as impressive as the balalaika playing was, i couldn't tell that was the theme song without Mike saying that's what he was playing.

      Chris TamChris TamMåned siden
    • If it makes it any better, he shouldn't have gotten any points for the rat catching task, so it averages out pretty well.

      Derp WayneDerp WayneMåned siden
    • He got 3 points in the end. But I agree, not enough. I did find Mike impressive as well. Wouldn't know who to give 4 and who 5.

      Nabend1402Nabend1402Måned siden
  • 16:13: "Well there you go, Lee branded a liar." Forgive me for not gasping in horror, but he's literally on a show called Would I Lie To You.

    Kurt ReinkemeyerKurt ReinkemeyerMåned siden
    • Team Captain, at that!

      TellTaleTellTaleMåned siden
  • “That’s what all the cool kids are saying?” The Herring brainrot is spreading. Ed will be stealing stones from local farmers by this time next decade.

    David Von FakenameDavid Von FakenameMåned siden
  • "not really a mandem show" lmao

    SamSamMåned siden
  • Mike is a more considered Joe Wilkinson. Completely bonkers, but with enough intelligence to do well and be funny simultaneously. He’s going to run away with this series

    John WhittakerJohn WhittakerMåned siden
  • "No face no case" I'm going to use that. Nice.

    GarrettGarrettMåned siden
  • 💗

    Isabella EarnhardtIsabella EarnhardtMåned siden
  • Unfortunately Charlotte's historical information was actually historical misinformation. It's a commonly-held belief, but it's purely mythical.

    puckeringspuckeringsMåned siden
    • Still a good prize

      Barry RowlingsBarry RowlingsMåned siden
    • Also you can pick those tankards up for 99c at the reject store.

      Traveler XTraveler XMåned siden
    • I suspected as much, but it still made for a much better story than anyone else's, so I wasn't mad.

      Beatnik MaryBeatnik MaryMåned siden
  • This is what I like - a guy who really enjoyed being on the show telling all the good stuff about being on the show! Hooray!!!

    Kathy KnightKathy KnightMåned siden
    • I love Jamil too!

      HenriettaHenriettaMåned siden
  • Will the bleeped version include the word "town"?

    kelsey3.14kelsey3.14Måned siden
  • I drink 54 pints of milk a month 👀

    Dan RaiderDan RaiderMåned siden
    • That's disgusting 🤮

      SabrinaSabrinaMåned siden
  • Wait, Alex is a conspiracy theorist?

    Justin HelbigJustin HelbigMåned siden
    • @Justin Helbig oh

      Mister AppleMister AppleMåned siden
    • @Mister Apple At the beginning of the conversation on the podcast today

      Justin HelbigJustin HelbigMåned siden
    • what

      Mister AppleMister AppleMåned siden
  • Jamali spinning a pillow was up there with the best taskmaster moments for me

    cloaking111cloaking111Måned siden
  • Can't wait for katherine parkinson! Katherine, Richard ayoade and Chris O'Dowd team task on taskmaster would be team come true

    P KwanP KwanMåned siden
    • Especially since they could verse Robert Webb and David Mitchell

      Zachary SmiciaZachary SmiciaMåned siden
  • Seriously what’s happened??? Why isn’t Richard herring hosting? They said he would last time, I’m totally devastated and so are proper taskmaster fans :(

    Ellis GribbleEllis GribbleMåned siden
    • I’m sorry it’s just a tragedy this has happened!! I just don’t understand!!!

      Ellis GribbleEllis GribbleMåned siden
    • Listen to last weeks episode from 1:21 - 1:53

      Adam GougeonAdam GougeonMåned siden
    • @GT Walker whoosh!

      Adrian Mata AnayaAdrian Mata AnayaMåned siden
    • It has never been stated Richard Herring would be hosting the podcast. Ed made it very clear he is staying as the host, and the role is not passed to each champion. Also, you are the only Tasmaster fan I've seen complain about this.

      GT WalkerGT WalkerMåned siden
  • Lockdown 1 reality: Panic buy toilet roll Lockdown 2 reality: Panic buy string

    Portsmouth TaskmasterPortsmouth TaskmasterMåned siden
  • I love the juxtaposition between every contestant, it makes for a great show

    Nik VereschNik VereschMåned siden
  • I wish they would show the video of the conversations!

    Christopher WalrathChristopher WalrathMåned siden
  • I wasn't 100% sure about Jamali before but this podcast has convinced me that I love him. I look forward to hearing Katherine next week!

    ElectricFuryElectricFuryMåned siden
    • Yeah I thought he was trying too hard the first episode

      DriveThruDriveThruMåned siden
  • Parkinson next week! Brilliant 👍

    James DeanJames DeanMåned siden
  • Make episode 2 available in the US. For cereal.

    David CarrollDavid CarrollMåned siden
  • Seems like everyone has found their groove, or niche.

    N MareschN MareschMåned siden
  • I appreciate Jamali for sticking it to Greg and Alex, big cajones.

    Sparo SplatSparo SplatMåned siden
    • @puckerings No, I picked up on the instances when he wouldn't admit it! I'm paying way more attention than you!

      SierraRomeoRomeoSierraRomeoRomeoMåned siden
    • @SierraRomeoRomeo So you missed the instances when he admitted he can't defend a particular performance on a task, then? Seems like you're not paying attention to the show.

      puckeringspuckeringsMåned siden
    • Not really, he can't actually defend his performances and just tries to bluster through because his over-inflated ego won't accept legitimate criticism!

      SierraRomeoRomeoSierraRomeoRomeoMåned siden
  • I feel like I should have a million questions for Katherine Parkinson next week but I just wanna know is she okay does she need a hug are she and Alex bffs now

    hjerteknuserhjerteknuserMåned siden
  • I think Greg has been overly harsh on Jamali but he seems to having a great time anyway. He's great. Mike is the best though just adorable and amazing and hilarious.

    SabrinaSabrinaMåned siden
    • @SierraRomeoRomeo I think she would have gotten a better score if she challenged the Taskmaster more. Everyone that just rolls over usually ends up with worse scores.

      ArchieZeroOneArchieZeroOneMåned siden
    • @5Amigos32 I thought she and Jamali were both scored too low on that one and Sara too high. Hers wasn't all that impressive or creative she just had Alex ride a small bike and some editing trickery.

      SabrinaSabrinaMåned siden
    • Then again, cushion-spinning...

      Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Måned siden
    • Well, I recall the plastic cup, and the literally breaking the rules and not getting disqualified in the rat task. I can only assume you're joking. But I do *like* the guy

      Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Måned siden
    • @SierraRomeoRomeo Ouch, that was just cruel.

      Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Martin A. Maguire - [Music]Måned siden
  • Frustrated to be in the US of A. Don't have channel 4 here. I can only see the episode if this channel posts it. They haven't.

    No one No whereNo one No whereMåned siden
    • @SierraRomeoRomeo dude don't be a dick

      Dave JohnsonDave JohnsonMåned siden
    • If only you had, oh, like a VPN...not that I'm encouraging you to circumvent licensing laws of course...but FYI: All the latest episodes are on this channel in Canada.

      Beatnik MaryBeatnik MaryMåned siden
    • No, I'm not going to get a VPN to seak it out... ( as it's not intended for me anyway. ) It's far easier to just no longer watch the podcast.

      No one No whereNo one No whereMåned siden
    • I mean, I am sorry you don't get easy access to the show. But at the same time as a Canadian who has seen "This video isn't available in your region" far too many times... I am glad I am Canadian this time lol

      erfrefefererfrefeferMåned siden
    • @sarah oh nice, I didn't know that and was always reluctant to pay. I will give that a try

      suzyhangaroundsuzyhangaroundMåned siden
  • Katherine Parkinson next week, this is going to be amazing having her views on her descent into madness

    clement crispinoclement crispinoMåned siden
    • I can imagine her being one of those who has refused to watch herself on the show and I wouldn't blame her. Lol She was an absolute shambles bless her heart. I can't wait to hear her talk about it.

      SabrinaSabrinaMåned siden
  • Lee Mack has been a little dissapointing so far but Mike is just pure gold

    TheChillindude44TheChillindude44Måned siden
    • Lee is less funny than usual (because he has to use more force to get into the spotlight where he craves to be). Lee is less capable than expected (he is surprisingly bad at pretty much every task). And worst of all, Lee is getting shown so much favouritism. Was it 4 points for fumbling and inadvertedly throwing down several ingredients? Getting handed a free win in this studio task (Gee, who would have been able to guess that the vegan drinks the least amount of milk? Or that the northerner was born furthest up north? Or that the ancient person with an absurd amount of contacts in their phone would actually have the most?)? Sucking can be funny, but being bad yet still raking in points feels off to the audience. And I went into this expecting to be rooting for him.

      DrZaius3141DrZaius314129 dager siden
    • @TheChillindude44 It's a different show, though. You can't expect him to be the same as he is on WILTY.

      Flying Pen and PaperFlying Pen and PaperMåned siden
    • he's a person not a comedy machine

      sarahsarahMåned siden
    • Lee's the best with audience present or more playful banter, sucks to have him in an audience-less studio. I feel like most iconic Taskmaster moments like Joe's potato throw or James's hoola hooping wouldn't have been as memorable had there not been audience reaction involved. It really affects how comedians perform in the studio, hopefully it gets better

      Ana MarkoAna MarkoMåned siden
    • Nonsense, all 5 are equal so far.

      Senna AugustusSenna AugustusMåned siden
  • Hi Alex!

    Jack WilsonJack WilsonMåned siden
  • We need Mike Wozniak on the Taskmaster podcast.

    TeamKennoTeamKennoMåned siden
    • On the finale.

      JZ ThompsonJZ ThompsonMåned siden
  • Helloooo!

    Valerie KValerie KMåned siden