Taskmaster - Series 7, Episode 6 | Full Episode | 'A coquettish fascinator'

3. sep.. 2020
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In this series 7 full episode of Taskmaster, James Acaster, Kerry Godliman, Jessica Knappett, Rhod Gilbert and Phil Wang write and perform the most suspenseful soap opera cliffhanger.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Jess has on such a nice shirt for this one

    CruxadorCruxador3 timer siden
  • I got so scared when he said not to turn my back on him because I'm watching in bed and was literally mid roll-over when he said it lmfao

    Constant ChaosConstant ChaosDag siden
  • The women's soap opera was way better than the "boys". This is sex discrimination!

    SassycatzSassycatzDag siden
  • James’ portrait is genuinely amazing

    LaurenLauren2 dager siden
  • The women deserved to win the soap opera one

    A HobbitA Hobbit2 dager siden
  • Rhod very purposely wore "technical" gear that you'd use to backpack in Alaska or something but every time he runs for more than 15 seconds they have to bring in an oxygen mask LMFAO

    Fortunateson1969Fortunateson19693 dager siden
  • Phil is a closeted MCR fan

    Maria MielańczukMaria Mielańczuk4 dager siden
  • They realized "different" so late that I started to doubt I got it right at first lol

    DarknoorXDarknoorX5 dager siden
  • Exhausted seeing how Rhod is favoured over some really good stuff. They should have factored in the bias and not let him on the show. Everyone looks exhausted too, like Kerry going "why?" when he wins fourth for that leaf portrait. They all know why but can't acknowledge it.

    Dhwani SunkuDhwani Sunku6 dager siden
  • Aww, Phil got robbed with those different things. All others should've gotten 0.

    notthere83notthere836 dager siden
  • 4:44 "Did you really make it?!" - LOL he thinks that someone else would be capable of getting the writing wrong?! That is so Jess...

    notthere83notthere836 dager siden
  • I'm scrolling through the first 10 comments really expecting to find a G note comment... but I was disappointed.

    Grayson JonesGrayson Jones7 dager siden
  • Can I just say how great the internet is that I had never heard of this show and stumbled upon it and it is F-ing brilliant!

    Richard LaneRichard Lane8 dager siden
  • i honestly think that the girls' soap opera was better and more interesting

    Momo UwUMomo UwU9 dager siden
  • After both Soap Opera bits, I asked myself, sincerely, “What the F*ck did I just watch?” 😂

    Noah BlowingLessNoah BlowingLess10 dager siden
  • I get that the winning is arbitrary but when certain contestants are more consistently awarded against, it's just wrong. Phil Wang is definitely being robbed this season.

    A AA A10 dager siden
  • Can we talk bout how 30 stone is 420 lbs… and he’s still looking like a snack!!!!!!!

    NatalieFloridaRoseNatalieFloridaRose12 dager siden
  • The Boys’ cliffhanger reminds me of the Critical Role - Vox Machina episode where Vax goes to see Percy in the bath, talks about how well Percy treats his sister Vex, and then leaves...then she pops up from the water and says “I thought he’d never leave!” That line had me rolling in tears.

    Charles EnglandCharles England12 dager siden
  • I feel like they have it out against Phil Wang. He should have won the 50 different things challenge.

    Tosin AkandeTosin Akande12 dager siden
  • omg the girls were robbed during the soap challenge!! i never saw their cliff hanger coming!! GOT incest level twist right there!

    sn12sn1212 dager siden
  • For your next task, you are required to pick any show of the taskmaster series n try watching the whole episode while holding a month full of water

    Orvill NazarethOrvill Nazareth13 dager siden
  • For your next task, you are required to pick any show of the taskmaster series n try watching the whole episode while holding a month full of water

    Orvill NazarethOrvill Nazareth13 dager siden
  • Damm the last part went WWE so quick i almost choke

    Capt ain coolCapt ain cool15 dager siden
  • they forgot to give phil an extra bonus point at the end for revealing the piano key wasn't just a stock photo. :(

    M8B2L8M8B2L818 dager siden
  • Kerry's portrait was very recognisable as Greg.

    ZolbatZolbat20 dager siden
  • That has to be the funniest live task I've seen in this entire show so far!

    Ryan VergaraRyan Vergara20 dager siden
  • I actually died when Rhod brought out his key.

    Ahmed Al AwadhiAhmed Al Awadhi20 dager siden
  • 42:39 Hey, what's Chris Eubank doing in there

    Ihsees91Ihsees9121 dag siden
  • Honestly, James' picture is incredible considering how little he had to work with.

    lycurgusthelawgiverlycurgusthelawgiver23 dager siden
  • James Acaster is a very very creative guy is what i have realised this season

    Rishith AgarwalRishith Agarwal25 dager siden
  • oh god, the LOOK Alex gives Greg when he gets into the pie.

    Urszula TurkiewiczUrszula Turkiewicz27 dager siden
  • The Donna soap opera is so good

    no peaceno peace28 dager siden
  • I cried laughing at Alex chasing them around

    no peaceno peace28 dager siden
  • Just while I'm thinking of this, um, do you wanna explain 'suck it' ? Why I shouted 'suck it' at the end ? Yeah. I felt good.

    Banana Boat CharlieBanana Boat CharlieMåned siden
  • When James slapped the bubbles xD

    Giggles GamingGiggles GamingMåned siden
  • 22:12

    Tegenn JefferyTegenn JefferyMåned siden
  • When they dont upload the Champion of Champions so you cant watch all 49 previous episodes for the 50th episode.

    CSManiac33CSManiac33Måned siden
  • So then technically speaking in the box with glasses task you could break 10 single glasses as long as you didn't break the pair? so it could've been placed into a smaller box.

    ThemrdirtykingThemrdirtykingMåned siden
  • Rhod was great on the stage task

    Harald SpechtHarald SpechtMåned siden
  • trying to imagine Greg fitting in the drivers seat of a Honda is quite the image!

    Jes The RedJes The RedMåned siden
  • James Stratocaster is one of the funniest human beings alive

    John KerschJohn KerschMåned siden
  • In the first task, only Phil did the task correctly. Instead of him getting 5 points he is relegated to 5th because others put 50 SAME things in? Seems so scripted, that he doesn't even argue about it.

    A IyasA IyasMåned siden
  • How the F did Rhod get 4 points for that collage of the TM?!

    Utsav BansalUtsav BansalMåned siden
  • I dont get it. Why is Phil always treated like he's some unrelated child? His Greg portrait was at least the 3rd best one. They always look at Phil as if he's a nonsense.

    Now We In A ZoneNow We In A ZoneMåned siden
  • I thought Phil's key was the best one

    Now We In A ZoneNow We In A ZoneMåned siden
  • Alex Horne's commitment to a joke is what makes this show tbh

    As You WesAs You WesMåned siden
  • When the boys won the soap opera thing, it was because "everyone's gotta [what???]"

    John PelusoJohn PelusoMåned siden
  • Does anyone know why the last two episodes of this season are showing as "private"? :(

    Madison BordenMadison BordenMåned siden
  • james deserved 5 points in the first task. i love ice cream too. it's the best ting ever! nothing is better than ice cream!

    lisa simpsonlisa simpsonMåned siden
  • till date 7 seasons, it seems there is clearly a bias in awarding the prizes.... can we at one point be a little fair @Greg Davies or is it too far a reach for your capability

    Cset LiberiaCset LiberiaMåned siden
  • 13:00 where did Phil find a bra from ???

    CaereeceCaereeceMåned siden
  • Phil Wang about to read the live task: "Hello everyone" Rhod Gilbert: "Hi Phil" I don't know why but that always made me laugh

    themoolagthemoolagMåned siden
  • The 50 different things challenge is the first challenge where they were rewarded for doing the task wrong. Only one did it right; the points should've been 0, 0, 0, 0, 5 (not just 1 bonus point for being the only one who actually followed all of the instructions)... Why this was allowed on this show; where every other scenario like this gets them 0-1 point, hurts my brain!!

    ThomThomMåned siden
  • That final task was such a fucking mess and I loved it. It was so chaotic I had to watch it twice. Greg looked like he was being 0ulled around by an unruly dog 😂😂😂

    ChesterSnapChesterSnapMåned siden
  • "Go do your business and we'll see you here when you clean up" Bold of Greg to assume I'm not watching this episode on the toilet

    Connor MartinConnor MartinMåned siden
  • I'm sad the Key didn't get smashed in Alex's face at the end. That would have been brilliant!

    Tim PulleyTim PulleyMåned siden
  • I have SO fallen in love with this show!

    metalraygear2metalraygear2Måned siden
  • James won despite completely losing the prize task. That's kind of impressive

    Toshak SinghalToshak SinghalMåned siden
  • Why is he so biased towards rod? This series is the worst.

    Saachi SinghSaachi SinghMåned siden
  • I was having such a shitty night but this episode made me laugh so hard. Thank you.

    Vatsala singhVatsala singhMåned siden
  • Could they crush the glasses first?

    Devony JadenDevony JadenMåned siden
    • “You cannot break a pair of glasses

      kelly McGregorkelly McGregor3 dager siden
  • Would it be possible to post the 2-episode special of the winners of winners "season"? Would love to see them :D

    Merel VerspuijMerel VerspuijMåned siden
  • this is the funniest Episode of Taskmaster

    nggak punyanggak punyaMåned siden
  • I just realized, after the 4th time watching this, that after Phil got out of the tub, his jumpsuit must have clinged to his little Phil Wang quite tightly.. in full sight of Rhod and James.

    Kitt JyKitt JyMåned siden
  • Goo Gol Maps!

    SunprismSunprismMåned siden
  • Well, I've just binged 7 seasons of task master... And now I have to wait with everyone else. Hello all!

    adamboy7adamboy7Måned siden
  • Man that closing aged like milk

    Emily GEmily GMåned siden
  • Phil got shit on SO hard in this episode. Ragged on relentlessly. He got gypped out of points on the Key task because Greg didn't believe it was a real key? Why? So dumb. Then he didn't get all 5 points even though he was the only one the truely completely the first task. If he wanted 50 things they would have said put 50 things in the bin, but they didnt. They said 50 DIFFERENT things, and yet Phil got the lowest amount of points. Ignorant. And then he gets dinged on the most elaborate (save James's) depiction of Greg. Greg must have a serious problem with Phil. The whole series Phil has been put through the ringer.

    Dustin SmithDustin SmithMåned siden
  • I just realised next episode is the extension task and im so excited for everyone to see that absolute masterpiece

    Alice BarcelosAlice BarcelosMåned siden
  • In case anyone was unaware, you can watch up to series 9 on the uktv website for free if you have a vpn and just set it to the UK

    Juan FerrerJuan FerrerMåned siden
  • Every Series, Headmaster Greg Davies confronts a new class of students; this Series is the most glorious dysfunctional group of students yet assembled. They're the Sweathogs.

    sfshinzsfshinzMåned siden
  • The honor of being called a fucking idiot by rhod gilbert

    AbigailAbigailMåned siden
  • Wanna explain "suck it"?

    Bryan RashBryan RashMåned siden
  • It can't be coincidence that James wins the episode with two deserts as prizes haha

    james evansjames evansMåned siden
  • I was sad to see an instrument damaged, but James portrait of Greg and Alex was pretty good 👍👏 Edit: Also for the box task, couldn't you have picked box A, and not have removed the other boxes? It didn't say you had to.

    cannibalbananascannibalbananasMåned siden
  • I upset that they didn't talk about how both Jess and Kerry's characters were both named Donna

    Elizabeth MooreElizabeth MooreMåned siden
    • Had to check the comments to make sure I wasn't the only one who saw that

      Salomon SalvadorSalomon SalvadorMåned siden
  • I'm genuinely disappointed no one commented on Kerry saying Alex was the best she'd ever had in the soap opera task. Such wasted potential...

    blackmoon9793blackmoon9793Måned siden
  • I'm genuinely pissed off that people got points for putting the same thing 50 times in the bin. I vote Phil!

    Shlomo KokoShlomo KokoMåned siden
  • Funny thing is I actually assumed drinking glasses

    Alyxia XAlyxia XMåned siden
  • I'm finally all caught up and now I don't know what to do with my life 😭

    Kye TalksKye TalksMåned siden
  • Did he get hus extra point for the piano key?

    eaveningeaveningMåned siden
  • Ah yes, another episode of the Phil's Wang show.

    MrEsoteric416MrEsoteric416Måned siden
  • Does no one know that alex is the actual taskmaster?

    john somerandomnumberjohn somerandomnumberMåned siden
  • I love the ‘the smallest ass wins’ comment. It’s so intimately bitter.

    corncornMåned siden
  • 40:31 aw James checking on Kerry after she fell and was dragged around🥺

    Kira VegaKira VegaMåned siden
  • What if they did a special season where past contestants come up with tasks for Greg and Alex to do.

    Cameron SmithCameron SmithMåned siden
  • Great episode, but for me the highlight is James' outfit

    HHMåned siden
  • The outtake at the start of this is amazing. Alex hasn't a clue about Greg's life. He's such a weirdo!

    kelzuyakelzuyaMåned siden
  • Smiling again! Thank you!

    Uncle BobUncle BobMåned siden
  • 19:25 I love that moment. The way it makes Alex laugh.

    IgorIgorMåned siden
  • This was the most completely chaotic episode I’ve seen of Taskmaster yet

    RogueRogueMåned siden
  • Sleeper quote: "How did you find me?" "GOOGLE MAPS!"

    Wii U and MiiWii U and MiiMåned siden
  • obnoxious number of ads!

    Sean CotterSean CotterMåned siden
  • cant believe james didn’t reprise his role as ecoman

    The Nebula SystemThe Nebula SystemMåned siden
  • Phil: Hello everyone. Rhod: Hi Phil.

    LFDD FanGirlLFDD FanGirlMåned siden
  • 10 ads? I don’t know if I like the show THAT much 😔

    L MoL MoMåned siden
  • This show makes me so very happy 😊

    Nate BoosterNate BoosterMåned siden
  • i have watched the soap opera bit 10 times an have no idea why the boys earned the extra point... what the hell did she say?

    OneofdazzzOneofdazzzMåned siden
  • God I hate Kerry

    mmMåned siden
  • Final task was perfect! This is the best series so far.

    Varissa LopezVarissa LopezMåned siden