Taskmaster - Series 7, Episode 4 | Full Episode | 'OLLIE.'

20. aug.. 2020
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In series 7, episode 4 of Taskmaster James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Kerry Godliman, Phil Wang and Rhod Gilbert must work out what a switch does and dramatically alter their appearance.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • False the matrix is actually about being trans

    A FinneyA Finney6 timer siden
  • Rod deserved to win for the dramatic change task. I thought it was a task with the Swede in all the promos. 😂 but it was Rod!

    AthabascaAthabasca7 timer siden
  • Does Ollie just coincidentally weigh the exact number combination to spell out Ollie?

    M. A. T.M. A. T.21 time siden
  • Is it just me or is Alex just cute as a button

    Shivendra Pati TripathiShivendra Pati TripathiDag siden
  • 2:25 I guess her dad is in the audience... ;)

    notthere83notthere83Dag siden
  • Should have brought in interstellar or inception if he wanted confusing movies

    Devin GravesDevin Graves2 dager siden
  • That's the third time they've used the haggling joke on this show. Funny, but... why keep using it?

    Miranda KeigherMiranda Keigher4 dager siden
  • alex is the one who created this show. i found this interesting idk why.

    peepee poopoo manpeepee poopoo man4 dager siden
  • So yall think 31.770 means ollie But look at it like this 3+1+7+7+0=18 / 1+8=9 9 is the completion (the taskie) Hold for 5 seconds 5 is a dynamic force ( the taskmaster) 9+5=14 / 1+4=5 Five also means both sexes So congratulations ladies and gentlemen, they have completed the task, give them a round of apologize Good day

    Clochi BogmarshClochi Bogmarsh4 dager siden
  • I love how Greg wanted to make a "little Alex Horne" joke when he asked Katy about the character in the elevator task and she just went on full defensive of her costume and Rhod even helped, but Alex understood immediately and even wanted to explain, but they were not able to clear it up because of the absolute chaos they all are

    Maren BirdMaren Bird5 dager siden
  • Can't you push the fire emergency stop for the lift?

    TheDiensnTheDiensn7 dager siden
  • my god, Kerry is unbearable

    KoallismoKoallismo8 dager siden
  • The switch did NOTHING!!!

    briezzy365briezzy3659 dager siden
  • James GAYcaster, JessiGAY Knappett, Kerry GAYliman, Phil Wang (works as is), Rhod GAYbert, Greg GAYvies and Alex Hornboy.

    Henry JasonsHenry Jasons9 dager siden
  • What if you flip the switch and tell them this: "When I flip the switch, I will say that nothing will happen. But something will actually happen and that would cause me to lose this task."

    David Ian GoDavid Ian Go10 dager siden
  • How did none of them know how to get their handcuffed hands in front of them?

    OdinTGEOdinTGE12 dager siden
  • Wait this is bullshit that switch actually didn't do anything Rod was right

    Derek LushDerek Lush14 dager siden
  • I love Greg so much. I wish he were my zoom quarantine pal

    Wonder LadyWonder Lady15 dager siden
  • rhod is the god damn man

    hawk jameshawk james15 dager siden
  • Rhod Gilbert went into the evaluator and Jack Whitehall came out! Now thats dramatic!

    Ashwin BAshwin B18 dager siden
  • This opening task has absolutely got to be THE most hilarious out of the entire show.

    Brian VBrian V18 dager siden
  • How much does water weigh? 1 kg/litre at 4C

    survived and thrivingsurvived and thriving19 dager siden
  • Looking at the comments, looks like I am the only one who has Kerry as the favorite in this season

    Sandeep KadianSandeep Kadian20 dager siden
  • Man, I'm really into Jess. She's such a joyful and pretty lady. It would be cool if more folks were like her.

    C BC B21 dag siden
  • I wonder how they got Ollie to weigh exactly 31.770kg. Either they named it Ollie because it weighs that or they filled it with something to get to that weight.

    David BatguanoDavid Batguano21 dag siden
  • Greg in teacher mode, taking his glasses off 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    Urszula TurkiewiczUrszula Turkiewicz22 dager siden
  • Make it with wet toilet paper

    no peaceno peace22 dager siden
  • Why have you only used shoes??

    no peaceno peace22 dager siden
  • Iuf means "yoof!" Like uff da

    no peaceno peace22 dager siden
  • I had the same thought as James to try to stop the elevator hahaha

    krisdwoodkrisdwood29 dager siden
  • the water running down the sink in the switch task was stressing me out. so glad james turned it off. his discovery of what the switch does was hilarious, i loved it hahahaha

    lisa simpsonlisa simpsonMåned siden
  • 27:00. I love how James laughs so hard that he ran behind his chair. 😂

    Dit KindDit KindMåned siden
  • 5:04. Did anyone understand what he said? Because I really did not. xD

    Dit KindDit KindMåned siden
    • “ Well, my story relates to an incident where I went to a T-shirt shop and they got inexplicably confused about my simple request.”

      Blackthorne369Blackthorne36926 dager siden
  • 37:54 Is that how Ollie got his name?

    Robert LozyniakRobert LozyniakMåned siden
  • Surprised neither one took all the toilet paper off and used the cardboard, although Rhod's plan worked better than that would have anyway.

    Craig SchnabelCraig SchnabelMåned siden
  • Consistently the most antagonistic group

    yaicob.comyaicob.comMåned siden
  • Alex calling Greg lord is such a good callback and reminds me of Kat

    yaicob.comyaicob.comMåned siden
  • Greg seems genuinely Crossed for the while episode

    Nijal MartinNijal MartinMåned siden
  • I want a full compilation of every time Greg introduces “LITTLE ALEX HORNE”

    thalsnthingsthalsnthingsMåned siden
  • Why is Greg overacting in this series?

    Saachi SinghSaachi SinghMåned siden
  • I’m hoping there’s some payoff coming to Phil doing the same haggling but for every prize it better be good

    Liz WLiz WMåned siden
  • so the switch DID nothing

    Joanna KkJoanna KkMåned siden
  • Wait, so did Ollie really weigh 317.770Kg?

    themoolagthemoolagMåned siden
  • Rod should win the switch round. The switch actually did nothing, it was Alex moving the statue.

    Raziel SarafanRaziel SarafanMåned siden
  • Rhod should have won the light-switch task. He was right. It didn't do anything. Alex was moving Ollie to make it appear that the switch worked.

    Julianne RohmJulianne RohmMåned siden
  • No amount of disguise could hide Jessica's identity if she let loose that dazzling smile.

    Stannous FlourideStannous FlourideMåned siden
  • Is everyone ignoring the fact that Phil Wang is doing the same joke of bargaining with a salesman for the third time in the series?

    FrancLusaiteFrancLusaiteMåned siden
  • What is Ollie?

    HyperCazualHyperCazualMåned siden
  • But, technically Alex was moving the statue. So flipping the switch didn't do anything - Rod was the only one that actually got it right!

    Theresa ClarkTheresa ClarkMåned siden
  • "Can't be fucked to plug it in" is a sentence that needs to be said more often.

    Alexandre DucharmeAlexandre DucharmeMåned siden
  • The first 8.5 minutes of this episode was honestly some of the best improv comedy I've seen on this show

    Collin TrainorCollin TrainorMåned siden
  • Greg was conversant enough about The Matrix in an early series...thought he'd watched it based on back then, but maybe he'd just read the plot well.

    EarthdyedredEarthdyedredMåned siden
  • 36:15 ERB James Bond vs Austin Powers, that was such an amazing song.

    Alejandro De YavorskyAlejandro De YavorskyMåned siden
  • kerry whines about literally everything she doesnt win

    DdhfacetyyDdhfacetyyMåned siden
    • Paige Leslie she just didn’t think outside the box

      DdhfacetyyDdhfacetyyMåned siden
    • It’s frustrating right ?

      Paige LesliePaige LeslieMåned siden
  • was worried for a sec came on today and saw all the videos werent avail, got to get my taskmaster fix man! Love this show

    MolecularTreeMolecularTreeMåned siden
  • Using a leaf blower seems to defy the rule that you can only use toilet paper.

    PtolemyJonesPtolemyJonesMåned siden
  • I dream of the day Greg punches the crap out of Acaster.

    PtolemyJonesPtolemyJonesMåned siden
  • How come I'm getting a "this video is blocked in your country because of Viacomm" blackscreen on almost all these full episodes? WTF!

    Bleah BlooblyBleah BlooblyMåned siden
  • Phil Wang is what’s wrong with society

    JeremyK 541OR.JeremyK 541OR.Måned siden
  • Your public, humbly requests, a complete set of the outtakes from Season 7. If anyone agrees, plz thumbs UP!! Plz, TaskMaster, do not make us revolt to get this!!! PLEASE!!

    Super DSuper DMåned siden
  • The back and forth between Greg and Kerry is gold.

    The Khaki ObserverThe Khaki ObserverMåned siden
  • I love it when Greg gets to flex his teacher skills!

    Electroshock Therapy for the SoulElectroshock Therapy for the SoulMåned siden
  • Technically the switch did nothing.. so didn’t rod get it correct and not James?

    MFTomp09MFTomp09Måned siden
  • Why is it unavailable in New Zealand, I keep having to use a VPN

    Connor LambConnor LambMåned siden
  • For the live task they could have squat down, get there arms around their legs and have them on the front side of their body

    JoltedJonJoltedJonMåned siden
  • This panel has to remind Greg Davies of why he got out of being a teacher.

    sfshinzsfshinzMåned siden
  • Ok, is the green red just because the seal on the envelopes are read, or are they trying to do a Canadian thing?

    Charles CoxCharles CoxMåned siden
  • 6:38 James is truly my spirit animal

    That Man From EarthThat Man From EarthMåned siden
  • James Acaster... 👍🏻👍🏻😁😂🤣🤣

    Tee CarrTee CarrMåned siden
  • Alex trying to hold back Greg before he can get to James is so underappreciated

    Kelsey WuKelsey WuMåned siden
  • Carrie is so annoying through out the series

    Aleksandrs EniņšAleksandrs EniņšMåned siden
  • Why was it that when I heard the task of dramatically changing appearance I had the same idea has Rhod. get naked, Rub mustard on my body and put on sun glasses.

    Senne JansenSenne JansenMåned siden
  • The switch did nothing it was just alex moving the statue

    BreadedhatBreadedhatMåned siden
  • For the switch task, wouldn't it have been easier to leave it off and eliminate the things that are still on? Also, Greg taking James to the side at the beginning was funny 😂 (edit: seeing see Alex move Ollie, throws my idea out 😓)

    cannibalbananascannibalbananasMåned siden
  • I really thought that when they were handcuffed, someone would jump over his hands to make it easier.

    JulianJulianMåned siden
  • Did anyone else find Kerry to be annoying?

    Happy French ToastHappy French ToastMåned siden
  • In Rhod's defense, I didn't recognize him from the thumbnail.

    LarkSachrosisLarkSachrosisMåned siden
  • As someone who is in the United States and LOVES this show, PLEASE release episodes quicker. With this virus going around, I’m stuck watching earlier episodes over and over again waiting for the new episode which is three seasons late. I’ve never felt so at the mercy of the taskmaster before...

    Jonny WJonny WMåned siden
  • Phil’s face 40:52 Phil’s face 40:57 I want to see that deleted scene.

    K DBK DBMåned siden
  • 15:25 Alex missing a chance to ignore James

    Almericus SäxönAlmericus SäxönMåned siden
  • It's kind of amazing how well Kerry is doing considering how little thought she's put into any of the tasks.

    Gal DagonGal DagonMåned siden
  • We've got 4 now in series 7, maybe more?

    paul schwartzpaul schwartzMåned siden
  • WiiU gang represent

    QuantrisQuantrisMåned siden
  • This didn't originally show up in my subscriptions or on the channel at all. Is this blocked in certain countries?

    DevoidlessDevoidlessMåned siden
  • I feel like Rhod was right. the switch did nothing. it was Alex moving the statue :P

    TerrandelTerrandelMåned siden
  • K, I love Rod's chaos and indifference to Greg, but he should not have won. He got a point for not getting the switch task even remotely close to right. And he won the elevator task after adding two of his three changes after the doors were open. Where is our nit-picky Taskmaster we've come to fear and love?

    Megan HMegan HMåned siden
  • Sometimes I think Kerry didn't understand the point of this show

    Andrew RiordanAndrew RiordanMåned siden
  • J. Acaster was correct in assuming there was a cheat that gave you more time, but unfortunately he missed the signs. Or rather, the sign. In particular, the one that said "When nothing goes right, go left." Basically, hit G, step out of the elevator, change at leisure, then walk down the stairs.

    Benjamin ShawBenjamin ShawMåned siden
  • “It’s frustrating, isn’t it, Greg, when you’re asked to complete tasks under pressure and there’s lot of people watching?” Had me dying 😂 that creativity, yesssss

    Sophia RedwoodSophia RedwoodMåned siden
  • Phil Wang, a selfie taken by someone else is just called a "picture."

    Phil AmylonPhil AmylonMåned siden
  • This is one of my favourite episodes. Sorry about the CW thing, expat here, it's not a great channel; I think if you got all the seasons on Netflix it would blow up

    Zak DZak DMåned siden
  • 43:08 watch the face of Alex at 0.25 speed

    David PfistnerDavid PfistnerMåned siden
  • omg i just love rhod! he's so funny it hurts

    My name's BinMy name's BinMåned siden
  • Late again, blame the great wall. Worth it to hear "All you did was shove a bloody brillo pad down your tits!" Thanks all.

    Uncle BobUncle BobMåned siden
  • I've watched tjis episode several times....never gets tiring lol. My favorite part is when Greg pulls James off to the side to "reprimand " him lol

    Tina Smalley - CraigTina Smalley - CraigMåned siden
  • God, everything with that mystery box was sheer brilliance. Dying laughing for two minutes straight and the episode hasn't even really started yet. Love this show.

    CarlosMensuckassCarlosMensuckassMåned siden
  • I thought Rhod would come out of the elevator wearing nothing but his potato tattoo.

    UCLO 907UCLO 907Måned siden
  • Something about grown men fighting at the end like it's some playground game between Phil and Rhod really made me giggle.

    FurycrabFurycrabMåned siden
  • Rod was actually right. the switch did nothing.

    3-D Services LLC3-D Services LLCMåned siden
  • 40:41 if I just saw James wearing that on the street I wouldnt think anything of it

    Coley TurnerColey TurnerMåned siden