Taskmaster - Series 7, Episode 1 | Full Episode | 'The Mean Bean'

30. juli. 2020
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In the first episode of series 7 of Taskmaster James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Rhod Gilbert, Kerry Godliman and Phil Wang perform a quick change act and make the best tower of cardboard boxes.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • 41:05 This is me trying to be self-sufficient.

    Narah S.Narah S.17 timer siden
  • I often say Hugh was the best contestant, but thats only because I forget about Rhod... The fucking legend that he is... Its a tough call between the 2, but i think Rhod might just have it They almost blend together to me... Somewhat oddly...

    William Morey-BakerWilliam Morey-Baker18 timer siden
  • This is my favourite series of this show, i genuinely like every one of the contestants ;)

    Maik KellerhalsMaik KellerhalsDag siden
  • Halfway into this first episode and I already KNOW this series is gonna be a treat

    SamsUndertaleSamsUndertaleDag siden
  • I laughed so hard at James’ box-throwing attempt 😂

    A HobbitA Hobbit2 dager siden
  • I was wondering why this comment section isn't filled by my Indonesian fellows, we are very proud of everything related to us. Nevertheless, please visit Indonesia. Good toy there Phil 👍

    Tengah MainTengah Main3 dager siden
  • The moment James got 750 on the baked beans task I lost it

    Jared Willebeek-LeMairJared Willebeek-LeMair4 dager siden
  • Is james on drugs?

    ZetZet4 dager siden
  • Was there a rule not to take off the hat?

    IferIfer4 dager siden
  • Rod got cheated on the beans man. I don't feel bad for Alex being exposed now. Although it is commendable. The things Alex does for his show. Having someone else host his show, getting ass caked, exposing his id number, showing his little alex horne.

    kabeer munjalkabeer munjal5 dager siden
  • This is already the funniest season of the show. I was so excited to see James Acaster on Taskmaster and I get 5 hilarious contestants! ~Trav

    Travis RicheyTravis Richey5 dager siden
  • I am confusion...the caravan is a rectangle...it cannot have a circumference...

    Korey PechaKorey Pecha6 dager siden
  • 39:04 priceless screenshot

    SerjohnSerjohn6 dager siden
  • I watched this episode hours ago and I'm still baffled by Rhod's attempt at a quick change. Like I can't even comprehend what he was trying to do.

    meredyth with a ymeredyth with a y7 dager siden
    • He was trying to make us laugh, meredith. People don't remember the person who earned the most points, they remember the person who made them laugh the most.

      The Ultimate ChampionThe Ultimate Champion3 dager siden
  • Yo why tf is rhod kinda ripped

    Abe AlbrechtAbe Albrecht7 dager siden
  • 12:58 the reaction from the filming crew in the back lol

    Alsi21Alsi217 dager siden
  • 6:50 Based on the performance of most women on this show (Jessica included), I suppose her dad is one of them "women should only have to exist to get rewarded" types...

    notthere83notthere837 dager siden
  • God, I hope I'll be able to stomach Kerry throughout this series. Her constant grumpiness/bitchiness is already going on my nerves. Also - who on earth doesn't watch past episodes of the show that one will spend a significant amount of time on for preparation?!

    notthere83notthere837 dager siden
  • I can't help but wonder whether Rhod and Phil had a meeting where they decided that this show needs more dong. Reminds me of a co-worker who once wore a dress that made me go "Interesting choice of dress" - either she didn't get it or I was not the person whose attention she wanted because she responded by saying something about it being a summer color...

    notthere83notthere837 dager siden
  • Low key had a heart attack I fell asleep and then the intro played at max volume in my headphones

    Noah PurscheNoah Pursche7 dager siden
  • 12:05 Imagine being an unsuspecting neighbour and when you look out the window, you see 2 grown men in bikinis, with several stage light on in front of a film crew and removing each other's clothing off.

    pls don't delete my commentpls don't delete my comment8 dager siden
  • This line up will be impossible to match. This is the series that I got into Taskmaster, and although the others are great - including the brand new contestants, it does feel that this load of delightful bollocks will be unparalleled.

    Bellocks1Bellocks18 dager siden
  • I love rod and kerry, they both do a good job at getting shit done

    Nesvy VNesvy V9 dager siden
  • I am in stitches over James Acasters tower lmao

    Devin GravesDevin Graves9 dager siden
  • Greg judging the box task gave off peak teacher energy

    Haley GilmourHaley Gilmour9 dager siden
  • Oh! I'm in love with Jessica Knappett here...

    K. Vasanth KumarK. Vasanth Kumar10 dager siden
  • Oh! I'm in love with Jessica Knappet here...

    K. Vasanth KumarK. Vasanth Kumar10 dager siden
  • Point of order: the actual circumference of the caravan is 0 beans, bc the caravan is neither a circle nor an ellipse and therefore does not have one. The Perimeter of the caravan is nine hundred sixty whatever beans.

    grantairezeegrantairezee11 dager siden
  • missed a dimension there :D

    Barata BrincalhonaBarata Brincalhona11 dager siden
  • am I the only one who thought of stacking 1 on top of 1 and stack those 2 on top on another 1 and so on

    Neal Dan Vincent TrinidadNeal Dan Vincent Trinidad12 dager siden
  • Fun Fact: James Acaster is the oldest person on that stage

    Danye Jones didn't kill himself.Danye Jones didn't kill himself.13 dager siden
  • Thanks for bringing here, Wheezy Waiter.

    Daniel ChristyDaniel Christy13 dager siden
  • I must say I REALLY appreciate James' creativity. I think that kind of thinking is what drives innovation (and makes life fun and interesting).

    Hi, it's meHi, it's me14 dager siden
  • 36:40 why don't you go ask Josh Widdecombe

    The Cheesy NachosThe Cheesy Nachos15 dager siden
  • 32:08 "OH, the old "Different Way"-method!"

    Iwonttellmy nametoamachineIwonttellmy nametoamachine16 dager siden
  • Ditsy red head... my favorite

    pieman1019pieman101918 dager siden
  • Ditsy red head... my favorite

    pieman1019pieman101918 dager siden
  • I found this series 7 last year or so. This is what got me hooked. I could only find random videos of the other seasons and am glad to find all of them now. I have watch every series again in order and am enjoying it all over again. This time more fun because I’m more familiar with the comedians on here now.

    Kristine BiroukKristine Birouk19 dager siden
  • "are we the stupidest yet?"

    Eric MosherEric Mosher20 dager siden
  • Oh my taskmaster is the best, ,🤣🤣🤣🤣 this group seems hilarious

    miss mashmiss mash21 dag siden
  • The way Phil delivered the dick and balls line could not have been more perfect, also compared to series 6 this is basically a televised lord of the flies.

    Alexander TGAlexander TG21 dag siden
  • So carrie lost points simply to spite Jessies father.

    Brendan CoulterBrendan Coulter21 dag siden
  • Yes, rewatching these shows and hoping trump suffers. I missed the executive ball clicker

    Patty and Buster ShowPatty and Buster Show22 dager siden
  • So here for Rhod Gilbert. One of the few people who actually make me cry with laughter.

    Lauren HealyLauren Healy23 dager siden
  • Wow, has Mel Giedroyc gotten plastic surgery??

    Kate KaPOWKate KaPOW25 dager siden
  • Greg's gonna be the first man to be 'Me Too'ed' by a doll.

    Nicholas RowleyNicholas Rowley25 dager siden
  • The caravan is 1/8 of THE Bean in chicago, also known as cloud Gate

    Elise LElise L26 dager siden
  • Poor Alex🙈

    TaupolinaTaupolina27 dager siden
  • 11 rick rolls. Ad money not enough in the UK?

    famous brillancefamous brillance29 dager siden
  • Hands down the best series of this show

    akaTheBROWNMagicakaTheBROWNMagic29 dager siden
  • The only cast I got attached to the QUICKEST. Their chemistry and bond is too good

    Xoie VeckXoie VeckMåned siden
  • Late to the party, but I don’t think Greg scores females harshly, because as any Taskmaster fan knows, Liza Tarbuck won the last season( and rightfully so)

    Nathan GutierrezNathan GutierrezMåned siden
  • I just started watching this today I cannot stop laughing

    Brandon GordonBrandon GordonMåned siden
  • No, that's absolutely not Mandarin😂

    Flora FangFlora FangMåned siden
    • That part had me laughing xD

      exca314exca31411 dager siden

    RebeccaRebeccaMåned siden
  • "Are they normal seconds or are they slightly longer than usual"🤣🤣🤣 Rhod is a legand

    رهف Rahafرهف RahafMåned siden
  • Why is Greg giving Phil such a hard time about the boxes but he let things slide for Rod’s quick-change? Greg seems to treat the minority comedians worse

    Will PenmanWill PenmanMåned siden
  • Someone realized how many views these were getting bc there are way more commercials now then a few months ago

    stenbak88stenbak88Måned siden
  • This series I think, more than any other so far, demonstrates Alex Horne's talent as a straight man in comedy.

    pahlkottpahlkottMåned siden
  • i’m kinda scared that as soon as they brought up the bean task i just said “eh about 900cm” before anyone did anything and i got the closest

    Tyler MerrillTyler MerrillMåned siden
  • This is why you should go to school kids, to never call the perimeter of something that is not circular its "circumference".

    G PortoG PortoMåned siden
  • Holy shit, 1:50 "did not have a pet.. yet" overshadowing the harness straps..

    JackDontLieJackDontLieMåned siden
  • I'm starting to wonder how Miles Jupp would fare in this show 🤣

    Cg TingCg TingMåned siden
  • 90% certain you can see Alex's nutsack seeping through his hands 😂😂.

    Craig McDonnellCraig McDonnellMåned siden
  • This is the cattiest bunch I have seen! :D

    Utsav BansalUtsav BansalMåned siden
  • Fortunately they did away with the censor on curses

    goblue1117goblue1117Måned siden
  • Rhod supporting Phil with the "I don't think those were boxes" just for Phil to slap him back with "Thanks, well I don't think that was a tower" had me dying.

    OupheOupheMåned siden
  • There should be an asterisk on this season!

    Chunt GuntleyChunt GuntleyMåned siden
  • "How many baked beans in a can?" *Josh Widdicombe materializes*

    Baz MarcacciniBaz MarcacciniMåned siden
  • Rewatching this is a treat. I love James Acaster's comedy. And I love Rhod being the man who just wants to embarass Greg. The epitome of your college friend, who would throw away any chance to win just to ruin your day. It's beautiful.

    As You WesAs You WesMåned siden
  • The way Greg says "and what's wrong with you?" to James is one of the greatest moments out of all 9 series

    Franz MislikFranz MislikMåned siden
  • Holy crap, Phil didn't only study engineering, HE WENT TO CAMBRIDGE WTF

    E-MAE-MAMåned siden
  • this show is the only thing getting me through online school

    brynn rbrynn rMåned siden
  • I'm kind of regretting reading that interview from Rhod for this. He was worried in it that he came off badly in the show but he's no worse than some of the other contestants. However, in the interview he kept mentioning he didn't have a good time and if he could go back he wouldn't have done it and he resented the other contestants for trying to talk Greg into disqualifying other contestants and all of that is so much worse than the way he seems in the actual show. He also tormented Alex because he was having a bad time and not because he was just joking around and that more than anything makes me not really like him Edit: I wanted to tack on that the reason I regret reading the interview is I really want to like home based on how he is in the show. I guess I'll just feel conflicted about it. Little Alex Horne didn't seem to take it personally in his interview on season 7

    ChesterSnapChesterSnapMåned siden
  • Am I the only one annoyed by the very loose use of the word circumference?

    Caio Guimarães FigueiredoCaio Guimarães FigueiredoMåned siden
  • THIS is one of the BEST series EVER! They ALL cracked me up!!! Kerry Godliman was HILARIOUS throughout, and Jessica annoyed me at times, but she was too funny for me to care! James was expectedly a maniac! Phil was surprisingly a silly! Rhod is a psychopath!!

    Jason SmithJason SmithMåned siden
  • that is more of a tower than what you did to him

    NickNickMåned siden
  • Just in case you were wondering, here is the ranking of every Taskmaster contestant from best to worst ("best" being a mix of likeability, banter and task skill) Richard Osman (S2) Mark Watson/Nish Kumar (S5) Mel Giedroyc (S4) Katherine Ryan (S2) Al Murray (S3) Bob Mortimer (S5) Asim Chaudhry (S6) Jessica Knappett (S7) Kerry Godiman (S7) Sally Philips (S5) Joe Wilkinson (S2) Hugh Dennis (S4) James Acaster (S7) Paul Chowdhry (S3) Frank Skinner (S1) Tim Vine (S6) Alice Levine (S6) Romesh Ranganathan (S1) Sara Pascoe (S3) Roisin Conaty (S1) Rob Beckett (S3) Russell Howard (S6) Josh Widdicombe (S1) Tim Key (S1) Dave Gorman (S3) Aisling Bea (S5) Rhod Gilbert (S7) Phil Wang (S7) Doc Brown (S2) Lolly Adefope (S4) Liza Tarbuck (S6) Joe Lycett (S4) Joe Richardson (S2) Noel Fielding (S4) (Mark and Nish are ranked together for obvious reasons)

    Striker1246Striker1246Måned siden
  • This season is just pure chaos and I love it, but I feel bad for Season 6 being shunned because it was a lot more subdued when you realize how contrasting this season is from the last.

    themoolagthemoolagMåned siden
  • I had a feeling when the episode started that James would be the one who's bad, but very funny, and so far my suspicions have been confirmed

    The Winged PorpoiseThe Winged PorpoiseMåned siden
  • I guess we know now why they call him little Alex Horne

    Tucker DaleTucker DaleMåned siden
  • "What was he doing?!" - Kerry Godliman

    Christopher GerlerChristopher GerlerMåned siden
  • The way they got around the final task reminds me of that story about the long spoons...

    Kye TalksKye TalksMåned siden
  • greg let Sally get away with anything, so Jessica's dad clearly hasnt been watching

    DdhfacetyyDdhfacetyyMåned siden
  • Isn't that the perimeter of the caravan though?

    Caiden FelkeyCaiden FelkeyMåned siden
  • This is some fine entertainment right here. There's more comedy and more fun than anything here in the states

    Jichael JuicyJichael JuicyMåned siden
  • 27:36 taskmaster

    Doppel adlerDoppel adlerMåned siden
  • And I thought series 5 was sexually charged...

    iListen2SoundiListen2SoundMåned siden
  • The 15 commercials are a little much. Every 5 minutes there's an ad....

    Spenser OSpenser OMåned siden
  • I think that for the bean measuring one they could've just said that the caravan isn't curved and therefore doesn't have a circumference.

    Bzebbel 123Bzebbel 1232 måneder siden
  • The bean thing was bs

    UberCatUberCat2 måneder siden
  • Great season

    SGWASGWA2 måneder siden
  • This is an amazing show I can’t believe I haven’t watched it yet

    Dominic TanDominic Tan2 måneder siden
  • But that's perimeter, not circumference!!!

    arnocarnoc2 måneder siden
  • Rhod has never sounded more Welsh than when he's shouting "In amongst the foliage! In amongst the foliage!".

    sfshinzsfshinz2 måneder siden
  • I would have found a measure tape asked Alex to hold one side run around the caravan get the measure for that measure the size of a baked bean and divide

    Austin MayfieldAustin Mayfield2 måneder siden
  • I love Phil Wang.

    AlexAlex2 måneder siden
  • I thought they brought back Mel.

    James T KirkJames T Kirk2 måneder siden
  • Considering that the "caravan" is neither an ellipse nor a circle, they were doomed from the start.

    SirGoukiSirGouki2 måneder siden
  • Poor James is such a lame duck.

    Seth BettwizilchSeth Bettwizilch2 måneder siden