Taskmaster - Series 6, Episode 9 | Full Episode | 'The Bubble Brothers'

16. juli. 2020
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In this series 6 full episode of Taskmaster Russell Howard, Liza Tarbuck, Tim Vine, Alice Levine and Asim Chaudhry attempt to blow the biggest bubble and Tim Vine's hook goes missing...
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • I can't decide whether I should root for Team Funk or for The Other Team.

    givemeaminutetothinkgivemeaminutetothink4 timer siden
  • Alice is just so much underappreciated...

    p Hsp Hs20 timer siden
    • The Tim Hook incident is the funniest thing happened in the season...

      p Hsp Hs20 timer siden
  • A bubble is liquid.

    Solid GajSolid Gaj5 dager siden
  • Paper Manchete.

    Jake CraigJake Craig6 dager siden
  • This series grows on you like vines, Tim Vines.

    The new account HatersThe new account Haters9 dager siden
  • Am I crazy or could they have just picked up the kiddie pool

    james Burnettjames Burnett9 dager siden
  • 34:57 i hope i dont sound stupid for missing something obvious, but why is 27kg's "Half an octopus"

    BbfishmanBbfishman15 dager siden
    • @Sjors Houkes haha they always make sense tho....this one isnt even close so i figured i was missing something

      BbfishmanBbfishman13 dager siden
    • It's just Alex's form of humour. Best not to think about it for too long.

      Sjors HoukesSjors Houkes13 dager siden
  • Bubbles don't "pop" either if you measure sound

    Miriam GreenMiriam Green16 dager siden
  • Baby swans are born from an egg

    Miriam GreenMiriam Green16 dager siden
  • i just want to keep watching Alice Levine. She is the prettiest girl on show

    GameThroughGameThrough19 dager siden
  • Apparently i will never be friends with Greg Davies.

    Carl de la PazCarl de la Paz19 dager siden
  • 7:38

    Jake FerrariJake Ferrari22 dager siden
  • Poor Asim

    no peaceno peace29 dager siden
  • Russel Howard is the White Version of Ryan Bergara or Ryan Bergara is the Non-white version of Russel Howard? THE RESEMBLANCE IS UNCANNY!!!!

    Juki T.Juki T.Måned siden
  • Alice may not be the best at tasks but certainly the loveliest contestant

    HowToTieABowTieHowToTieABowTieMåned siden
  • In the heavy shopping bag task, Liza put the bucket on the hook, so she broke the "unassisted" rule, but went on to win 5 points :/

    Moritz KorschMoritz KorschMåned siden
  • 37:36 incredible

    Harald SpechtHarald SpechtMåned siden
  • 38:41 Even tho i love her Lisa did not deserve that first place because she did not let the bag hang by itself! she hung the bucket to the hook which clearly is against the point of the whole task!!

    seyhan köseoğluseyhan köseoğluMåned siden
  • I love that Brits pronounce pack, "pock," but tupac was pronounced "toopack."

    John PelusoJohn PelusoMåned siden
  • 500th comment

    Super DSuper DMåned siden
  • 7:38

    yaicob.comyaicob.comMåned siden
  • Greg saying he would've had Alex when he was 9... Greg, the internet says you're 11 years older than him, pal

    Ricardo BezerraRicardo BezerraMåned siden
  • Alice in episode 1 flashback

    Khadija MansuriKhadija MansuriMåned siden
  • alice is one of those women you just fall in love with on sight lol. absolutely gorgeous and adorable

    NickNickMåned siden
  • How was the skeleton toast rack not the scariest thing in his kitchen?

    apatternedhorizonapatternedhorizonMåned siden
  • Lisa totally cheated using the bucket handle

    Stephen ConnorsStephen ConnorsMåned siden
  • Tim Vine is like Bizarro Kraven the Hunter

    SunprismSunprismMåned siden
  • I officially love Asim

    Joni TvZJoni TvZMåned siden
  • "If you go through the trouble of hollowing out an animal" Greeeeg, that cat has *ear bones*. Cats don't have ear bones.

    AlexAlexMåned siden
  • So.... Alex wants Greg to be his Daddy basically? 😏

    Kye TalksKye TalksMåned siden
  • No one commented on the fact that the cat SKELETON had ears? Like the way Greg talked about it you'd think he thought it an actual skeleton and not just one of those really crappy Halloween decorations that don't understand basic anatomy.... (Seriously I see em every year and they always piss me off bc it's like WHY DO THESE CAT AND DOG SKELETONS HAVE EARS AND NOSES AND TINY EYE SOCKETS??) Seriously people ears are made of cartilage, not bone... Also cats have MASSIVE eyes proportionally. Not to mention the eye sockets are larger than the eyeball bc of the fact they, ya know, need to fit all the muscles that are needed to look around??? Seriously look up a real cat skull it looks nothing like that 😂 Like the fuckers who make those shit decorations make skeleton spiders. SPIDERS. Ya know, arachnids? WHO HAVE EXOSKELETONS??? YOU LITERALLY SEE THE SKELETON ALL THE TIME ON A SPIDER GTFO [For anyone who didn't get it I'm being hyperbolic in my anger for humourous effect. It doesn't actually bother me that much, I more make fun of it than anything. Tho I thought it was really obvious that it was shit anatomy bc I've seen multiple posts laughing at the ridiculousness of them....]

    Kye TalksKye TalksMåned siden
  • 27:23 looks like an average boss in Dark Souls

    Fusspilzsammler aus LeidenschaftFusspilzsammler aus LeidenschaftMåned siden
  • Alice is the worst contestant in the 6 series i've watched so far

    GrantboostGrantboost2 måneder siden
  • For Task Master the Musical you obviously would have to do tasks from musicals EG: "Steal a loaf of bread shortest prison sentence wins." "Most people lead out of hell alive wins." "Most successful assassination attempts wins." "best lie made up to get with dead guy's sister wins"

    Elise LElise L2 måneder siden
    • Nice Assassins reference, there 👍🏻

      Lauren HealyLauren Healy24 dager siden
  • How is 27kg half an octopus lol

    nikola poyukovnikola poyukov2 måneder siden
  • i thought train stationery was awesome... but then .. GOLD

    The Obscure NinjaThe Obscure Ninja2 måneder siden
  • Tim is giving me Dad vibes that is trying his best and I love puns so... Adopt me Tim! He seems so nice, like genuinely a nice guy.

    aa2 måneder siden
  • I literally cried laughing at the hook incident

    Arnav MokadamArnav Mokadam2 måneder siden
  • 31:36 Russel - 10kg 31:44 *_Asim - 16kg_* 34:42 *_Alice - 20.5kg_* 34:57 Lisa - 27kg 38:21 Tim - 0kg 38:33 "weight wise then, it goes Tim, then Russel, *_then Alice, uh, then Asim in 2nd place,_* but Lisa Tarbuck got the most in a bag, 27kg."

    AkytalusiaAkytalusia2 måneder siden
    • Ok, I caught this too! Clearly, they goofed. Really weird considering how meticulous Alex is.

      SuvinRKSuvinRKDag siden
  • hubba bubba

    Melon Kings2Melon Kings22 måneder siden
  • 33:28 I guess you could say the bag is still hanging unassisted, but Liza put the handle of the bucket on the scale. At the very least they should've subtracted the weight of the bucket from her score

    Film Doctor StudiosFilm Doctor Studios2 måneder siden
  • 21:33 who else cringed

    Gavin PalmerGavin Palmer2 måneder siden
  • I didn’t even know the difference between chewing gum and bubble gum

    Alyssa FosterAlyssa Foster2 måneder siden
    • In some parts of the world, they are made quite differently. In the US, a lot of chewing gums are just more "adult" flavored bubble gums, individually wrapped in smaller pieces (total mass wise, not necessarily dimension wise), with less sugar and more of the stiffening agent. By adult flavored, I mean different mints, cinnamon, or the generic "fruit" flavor of juicy fruit. These gums are often a lot tougher consistancy wise, but made from similar or the same ingredients. Bubble gum is usually "gum" flavored, or a specific fruit flavor like grape, strawberry, etc, all though bubble tape (which is packaged similarly to whatever Russell Howard was chewing) also had a Jalapeno flavor (which tasted nothing like jalapeno). These are packaged anywhere from shredded (big league chew), to tape, to individually wrapped similarly to toffee, and even like Jawbreakers (which irritated me as a kid because I actually like jaw breakers, I can not stand the gums shaped like them). They also usually taste more of sugar, and they have a weird consistency when saliva interacts with them. They're not quite as tough as regular chewing gum, and actually almost resemble silly putty in texture (although I've never put silly putty in my mouth, I'm comparing the mouth feel of bubble gum with the finger feel of silly putty), and it's a lot more elastic. I think this has to do with the saliva dissolving the sugars, as well as a different mixture of the ingredients that make gum (less stiffening agent?).

      SirGoukiSirGouki2 måneder siden
  • Alice cheated on the bubble task, she popped it with a pin not with her nose.

    alivegamer05alivegamer052 måneder siden
  • I'mma keep it 💯. This episode should have been called "Aryan Tupac".

    ZanraiKidZanraiKid2 måneder siden
  • I blow bubbles with chewing gum all the time

    InsolentishInsolentish2 måneder siden
  • Is there any way you could pls get Danny devito on this?

    Mike CooperMike Cooper2 måneder siden
  • I was genuinely gutted when the bag broke!!!

    Butacup PucatubButacup Pucatub2 måneder siden
  • Will you be releasing episodes of Champion of Champions?!

    Joe SoapJoe Soap3 måneder siden
  • 43:18 Ummm... Alice will eat the toast from the cat skeleton but not a strawberry from the pav that she bought in. She knows something, what's wrong with the pav?

    Smeggit7Smeggit73 måneder siden
  • i wonder why sometimes you make episodes available in my country while restricting all the other ones. Just to tease me and make me pirate the rest of them?

    Michael ___Michael ___3 måneder siden
  • Tim vine is an absolute delight

    Abdullah Al SalihAbdullah Al Salih3 måneder siden
  • Alice is soo adorable

    Sully FiedSully Fied3 måneder siden
  • Amazing that they are putting up full episodes, don't even mind about all the adds

    Michael Ashely LewisMichael Ashely Lewis3 måneder siden
  • A FULL episode right on my birthday? Thanks ! :)

    SchattendragonflyPLSchattendragonflyPL3 måneder siden
  • tim in that stationary outfit trying to pick up a piece of paper he dropped just had me thinking "put smarties tubes on cats legs make them walk like a robot"

    sarahsarah3 måneder siden
  • after this series all the contestants will be replaced, honestly liked this group the best out of all the other series.

    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGamingRyan StonedOnCanadianGaming3 måneder siden
  • Come on Thursday! *Rewatching because I can't get enough!*

    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGamingRyan StonedOnCanadianGaming3 måneder siden
  • they forgot to make this full episode unavailable in other countries heres my friday afternoon snack, cheers mum for the money

    Lilla ÁrvaiLilla Árvai3 måneder siden
  • Come on taskmaster! More episodes please! This rationing is killing me! As a Brit living in Canada this is the only way I can see them! Bloody brilliant ! 👍

    Matt tMatt t3 måneder siden
  • Didn't the bag have to hang unassisted? Having the bucket hang on the hook feels like cheating...

    Nathan van 't HofNathan van 't Hof3 måneder siden
  • I thought the train on his face was “full steam ahead”

    fenhenfenhen3 måneder siden
  • Lisa left the handle on the hook. Should have been disqualified. They've been sticklers in the past, but it seems that they have been biased towards Lisa this season.

    Carson HeinzeCarson Heinze3 måneder siden
    • I honestly thought for the whole time why no one did it what she did (strengthening the bag with another container) so I was very happy she did that, I don’t think it was against the rules, you just had to make the bag heavy, didn’t say where/how the bag should be weighed :)

      Happy PizzaHappy Pizza3 måneder siden
  • Greg Davis better put respect on my girl Pusheen's name.

    ZanraiKidZanraiKid3 måneder siden
  • The second-last task was to "make this plastic bag as heavy as possible. You have 10 minutes at the end of which this bag must hang unassisted on the scales for one further minute. Heaviest bag at the end of that minute wins." ... Liza hooked the bucket on the hook, so technically she should have been disqualified.

    Jeanie TortoiseflyJeanie Tortoisefly3 måneder siden
  • the reason I do not watch television or cable networks, is because I do not like their propaganda and adds, so instead I come to NOworld, and find amazing channels like this 1 except now this has obnoxious propaganda advertisements every 25 seconds.. It is extremely greedy and pathetic

    Daren GauthierDaren Gauthier3 måneder siden
    • I have gone without cable network or TV for 22 years, I'm not about to change my morals and standards and values, because of your extreme amount of monetization

      Daren GauthierDaren Gauthier3 måneder siden
  • alice looks so surprised when she wins its adorable

    Gigi RicherGigi Richer3 måneder siden
  • Alice is sooooooooooooooooo pretty

    paperboy204paperboy2043 måneder siden
  • "aryan tupac" might be one of the funniest phrases i've ever heard

    Nisarga RameshNisarga Ramesh3 måneder siden
  • Why was the sky moving so fast in the second group's musical task?

    Lily GrahamLily Graham3 måneder siden
    • Earth was rotating faster than usual

      Akash HinguAkash Hingu3 måneder siden
  • How was "Aryan Tupac" not the name of this episode? Well, I guess that, by not using it here, they did kindly reserve it for the name of Russell's next show, didn't they? Tim's pun was absolutely beautiful. Not at all what I was expecting, yet simple and appropriate. Well played. I'll have to tune in next week fro the last part of this series of "Plankhead and Papa G".

    emmeeemmemmeeemm3 måneder siden
  • those are high quality shopping bags, america could never

    Kate LamaKate Lama3 måneder siden
  • You gotta love Greg’s lines before and after ad breaks

    Luke PattonLuke Patton3 måneder siden
  • That hook fiasco was what Tim Vine deserved for that fckn track suit pun.

    Berkeley PickellBerkeley Pickell3 måneder siden
  • The hook on his shirt made me laugh so hard but I had to keep it in, I started crying oml!

    TheMelloyManTheMelloyMan3 måneder siden
  • Remember when they had to write songs about Rosalind and both attempts were shockingly good? Yea, this musical task did not live up to that at all.

    Berkeley PickellBerkeley Pickell3 måneder siden
    • Speak for yourself Noah and mark did not shock me

      The new account HatersThe new account Haters9 dager siden
    • ....Rosalind's a fucking nightmare

      BbfishmanBbfishman15 dager siden
    • " ... Look at that tree" it was a masterpiece

      aa2 måneder siden
    • yea but did the rosalind task have an Aryan Tupac

      Edward LeeEdward Lee2 måneder siden
  • no-one noticed that Lisa hung the bucket on the hook ?

    Kurt ElsnerKurt Elsner3 måneder siden
  • Alex, if by any chance you see this, do you know what kind of guitar is that Tim used in the musical task? It looks very nice.

    Body MovementBody Movement3 måneder siden
  • Poor Tim

    marcel heldermarcel helder3 måneder siden
  • It didn't look like Liza's bag was hanging unassisted; it appeared the metal wire on the pail was also hanging on the clip. Should have given her the Joe Wilkinson up-close slow-mo treatment!

    pbjbagelpbjbagel3 måneder siden
    • I find myself just not able to like Liza at all. I was abit meh on these guys at the start of the season but most have been able to endear themselves. Liza is just bland and lazy, she's not got the quick wit or charm of the others but whats worse is just just coasts by on mediocrity and often just has a bad attitude or cannot be arsed in doing the tasks as if its beneath her. I wish Greg didnt give her so many favour points, she does not deserve her place. Live task is a classic example of her bad attitude, just grab a few and give up, what a lame boring attempt.

      Jon SmithJon Smith3 dager siden
    • Liza has blackmail on Greg obviously

      The new account HatersThe new account Haters9 dager siden
    • Yeah, they just wanted Liza to win is the problem.

      Jorge DiazJorge Diaz2 måneder siden
    • Joe was cheated out of 5 points, he deserved them

      Film Doctor StudiosFilm Doctor Studios2 måneder siden
    • Exactly

      Cpt PatrickCpt Patrick3 måneder siden
  • Same size as a cat. This reminds me of a Soldier who had the nickname "cat's eyes". It came up in an episode of QI. It took me the whole episode to get that his nickname wasn't "cat-size".

    0ldFrittenfett0ldFrittenfett3 måneder siden
  • I’ve never been witness to anything more painfully awkward to sit through than Alice Levine and Russell Howard - Russell especially - over-emoting their way through _Taskmaster: The Musical!_ Tim Vine’s team was robbed!!

    Ricky TenderkissRicky Tenderkiss3 måneder siden
  • Good job

    Trav PotsTrav Pots3 måneder siden
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but on the plastic bag task Alice got 20.5kg and Asim got 16kg, so why did he place before her?

    Kj KindlyKj Kindly3 måneder siden
    • I think Alex accidentally reversed the order of winners but since they already know the weights, I bet the person in charge of actually adding the points got it the right way round

      iListen2SoundiListen2SoundMåned siden
  • me, a theatre actress watching a troupe of comedians make fun of my job: haha same

    Carson PolicharCarson Polichar3 måneder siden
  • We need a compilation of Alice saying "Hi ___".

    DenCTiDenCTi3 måneder siden
  • I'm still laughing at Nish immediately breaking his egg on his last task.

    David NoireautDavid Noireaut3 måneder siden
  • That’s another solo task to add to the compilation! Tim Vine -Stationary Fashion

    TotallyAwesomeMcknzTotallyAwesomeMcknz3 måneder siden
  • The Return of The Bubbly Fuck

    truthbeginstruthbegins3 måneder siden
  • Nice

    Mango LegsMango Legs3 måneder siden
  • Dude needs to learn how to blow a bubble

    K DK D3 måneder siden
  • roll up the bag, make a rope out of it, hang from the rope for time= 14 stone

    mister klugemister kluge3 måneder siden
  • I love how Russell immediatly asks Alice if she had to do the Tim Vine task probably cause they filmed all their taskes together

    PaulPaul3 måneder siden
  • They scored the bag task wrong. Alice's bag was heavier than Asim's, but she was put in third place, he in second.

    Andy PfeilAndy Pfeil3 måneder siden
  • what is a more pleasing cat sized thing than a kitten?

    mister klugemister kluge3 måneder siden
  • Love how Alice has won two shows despite being last or nearly last for most of the time

    Jacob MorejeadJacob Morejead3 måneder siden
  • Oh look they uploaded another compilation of advertisements with a bit of Taskmaster in between !!!!

    Arjun UppalArjun Uppal3 måneder siden
  • One brother calls the other a son of a bitch. Who was insulted? 🤔

    Kelsey W.Kelsey W.3 måneder siden
  • "Track suit" is hilarious .

    GuyGuy3 måneder siden
  • Tim swearing is the saddest thing I've ever seen.

    SINamonSpaceSINamonSpace3 måneder siden