Taskmaster - Series 6, Episode 8 | Full Episode | 'What Kind of Photos?'

9. juli. 2020
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In this series 6 full episode of Taskmaster Russell Howard, Tim Vine, Liza Tarbuck, Alice Levine and Asim Chaudhry hide surprising things in a chocolate egg and work out what remarkable things they have in common with a lady named Carole.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • could have msg yourself to win the tie breaker

    SplirtedSplirted12 timer siden
  • Anyone know wtf those "socks" are? I googled but i have no clue how to spell it

    Houndy The BeastHoundy The Beast21 time siden
  • I would pay to see James Acaster and Bob Mortimer do that task with Carol.

    Sophie WilczekSophie WilczekDag siden
  • What kind of pictures, what kind of photos? One of them is a mistake lol

    Sina MiahSina Miah3 dager siden
  • Russell was robbed in the surprise egg task - apparently a trip to a football game and a vacation is on par with a worm 😂

    SamsUndertaleSamsUndertale4 dager siden
  • The composition is quite interesting, 2 women ,1 person of colour and 2 white men. I would suggest having LGBTQ representation

    Shreya SharmaShreya Sharma5 dager siden
    • I know series 4 has Joe Lycett who is pansexual.

      Honey BeeHoney BeeDag siden
  • They had to be wearing the heels, I didn’t hear them say they had to use the heels.

    Dr BojanglezDr Bojanglez5 dager siden
  • I’m so confused! The rule was to put it on the second body part and they all put it on the third the first round. Except the last guy and he’s the only one who got it correct! Then he was out.. 🤔 39:30

    brielle kysarbrielle kysar7 dager siden
    • Second body part as listed in the dictionary- it was a spelling test as well as a speed test.

      Kate GrindonKate Grindon21 time siden
  • Asim could've beat Tim with the dots if Alex was consistent about how he connected them... robbed again >:(

    Maazin5Maazin57 dager siden
  • How did asimov lose the last round? It should have been heel as heel is second alphabetically

    ShinyflubaShinyfluba9 dager siden
    • @Maazin5 lol thank you!

      ShinyflubaShinyfluba7 dager siden
    • 1. Ear 2. Hair 3. Heel Don't worry I was confused for more than one round

      Maazin5Maazin57 dager siden
  • The handshake segment is quite stressful to watch in Covid times, lol.

    Voluntarily FascinatedVoluntarily Fascinated10 dager siden
  • I just love Liza Tarbuck

    Pablo Alejandro Quelal MadridPablo Alejandro Quelal Madrid13 dager siden
  • For receiving a text message, I would be in the same boat as Howard - not enough friends. Chicago has automated announcements of upcoming buses - if you text particular number, and a code for your bus, they'll text back the next arriving bus times. I'd have to go that route.

    ILuvAyeAyeILuvAyeAye16 dager siden
  • I really love this cast I'm so happy to have found Tim Vine from this series He is a delight

    no peaceno peace24 dager siden
  • I love Tims dad humor and Lisa as the smart fun aunt everyone wants.

    Gloria LaFleurGloria LaFleurMåned siden
  • i want a collection of all of Alice's greeting to Alex

    William BystryWilliam BystryMåned siden
  • I think alice got an extra challenge to greet alex with every letter of the alphabet????

    Tiffany SimmonsTiffany SimmonsMåned siden
  • In the background of the task room there is a wooden model of a domed structure. Does anybody know if that model is a scale model of a real structure and what it is called?

    Larry DanielLarry DanielMåned siden
  • Philip J Fly?

    J BakerJ BakerMåned siden
  • Did anyone else not understand the final task?

    Sam AnthonySam AnthonyMåned siden
  • Titanic art by Tim was very impressive!

    Watashi IkarashiWatashi IkarashiMåned siden
  • Anyone else notice the tasks on the wall and fireplace in the carol task?

    apatternedhorizonapatternedhorizonMåned siden
  • So apparently neither Liza nor Russell knew that it's possible to send yourself a text message.

    codetaku -codetaku -Måned siden
  • Tim Vine is a madman.

    Eric JourdainEric JourdainMåned siden
  • She doesn't come across as an all around wonderful person to me, see seems quite unpleasant.

    PtolemyJonesPtolemyJonesMåned siden
  • I may have seen the most british moment of my life, when Russle asked poor Carol avout earwax and she said "i beg your pardon?"

    smileytunasmileytunaMåned siden
  • Russell: do you like ear wax cleaning videos Me:Yes!! Can watch them all day.

    avant 4lifeavant 4lifeMåned siden
  • i like how alex didn’t give any of them one or two points. his last place was three points. i find that rly nice. i also like how russel’s surprise was basically just giving alex gifts. thought it was cute

    sailor moon lesbiansailor moon lesbianMåned siden
  • 44:14

    Fossil DrawsFossil DrawsMåned siden
  • Ok is it just me or is Greg just backwards in this episode. He’s hanging out low points to people who bailed the task and then giving people 5 points for nothing😂

    Rebecca ColemanRebecca ColemanMåned siden
  • I like how when the tie break scores were announced, Liza seemed genuinely excited while Russell looked like he was the one who lost

    iListen2SoundiListen2SoundMåned siden
  • The fly omg I fucking died 😂😂😂

    Adele DazeemAdele DazeemMåned siden
  • Please don't forbid these videos for other countries!! I'm from Serbia and this is the best source of humour I've have ever experienced!!! Thank you so much, you are geniuses 💖💖💖💖💖💖

    ㄥ丨几Ҝ丨几卩卂尺Ҝㄥ丨几Ҝ丨几卩卂尺Ҝ2 måneder siden
  • So I'm new to taskmaster and noticed a few short jokes about alex. Had to look up his height 6'2. Which is tall. Then I looked up Greg 6'8" great Googly moogly he is a giant

    Terrible JTerrible J2 måneder siden
  • Russel is the most punchable guy ive ever seen

    nikola poyukovnikola poyukov2 måneder siden
  • wait...just send a text to yourself, LOL!

    eaveningeavening2 måneder siden
  • Lisa Tarbuck is genuinely insane, and the only person who could make Tim Vine seem normal. I'm so here for it.

    MrDodgerdodsonMrDodgerdodson2 måneder siden
  • i love how, when Alex tells them to put the stickers on their sternum, everyone reaches for their sacrum and it goes completely unnoticed.

    Michał EfMichał Ef2 måneder siden
    • Biceps>Spine>Sternum. The correct answer was spine. They were going for the spine.

      Ayman Rahman ArghyoAyman Rahman Arghyo2 måneder siden
  • I have the same birthday as Alice!!! Destiny...we are meant to be together....lol

    Wood RovskiWood Rovski2 måneder siden
  • God i wanna know more about carol, all of them were real celebrities talking about themselves and asking lame questions none of them really asked her what she's done with her life or if she had any interesting stories to share. they made that such a boring challenge because none of them knew how to form a real human connection which was just frankly pretty disappointing

    Matthias TanMatthias Tan2 måneder siden
  • I seriously thought Tim's dot were the old arcade Asteroids game lmao

    kelsobscaredkelsobscared2 måneder siden
  • i love how alice always has another nickname/pet name for alex everytime she enters the room

    CelticShadowCelticShadow2 måneder siden

    ohmyshoesohmyshoes2 måneder siden
  • Alice’s egg surprise was great.

    Greg LamGreg Lam2 måneder siden
  • OMG ! I don't get British TV , but , this is the SHIT ! I will see ALL ! And , by the way , I WANT THE GIRL ! ! ! Never have I been so attracted to a Ginger ! She is brilliant !

    Big DanBig Dan2 måneder siden
  • No offence to Carole, but what happened to the Swede? Did he have to go back to Sweden?

    basketca2basketca22 måneder siden
  • Tim Vine’s authenticity joke is the best joke of the entire show

    Blake TravisBlake Travis2 måneder siden
    • Have you forgotten Her Majesty the Cream?

      Maazin5Maazin57 dager siden
  • Soooo I guess I'm the only one who thought the fill the egg with meth and then call the police........ 🥚 💊👮‍♂️

    spaceracer23spaceracer232 måneder siden
  • in that tie breaker i definitely would have tried texting myself and be cheeky about it

    FalafelSteinFalafelStein2 måneder siden
  • "Out of respect for the families of the dead, I'm going to put the cock and balls in second place" is the funniest sentence I've ever heard in my life

    ErynEryn2 måneder siden
  • It's "What kind of pictures?" not "photos".

    cruccicrucci2 måneder siden
  • 38:26 nice voice crack lol

    Soren HayesSoren Hayes2 måneder siden
  • I don't think I've ever seen Alex laugh as much in an episode

    Ben O FlynnBen O Flynn2 måneder siden
  • Alice is so hot

    J MJ M2 måneder siden
  • In Carol's room on the wall, there were 2 additional envelopes. What the hell was in them?!

    Grace HollyGrace Holly2 måneder siden
  • Hey there’s a video in your ads

    Daniel SmalDaniel Smal3 måneder siden
  • To be fair to Asim's join the dots, they kept the spaces in for Tim's.

    8ellybelly88ellybelly83 måneder siden
  • hey girl!

    GAY GOCGAY GOC3 måneder siden
  • Thanks, fun episode again 👍

    Joanne KellyJoanne Kelly3 måneder siden
  • _”What kind of pictures?!”_ Hahahahahaha. What a simple, yet _brilliant_ response!

    Bradley GriffithsBradley Griffiths3 måneder siden
  • is that what you call a toque... A big-type bubble hat?

    ScottaScotta3 måneder siden
  • This episode is so british, I don't understand half the shoe references.

    Emily McGlynnEmily McGlynn3 måneder siden
  • I'll say what's already been said...probably... Russell Howard is FIT.

    Pamela KnoppPamela Knopp3 måneder siden

    SeniSeni3 måneder siden
  • Anyone know where to find the last 2 episodes in this series?

    Amy MacEachernAmy MacEachern3 måneder siden
  • I was 100% expecting somebody to draw a dick and balls for the connect the dots. I wasn't expecting that somebody to be Lisa.

    felixvelariusbosfelixvelariusbos3 måneder siden
  • What is Alice “doing”... rewatching the series from the beginning... and I noticed in episode two she called Alex “Blossom”... and in another episode she calls him “Petal”, maybe... this feels as though it’s on porpoise (à sea animal “challenge” from series 5 v Sally Phillips) 🤔

    Ricardo AyalaRicardo Ayala3 måneder siden
  • Zygote isn’t a body part, surely?

    fenhenfenhen3 måneder siden
  • i see envelopes in the background, I know at least one person is going to miss half the task entirely

    Lauren BaraschLauren Barasch3 måneder siden
  • asim did terrible on the carol task. i’m almost certain they just gave him points because they felt bad he hasn’t won an episode and needed it for the show so people wouldn’t complain

    mimimimi3 måneder siden
  • i would’ve just asked carol to start naming interesting facts about herself and see if we had anything in common

    mimimimi3 måneder siden
  • I feel like the jokes by Lisa were getting "polite" laughs instead of them being funny or witty.

    Pambudi WardhaniPambudi Wardhani3 måneder siden
  • I keep getting the sense that Liza either doesn't want to be on the show or she just simply isn't enjoying herself.

    AlauntAlaunt3 måneder siden
  • Don't make me laugh, I'm wearing one of those pain face masks and its only half dry

    Kelsey WuKelsey Wu3 måneder siden
  • This is trash! Not enough ads in this video! You could have squeezed in at least 3 more.

    blackmarketyardsaleblackmarketyardsale3 måneder siden
  • The Big Fat Quizzes are not to be missed.

    MISKO KAWNMISKO KAWN3 måneder siden
  • America already had a failed Taskmaster. The American TV series starred comedian and actor Reggie Watts in the titular role of the Taskmaster, issuing simple comedic and bizarre tasks to regular contestants, with Alex Horne acting as Watts' assistant and umpire during the challenges. The series was recorded in California, and the contestants were Lisa Lampanelli, Freddie Highmore, Ron Funches, Dillon Francis, and Kate Berlant. It premiered on April 27, 2018 and was won by Kate Berlant. Watts has said that there will not be a second season.

    MISKO KAWNMISKO KAWN3 måneder siden
  • Late again, I hate Android phones! Not that I'm watching on a phone but getting used to my new android after six years of Nokia Lumia 1020 is not easy. My phone now has a name, "Marvin", but he doesn't live in the garage! PS Thanks for my weekly dose of sanity!

    Uncle BobUncle Bob3 måneder siden
  • The ads are almost unbearable

    Luke SchultinkLuke Schultink3 måneder siden
  • 😜

    Lea M.Lea M.3 måneder siden
  • It bothers me way too much that the title of the episode is “what kind of photos?” instead of “what kind of pictures?”

    Lea M.Lea M.3 måneder siden
  • 14 commercials. Fuk u.

    Chad SperandeoChad Sperandeo3 måneder siden
  • I still don't understand the rules and guidelines of the live task.

    Klarysa HawrotKlarysa Hawrot3 måneder siden
  • Happy Birthday Carole

    Zach ZollerZach Zoller3 måneder siden
  • happy birthday to Carol!

    Kurt WilliamsKurt Williams3 måneder siden
  • Couple of observations: 1. Greg really wanted Asim to win. He did not deserve the Carole one. 2. Didn't Alice use her hands to punch the styrofoam? The task said "wearing" the shoe. 3. The text task: just forget your password and request a text for security check. Fastest text, guaranteed.

    parsuli.parsuli.3 måneder siden
    • @parsuli. - Putting a shoe on your hand still counts as wearing it, just like putting a glove on your foot or pants on your head would.

      Ricky TenderkissRicky Tenderkiss3 måneder siden
  • Happy birthday Carol!!!!!

    SkylerSkyler3 måneder siden
  • My first thought for the dot picture was genuinely, draw cock and balls. Glad I wasn't the only one.

    Alistair 1924Alistair 19243 måneder siden
  • 13:32 Eggcellent, eggcellent!

    Levi Made Me GayLevi Made Me Gay3 måneder siden
  • Big but Brief was my nickname in highschool

    Bugbears and WormwoodBugbears and Wormwood3 måneder siden
  • Did anyone else notice the envelopes on the fireplace and the doorway in the old lady task?

    shanerz789shanerz7893 måneder siden
  • Too many ads

    Robbie KeeneRobbie Keene3 måneder siden
  • It seems episode 6 of series 6 is still missing!??!

    Fenna DikketettenFenna Dikketetten3 måneder siden
  • All those envelopes in the background really annoy me for some reason

    MikaMika3 måneder siden
  • The commercial breaks are gone?!

    Toki FijabiToki Fijabi3 måneder siden
  • With this episode I want a "Second Chance" season and bring back Asim Chowdry, Joe Wilkinson, , rosin contrary, hugh Dennis, and nish kumar to compete. Winner gets the golden finger.

    Auron LupinAuron Lupin3 måneder siden
    • That'd be awesome

      TommardTommard12 dager siden
    • And nish

      Autolock MudAutolock Mud16 dager siden
    • @MIchael Wickson Hair Heel and Ear, E comes before H and after a, hair would be the second one alphabetically.

      Howard MarnerHoward Marner2 måneder siden
    • Asim won that challenge the words were Hair Here and Ear he was the only one that got it right

      MIchael WicksonMIchael Wickson3 måneder siden
  • Please please please make an IT-Crowd Taskmaster special !!! In or out of character, its all good:) though for Richard that's probably the same though it might put him in an ethical pickle or give him a hot ear.

    DregothDregoth3 måneder siden
  • Why are there so many ads?

    DavidDavid3 måneder siden

    Ace KAce K3 måneder siden
  • Lisa gets a 4 point for drawing a penis... SIMP!

    Jedi_ConnorJedi_Connor3 måneder siden