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7. mai. 2020
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In this full episode of Taskmaster, Bob Mortimer, Sally Phillips, Nish Kumar, Aisling Bea and Mark Watson retrace their steps and create a flip book film.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Ashley pisses me off so much

    Fire BombFire Bomb5 timer siden
  • I think it's poetic how Bob won this episode and ended up getting back his turd.

    Ivonne PallaisIvonne PallaisDag siden
  • Nish is the absolute best

    P SreevatsanP SreevatsanDag siden
  • I love how funny Aisling is. I think she's been probably my favorite contestant so far. Although everyone in this season have been hilarious. So hard to pick a favorite.

    Distant DreamsDistant Dreams2 dager siden
  • okay guys the coconut harness is a clear high risk high reward thing. Go for it any day

    FRA MgzFRA Mgz6 dager siden
  • The only thing I care about, HOW DID THEY GET THE VIENNETTA IN THE BOTTLE???!?

    Rub198Rub1986 dager siden
  • okay but why does bob always have a tangerine with the task?

    sean&mollysean&molly7 dager siden
  • Did noone notice Alex was drawing on the ground as they walked?

    Nehama WNehama W13 dager siden
  • Greg, you make me laugh my guts sore!

    Wonder LadyWonder Lady14 dager siden
  • every time a task cuts back to the contestant in question with their head in their hands, i laugh out loud.

    Justin EastmanJustin Eastman14 dager siden
  • Ahhhh... some days you're Bob; other days, you're Nish.

    Kelly GKelly G20 dager siden
  • "Nous avons appris que le chat est dans le chapeau, et le chat est dans Nish. Le chat, il fait mort. Et Alex, c'est un dick." We learned that the cat is in the hat, and the cat is in Nish. The cat is dead. And Alex is a dick.

    ajcnielsenajcnielsen27 dager siden
  • Nish gives off serious Andy Dwyer vibes (and by that I mean he's adorable af)

    MitsuhaMitsuhaMåned siden
  • Bob should have saved that sand pit story to Would I Lie to You!

    C MarqC MarqMåned siden
  • 21:20 What the heck? How did they put the ice cream in the bottle?

    Moritz KorschMoritz KorschMåned siden
  • Nish's face while Sally is talking about freeze drying turd is priceless

    Spruha KurlekarSpruha KurlekarMåned siden
  • 34:33 Greg sincerely dreads saying goodbye there for a sec. Moment of hurt.

    Sjors HoukesSjors HoukesMåned siden
  • Am I the only who who's having trouble with the audio during Mark's flip book? It just cuts out after the first note, and then is dead air for a minute or so, then comes back in near the end.

    KelpTheGreatKelpTheGreatMåned siden
    • Pro tip. Search "Taskmaster google drive" and you can watch every episode up to series 9, the champion of champions special and, if you hate yourself, the U.S. season.

      Billy RichardsonBilly Richardson25 dager siden
  • I love Aisling sm

    necROMANCErnecROMANCErMåned siden
  • So weird but I had the exact thought with the poop, as they're all celebrities and bringing freeze dried poop is hilarious. Only difference was I thought to make 2 and sell 1 in a bid online to prove it's worth, maybe give the money to a colon cancer charity. Not sure if I should be thrilled or scared that my mind works in somewhat the same way as the venerable Sally Phillips. Also, as someone seeing him for the first time I do not understand the Nish hate I've seen in the comments. I love how he takes the losses and insults in stride and seems to find it funnier than anyone. His ridiculous laugh is funny to me and makes it seem like he's genuinely enjoying himself.

    basghettibasghettiMåned siden
  • wtf was up with that skateboard why did it have 2 inch bolts sticking out of the bearings lol

    Salvador DalíSalvador DalíMåned siden
  • Those sticker books have shown up a lot over the seasons...

    PtolemyJonesPtolemyJonesMåned siden
  • So...That's actually the second time someone brought in the 2014 world cup sticker book, right? That's weird, right?

    SunprismSunprismMåned siden
  • Barely 5min into the episode and Sally has brought in poop...good god woman!

    E BE B2 måneder siden
  • Sally not a fan of Nish's hand on her knee.

    JimsyJimsy2 måneder siden
  • On the retrace your steps task, I would have left a largely visible article of clothing at the start.

    NagnullatNagnullat2 måneder siden
  • This show is the most brilliant invention of a truly brilliant mind. Alex Horne is the most under-rated writer I've ever encountered in comedy. He sets up opportunities for comedians, who are those who walk among us with the absolutely most creative minds, to play for us. What more do you want from entertainment that you cannot create yourself? This inspires me to greatness, or at least better than I am.

    JZ ThompsonJZ Thompson2 måneder siden
  • Who the fuck down-votes this? How sad their lives must be. Sorry. Not really sorry. Happiness is a choice, and those who don't like this are mentally disabled. Sorry. Truly.

    JZ ThompsonJZ Thompson2 måneder siden
  • Mark has massive young John Oliver energy

    Samantha LaurentSamantha Laurent2 måneder siden
  • Sally is amazing. My new celebrity crush

    Steven YorkSteven York2 måneder siden
  • When are Mark Wastson and James Veitch going to do a brother sitcom?

    ThespianTxThespianTx2 måneder siden
  • I feel like Greg's just squishing Bob every time because if he wins everything there won't be a match at all.

    Dj GrannieDj Grannie2 måneder siden
  • Someone should have told Nish it's not like golf, highest points wins

    John WrightJohn Wright2 måneder siden
  • Yeah pretty good

    KwertieKwertie2 måneder siden
  • The way Marks bread was just eaten by a dog

    RemiRemi2 måneder siden
    • @V I guess we do, it's as if not just our profile pics but our interests also match

      RemiRemi2 måneder siden
    • so we meet again pfp twin

      VV2 måneder siden
  • I felt sorry for Alex until I realized he writes and produces the show and now I'm weirdly attracted to him.

    romeinprogressromeinprogress2 måneder siden
  • sally is my favorite human :)

    MBMB3 måneder siden
  • I loved everything about this series but Mark and Nish absolutely killed me with the Losers Corner 😂😂😂😂😂

    A VikashA Vikash3 måneder siden
  • Was I the only one who wondered how in the world that ice cream cake got into that glass bottle???

    Sartorius VastusSartorius Vastus3 måneder siden
  • I mean, I would use the coconut harness. If I'm the only one who uses it, great! If someone else uses it, sure I'm disqualified, but I disqualify someone else at the same time.

    Trey AtkinsTrey Atkins3 måneder siden
  • Nish eating the cat made me realize how much he looks like Alf

    Adam PlourdeAdam Plourde3 måneder siden
  • Just a random French guy passing by, who laughed way too hard at Greg's conclusion “Alex, c'est une dick”

    MP SpecialMP Special3 måneder siden
  • Is the sticker book reserved for comedians who haven't prepared the items?

    Caleb L.Caleb L.3 måneder siden
  • Love the sweet friendship between sally and bob this season

    Jello ollejJello ollej3 måneder siden
  • I remember in elementary (primary) school I was out playing on the playground and I saw a house in the back, the little one for little kids, of which we all happened to be. So I open the door to have a look inside and a kid comes running out, barking at me. And then he bit me. Bit through my jacket, broke my skin. So I go to the teacher to show them and they make me sit out for the rest of recess. This injustice will forever haunt me.

    James T KirkJames T Kirk3 måneder siden
  • It said wearing that blindfold.. didnt say it had to be over your eyes. Also I would have left like a sweater where I started and asked him what I saw around me. Open field.... and which way was best for walking... bread would be helpful too.

    Kyleigh HemmingsonKyleigh Hemmingson3 måneder siden
  • The first half of Mark's video wasn't always silent, right? Are they having some kind of rights issue over the music? Here, I just thought my cat had put my computer on mute again.

    ILuvAyeAyeILuvAyeAye3 måneder siden
  • Surprised none of them thought to just drape an article of clothing where they started. Would've stood out for miles.

    Snake TheFoxSnake TheFox3 måneder siden
  • I think I got to here and stopped

    Kyle HarvelKyle Harvel4 måneder siden
  • Can people please stop putting spoilers in the comments from seasons 6-9, some of us have yet to have our minds blown by future iconic moments on the show. It's the only thing that brings me joy.

    Emily StarkEmily Stark4 måneder siden
  • Wow do I ever wish I could get away with saying Greg's outro in French class and not suffer the consequences 😤😂

    Evie LuvonEvie Luvon4 måneder siden
  • what happened to the sound during mark's flipbook?

    hippie longstockinghippie longstocking4 måneder siden
  • I love the five on this particular season so much! I love them all! (:

    Freeman GriffinFreeman Griffin4 måneder siden
  • Ashling: how’s your back Alex? Me: apparently very good seeing as he withstood Greg jumping on him several times

    Captainkitty25 YTCaptainkitty25 YT4 måneder siden
    • In series 6 episode 5 btw

      Captainkitty25 YTCaptainkitty25 YT4 måneder siden
  • 32:52 Bob deserved a big 10 points!

    maroonedsiamaroonedsia4 måneder siden
  • 7:56 Aisling turning down her mouth as soon as she heard she had to put a blindfold on lol

    Nishi SNishi S4 måneder siden
  • I'm french Sally made my day

    UlysseUlysse4 måneder siden
  • every season has a phsycopath, i just didn't expect it to be sally

    Gigi RicherGigi Richer4 måneder siden
  • They need to do a Taskmaster champion series

    Hoony K.Hoony K.4 måneder siden
    • They did! :D Taskmaster Champion of Champions. Unfortunately its only two episodes though.

      Prismatic PearlsPrismatic Pearls4 måneder siden
  • With the skateboard task, since you only had to go until the sakteboard stoped, they could have just put a barrier right in front of the start line so that the skateboard only had to go a few inches

    Joel PrangeJoel Prange4 måneder siden
  • The way they are pronouncing "chat" with a hard t actually makes it another word for vagina.

    sam3121513sam31215134 måneder siden
  • Remove the wheels of the skateboard.

    ZeturicZeturic4 måneder siden
  • that sticker book has already been a prize 3 times in the entire run of the show

    ascasdasxascasdasx4 måneder siden
  • I feel like the easy way to mark where you started is to take off your jacket or blouse and leave it on the ground. Then you can just run in a straight line and count steps. As long as you have a sense of direction, you can go back in the direction and then see your jacket.

    TheDiensnTheDiensn4 måneder siden
  • one day alex is going to snap

    lin pinardaglin pinardag4 måneder siden
  • I swear when I hear Mark that he’s James Veitch in a wig.

    SkipperJaneSkipperJane4 måneder siden
  • is there one task with bob where he does not mention any of his bodily excretions??

    cora bcora b4 måneder siden
  • 23:33 Aisling's scream sounds like her in slo mo but not at normal speed

    KK5 måneder siden
  • Tear the bread to some pieces and make an X with it. Then you can just search for it

    רפאל כהןרפאל כהן5 måneder siden
  • the 400 pounds hats meant to be the champion of this episode's prize task

    GaryGary5 måneder siden
  • At first I was skeptical because I liked the series 4 cast so much but I love these fools

    Maya GMaya G5 måneder siden
  • I'm convinced that that is the same sticker book from season to season and they're just passing it on. That or the English have some strange affinity for stickers?

    K AK A5 måneder siden
  • “Le chat est dans le Nish” LMAO

    Elizabeth WelanderElizabeth Welander5 måneder siden
  • 1. I would have used the coconut carrying case because I would have correctly guessed everybody else was too scared to use it. 2. Bob is definitely the best task doer.

    GeotpfGeotpf5 måneder siden
  • 25:54 I don't think I've ever heard Alex laugh before. Well done, Sally!

    Nym AlousNym Alous5 måneder siden
  • wah when does series 6 drop :( i need moarr lol

    MIGHTYM4RSMIGHTYM4RS5 måneder siden
  • 36:35 - 37:06 : Annnd the music's been cut. Did you catch a flag, Alex?

    UnbearableWitnessUnbearableWitness5 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know where the first task (with the slice of bread) was filmed ?

    MyrdwinMyrdwin5 måneder siden
  • This show. It's fantastic, it's awesome, and it's amazing entertainment. They put it up on youtube with no advertisements for access aroun d the world, and they do it regardless of situation (yes I'm talking about Covid-19). Huge props to these guys, and I hope they keep going for another 50 seasons.

    TerrandelTerrandel5 måneder siden
  • Why do so many UK comedians have World Cup 2014 sticker books? Every season someone brings in that dang sticker book.

    DubyeahDubyeah5 måneder siden
  • I love Mark's earnest personality.

    HeatherHeather5 måneder siden
  • Good lord I swear every series someone brings in the fucking sticker book I DO NOT understand (especially because Greg is never impressed by a bunch of stickers???)

    Fortunateson1969Fortunateson19695 måneder siden
  • 44:39 someone's peeking to see some dope shit

    ManaMana5 måneder siden
  • Did Mark use a copyrighted song for his flipbook, or was there just an audio error?

    Andrew HardingAndrew Harding5 måneder siden
    • It would appear they caught a flag. (Not that it means anything; rain sounds have caught flags.)

      UnbearableWitnessUnbearableWitness5 måneder siden
  • For the coconut task I would've used every single item in the caravan and 1 coconut. Just try to disqualify everyone.

    Berkeley PickellBerkeley Pickell5 måneder siden

    Jojo DiAcJojo DiAc5 måneder siden
  • Where's the finale?

    Anglo SaxonAnglo Saxon5 måneder siden
  • Bob mortimer wins his poop as a prize. Incredible!

    Tiernan QuirkeTiernan Quirke5 måneder siden
  • How come AGAIN no one noticed Bob talking about eating the poo in the sandpit!?

    Adriano VazAdriano Vaz5 måneder siden
  • In addition to having a Taskmaster Champion of Champions, perhaps there should also be a Taskmaster Most Rubbish Edition. Would love to see Nish again.

    anthtananthtan5 måneder siden
    • I had the same idea!

      KureiKureiMåned siden
    • Chumpions

      Michael ToddMichael ToddMåned siden
    • @sfshinz Richard Osman just did in Series 7

      HmmmHmmmMåned siden
    • @MrKChusker I love the idea of cameos by past panelists (Josh Widdicombe did one in Series 2); Josh Widdicombe should be involved in any task that features counting.

      sfshinzsfshinz3 måneder siden
    • They should just have past people back instead of losers

      MrKChuskerMrKChusker3 måneder siden
  • 16:36 Important boi looking vaguely like a cryptid

    Lady InsertnamehereLady Insertnamehere5 måneder siden
  • So many times Bob Mortimer pulled off a show victory on the last live task in this season! Man is a genius!

    Tim DunleavyTim Dunleavy5 måneder siden
  • I really wouldn't have even hesitated to use the coconut harness😂 I'd take the risk that nobody else used it

    SlashBatSlashBat5 måneder siden
  • Where is S05E08? Please, I can't find it and I'm getting desperate.

    Vladimir Barraza E.Vladimir Barraza E.5 måneder siden
    • they seem to be slowly uploading these here, so patience is required

      Frank QuistFrank Quist5 måneder siden
  • I don't have the feeling this is the right television show for Marc. He is afraid of everything and not really funny or creative l. Actually I find him quite annoying and sad.

    AnnaAnna5 måneder siden
  • And that is where I wish to be *_boorried_*

    Banana Boat CharlieBanana Boat Charlie5 måneder siden
  • I wonder if they would ever have a senior season - all the older task master contestants come back. Picture Bob Mortimer and Frank Skinner, Al Murry - basically all of the contestants over 50. Do you think there would be anything left of Alex by the end?

    Sarswati SinghSarswati Singh5 måneder siden
  • Looking forward to next week's upload of the finale, and (hopefully) the Champion of Champions uploads in the weeks following! Loving this series, and loving being able to watch this officially on NOworld without any sort of expensive subscription.

    Jazzy WafflesJazzy Waffles5 måneder siden
  • I'm french and I love this episode "Le chatte est dans Nish!" XDDDDD

    GollumGollum5 måneder siden
  • Aw look! (After Hugh and Mel) the new parents voted for each other!

    Trasy1001Trasy10015 måneder siden