Taskmaster - Series 5, Episode 5 | Full Episode | 'A Wind-dried Puffin'

23. april. 2020
414 285 Ganger

Bob Mortimer, Nish Kumar, Aisling Bea, Sally Phillips and Mark Watson create an epic water cooler moment and build tin can towers in this series 5 full episode of Taskmaster.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • funniest moment yet in taskmaster - when the taskmaster lost his trousers

    Icee FragsIcee Frags15 timer siden
  • Torille!

    Vlad the magnificentVlad the magnificent3 dager siden
  • "Am I allowed to have these thoughts?"

    MrZzammuelMrZzammuel3 dager siden
  • Tfw Minna Haakinen didn't mention Finland :(

    Speccy94Speccy943 dager siden
  • A swede a German, a swede and two fins walk into the taskmaster live show...

    Jacob HoxieJacob Hoxie4 dager siden
  • those trousers were high Methane at best.

    Glitter JugendGlitter Jugend4 dager siden
  • 7:02 can we please get hi-def pics of these photographs of past cohorts? :)

    Adrian MeiAdrian Mei5 dager siden
  • Mark has the best ideaaaas

    Sara SepulvidaSara Sepulvida7 dager siden
  • How can you not inflate a balloon

    Zah HallZah Hall9 dager siden
  • Hands up who watched Sally's water cooler one more than once? 🙋🏼 It was hilarious 😂 20:05

    Nehama WNehama W10 dager siden
  • Omg. Sally's water cooler one............ When it 1st started I was like.... Oh no.... She isn't.....

    Nehama WNehama W10 dager siden
  • Stealing his trousers was brilliant 😂

    Nehama WNehama W10 dager siden
  • while I was rewatching this I had an idea for the balloon task and I tested it out while I was watching and it works! I put one balloon inside another and blew up the inner one first to be the size of my head, then I tied it up and blew up the outside balloon a little bit more and tied it! Bosh!

    corynnvictoriacorynnvictoria10 dager siden
  • my god, i feel sooo sorry for aisling in the can tower task hahahah

    lisa simpsonlisa simpson13 dager siden
  • Scientifically speaking, I'm drying to know how Bob Mortimer's children turned out.

    Studio CélesteStudio Céleste16 dager siden
  • Poor Mark :(

    ChrystalwaterChrystalwater18 dager siden
  • I'm a bit confused. So for the cans task, they were supposed to say that they were from a different country every ten seconds. Technically, couldn't they have just said "hey Alex, I'm from a different country" instead of naming a new country?

    abc defabc def19 dager siden
  • It is now canon in two series that Bob Mortimer can rip an apple into two halves with his bare hands

    Janne JacobsJanne Jacobs20 dager siden
  • Was the recording nish brought in in episode 1 taken from the end of the balloon task? That sounded absolutely identical

    Franz MislikFranz Mislik21 dag siden
  • I think Nish had the absolute most fun of ANY Taskmaster contestant to date !

    Paul WalshPaul Walsh22 dager siden
  • @ 20:01 WHAT KIND OF PURILE TRASH IS THIS ? ! It's a win for Sally Phillips, that's what it is mate !

    Paul WalshPaul Walsh22 dager siden
  • Hello Alex, I'm from Ukraine! 🇺🇦

    Danya ObertanDanya Obertan26 dager siden
  • I would put another ballon in the ballon and blow them both up

    Lackerbit AnderssonLackerbit AnderssonMåned siden
  • Ok either Bob is lying here or in WILTY, because he claimed he could do the egg thing back then as well. Also that vid has 1.8m views now :)

    Manav SridharanManav SridharanMåned siden
  • At my work the water cooler is in the boss's office and we all hate him so we just bitch right there in the office so he can ignore us, as is his custom 🤣

    Sara HaneySara HaneyMåned siden
  • Globophobia is the and frequently develops as a result of being 'startled' by bursting at parties and social events.

    Stannous FlourideStannous FlourideMåned siden
  • Nish is the fucking best lmao love how much he's enjoying this

    MovieKiller333MovieKiller333Måned siden
  • When I first saw this episode, I didn't believe Bob had actually pulled the apple apart - I assumed he had an already sliced in half apple off camera. His hands go off camera a few times, it seemed like an easy trick. My sister had to laugh at me, and make me watch Would I Lie to You?

    ILuvAyeAyeILuvAyeAyeMåned siden
  • Anybody else notice Mark May have been sending Greg another cheeky text at the end of the show(during the credits)?

    Sean RSean RMåned siden
  • Greg is simping.

    Saugat BhattaraiSaugat BhattaraiMåned siden
  • 14:40 Nish's laugh from the very first prize task

    Chelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerChelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerMåned siden
  • I have the same fear of balloons as Mark! There is nothing that makes me feel sillier than being afraid of a stupid balloon.

    CharlieCharlieMåned siden

    Akash PalaniAkash PalaniMåned siden
  • Just my opinion but you know it's a weak series when none of the 5 contestants can successfully blow up a balloon and the 2nd best 'water cooler moment' is somebody just limply kicking a stationary object.

    RewcalRewcalMåned siden
    • Love the show by the way, this series just doesn't live up to the very very high standard.

      RewcalRewcalMåned siden
  • 31:38 I love Aisling's subtle realization & subsequent frustration.

    JackDManheimJackDManheimMåned siden
  • Sally is a delight.

    PtolemyJonesPtolemyJonesMåned siden
  • I feel like Mark was chosen valedictorian in his Woody Allen imitators class. Feels a bit intentional though.

    PtolemyJonesPtolemyJonesMåned siden
  • Greenland isn't even a country!

    Yang ChenYang ChenMåned siden
  • It's pronounced "brew sket uh". Why is that so hard?

    Patricia PetronePatricia PetroneMåned siden
  • I'd like the story behind how Greg got his trousers stolen. Wasn't he wearing them? 🤔😏 Also I'm with Mark on the balloon phobia. I cringe having to blow them up, knowing they'll pop on me. 😣

    cannibalbananascannibalbananas2 måneder siden
  • no beeb from sallies Holland, Holland is a combination of two provinces in the Netherlands, not a country

    Daan koornDaan koorn2 måneder siden
  • Sally Phillips looks like a British Gwyneth Paltrow.

    YonaelYonael2 måneder siden
  • Bob: it's a shame the task wasn't "make a good noise". Greg: WRITE THAT DOWN ALEX WRITE THAT DOWN

    Cian GrantCian Grant2 måneder siden
  • why is it that every season has, 2 girls, one older, one younger, and 3 boys, one older, one younger, and one of colour. just seems less diverse when its an actual quota 🤔

    Samantha TaylorSamantha Taylor2 måneder siden
  • Being from Finland myself, I could tell 4 and 5 were probably Finnish just by looking at them

    cruccicrucci2 måneder siden
  • "Why are they all white people?" *laughter* ... What is wrong with this world?

    cruccicrucci2 måneder siden
  • 24:42 hilarious Nish Kumar beaten up by a water cooler

    Evolution is evident extinction is inevitableEvolution is evident extinction is inevitable2 måneder siden
  • Technically Mark is now guilty of theft AND receipt of stolen goods, all for the same item.

    mrgabestmrgabest2 måneder siden
  • Hate to shit on anything Bob Mortimer does, but Greenland is not technically a country.

    E O'BrienE O'Brien2 måneder siden
  • They buzzed her on Georgia but Georgia is a country between Russia and Turkey.

    Robert EltzeRobert Eltze2 måneder siden
    • She’d already said Georgia

      kelly McGregorkelly McGregor21 dag siden
  • God, this episode was amazing! Greg realizing how his trousers went missing, Sally fucking a water cooler, Mark's shattered soul after five months of dedication, and Aisling's fury over the bean tower. Every episode has been fun, but rarely do we get one brimming with this much gold!

    Electroshock Therapy for the SoulElectroshock Therapy for the Soul2 måneder siden
  • I thought Aisling was going to be the funniest in the series, but all she has is stupid feminist jokes, whereas Sally ... Damn, she's brilliant.

    QuinlanQuinlan2 måneder siden
  • Everyone crying about Mark's cheeky text task, but this episode also featured Bob being 'fed up' by the balloon task and poor Aisling realizing all her efforts in the country task was for nothing. This was such an unlucky episode. Haha!

    neoneo2 måneder siden
  • I wouldn't mind being Sally's water cooler for a night or two lol

    Poor Man's PreparingPoor Man's Preparing2 måneder siden
  • No water cooler was harmed during this show.

    Butane 1980Butane 19802 måneder siden
  • Sound is weirdly lower than in all other episodes. having an absolute blast here watching this :)

    Joseph LeJoseph Le2 måneder siden
  • lol wtf is a wind-dried puffin?

    PHALANXPHALANX2 måneder siden
  • Why no series 7 ? At lest more than two .

    paul schwartzpaul schwartz2 måneder siden
  • Taskmaster Series 5 Episode 5: The Mistreatment of Mark Watson

    Eric McGuireEric McGuire2 måneder siden
  • Guadalajara is not a country... it is a city in the sate of Jalisco in Mexico

    Manolo SánchezManolo Sánchez2 måneder siden
  • Sally knows her Latin but has no clue about geography. She’s great!

    Jake BakerJake Baker2 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one here who is super irritated that Bob got a point for Greenland when that's an autonomous region and not a country? Idk just kinda bugged me.

    Katharina DembachKatharina Dembach2 måneder siden
  • I'm literally in love with Nish Kumar at this point ugh i wanna marry him

    sarahsarah2 måneder siden
  • I thought Joe's toss was the greatest tragedy in Taskmaster history. Until Mark got 0 points. Simply heartbreaking.

    Andrew RowlandAndrew Rowland2 måneder siden
  • Why is that large man bullying Josh Groban so much

    Coley TurnerColey Turner2 måneder siden
  • I need Nish saying "PISS AND SHIT!" as my ringtone.

    Emma TolkinEmma Tolkin2 måneder siden
  • Aisling Bea acts exactly like my 10 year old niece. Only my niece isn't a retarded feminist. Thank God.

    Red FormanRed Forman2 måneder siden
  • Sally is a wildcard.

    putsome basilonitputsome basilonit2 måneder siden
  • Mark - steals Gregs trousers Also Mark, through a text message: I have a big dick Greg: Enjoy your zero points

    Who KnowsWho Knows2 måneder siden
  • Mark keeps getting screwed over lmao

    Carter HalpinCarter Halpin2 måneder siden
  • 27:50 Alex’s gleeful smile!

    K DBK DB3 måneder siden
  • so sick of the predictable movies and shows everywhere these days - I find myself freshly addicted to this completely unpredictable show. ... and extremely jealous of a certain water cooler.

    3DCGdesign3DCGdesign3 måneder siden
  • 11:55 I now see where Alex got S7 task inspiration from.

    Advaita Manikkath AmbatAdvaita Manikkath Ambat3 måneder siden
  • I love the bro hug that Mark and Noah shared when Mark won, lmao

    Morgan RitsonMorgan Ritson3 måneder siden
  • But how? How does a man lose his trousers? XD

    Shadow HeartShadow Heart3 måneder siden
  • Most of the countries Sally mention aren't countries. lol

    Shadow HeartShadow Heart3 måneder siden
  • I always love watching this episode because when they talk about the apple bit, it's clear that Bob genuinely has no idea how much of a cult following he has online ❤️

    hollanamehollaname3 måneder siden
  • I'm not saying the fears of balloons are justified, but when Nish had his attempt it did startle me.

    James T KirkJames T Kirk3 måneder siden
  • I'll never see a water cooler with the same eyes ever again... ever. Lucky bastard.. he has better sex life than me! AND I AM MARRIED!

    Javier AlbinarrateJavier Albinarrate3 måneder siden
  • watched this so hard

    hollaholla3 måneder siden
  • I was thinking about how I would have cried if I had been in marks scenario and gotten no points just as aisling was on the verge of crying herself

    Evan LiaoEvan Liao3 måneder siden
  • Aisling and Mark really needed Bob's sperometer.

    ILuvAyeAyeILuvAyeAye3 måneder siden
  • 49 Danes voted this down for allowing "Greenland" as a country :)

    sorsocksfakesorsocksfake3 måneder siden
  • Andy Kaufman would have been really good at this show.

    DavidAWADavidAWA3 måneder siden
  • Is Nish's laugh at 14:40 the one they used for the prize task in episode 1?

    LeeAnne TaylorLeeAnne Taylor3 måneder siden
  • Turning the table upside down in the can stacking tower would benefit quite a bit.

    potawatadingdongpotawatadingdong4 måneder siden
  • 26:15 "She came first. Did she? We'll never know"

    potawatadingdongpotawatadingdong4 måneder siden
  • Whenever Nish laughs he looks like he's trying to break free from a ghost that's possessing him and forcing him to laugh.

    Nishi SNishi S4 måneder siden
  • Mark is going to need counseling after not getting points for his 5-month long task haha

    NinaNina4 måneder siden
  • Sally always surprises me, outwardly she's so classy but she'll shove cake in your armpit and have sex with a watercooler. What a lady, that's what you call range.

    NinaNina4 måneder siden
  • Mark got cheated for points TWICE and still won, gg Mark

    Jacob PamplinJacob Pamplin4 måneder siden
  • This series is a blessing rn thanks from america

    Miss LawlessMiss Lawless4 måneder siden
  • This series is a blessing rn thanks from america

    Miss LawlessMiss Lawless4 måneder siden
  • This is the best of the guest panel

    Brandon MBrandon M4 måneder siden
  • Did nobody think to ask for a second balloon to inflate inside the first?

    Lukas StratmannLukas Stratmann4 måneder siden
  • 11:48 music?

    NZStudios001NZStudios0014 måneder siden
  • Are there actually people out there that find Nish Kumar funny?

    TevTev4 måneder siden
  • @Taskmaster are you aware that NOworld is running pro-Trump commercials for your ads.

    Kim WilsonKim Wilson4 måneder siden
  • SPOILERS for the episode MAN that hug at the end when Mark won and Nish, who came dead last, gave him a giant hug...you could just feel how much they truly enjoy each other. Sucks that the pre-filmes tasks where they work together didn't have the same chemistry, as that dynamic was built over the course of the series. Absolutley love these two, and Ashlynn is a goddamn national treasure. To which nation, you ask? All of them, I answer. Edit: apparently her name is spelt Aisling which is just splitting my brain in half, what the fuck lmao

    Bunkbed sBunkbed s4 måneder siden
  • Sally Phillips is amazing. I love her so much

    princesskaguya2000princesskaguya20004 måneder siden