Taskmaster - Series 11 Episode 6 | Full Episode | "Absolute Casserole"

22. april. 2021
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In series 11 episode 6, Charlotte Ritchie, Jamali Maddix, Lee Mack, Mike Wozniak, and Sarah Kendall face Taskmaster Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne to engage in some foot-related arts and crafts, and guess the contents of a doughnut.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Is a kiwi in english really called a kiwi fruit? And if so does someone know the reason why? It's already pretty obvious it is a fruit.

    bjkactivitiesbjkactivitiesDag siden
  • The vandalism task is the first time I absolutely disagreed with Greg.

    UjaiUjai3 dager siden
  • Alex is the nicest guy in the Show... I just wish just the best for him .. :D - so funny, relaxed.. he knows well what to say... :)

    Sometimes There Is No Color Around UsSometimes There Is No Color Around Us4 dager siden
  • Absolute casserole??? 39 minutes in... Oh jesus fucking christ. Best line of the whole series, maybe even the whole show.

    Jakov BrižićJakov Brižić7 dager siden
  • For some reason I didn't get notified of this one, bad NOworld! I was very worried!

    Uncle BobUncle Bob8 dager siden
  • I think this is the first season where it feels like Greg's decisions make no sense. And the way he is giving points is really random.

    PowerHousePowerHouse10 dager siden
  • How much did Jamali pay the Taskmaster? Because let me say this, the amount of BS Greg is shoving our throats is amazing.

    MilpyMilpy10 dager siden
  • It's an absolute casserole down there 🤣🤣🤣

    Madame L.Madame L.10 dager siden
  • I love all of them so much, but Greg was wrong for the point distribution on that vandalism task, no offense to the Street Tough team at all.

    Elisa M.Elisa M.11 dager siden
  • Please make the "taskmaster out of context"

    Ihor MakaraIhor Makara11 dager siden
  • the scoring in this episode was so wrong & unfair. i couldn‘t agree with it on any of the tasks.

    Mia MikawuMia Mikawu12 dager siden
  • Lockpicking lawyer would’ve won the last task 😅

    FreakingDoomShroomFreakingDoomShroom12 dager siden
  • that d be awesome episode for Rhod.. Greg painting and wall vandalising d be great.. im pretty sure after minute of thinkig he d ask for chainsaw 😅 but Jammali did great as well 😀

    roz biroz bi13 dager siden
  • Jamali's problem solving technique is always destruction and trashing things. And I couldn't believe Greg gave him 5 points for that "portrait".

    Ashley NgAshley Ng13 dager siden
  • Until proven otherwise I'm going to assume that Greg showed Alex a picture of his "trifle".

    Rebekah AndersenRebekah Andersen14 dager siden
  • 19:01 who else here sees it as a rose?

    Jo The Black WolfJo The Black Wolf14 dager siden
  • I'm scarred by this one.

    NemblyNembly14 dager siden
  • I love how Jamali just whispers "*sigh* I'm not gonna" at the prompt lick and sniff

    NGANGA15 dager siden
  • Rat up a kilt....I peed myself🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    jillipepper5353jillipepper535315 dager siden
  • I love Mike

    Siddharath KansalSiddharath Kansal15 dager siden
  • I clearly don't understand how hemorrhoids work.

    steveyj75steveyj7516 dager siden
  • 💩

    SerenityReceiverSerenityReceiver16 dager siden
  • You did him real dirty! Let's see you give this fart task to one of the ladies. You wouldn't DARE!

    SerenityReceiverSerenityReceiver16 dager siden
  • That black metal shirt won't convince the world that Charlotte shouldn't present children's TV.

    JamesJames17 dager siden
  • Goatse?

    Kid AKid A17 dager siden
  • Never before have I been so happy for a winner of an episode. You can tell they really wanted it.

    HeatherHeather17 dager siden
  • As a thumb sucker I totally get where Mike's head is at in this prize task. Much more importantly, there had better be a clip coming out where we see what Greg showed Alex in the open. My imagination is failing me somewhat. That move is by far the most annoying thing.

    Jesse SuttonJesse Sutton18 dager siden
  • I have never laughed so hard at something so disgusting in my life 😂

    Andrew BlairAndrew Blair18 dager siden
  • the group of three vandalizing the wall had a truly anarchic destructive spirit, that james acaster would appreciate as real PUNK also jamali showing them the stomping technique like "ei look what i learned in class today" and everyone reacting ya this is what we needed

    Mariana SampaioMariana Sampaio18 dager siden
  • A youtube-user called ozmartian is just copying complete taskmaster episodes.. And they are showing them to us for free. Go boo him...

    Snoep AnimatieSnoep Animatie18 dager siden
  • Can't wait for the "family photos" deleted scene...

    duyduy18 dager siden
  • I think Mike has a good case suing for medical charges.. That was cruel to begin with and his dedication and their unwillingness to let him give up made it brutal. They might have a harder time getting candidates now. Or at least vegan ones..

    Snoep AnimatieSnoep Animatie18 dager siden
  • Mike Wozniak sitting through that whole thing knowing what the culmination of his private task would be is hilarious.

    Gal DagonGal Dagon19 dager siden
  • I'm surprised Lee didn't bring Rob & David in.

    Gal DagonGal Dagon19 dager siden
  • Is Jamali having a handicap or what? Most of his tasks are shit and he's getting a lot of points for them. Picture ratings was a joke, he's wasa so shitty it hurts.

    Mateusz SutkowyMateusz Sutkowy19 dager siden
  • This series doesn't always have a run away winner but usually has a trailing loser. I would be much more interesting in seeing a "Loser of losers" special or season than another "champion of champions"

    Berkeley PickellBerkeley Pickell19 dager siden
  • Thanks consistently providing fun, positive entertainment! Don't get me wrong, I love a murder mystery, but discovering Task Master this year has been a delight during lockdown! 🙏🙌

    Lisa GulbrandsenLisa Gulbrandsen19 dager siden
  • What did we learn today? We learnt that Jamali REALLY likes stomping on things (For real, 4 out 4 challenges he stomped on something!)

    Persona DesconocidaPersona Desconocida19 dager siden
  • I'm so sorry for Mike 💔

    CamillaCamilla19 dager siden
  • Their apology about serving an egg to a vegan should have been more sincere. I hope they at least apologized wholeheartedly off camera.

    dschelada1dschelada119 dager siden
  • "Absolute Casserole" is the best name of episode ever!

    Wonder womanWonder woman19 dager siden
  • Oh God TM wasn't nice to Mike. I mean... I'm all for any light entertainment value, but... Make a person intentionally physically a bit more ill for 1 point? Poor guy. Maybe the worst deed TM did for a person.

    YokkyYokky19 dager siden
  • Two best Taskmaster moments ever: Bob talking about his anus being too high and Mike Wozniak talking about his hemorrhoid.

    Brittany TenhageBrittany Tenhage19 dager siden
  • You what would be really cool? If we could get a video that has all the previous seasons tie-break tasks that were not shown.

    Joe McGuireJoe McGuire19 dager siden
  • 22:06 how can you be a comedian if you dont like a bit of chaos?

    sk31370nsk31370n19 dager siden
  • 21:45 straight up tom sawyering that shit

    sk31370nsk31370n19 dager siden
  • Charolette Ritchie's Phoebe Bridgers t-shirt is awesome.

    sixxnotesixxnote19 dager siden
  • what if 2:03 is the photo greg talks about in his latest standup, the "spanish holiday" one xD

    CucumberpatchAddictCucumberpatchAddict19 dager siden
  • After I watched Charlotte cheat in a really shitty way, I just don’t like her.

    Starsia EveStarsia Eve19 dager siden
  • I certainly don't agree with the vandalism points at all.

    Rainer RieglerRainer Riegler19 dager siden
  • How did Lee and Mike win the vandalism task?

    FrancLusaiteFrancLusaite19 dager siden
  • OMG..when the Mike ´pop fart´happened he looked like Manuel from Fawlty Towers.. both horrific and endearing

    marianne Duncombemarianne Duncombe20 dager siden
  • Jamali's painting is actually visually pleasing to me hahaha

    DJG902DJG90220 dager siden
  • “I’m so sorry, Lee, for making you eat those foods.” *smiles* Alex Horne is a treasure.

    A HobbitA Hobbit20 dager siden
  • Wait why isn't the Twixx bar annoying??!!

    golden ponygolden pony20 dager siden
  • Sarah's hair is so distracting. Stunning!

    BlueMathRecruitBlueMathRecruit20 dager siden
  • Boom, as soon as Charlotte put those glasses on at the end 42:48, some how she turned into Ed Byrne.

    TheMarmiteAppleTheMarmiteApple20 dager siden
  • that sound will haunt me till the end of my days

    Ewoud VDBEwoud VDB20 dager siden
  • Ok, I'm in love with Sarah

    S ZS Z20 dager siden
  • I don’t think I’ve seen the whole group lose it like they did when he said “It’s an absolute casserole down there!”. I had to pause the video for minutes! I still have tears in my eyes...

    Martin StentMartin Stent20 dager siden
  • I don't know how I survived before taskmaster

    javiskiijaviskii20 dager siden
  • I almost passed out laughing at mike. He shouldve gotten 5 points

    RockeroNatoRockeroNato20 dager siden
  • Mike Wozniak is fucking hilarious!

    Nomi MaloneNomi Malone20 dager siden
  • Absolutely ridiculous that Jamali won that painting challenge. Yall play way too hard and fast with the rules.

    Laura EmilyLaura Emily20 dager siden
  • Wait... Sarah Kendall... SK... Serial Killer?! It's confirmed then!

    MrCh0oMrCh0o20 dager siden
  • It's probably too long, but 'Fish under a glass bottom disco boat' would've also been a solid title.

    NivMizzet89NivMizzet8920 dager siden
  • Two observations I have...: Sarah looked inside the wallet too, but there didn't seem to be a note in there. The tie-break stated to "fire" the rubber bands, not throw them. But then again, none of these things matter because it is a comedy show and isn't to be taken serious.

    DeBedschbacherDeBedschbacher21 dag siden
  • 2:00 This needs to be made into a GIF

    Apoc MorrowApoc Morrow21 dag siden
  • Gotta say. Jamali makes decent modern art.

    ihavegotnoideaihavegotnoidea21 dag siden
  • Jamali’s painting is honestly genuinely very good work of art.

    CreeperCreeper21 dag siden
  • 34:04 "Seems unlikely that an animal could be a leather wallet" has No More Jockeys written all over it.

    Niveditha NairNiveditha Nair21 dag siden
  • Is it only me or Greg isn't the biggest fan of Charlotte. Somehow feel it started showing even more visibly in this episode..

    Mateusz ZarembaMateusz Zaremba21 dag siden
  • Think I’m in love with Charlotte

    Jordan BraniganJordan Branigan21 dag siden
  • These are bunch of idiots. 🙄

    Ashish Kumar PadhanAshish Kumar Padhan21 dag siden
  • Massage the inner mic ... lol

    Edward ChurchEdward Church21 dag siden
  • Jamali shited his way through this episode!

    sushil bhandarisushil bhandari21 dag siden
  • Jamali: "When in doubt, STOMP"

    Lauren HawesLauren Hawes21 dag siden
  • Poor Lee making him eat all those products of abuse

    Vegan ManKindVegan ManKind21 dag siden
  • What does Greg have against Charlotte? Why is he so pro-Jamal? He brought the worst annoying thing and made the worst portrait!!

    Marcela UribeMarcela Uribe21 dag siden
  • Jamali really seems to like stomping on things.

    SyzygyTTSyzygyTT21 dag siden
  • "you could put this in an art gallery and sell this shit"

    ahab_dotaahab_dota21 dag siden
    • yessir

      ahab_dotaahab_dota21 dag siden
  • How mortifying... but Mike just tick tocks his way through. The resilience of the Wozniaks.

    Red Elf Shot the FoodRed Elf Shot the Food21 dag siden
  • This episode ws amazing

    Not TomokoNot Tomoko21 dag siden
  • A primary teacher that doesn't know maths.. unreal

    XoLuciaXo_XoLuciaXo_21 dag siden
  • Only watched 15 secs because of 12 adds that are, of course, double-adds or unskippable. There were episodes with even more adds, that i still somehow watched and enjoyed, but the amount is WAY too excessive. I no longer support that. The show itself is entertainment-gold. Recommended with addblock

    Peter PupePeter Pupe21 dag siden
    • adds --> ads (as 'ad' is short for advertisement) If you're using Chrome, you can use the 'Adblocker for NOworld' extension, which prevents any ads from loading

      John DeLiloJohn DeLilo18 dager siden
  • The way the points were given for the vandalism task was so stupid!!

    FiftyShadesofToastFiftyShadesofToast21 dag siden
  • "really stamping...not an illusion" "what's the point of DAT" - then sticks face on object. oh Lee. adorable...adorable!

    HenriettaHenrietta21 dag siden
  • This was not the time to eat lasagne.

    Seán O'NilbudSeán O'Nilbud21 dag siden
  • What shirt is Charlotte wearing in the studio?

    EppoSanderEppoSander21 dag siden
  • Jamali is amazing (^ヮ^ ) I feel like they’re trying to distract from the Katherine Parkinson fart video again but all they had to do was bring back farty ice pop! (Rob Beckett)

    Klay ThoringKlay Thoring21 dag siden
  • Can someone please do a beat or remix with Mikes haemorrhoid sound in it!

    BonobobonbonBonobobonbon21 dag siden
  • A blue cocked Satan.

    Seán O'NilbudSeán O'Nilbud21 dag siden
  • Mike trying to kick James Acaster of the throne... It's getting close..

    Ben GieseBen Giese21 dag siden
  • I can't remember a time where I laughed harder. When Mike explained what happened, I actually cried tears of laughter.

    Elena D'AmicoElena D'Amico21 dag siden
  • Did anyone else see the airplanes that were edited in during the foot painting montage?

    Caroline PowerCaroline Power21 dag siden
  • That was one hell of a ride

    AlanaAlana21 dag siden
  • Title should be aggressive grape lick.

    Andreas BuehlerAndreas Buehler21 dag siden
  • Is this the jet they used in Kingsman: The Golden Circle where Harry is behind the bar mixing a drink for Eggsy?? 😳 That bar looks really familiar... I'm not from the UK so maybe all planes look like that in first class but seeing as both scenes are on screen...?

    Daria PsurekDaria Psurek21 dag siden
  • 42:03 LMAO Jamali's version of "When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail" :'D

    zmast333zmast33321 dag siden
  • Someone genuinely tell Mike he should apply some of that icy cold menthol ointment on it for a few days. It stings like a bitch, but genuinely gets rid of them. That's the way we do it in the third world 😂😂

    LRluisroLRluisro21 dag siden