Taskmaster's Greatest Hits (Part 1)

22. aug.. 2020
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From Tree Wizard to Over My Shoulder, here are some of the best musical performances from Taskmaster. What would you like to see in part 2?
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Mark saying 'Mozart, one of my favourite bands as well' isn't getting enough love.

    urbanbushingurbanbushing3 dager siden
  • Ahhhh this is where my knappet crush came from

    lfcwillilfcwilli4 dager siden
  • James' face as his nice explanation of punk ethos is punctured by his own lyrics is amazing... but then he brings it back with "or is it a big rock" and a deadpan expression that almost makes you think you're the moron for not *getting it*.

    kimaboekimaboe4 dager siden
  • I did not expect that woman's favourite films to be The Hangover (1 & 2)...

    13strong13strong5 dager siden
  • The episode with Tree wizard was my first introduction to the show, and to this day it's still one of the most iconic task responses in my opinion

    Jared's DoodlesJared's Doodles5 dager siden
  • Can you please fkin balance the volume a bit better in the future?

    Nicolay SchjelderupNicolay Schjelderup5 dager siden

    Joseph BleasdaleJoseph Bleasdale6 dager siden
  • Hey. Hands up to the film and sound crew.... consistently creating great content footage of awesome content.

    Mothersuperior67Mothersuperior677 dager siden
  • This show, like wilty, just makes me insanely happy.

    Peter ClarkePeter Clarke7 dager siden
  • This is such a brilliant show

    ChaosPotatoChaosPotato8 dager siden
  • James’s song lyrics sound like they are based on his past relationship with Louise Ford...

    Thats BeesThats Bees9 dager siden
  • "Beans and toast" is maybe the most British answer to favorite food

    Devin GravesDevin Graves11 dager siden
  • Can't wait for the new series! On channel 4 huh? Hit the big time - Bosh

    faIRmODs fmfaIRmODs fm22 dager siden
  • James' song, "over my shoulder" meaning.... I'm getting colder, as he gets older it's harder to keep body temperature regulated. "Is that a boulder?" Meaning the tombstone over his grave because hes getting so close to death

    NerfPoliceNerfPolice27 dager siden
  • The painting in the background on the nursery rhyme task is based on Dreams by Salvador Dali which I have on my wall as well.

    Pete KentPete Kent28 dager siden
  • It took me halfway through this video to realize it was "greatest hits" as in musical hits and not as in "best bits"

    crazycatgirl18crazycatgirl18Måned siden
  • mark & nish's song always has a place in my heart

    Carol VictorCarol VictorMåned siden
  • Nish and Mark hugging gives me chills

    noozybooga boozynooganoozybooga boozynoogaMåned siden
  • James song's last line could have been about dying "getting colder" and the "is that a boulder" could refer to a headstone. Keeps in line with the whole someone sneaking around after you for years.

    Courtney ParkCourtney ParkMåned siden
  • Rose Matifeo's version of the theme song was incredible, and I really loved all of the seranades from season 9 (except obviously David Baddeil's) but Ed's was my favorite from that. Rhod Gilbert's Matchstick Girl was an absolutely representative Rhod Gilbert task.

    kcollorankcolloranMåned siden
  • The show brings out their hidden talents.

    EveEveMåned siden
  • are we just gonna ignore how amazing mark and nish’s song was

    Matthew DuncanMatthew DuncanMåned siden
  • Gosh, Ed Gamble is pretty

    TylerreadsbooksTylerreadsbooksMåned siden
  • That opening with the ukulele is honestly really well done. Probably my favorite of the ones I’ve seen.

    NightVale_InternNightVale_InternMåned siden
  • Ngl I forgot Ed's Taskmaster theme - Rose's though was amazing.

    Jack PickoJack PickoMåned siden
  • Mark and Nish's song for a stranger was so damn good. As good as Rosalind is a fucking nightmare was, that song should've made top 40.

    Jack PickoJack PickoMåned siden
  • James was definitely heavily disadvantaged at the 30-second piece of music task, because, being punk, he can't be used to such long songs

    Die LegendeDie LegendeMåned siden
  • I personally loved Jon Richardson doing tasks the other 4 came up with, so original and he did a great job. Especially the makeup tutorial

    BARUtubbigBARUtubbigMåned siden
  • "I'm Always Seeing You (Do Cool Stuff)" and Aisling, Sally, and Bob's effort "Quite Good, Considering" are both works of genius, but "Tree Wizard" always makes me unreasonably happy.

    sfshinzsfshinzMåned siden
  • i want nish & mark’s song to be my ringtone.

    mayangmayangMåned siden
  • Joe's song about Alex dying 😂

    Katie HoustonKatie HoustonMåned siden
  • can we have a taskmaster album please?

    Anonymus PumpkinAnonymus PumpkinMåned siden
  • If part 2 does not included Kathrine Ryan creating the biggest mess my trying to absolutely destroy her family then what was it all for???

    AntheaAntheaMåned siden
  • Doc Brown singing show tunes has to be in part two!!

    Mattie SheldonMattie Sheldon2 måneder siden
  • When even the Taskmaster didn’t catch James’ season one reference.

    Brett RushingBrett Rushing2 måneder siden
  • I always watch these clips at night and I swear down I’ve been having nightmares of Greg forcing me to do tasks on this show for a week now

    Cara RyanCara Ryan2 måneder siden
  • i really loved katherine's nursery rhyme/children's story. educational & threatening

    EvanEvan2 måneder siden
  • ... Can jo throwing the potato in with one go make it in

    Púca na SamhainPúca na Samhain2 måneder siden
  • We need quite good considering, Catherine Ryan's tooth nursery rhyme, and Catherine Ryan's Chesham town mayor somg.

    Alec CotlerAlec Cotler2 måneder siden
  • So if a two boulders are next to one another and one is larger, is one just a big rock then?

    malenotyalcmalenotyalc2 måneder siden
  • No Taskmaster music compilation is complete without James' "gaffer rope" song.

    L4cH4nC3L4cH4nC32 måneder siden
  • Add more music based ones won't yah, cheers.

    mark matthewsmark matthews2 måneder siden
  • Ed Gamble’s Self-serenade definitely needs to be in part 2!!!

    Beth CameronBeth Cameron2 måneder siden
  • definitely need to see the dances to the ringtones! (series 4)

    LilyLily2 måneder siden
  • The never good enough song and that’s Peter hudson mayor song are the peak

    LaLaLaAllDayLongLaLaLaAllDayLong2 måneder siden
  • I will now always here Ed gamble voice in the task master theme

    Auron LupinAuron Lupin2 måneder siden
  • Rose’s take on the taskmaster tune is far superior to Ed’s. What a shame.

    Jake ZukowskiJake Zukowski2 måneder siden
  • Nish is actually decent when he isn't rambling on about anything political...

    TheGoogleChromeTheGoogleChrome2 måneder siden
  • Nish amd Mark's song is one of the best taskmaster moments

    MrTraingleMrTraingle2 måneder siden
  • Rosalinds a nightmare is my favourite thing to come out of this show

    SamSam2 måneder siden
  • If we do a music part 2, don't forget the taskmaster musical(s)!

    TeeweezevenTeeweezeven2 måneder siden
  • I would genuinely buy Nish and Mark's singles

    Hayreddin BarbarossaHayreddin Barbarossa2 måneder siden
  • Part 2 could be art. So like, paint a rainbow in the dark, make a dot to dot picture, and the many ones from season 4.

    TeeweezevenTeeweezeven2 måneder siden
  • Rose Matafeo's taskmaster theme song should definitely be in the next one!

    AquilegiaAquilegia2 måneder siden
  • That song is the only good thing Nish Kumar has ever done.

    D-Time_93D-Time_932 måneder siden
  • Ballad of the toothless goon should defo be in the next one! Loved this video!

    Jacob WhiteJacob White2 måneder siden
  • Tree wizaaarrrdddd

    Kieth ScottKieth Scott2 måneder siden
  • 6:35 "I'm always seeing you do call stuff. I try my best but its never ... Good enough.

    Portsmouth TaskmasterPortsmouth Taskmaster2 måneder siden
  • 3:19 Love the Dali-esque depiction of GD. Where is that now and all the others? Who did them? Anybody know?

    ExEssex :ExEssex :2 måneder siden
  • Alex Hornes' Best Task Master moments. Please.

    loriziellloriziell2 måneder siden
  • Ed making Alex dress as a mermaid fountain and the song he has to sing! Classic!

    81shell81shell2 måneder siden
  • How did Josh singing the theme not make the cut?

    Lily-Rose LentonLily-Rose Lenton2 måneder siden
  • What about a what the heck complication vid, when the contestants go wildly wrong from the task or do it rediculuosly well

    Lily-Rose LentonLily-Rose Lenton2 måneder siden
  • I'm so impressed with that Good Enough song!

    njutanjuta2 måneder siden
  • I feel that that weird sound Phil Wang makes with his mouth should also count as a musical performance for part 2.

    A HA H2 måneder siden
  • How DARE you use the series 9 theme song task & not use Rose Matafeo’s song?!?!?!

    David WangDavid Wang2 måneder siden
  • 1:03 THAT GUY!!! He was on the first series of The Voice UK on Danny's team!! I remember him being quite artistic and pretty good but sadly didn't make it through to the end.

    Black KnightBlack Knight2 måneder siden
  • I really hope you show Rose's version of the Taskmaster theme!! It was fucking killer!

    firerednaxelafirerednaxela2 måneder siden
  • Greatest show of all time

    Aq EppoAq Eppo2 måneder siden
  • I get the pun but this is in no way the greatest hits of taskmaster. These aren’t that funny. They are fun but compared to some of the shows other bits, bleh. Didn’t even bother to finish the video.

    Iloathe YootoobIloathe Yootoob2 måneder siden
    • It's just musical performances, not the best moments of Taskmaster

      Timotheit4Timotheit4Måned siden
  • no james the dirty tooth?

    L. Lee ButlerL. Lee Butler2 måneder siden
  • The fact that rose's taskmaster theme isn't in this.... it's personal now

    Sian ValadianSian Valadian2 måneder siden
  • Part 1? More to come? Yes please.

    Alfie FieldsAlfie Fields2 måneder siden
  • this channel proves i can watch the same clips recut multiple times and still enjoy every time

    rienv2rienv22 måneder siden
  • “If it’s ‘Make a baby,’ I’m gonna win,” is an underrated line.

    Mariel QuevedoMariel Quevedo2 måneder siden
  • Three tasks in. Are these all just performances? Let's have some actual tasks lads.

    VadigorVadigor2 måneder siden
  • help i’ve been singing tree wizard in my head for the past 6 hours.

    emily louiseemily louise2 måneder siden
  • I got genuinely excited when I saw Rosilynn

    Robin HassamRobin Hassam2 måneder siden
  • I'm guessing part 2 will be all female songs 👍

    Amy WilliamsAmy Williams2 måneder siden
  • I love you taskmaster account uploader, but please, please search up "audio levels final cut pro" and apply what you learn

    Catherine RCatherine R2 måneder siden
  • i'd love asim chaudhry's song for greg was in the next part

    Flossie PosseeFlossie Possee2 måneder siden
  • The thing I hate about this compilation is it brought up tasks that just made me think of songs they didn't show: Every single entry in the S2 nursery rhyme task (literally all of them were amazing, especially Jon's). Bob and the girls singing about Rosalind. Rose's version of the Taskmaster theme song. So much instant classic being tossed to the side.

    NightwingSkywalkerNightwingSkywalker2 måneder siden
  • Jo Brand's Jerusalem egg timer needs to be in the next one, as well as.Rose Matefeos theme tune, Taskmaster the Musical from Series 6 and rosalind's a nightmare :)

    Connor RuseConnor Ruse2 måneder siden
  • still funny however many times i've seen it.

    boaboa2 måneder siden
  • "Do you know how long it took me to find that song?"

    Petu PulloPetu Pullo2 måneder siden
  • do you really need to use the complete transition for every task

    This New Meta SucksThis New Meta Sucks2 måneder siden
  • Not a fan of this channel's fucking erratic approach to censorship.

    George BlankGeorge Blank2 måneder siden
  • really hoping pants on a stick makes it into part two

    Caz HenleyCaz Henley2 måneder siden
  • I still prefer Katherine’s original nursery rhyme about dental health.

    squalloogalsqualloogal2 måneder siden
    • Ikr? That's what I was expecting to see here

      SaiSai2 måneder siden
  • Three of those tasks had better performances: Jons three blind mice The other song for Rosalind (although they were really both good) Rose’s taskmaster theme song I would like to see (from all the other seasons) Al Murray bribing Alex Noel’s exotic dance sandwich Liza making Alex sit on a cake Lou Sanders’ apology

    Eli RosenblithEli Rosenblith2 måneder siden
    • @Remi I never even considered that

      Eli RosenblithEli Rosenblith2 måneder siden
    • The suggestions you gave aren't songs. This compilation is a collection of the best musical tasks.

      RemiRemi2 måneder siden
  • you HAVE to do rose's taskmaster song!!

    Liz HLiz H2 måneder siden
  • If “Rosalind is a fucking nightmare” by products of conception isn’t in part 2 I shall sue

    noriekaporienoriekaporie2 måneder siden
  • I'm always seeing you (do cool stuff) needs a proper studio recorded version

    Alistair DoddsAlistair Dodds2 måneder siden
  • Realised after the video was done that ‘greatest hits’ is because they are all musically related. I was sat here thinking this was like a Best of Taskmaster compilation 🤣

    Katie PaskKatie Pask2 måneder siden
  • Thanks for being a great example of artistic insanity. Lots of love

    Patty and Buster ShowPatty and Buster Show2 måneder siden
  • If "the bastard's crying innit" and "make the biggest mess" don't appear in part 2 I am suing you

    khondamir imamnazarovkhondamir imamnazarov2 måneder siden
  • The cameraman catching Paul Sinha hiding in the telephone box in Series 8. I laughed so much at this.

    Susan SeddonSusan Seddon2 måneder siden
  • Mark and Nish's song is super impressive. Genuinely listened to her and took her interests and made pretty damn good song out of it...

    thechris312thechris3122 måneder siden
  • 6:56 actual musical talent starts.

    Jakop KragslayJakop Kragslay2 måneder siden
  • Yes

    Isabella EarnhardtIsabella Earnhardt2 måneder siden