Taskmaster Champion of Champions - Episode 2

15. okt.. 2020
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In this finale episode of Taskmaster Champion of Champion's; Bob Mortimer, Josh Widdicombe, Katherine Ryan, Noel Fielding and Rob Beckett battle it out to establish what's in the case, create an entirely eatable and wearable mask and make the biggest mess possible to completely clear up.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • katherine is my least favourite contestant

    Liza ZeeLiza Zee2 timer siden
  • *Alex reminded me so much of a parrot in the mask clip...*

    May MccarthyMay Mccarthy2 timer siden
  • Bob likes to make a mess. Noel likes to tidy up. They would make great housemates.

    johnnycbadjohnnycbad6 timer siden
  • The amount of times I quoted "I've sinned again! I've sinned again, man!" is ridiculous. Bob Mortimer is a genius.

    terote arenaterote arena7 timer siden
  • I kinda want a taskmaster special where we get all the last place participants from previous series

    Kieran ConwayKieran Conway14 timer siden
  • Am I wrong or was the mask task a previous series’s task? EDIT: I see now!

    Sam PSam P19 timer siden
  • Women truly know how to need you up. Beware fellas :P

    krishna saishkrishna saish21 time siden
  • Bob Mortimer is a God. The man is on point every single time 😆

    Amber FallAmber FallDag siden
  • Very excited for the post series 25 champion of champion of champions

    Dlordalex123Dlordalex123Dag siden
  • i would have tried to find a drill for the case of peas

    jake berryjake berry2 dager siden
  • rob v nish for best laugh

    Angel LAngel L2 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure that whatever Bob did during the mask challenge is illegal.

    BokatishaBokatisha2 dager siden
  • Please enable back the autogenerated subtitles. They are not available here or in the episode 1, season 10

    Carlo ColomboCarlo Colombo2 dager siden
  • Can anyone genuinely tell me where to pay to view Taskmaster after they catch up on youtube? I live in the US if that matters.

    Peter FoothPeter Footh2 dager siden
    • Season 9 is on the CW Seed app. Unfortunately, it’s edited. It doesn’t show the vignettes before and after each break ( “we’re done with part 2, see you in part 3” ), because they were going to show it on TV with extra ad breaks. Also, they bleep out some words. And the episodes look to be about two minutes shorter than the episodes on NOworld.

      David JensenDavid Jensen17 timer siden
  • I thought a wardrobe was a tall free standing cabinet for hanging close. which is diffrent from a closet in that a closet is build in and isn't movable. If you asked me to look in the wardrobe. Id be looking for a large piece of furniture not for a door to open.. maybe thats just me

    PrakritiPrakriti2 dager siden
  • Katherine's mask looks like Old Gregg!

    NestoJonesNestoJones2 dager siden
  • Haven't they uploaded the biggest mess task like months ago?

    João RalhaJoão Ralha2 dager siden
  • Av sinned again man

    Darryl PigeonDarryl Pigeon3 dager siden
  • Honestly it's more funny that Josh won with his karate trophy

    Mr. SilverthorneMr. Silverthorne3 dager siden
  • Katherine Ryan’s sister sounds as heinous as her. And the fact their dad just laughed shows exactly why they are the way they are.

    Alex JonesAlex Jones3 dager siden
  • What’s going on with Katherine Ryan’s lips?

    Alex JonesAlex Jones3 dager siden
  • Where's the first episode? o_0

    ninaeatworldninaeatworld3 dager siden
    • Nevermind. Found it with an UK proxy. Why is only part 2 available to watch from Finland...??

      ninaeatworldninaeatworld3 dager siden
  • 17:43 someone get this adorable man ALL the sweets😩♥️

    MitsuhaMitsuha3 dager siden
  • "Away you go, you sweet little imps!" X'D

    Jelke HJelke H3 dager siden
  • I wondered if I can still do arithmetic, so I tried the problem written on the board. I knew I was supposed to get 1 for X3... But I kept getting 2493.75. Turns out, I had written a minus sign instead of a divide sign, and my handwriting is so bad, the six in 625 looked like another parenthesis. This is exactly how I'd mess up math tests in fourth grade, except now I'm 30.

    ILuvAyeAyeILuvAyeAye3 dager siden
  • Great episode, thanks for sharing 👏😀

    Joanne KellyJoanne Kelly3 dager siden
  • Alex aggressively eating the mask is a mood 😂

    La StiriaLa Stiria3 dager siden
  • Anyone notice at the end Greg and Alex do a hollywood 80s freeze frame jump

    Michael PriceMichael Price3 dager siden
  • Am I having déjà vu or did they reuse challenge footage?

    Layne MaceachernLayne Maceachern3 dager siden
  • Why isn’t part one available in the UK?

    Graeme WallaceGraeme Wallace3 dager siden
  • Watching Alex eat the masks was like watching Hannibal Lechter at work. But Bob was even more terrifying.

    Case16710Case167103 dager siden
  • Rob Becket is a human Golden Retriever

    Hany SaadHany Saad3 dager siden
  • Josh, about to do any task: "this is my worst nightmare"

    hscott213hscott2133 dager siden
  • Anyone else think that Katherine's mess was just too much? And then she didn't even clean up properly and outed her sister being a massive cheat. Also I don't believe her lie that her sister was playing along. Ugh.

    sirprintalotsirprintalot3 dager siden
  • well-played, josh - hobbits rule!

    CthulhuIncCthulhuInc3 dager siden
  • We should be acknowledging Bob's OHHHYAA and THANK YOU.... that's art!!!

    Anant SinghAnant Singh3 dager siden
  • Josh cry-laughing and squirming away as Alex tries to eat his tortilla face without touching him is art.

    romeinprogressromeinprogress3 dager siden
  • "A Pallette of Jams" is the name of the preserves shop I am post-covid opening don't steal I'm assuming that's what he meant and not a pallet of jams....both names are ok actually but quality over quantity

    romeinprogressromeinprogress3 dager siden
  • Masked Katherine Ryan looks like Dorian Electra!

    Adrian Mata AnayaAdrian Mata Anaya3 dager siden
  • That suitcase challenge showcased several of the contestants reaching nirvana, a perfect wavelength of tasking, where they were one with the eternal task: discovering frozen peas.

    romeinprogressromeinprogress3 dager siden
  • I am reeling from the fact that this was only 2 episodes.

    Cody BasoreCody Basore3 dager siden
  • greg davies is a gorgeous man

    Angelika Maria MorrisAngelika Maria Morris3 dager siden
  • A Bob Mortimer tissue dispenser should be available in every household.

    Reverse HollowReverse Hollow3 dager siden
  • Where's episode 1?

    GigaBoostGigaBoost3 dager siden
  • you're still champion with us bob

    mister klugemister kluge3 dager siden
  • I think bob's mask clip is gonna legitimately give me nightmares lol

    Cam McLeanCam McLean3 dager siden
  • Bob’s prize was just so... Bob.

    AmyAmy3 dager siden
  • I can't believe they call sprinkles 'hundreds and thousands ' though how can I judge we got edible tree sap

    Atrix CanadaAtrix Canada3 dager siden
  • 10:55 Commercials Greg...

    Ricardo AyalaRicardo Ayala3 dager siden
  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that one of the equations said. 201 = ?

    Uday KalvakotaUday Kalvakota4 dager siden
  • I feel like they intentionally nerfed Bob in this contest after Series 5.

    AaronAaron4 dager siden
  • Can we turn the captions on?

    Cory CrowCory Crow4 dager siden
  • Alex is such a professional

    Coley TurnerColey Turner4 dager siden
  • It's still kind of shocking to see Katherine Ryan look so normal. She has really ruined her face

    DrShugDrShug4 dager siden
    • looks the same to me

      Enclosed Pool AreaEnclosed Pool Area3 dager siden
  • I didn't notice it the first time I watched this, but Katerine Ryan seemed a little bit depressed in this I think. I hope she's OK

    Casper S�Casper S�4 dager siden
  • It's kind of disgusting how the woman tells her friend to lie and say that she was joking. Obviously she wasn't. This should have been left out of the show. Infidelity is some seriously fucked up shit and does a real number on those betrayed. It's a deep intimate betrayal and now it's on t.v. do you think people who know this couple can't put two and two together? Plus. Jesus Christ. Couldn't even last 3 years without cheating. What a skank. The woman even tried calling up the betrayed man and lying for her sister. Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

    Ben CraneBen Crane4 dager siden
  • My personal favourite bit is when Katherine said she was undecided if she identifies as a woman and Greg is obviously confused, then goes to ask a question, and then it cuts. That is the face of man who thinks he understands the world... then suddenly realises he doesn't.

    NeilNeil4 dager siden
  • Jesus christ the ads

    Otherman101Otherman1014 dager siden
  • I'm wishing for captions, I can't lipread this show and I love it.

    Susan NashSusan Nash4 dager siden
  • Josh is so mad that he did for money (or at least, for the game and for our entertainment) what I do for free, from home, every week, when the theme tune plays. Rob out here being the Frozen Pea Whisperer. The Romesh jacket and the keys to Josh's life are actually the best things, tbh. Using Josh's Series 1 trophy as the head for the large Champion of Champions trophy is probably pretty much the most "Taskmaster" way for this to end. Well played, everybody!

    emmeeemmemmeeemm4 dager siden
  • I appreciate how Katherine holds on to the grains of rice before opening the briefcase to avoid making a mess.

    Grace WilsonGrace Wilson4 dager siden
  • 2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

    john greenjohn green4 dager siden
  • Did no one notice the Greg and Alex freeze frame stunt at the very end of the episode? 44:20

    Bryan ParryBryan Parry4 dager siden
  • Katherine is ruthless

    The What!!?The What!!?4 dager siden
  • So happy it was Josh again ♡

    Jenova StrifeJenova Strife4 dager siden
  • We just gonna ignore that Josh said that 5000 - 10 was 4900 and somehow still got the right answer or am I just missing something?

    A Beautiful LoserA Beautiful Loser4 dager siden
    • I think that's why he brought out the calculator

      Adrian Mata AnayaAdrian Mata Anaya3 dager siden
  • I want "E= I don't give a fuck" on a tshirt

    Steph TaylorSteph Taylor4 dager siden
  • "a yorkshire remake of the Halloween films" lmaoooo

    hippie longstockinghippie longstocking4 dager siden
  • I'm American and I only found the show recently, but I love it!

    Charles HardestyCharles Hardesty4 dager siden
  • I... I have no words for Katherine.

    ADragonAmongRosesADragonAmongRoses4 dager siden
  • Where in the world in the first episode of this? Cannot find it anywhere!

    Lora TimminsLora Timmins4 dager siden
  • That mask task has probably become someone's fetish now.

    ADragonAmongRosesADragonAmongRoses4 dager siden
  • 38:17 Anyone else wondering why Katherine had a count of 907 before they even started?

    Anda NiewiederrestAnda Niewiederrest4 dager siden
    • 38:25 Kinda sure Josh's shows 905...

      Anda NiewiederrestAnda Niewiederrest4 dager siden
  • Gotta love a man in heels. Everyone on this season is stellar.

    Colleen De koningColleen De koning4 dager siden
  • Wait, this is only 2 episodes? Ah, well, fun while it lasted.

    ADragonAmongRosesADragonAmongRoses4 dager siden
  • Funny how her family is on the exact same page and knew right away she was joking. Also scary how she would straight up ruin her family to complete a task.

    Enycma PieEnycma Pie4 dager siden
  • yo Katherine is kinda cute😳

    GroigGroig4 dager siden
  • Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Evie JeffersonEvie Jefferson4 dager siden
  • Katherine failed to make a mess, so she and Bob should have been tied for last. Also, I love how her family members don’t believe what she says.

    asterix811asterix8114 dager siden
  • If you look at the final task, Katherine already has 900 steps on her pedometer when she starts, the rest are at 0.

    Papa ShangoPapa Shango4 dager siden
  • I think this is one of my favourite taskmaster episodes,, the facemask made me lightheaded from laughing

    uneasycylinder. pnguneasycylinder. png4 dager siden
  • Not that I doubt the validity of this show (cough cough) but there is no way Katherine with her slow baby steps had a higher count than Rob who 'looked like he was going to die.'

    Paul EdwardsPaul Edwards4 dager siden
  • OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Brandon CummingsBrandon Cummings4 dager siden
  • That mask task is probably the most uncomfortable thing on tv this century... I actually feel physically sick watching it... :)

    Jóhann GunnarssonJóhann Gunnarsson4 dager siden
  • What the hell? I thought it was an entire season. Not just two episodes. Whyyyy? :'O

    IgorIgor4 dager siden
  • Freeze frame bit at 44:21 was awesome.

    alecthemadalecthemad4 dager siden

    Froufrou DeluxeFroufrou Deluxe4 dager siden
  • Good job

    Trav PotsTrav Pots4 dager siden
  • Love to see different layers of Noel Fielding everytime. “He is just a lad.” “He love tidying.”

    mayangmayang4 dager siden
  • 11 ads!!

    FitzythePirateFitzythePirate4 dager siden
  • Everything Bob Mortimer said while his mask was being eaten! I have not laughed that hard in a really long time, thank you.

    Rebecca PRebecca P4 dager siden
  • That was a nice episode of Masktaster.

    Sven SvensonSven Svenson4 dager siden
  • Four more times and there can be a champion of champions of champions episode...

    Thomas CarrelThomas Carrel4 dager siden
  • Where stupid meets ludicrous. What's not to love!?

    Geof BrantonGeof Branton4 dager siden
  • There's something about Bob's outfit in the last task that doesn't feel right...

    Bassic:VeganBassic:Vegan4 dager siden
  • Wasn't all of the dirty than clean footage already uploaded on another video?

    kk4 dager siden
  • How on earth did Josh arrive at 201 on the math task? He not only started entirely wrong (20,000/40 equals 500, not 5,000), the whole equasion also does not equal 201.

    Leon R.Leon R.4 dager siden
    • If it helps, he brought out the calculator

      Adrian Mata AnayaAdrian Mata Anaya3 dager siden
    • it says 200,000 not 20,000, so 5,000 is right, but that aside the rest of the equations still don't seem to work hahaha edit: okay I can't believe it took so long but I figured it out 200,000/40=x1=5,000 5,000 - 10*(250)=x2=2,500 2,500/625*(0.25)=x3=1 1*201=201

      Olivia HansenOlivia Hansen4 dager siden
  • I feel kinda sad that no one else won because I really wanted to see someone get the keys to josh’s hs

    LukeanadianLukeanadian4 dager siden
  • so much wasted food. kinda made me upset while watching

    Tunç TansalTunç Tansal4 dager siden
  • 100% that's the worlds greatest trophy

    Mr PolishMr Polish4 dager siden