Task 19 | #HomeTasking #StayHome

3. juni. 2020
24 617 Ganger

It's time for Task number 19 - do the most amazing thing with one hand on your hip at all times!
Tweet your submissions with the hashtag #HomeTasking! Keep them short and sweet so we can watch them all, and try and film landscape so everyone will stop being mad at Little Alex Horne.
Keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to win and be featured in a compilation with a special message from the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies.
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  • Can Greg not read one out please.

    Aimee HowarthAimee Howarth7 dager siden
  • Why is basically all of taskmaster now blocked in my country?????

    FurryKing19FurryKing19Måned siden
  • Alex is the best

    Miss LawlessMiss Lawless4 måneder siden
  • So, it doesn’t have to be your own hand, as long as it’s your hip!

    Dr WooDr Woo4 måneder siden
  • I only saw this now, but I would have totally glued a fake hand to my hip and done some extreme indoor sport

    D BeilerD Beiler4 måneder siden
  • where did all the episodes go ?

    sumo fredsumo fred4 måneder siden
  • People with no hands be like hey can I borrow your hand also you have to put it on my hip lol

    Helaman GileHelaman Gile4 måneder siden
  • "I feel like I know some of you VERY well now." Awesome. Which season are Backflip Ben and Jazzy Jaime going to be on?

    DairunCatesDairunCates4 måneder siden
  • Can someone please go into labor and have a child while keeping your hand on your hip? No one will top that!

    Shawna KnickerbockerShawna Knickerbocker4 måneder siden
  • People I'd love to see on Taskmaster: 🌟 - Sean Lock - Miles Jupp - Johnny Vegas - Alan Davies. - Bill Bailey. - Phill Jupitus. - David Mitchell - Jimmy Carr - Rowan Atkinson - Stephen Merchant - Tim Minchin - Sue Perkins - Angela Barnes - Isy Suttie - Sarah Millican - Ronni Ancona - Maisie Adam

    Roberto BeccoRoberto Becco4 måneder siden
    • I agree with all of these, and also Ricky Gervais (preferably with Stephen Merchant) and Richard Ayoade

      D BeilerD Beiler4 måneder siden
    • Please god not Johnny Vegas. He's bearable in small doses but 10 episodes of him would be torture.

      Nic QNic Q4 måneder siden
  • Is any one else thinking, but does it have to be your hand...

    Nic GNic G4 måneder siden
  • Shame I don't do Twitter (FB only) - I followed one of your instructions, then a month later FOUND YOU HERE NOW - couldn't remember your name (Taskmaster) and Google had no idea - I did a video in response: - "video of how you dress in a strange manner". Now it will remain unseen forever ! Is there any other way of sharing it with you guys ? Website, email etc ? Ta muchly

    Celia JenningsCelia Jennings4 måneder siden
    • You can create a twitter account for just this one thing and never use it again. It might also be on Instagram as well.

      Nic QNic Q4 måneder siden
  • I just found out that the task master is going to be the villain in the new black widow film. 1. Is this true ? 2. Does he know he’s a villain ? Don’t turn to the dark side taskmaster we love you 😍

    Alex GoogleAlex Google4 måneder siden
  • I'm gonna vacuum and dance with my hand on my hip. Yay

    lisa martinezlisa martinez4 måneder siden
  • It's a bit biased against people with no hands 😡 Or no hips

    ReedErrorReedError4 måneder siden
    • JZ Thompson hmm...Good point

      Callie Myers BuchananCallie Myers Buchanan4 måneder siden
    • Agreed!!

      Callie Myers BuchananCallie Myers Buchanan4 måneder siden
    • Nothing says it has to be your own hand.

      JZ ThompsonJZ Thompson4 måneder siden
    • Or people with hands but no arms.

      ZouchZouch4 måneder siden
    • Ha

      Green SharkGreen Shark4 måneder siden
  • I'm looking forward to seeing if anyone else figured out one of the three different ways I've thought of to "cheat" for this task.

    SVNBobSVNBob4 måneder siden
    • @ReedError That is one.

      SVNBobSVNBob4 måneder siden
    • Someone else's hand?

      ReedErrorReedError4 måneder siden
  • I can whack it with one hand on my hip.

    No OneNo One4 måneder siden
    • Amazing? I think not.

      JZ ThompsonJZ Thompson4 måneder siden
  • But where is my hip?

    Jennifer MorrowJennifer Morrow4 måneder siden
    • You’d better phone Ivor to ask him...

      MynameisLGMynameisLG4 måneder siden
    • Hip's easy to find. It's my waist that's missing lmao!

      bishlovbishlov4 måneder siden
  • Am I wrong to think that there'll be a lot of teacups? :p

    bishlovbishlov4 måneder siden
  • I would like to beat undertale with one hand on my hip. Like to support me!

    GameCrusher218GameCrusher2184 måneder siden
  • I like the way little Alex always looks surprised by the task, even though he wrote it himself ! Great acting !

    karatefellakaratefella4 måneder siden
  • Is his face getting redder?

    TheOfficialCzexTheOfficialCzex4 måneder siden
    • Greg just flashed him his 'leetle alex horne".

      Nicholas RowleyNicholas Rowley4 måneder siden
    • I think he's been getting some sun.

      CanuckJimCanuckJim4 måneder siden
  • Who would you love to see doing Tasmaster? My panel would be Sir Michael Palin Lucie Porter Susan Calman Richard Herring Peter Kay

    Cricket EnglandCricket England4 måneder siden
    • Actually David Mitchell and Richard Ayoade are really funny together it works brilliantly.

      NatNat4 måneder siden
    • Richard Ayoade David Mitchell (not the two on one panel though, once socially awkward comedian per series should be enough) Lee Mack Henning Wehn Claudia Winkelmann Sandy Toksvig or Sue Perkins (then all Bake off hosts will have done it^^)

      SingenStatt AtmenSingenStatt Atmen4 måneder siden
  • Hello Alex ! I hope you and your family are safe and in good health ❤️

    Real SalicaReal Salica4 måneder siden
  • "I am worried about you" 😂

    Ahmed JonesAhmed Jones4 måneder siden
  • alex i think u can win this one. Get your teeth fixed while having one hand on your hip the whole operation.

    Cyanide SenpaiCyanide Senpai4 måneder siden
    • Meow.

      JZ ThompsonJZ Thompson4 måneder siden
  • *FLIP YOUR PHONES!!!* Yes Greg, you too

    AnonymAlkoholikerAnonymAlkoholiker4 måneder siden
  • Cheers Alex 👍

    rapid nismorapid nismo4 måneder siden
  • let's go!

    FrassinoFrassino4 måneder siden
  • Third

    The Landy LadThe Landy Lad4 måneder siden
  • woohooo, so exciting!

    Lena StewartLena Stewart4 måneder siden