Task 18 | #HomeTasking #StayHome

27. mai. 2020
22 820 Ganger

It's time for Task number 18 - look incredibly cool in a slow motion video.
Tweet your submissions with the hashtag #HomeTasking! Keep them short and sweet so we can watch them all, and try and film landscape so everyone will stop being mad at Little Alex Horne.
Keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to win and be featured in a compilation with a special message from the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies.
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  • these videos came out years ago, nice repost trying get more views ?

    Jake ShortJake Short4 måneder siden
  • Those rules are unfair! The magic of the show is how defamatory, obscene, harmful, offensive, and inappropriate it is.

    Caitlin McLarenCaitlin McLaren4 måneder siden
  • So who is going to recreate the wheelbarrow task from this week's episode?

    Catherine RCatherine R4 måneder siden
  • Caaaaaaaaaaannnnnnt wait fooooor it

    cohenlabe1cohenlabe14 måneder siden
  • I always suspected that the paper the task was written on was reused (we could see he was reading from a taped on piece of note paper)

    cohenlabe1cohenlabe14 måneder siden
  • Ice bucket challenge here we come

    NaomiNaomi4 måneder siden
  • It's funny that the video starts with Alex's hair and before that I got an ad about hair transplant.

    Kostas DiamantisKostas Diamantis4 måneder siden
  • Well of Dan and Gav of the slow-mo guys don’t enter and win this one it will be a travesty...

    Cricket EnglandCricket England4 måneder siden
  • Someone shoot a grape (archery)

    Erin KingErin King4 måneder siden
  • Let's dooooo it

    Natasha LambNatasha Lamb4 måneder siden
  • My definition of cool involves boobies.

    Bright Star Last NameBright Star Last Name4 måneder siden
  • Bet someone's gonna make a slomo vid with an explosion in the backround

    Sleepy ArtsassinSleepy Artsassin4 måneder siden
  • No Baywatch ripoff you unoriginal clowns

    Wilmer ChinchillaWilmer Chinchilla4 måneder siden
  • This is going to be good, really enjoying these tasks

    Karl ClemmyKarl Clemmy4 måneder siden
  • 20 second video

    BarzanX !!!BarzanX !!!4 måneder siden
  • first

    Lemon BowlLemon Bowl4 måneder siden
    • well done, you win the internet.

      dextrovixdextrovix4 måneder siden