Task 17 | #HomeTasking #StayHome

20. mai. 2020
26 783 Ganger

It's time for Task number 17 - make yourself look like a famous person doing an unlikely activity. The first letter of the celebrity and the first letter of the activity must be the same e.g Greg Davies glass blowing.
Tweet your submissions with the hashtag #HomeTasking! Keep them short and sweet so we can watch them all, and try and film landscape so everyone will stop being mad at Little Alex Horne.
Keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to win and be featured in a compilation with a special message from the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies.
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  • Wow this is gonna be a good one isnt it?

    Oreo WaingortinOreo Waingortin5 måneder siden
  • Little Alex Horne!!

    D dCD dC5 måneder siden
  • joe rogan juggling rice

    Salvador DalíSalvador Dalí5 måneder siden
  • I can't wait to see what people come up with!

    Cheryl FullertonCheryl Fullerton5 måneder siden
  • To look like Greg Davies wearing pants? Yeah, this is impossible.

    symphixsymphix5 måneder siden
  • All I want to know is who feed the Swede is. Like I need his insta handle cause he’s the best.

    it’s a dogit’s a dog5 måneder siden
  • Roger federer playing Rugby

    Fred McHughFred McHugh5 måneder siden
  • David Cameron.... doing a pig

    FreeOnGoalFreeOnGoal5 måneder siden
    • @Widdekuu91 good point

      FreeOnGoalFreeOnGoal5 måneder siden
    • The task said Un-likely, not likely.

      Widdekuu91Widdekuu915 måneder siden
  • Alex: Is this now?

    Matthew OliphantMatthew Oliphant5 måneder siden
  • Bruce Lee Bricklaying !

    karatefellakaratefella5 måneder siden
  • Shame I don't have my Afro Wig on me... Bob Ross Burning Bread would have worked.

    IthtorukkIthtorukk5 måneder siden
  • Stevie Wonder at a Sight Test, anyone??

    FUMPFUMP5 måneder siden
    • hes only legally blind, still has a small amount of vision, so id assume he actually does do that

      Salvador DalíSalvador Dalí5 måneder siden
  • Yes! Joe Exotic exonerated! Carol Baskins Cake baking cats!

    Steph PhSteph Ph5 måneder siden
    • Carole Baskin burying her husband. Oh wait that's not unlikely!

      Sarah KinseySarah Kinsey5 måneder siden
  • here is mine noworld.info/video/video/x4Pcad1wucu-xrM.html

    LEMONSLEMONS5 måneder siden
  • Tips for those willing to try: Tom Hanks tying hobnobs to handrails; Miley Cyrus modelling clay miniature camels; Yul Brynner yodelling blindfolded (in) yonder beanfield; Alex Horne asking Hungarians about historical artifacts hereabouts; Elon Musk eating muesli extremely messily; Meryl Streep making straw men sing moby's songs; Priti Patel preparing plump pita-pockets pour Penelope. ('pour' as in the French for 'for')

    Boo RadleyBoo Radley5 måneder siden
    • What does Alex want to know about historical artifacts? Happy to help.

      Máté HavlikMáté Havlik5 måneder siden
    • @Ekiam Blue Omar Sharif Optioning Stocks on several onions somewhere overseas.

      Boo RadleyBoo Radley5 måneder siden
    • @Ekiam Blue that was weird, mate.

      Boo RadleyBoo Radley5 måneder siden
    • Trump telling the truth

      Ekiam BlueEkiam Blue5 måneder siden
    • @Defender22 if we're dropping my idea of using both initials: Suzanne Vega Sneezing uncontrollably in a Tesco carpark; Bob Mortimer Breaking wind violently during a eulogy; no, i want to use all the initials: Sacha Baron Cohen Setting Baked Copies of Richard Dawkins' books on FIRE! in a Tesco carpark?

      Boo RadleyBoo Radley5 måneder siden
  • I can already think of something good like Dalai Lama drag racing

    Kazim JafarKazim Jafar5 måneder siden
    • Hope you did it, that's a fantastic premise!

      SingenStatt AtmenSingenStatt Atmen5 måneder siden
  • Hmm, who is the least likely xeroxer - Xi Jinping, Xabi Alonso or Xuxa? Edit: Duh! Xena: Warrior Princess, obviously.

    kisbiekisbie5 måneder siden
  • Oh? Now this is intresting!

    Drake is a CakeDrake is a Cake5 måneder siden
  • Oh probably I Will enter again for this one!

    FlyLikeAnOwlFlyLikeAnOwl5 måneder siden
  • Obviously the restriction concerning the starting letter was added so no one could choose Greg Davies + wearing trousers....

    Bob ZwetslootBob Zwetsloot5 måneder siden
    • Greg davies getting in trousers

      KipzillaKipzilla5 måneder siden
  • Oh boiiii does this sound fun

    ziripondziripond5 måneder siden
  • 600th view

    egg lordegg lord5 måneder siden
  • Trump = Tampon

    Bright Star Last NameBright Star Last Name5 måneder siden
  • Well if I were talented I would do these. I did the first one and then have missed 16 of them. :(

    Michael SanderMichael Sander5 måneder siden
  • Oh I absolutely love this one.

    RAEZORRAEZOR5 måneder siden
  • Wow

    Raven ThanRaven Than5 måneder siden
  • Who is the Alex Horne lookalike who will act like the taskmaster?

    Beeg SpidermanBeeg Spiderman5 måneder siden
    • it seems as if you may be fuzzy on the task, my man. (of the spider variety)

      【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ5 måneder siden
    • Will Rankin.

      Joseph HumphrisJoseph Humphris5 måneder siden