Sneak Peek: Daisy May Cooper, Do Not Spill a Drop | Taskmaster Series 10

15. okt.. 2020
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SNEAK PEEK: Daisy May Cooper attempts to carry several pints while carrying a giant teddy bear. Taskmaster series 10 starts tonight at 9pm on Channel 4. New episodes every Thursday.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Please will you make the series 10 episode 1 available in America? Pretty please

    Dixie GaeblerDixie Gaebler5 timer siden
    • It is, using a VPN.

      Tony Three PiesTony Three Pies3 timer siden

    Michael RitchieMichael RitchieDag siden
  • In fairness she spilt a full two drinks not a drop

    EunoiaEunoiaDag siden
  • She looks like she's in pain when she laughs 😂

    Adele DazeemAdele Dazeem2 dager siden
  • VPN watch it ALL on NOworld NOW.

    BallconeiBallconei2 dager siden
  • She'll win the series. Just like the other women to win, she's not funny.

    vegomanvegoman2 dager siden
  • worrying Daisy is going to go into labour with laughing so much!

    Ellen McGarryEllen McGarry2 dager siden
  • i only know two people on here, hopefully i get to know and like the ones i've never heard off

    Life of alexLife of alex2 dager siden
  • Daisy seems to be such a delight to be around. I listened to hear episode on the James Acaster and Ed Gamble podcast and was laughing so hard.

    Life AdminLife Admin2 dager siden
  • "2?! Ah fuck."

    DylzhaarDylzhaar2 dager siden
  • So I guess for now US fans cannot see series 10 on NOworld without a VPN or other avenue? Clever them

    Rep. of AntarcticaRep. of Antarctica2 dager siden
  • Can't wait.

    JoeJoe3 dager siden
  • Really hope the rest of the tasks aren't as stingy with points as this one was

    ItMeansSunItMeansSun3 dager siden
  • Pregnant woman brings in a bottle of wine 😂

    Amy TurnerAmy Turner3 dager siden
  • She did not spill "A" drop. Mission accomplished!

    TheSleepyWeaselTheSleepyWeasel3 dager siden
  • How do I watch this in the U.S.?

    Kevin PucciKevin Pucci3 dager siden
  • Episode 1 was my favourite of the show in ages, such an amazing programme

    Fred HFred H3 dager siden
  • Highlight was Mawaan getting confused about the purpose of the three balls on the ground. "But why where the balls there!!?" "You threw them there..." "Oh yeah"

    boing615boing6153 dager siden
    • “You were mystified by your own balls.” 😅

      kisbiekisbieDag siden
  • I fully expect someone to pour all of it on the grass because spilling implies it isn't intentional.

    TheUndeadFish1TheUndeadFish13 dager siden
  • I don’t recognise any of them except for Vegas

    The List of JerichoThe List of Jericho3 dager siden
    • lady in the middle is from IT crowd

      Muhammad ButtMuhammad Butt3 dager siden
  • and, its not really very funny anymore. thanks for displaying a cross cultural attempt. hilarious. the social distancing wants me to tell you to dig a hole and crawl in it without touching a

    Drew DemienDrew Demien3 dager siden
  • LOVE THIS...but I thought with a new channel would come a new house 😢

    Daniel GillDaniel Gill3 dager siden

    Simon TaySimon Tay3 dager siden
  • Will the episode ever be available in the U.S.? Extremely disappointed we are blocked from viewing :(

    Kera ParkerKera Parker3 dager siden
    • VPN, bosh

      Tony Three PiesTony Three Pies3 timer siden
  • Anyone else notice Greg’s accent slightly getting west country when he talks to Daisy?

    Katie PaskKatie Pask4 dager siden
  • I knew from 3:05 that this is gonna been one helluva series! Love the naughtiness of Daisy and Johnny. Then there's Katherine trying not to laugh but you can see how much she wants to!

    Josie BorlaseJosie Borlase4 dager siden
  • the oh fuck is still hilarious

    GeekWorldGeekWorld4 dager siden
  • 0:38 I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Darin WayDarin Way4 dager siden
  • I can't believe Daisy nearly won by just bringing in a bottle of wine.

    Big RhondaBig Rhonda4 dager siden
    • Maybe if she filled an egg with HELIUM she might have won...

      hiddenbutdeadlyhiddenbutdeadly3 dager siden
  • Wait, it's on channel 4 now?

    Fingaz MCFingaz MC4 dager siden
  • A new episode of 'No More Jockeys' and 'Taskmaster' I'm being seriously spoilt today!!!

    Ian McMurdyIan McMurdy4 dager siden
  • Wondered why the seats are so far apart for a second, then I remembered what world I'm in.

    PaddyRoon7PaddyRoon74 dager siden
  • Lee Evans on this would be brilliant!

    astreet26astreet264 dager siden
  • "The lowest scoring episode of Taskmaster"

    MercutioMercutio4 dager siden
  • ooo BATHMAT

    Portsmouth TaskmasterPortsmouth Taskmaster4 dager siden
  • Carrying the tray isn't carrying the drinks is it??

    TheCaptScarlettTheCaptScarlett4 dager siden
    • If the drinks are on it, of course it is...

      Tony Three PiesTony Three Pies3 timer siden
  • Well series 10 episode 1 was good but nothing special for a new release on channel 4, I mean they are no better here than if the series was still on Dave.... After all the prize task was as shite as it has been for the last 7/8 series with no sign of that Improving and the tasks were no better than when the show was on Dave despite having a bigger budget...

    Cricket EnglandCricket England4 dager siden
  • First episode was fantastic, was a bit worried after the prize task which was a bit basic. Then what unfolded was 5 people having complete mental breakdowns on ever single task 😂 Cant wait to see more!

    thesimpsons17thesimpsons174 dager siden
    • The absolute failure of a prize task was funny in it's own way, followed by no one getting any points in the first task...I was worried that the virus was going to hurt the show, but the first episode was very reassuring.

      Tony Three PiesTony Three Pies3 timer siden
    • Interviews with the cast have indicated that series 10 may be the most competitive/lowest standard of intelligence so far. Sounds great.

      kisbiekisbieDag siden
    • They’re so bad it’s entertaining but cringe too

      Ruben shiftyRuben shifty2 dager siden
  • As a Yank who pretty frequently watches BBC panel shows available on NOworld, I only recognize Johnny Vegas (and 'Richard' looks familiar), but I'm totally excited for the new series!

    Sam MarksSam Marks4 dager siden
  • You can hear the cold, dead screams of the canned laughter tracks.

    Pears are awfulPears are awful4 dager siden
    • not canned laughter they show the episode to an audience and record audio track. Was there for series 11 screening a couple of weeks ago.

      PeterorangePeterorange4 dager siden
  • 😭😭😭😴😴 episode sucked

    Watching YoutubeWatching Youtube4 dager siden
  • yay more people i don't know

    rinoz47rinoz474 dager siden
  • She's already irritating

    What's next?What's next?4 dager siden
  • oh i saw the guest list but i had never put cooper's name and face together in my head. now i'm extra pumped, her and vegas are gonna be a fucking riot

    maxwellmaxwell4 dager siden
  • Can’t wait to watch this season.

    Stephanie SeubeStephanie Seube4 dager siden
  • OMG, Daisy May Cooper is so funny! I can't wait.

    Cheryl FullertonCheryl Fullerton4 dager siden
  • Socially Distanced for your pleasure

    ZSandmannZSandmann4 dager siden
  • The whole time I’m sitting here thinking “If I drink it all, have I spilled anything? Drinking isn’t spilling, right?”

    Aaron NichollsAaron Nicholls4 dager siden
    • I think that would be fine, and it you lay down on the table then you've put it on the table. That is a LOT of liquid to drink in a few minutes

      Septimus iiSeptimus ii3 dager siden
  • She better finish her tasks before the imposter wins

    Alex RichenderferAlex Richenderfer4 dager siden
  • Her laugh is precious

    AyoAyo4 dager siden

    Jack The PokexpertJack The Pokexpert4 dager siden
  • I don't know how you guys choose contestants for your show but may I make some suggestions??? Rahul Kohli - iZombie/Haunting of Bly Manor Gavin Free - Rooster Teeth/Slow Mo Guys David Tenant - Doctor Who Karen Gillan - Doctor Who/Guardians of the Galaxy/Jumanji Oh and can't forget the occasional American contestant Jim Gaffigan - Comedian Gabriel Iglesias - Comedian

    Ben MummertBen Mummert4 dager siden
    • No thanks on the American contests. They've got the American version to go be terrible on.

      Tony Three PiesTony Three Pies3 timer siden
  • Ultra crass. The actors are funny in different situations. Embarrassing to hear Daisy May Cooper laughing hysterically about bugger all.

    Eric McooEric Mcoo5 dager siden
  • Wow, surprised she could even fit in that booth. Can't get that much wider I guess.

    Jon BeckhamJon Beckham5 dager siden
  • David Mitchell and Richard Ayoade next season please!

    Justin BoothJustin Booth5 dager siden
  • We can't thank you enough for posting these!!

    Dave and GenaDave and Gena5 dager siden
  • Just wrap the top of the pints tightly with clingfilm before carrying them. It's almost impossible not to spill any if they aren't covered.

    Tom STom S5 dager siden
  • Damn, Johnny Vegas looking dapper as f*** here.

    derp Gderp G5 dager siden
  • Are the season 10 videos going to be blocked in america for long?

    Jae HurdJae Hurd5 dager siden
  • the distancing is stupid. corona has a fatality rate of 0.05 max. living is about riskmanagement. its more dangerous to bike than the risk of corona. we havent shut down the world bc of bike accidents

    Katrine TroelsenKatrine Troelsen5 dager siden
    • What an apt last name.

      angbaldangbald4 dager siden
  • Why do you show these wonderful clips from the new series then block the show from showing in the U.S. It is just plain cruel.

    Ken EatonKen Eaton5 dager siden
  • Cries because the new episodes are not shown in my country ;(

  • I hope though that the prize tasks improve because since series 2 they have been pretty shite. After all the best we have has was Josh Widdercombe with a blank cheque that got cashed for £20k and the keys to his fiat, Romesh with his wedding ring and car, Joe Wilkinson and his marriage certificate and Frank Skinner with his kids hobby horse. The later series have been so f’ing poor. And if series 10 episode 1 is where we’re going the it still looks like they will be shite.

    Cricket EnglandCricket England5 dager siden
  • Oh great Taskmaster (and even greater Alex Horne), please take pity on us deprived Americans and make these full eps available as soon as you can!!!

    Kelly GKelly G5 dager siden
  • If this is what we can expect for Series 10, I will skip.

    britshellbritshell5 dager siden
    • @Charlie Mocata yeah just felt like everyone was a bit tired as if they were late and just got up

      Reuben SavageReuben Savage3 dager siden
    • First episode was a massive let down. It just doesn't feel right. Such a shame.

      Charlie MocataCharlie Mocata4 dager siden
    • @Josh I aware of that, I do not plan on watching it.

      britshellbritshell4 dager siden
    • It has already started

      JoshJosh5 dager siden
  • Don't spill a Dario. I would argue I spilled more than a drop. So... Good... Right?

    iloveyouamberappeliloveyouamberappel5 dager siden
  • Just tie the teddy to your back, load up the tray and cross the grass on your knees. Then you're not WALKING on the grass 😁

    Abigail MaynardAbigail Maynard5 dager siden
  • I was personally felt this first episode was underwhelming but could always get better

    Dark67titanDark67titan5 dager siden
  • all

    DaltoniuszDaltoniusz5 dager siden
  • Anyone with a VPN, you can watch right on the Channel 4 web site.

    Mike SchilderMike Schilder5 dager siden
  • Katherine Parkinson!

    FreddyFishFreddyFish5 dager siden
  • "Nobody's ever shouted BBBAAATHMAT as if it's the key to a task that you've already totally ruined" Already one of my favorite quotes from the whole show

    Jason EricsonJason Ericson5 dager siden
  • Makes me kinda sad that everyone is sitting so far apart 😭♥️

    Lea M.Lea M.5 dager siden
    • It’s ridiculous.

      Lance Jonn RomanoffLance Jonn Romanoff5 dager siden
  • I hope series 10 is gonna be on NOworld at some point

    Lea M.Lea M.5 dager siden
  • Greg chanelled that fit austrian teacher when he went OH BATHMAT

    JossieJossie5 dager siden

      Aseem SharmaAseem Sharma4 dager siden
  • sad to see them sitting so far apart

    KrisCasey4KrisCasey45 dager siden
    • yeah its getting to be ridiculous. we should just let people live and protect the elderly. done.

      Katrine TroelsenKatrine Troelsen5 dager siden
  • Excited for Richard Herring and Johnny Vegas. Don't know the others, but there hasn't been a bad series yet!

    Niet SuptgNiet Suptg5 dager siden
  • I was seriously about to ask why the fuck everyone was so far away from each other.

    Levi McGlincheyLevi McGlinchey5 dager siden
  • Omg this cast is so good

    Becky OwenBecky Owen5 dager siden
  • Was the studio segment actually filmed this year during Covid19 ? Everyone sitting so far off from each other. Looks cold. Like dragon's den or something

    Jaffer ManiarJaffer Maniar5 dager siden
    • @SherbetStardust Yes you're right. I wish Alex gave his chair to the expectant mom. She'd have loved it.

      Jaffer ManiarJaffer Maniar4 dager siden
    • Yeah think so. Daisy still pregnant in this when she's had her baby about a month ago now.

      SherbetStardustSherbetStardust5 dager siden
  • My Math is probably off but is that series over a year away if we only get and episode a week and that’s all the way in 10? Can’t wait!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

    Keaton HayesKeaton Hayes5 dager siden
    • It's already out on NOworld too

      DundiDundi5 dager siden
    • Keaton Hayes Everything is available everywhere... You need to get yourself a VPN. 😉

      BetterSpuD YTBetterSpuD YT5 dager siden
    • @BetterSpuD YT In America too? What channel?

      Keaton HayesKeaton Hayes5 dager siden
    • ??? series 10 starts tonight. In about 10 mins to be precise...

      BetterSpuD YTBetterSpuD YT5 dager siden
  • Is that Johnny Vegas holy shit

    stenbak88stenbak885 dager siden
  • I like Richard Herring, but I have to admit I don't see him doing amazingly on this show. He's a smart guy, but you have to be a specific and rare type of smart to do well in Taskmaster and I don't think he's that type. Basically I think he has a similar sort of mind to James Acaster, who came in 4th in his series.

    GarrettGarrett5 dager siden
    • @Charlie E. Great point! Acaster was fun to watch, no doubt there.

      GarrettGarrett4 dager siden
    • Sometimes the entertainment value is worth more than the winning if he's any like James Acaster we're in for a great series

      Charlie E.Charlie E.5 dager siden
  • I'd argue that she didn't spill *a* drop. She definitely spilled more than one drop.

    Daniel TaberDaniel Taber5 dager siden
    • I was pleased Alex acknowledged in the podcast that that rule kinda ruined the task as a proper contest. Should have made a time penalty for amount of drink spilled rather than instant DQ for just one drop.

      kisbiekisbieDag siden
    • They said “a drop” not “one drop”. So it’s intentionally misinterpretating and not a funny joke in my opinion

      Ruben shiftyRuben shifty2 dager siden
    • The glass did a drop drown when spilling though.

      NivMizzet89NivMizzet893 dager siden
    • @watertaco came here to comment that lol

      James ByronJames Byron4 dager siden
    • Clever semantics will get you nowhere in this show

      watertacowatertaco4 dager siden
  • Pouring everything into a bucket, then refilling the glasses... or throw everything onto the floor immediately, for then a _single_ drop would not be spilled.

    Saviour MachineSaviour Machine5 dager siden
  • I am SO excited for this. I cannot wait. Much love from Florida

    TshetylesTshetyles5 dager siden
  • If this little preview is any indication, Daisy and Johnny are going to be an absolute delight. P.S., this is my required request to put David Mitchell on here one day. PLEEAAASE.

    William CooperWilliam Cooper5 dager siden
    • @A H honestly that would be the most amazing lineup in anything, ever.

      NiallNiall17 timer siden
    • I don’t think David Mitchell would work on the show..and I don’t think he’d do it

      Toby BToby B2 dager siden
    • I've read that, due to his schedules filming other programs, they've failed at least once or twice to get Richard Ayoade on the show. I'm looking forward to when (I'll never say if) he finally makes an appearance! Though I'll say I'm looking forward to hopefully many others, some listed here!

      Rep. of AntarcticaRep. of Antarctica2 dager siden
    • @A H For sure David/Victoria. Also, Rachel Paris and Marcus Brigstocke.

      Mariel QuevedoMariel Quevedo3 dager siden
    • @asdf No

      Mark EdwardsMark Edwards3 dager siden
  • I could watch her laughing all day! 😂

    S A MackS A Mack5 dager siden
  • But are you going to post it on NOworld?

    SwingingonSunshineSwingingonSunshine5 dager siden
    • @Taylor this didn't age well

      DundiDundi5 dager siden
    • SwingingonSunshine Definitely not, lol.

      TaylorTaylor5 dager siden
  • How do I watch these new episodes live in the US? I love this show so much!!!

    MrKChuskerMrKChusker5 dager siden
    • There’s a new episode on NOworld every Thursday.

      Lance Jonn RomanoffLance Jonn Romanoff5 dager siden
    • A VPN will allow you to watch live or on demand from the channel's web site.

      Rat KindlerRat Kindler5 dager siden
    • Move to the Uk or wait five years.

      TaylorTaylor5 dager siden
  • In 20 years or so some 10 year old's going to stumble across this and ask themselves why they're all sitting so darn far apart.

    Evergreen TreeEvergreen Tree5 dager siden
    • @Ritesh Kumar Gupta are you from the future or the past?

      Evergreen TreeEvergreen Tree2 dager siden
    • I hope so. That would mean this whole thing will be firmly in the past and that people don’t prefer not to be anywhere near each other.

      Rob InnesRob Innes2 dager siden

      Ritesh Kumar GuptaRitesh Kumar Gupta3 dager siden
    • @Jasmijn i for one welcome our alien overlords and would like to remind them I've been a loyal subject since day one

      mrskivickmrskivick5 dager siden
    • @Anna Helander yes it did, sadly

      C. TaLuneC. TaLune5 dager siden
  • I'm not going to watch this because I'd rather wait for the show. Just popping in to say Taskmaster is the best show on television and I ruddy love you all for making it.

    thesimpsons17thesimpsons175 dager siden
    • I was thinking the same but it kept staring at me and taunting me so eventually I watched it. Made me excited for the show and I don’t think it spoiled too much.

      Aeileon NOTWAeileon NOTW5 dager siden
  • socially distanced TM lol, can't wait

    ProtMythicProtMythic5 dager siden
  • Hmm, I wonder where Ollie went? The replacement is no bueno

    kcha237kcha2375 dager siden
  • If I ever hear either 'doodle' or 'doodly', or the phrase 'doodly video' again, I'm gonna go f**king mental.

    Rage Against My HairlineRage Against My Hairline5 dager siden
  • So season 10 is going to suck?

    JeremyK 541OR.JeremyK 541OR.5 dager siden
  • Are they filming during the pandemic? The distance kinda gives it away

    PinakamataasPinakamataas5 dager siden
    • Yes, the pre-recorded tasks were mostly done before the pandemic however.

      Thomas DThomas D5 dager siden
  • I don't care about anything else but if Richard Herring does not win this series I declare 2020 to be a bad year

    1 New Notification1 New Notification5 dager siden
    • Hasnt 2020 been declared a bad year like 894267 times?

      Megan HMegan H3 dager siden
    • He is just a red herring.

      Martin B.Martin B.5 dager siden
    • I'm making a prediction that he'll get second place by 1 point.

      JossieJossie5 dager siden
  • Great start to 10

    Jonathan RossJonathan Ross5 dager siden
  • I am ready!

    Mike SchilderMike Schilder5 dager siden