Score 11 Points in This Squash Court | Full Task | Taskmaster

3. juni. 2020
234 779 Ganger

From series 1 of Taskmaster, Tim Key, Josh Widdicombe, Roisin Conaty, Romesh Ranganathan and Frank Skinner attempt to score 11 points in this squash court. But this is Taskmaster, and it's obviously not as easy as it looks.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Reinforcement learning in a nutshell

    Complex ObjectsComplex ObjectsDag siden
  • Huh? I don't get how this is a game.

    Dan NguyenDan Nguyen6 dager siden
  • With Covid going on, this is the perfect example of how people touch their face without realizing it haha

    Nigel WilliamsNigel Williams7 dager siden
    • Underrated comment.

      sobhan gholameysobhan gholamey5 dager siden
  • The one team had between them long hair, a beard, and glasses. It was their advantage lol

    drtooniedrtoonie16 dager siden
  • How evil would this task be, if it were the same rules, but with a 10 second delay. Touch your head, nothing happens, ten seconds later the points increase seemingly for no reason.

    AmphibiotAmphibiot25 dager siden
  • I don't know what's wrong with me. The flower pot fell to the floor, and my heart broke.

    Zack HansonZack Hanson27 dager siden
  • If I had been in that game we would have won in 5 seconds

    EmmaEmmaMåned siden
  • I and my oversized glasses would've won in two minutes.

    Meghan PfeifferMeghan PfeifferMåned siden
  • Žižek would have won after 5 seconds

    Lorenz WurdingerLorenz WurdingerMåned siden
  • This is fun i want a whole series about this just change the rules

    Drago DonDrago Don2 måneder siden
  • If Roisin wasn't in the 'children' team, they'd still be there to this day

    MeijiMeiji2 måneder siden
  • First task i had ever seen, i was more confused then the players lolz

    DregothDregoth3 måneder siden
  • This is how you can train dogs. When they work out what action gets rewarded they are so happy.

    44yvo44yvo3 måneder siden
  • "don't over do it"

    GAY GOCGAY GOC3 måneder siden
  • "You lose points for pessimism"

    Jeremy FJeremy F4 måneder siden
  • And now during the pandemic, you would lose points for touching your face.

    Ritesh LuitelRitesh Luitel4 måneder siden
  • That was the most undeserving win ever 😂 Hopefully they are more contious about touching their heads ALL THE TIME 😂😂😂

    General PenultimoGeneral Penultimo4 måneder siden
  • Somebody must have shaken their head between 5:00 and 5:13.

    Daniel StermanDaniel Sterman4 måneder siden
    • They lost two for disrespecting the task master

      Sam Sowden GarcíaSam Sowden García2 måneder siden
  • What a great episode

    André MorningAndré Morning4 måneder siden
  • they stumbled into a victory because Roisin cant stop fucking touching herself, lol

    GroovingPictGroovingPict4 måneder siden
  • A girl with hair falling in front of her eyes and a guy wearing specs!! Big advantage right there in itself. This game was unfair to the old chaps.

    JusmaVidsJusmaVids4 måneder siden
  • Sweden has a version of this program that just feels like a bad rip-off... This is so much better. "Our version" of Greg Davies does not give the program an interesting feeling. This is so well done in comparison.

    AppleSlizeAppleSlize4 måneder siden
  • That’s when you look at Alex and just tell him he’s a fucking asshole

    stenbak88stenbak884 måneder siden
  • This is my second fav task of all times.

    Gorkem GulanGorkem Gulan4 måneder siden
  • I think it's disturbing how much that lady touches her face and hair

    DragonDragon4 måneder siden
    • You don’t have long hair I’m guessing.

      KucklePuffKucklePuff4 måneder siden
    • Long hair gets in your eyes and mouth

      lizardbathlizardbath4 måneder siden
  • I was wondering why there was no compilation of this task... I LOVED this task. The cluelessness is SOOO.... enjoyable. 😂😂😂😂

    Anita SusanAnita Susan4 måneder siden
  • Omg! This was my FAVOURITE task! I just LOVE Frank! He looks so bloody confused! 😂😂😂😂

    Anita SusanAnita Susan4 måneder siden
  • People I'd love to see on Taskmaster: 🌟 - Sean Lock - Miles Jupp - Johnny Vegas - Alan Davies. - Bill Bailey. - Phill Jupitus. - David Mitchell - Jimmy Carr - Rowan Atkinson - Stephen Merchant - Tim Minchin - Sue Perkins - Angela Barnes - Isy Suttie - Sarah Millican - Ronni Ancona - Maisie Adam

    Roberto BeccoRoberto Becco4 måneder siden
  • Why is this being reposted ?

    Wel HeizelWel Heizel4 måneder siden
  • Please don't stop uploading series 6. Some Americans would prefer to be across the pond.

    christopher murraychristopher murray4 måneder siden
  • The reason they won is because rosin has long hair

    Ester PlankEster Plank4 måneder siden
  • When he mentioned Josh “counting baked beans” 😂 poor josh counting all those beans hahaha

    TommyG FPVTommyG FPV4 måneder siden
  • I have seen this full episode. No more thank you.

    Scott KazmerScott Kazmer4 måneder siden
  • The team that won had an extra head in play. How could they not win?

    Pip R. LagentaPip R. Lagenta4 måneder siden
  • And they've probably been trained to not touch their face on camera, making this even more difficult

    C KC K4 måneder siden
  • I love how Alex just stands on the balcony and stares at them judgmentally.

    Jakub PluhařJakub Pluhař4 måneder siden
  • This is probably my favorite task ever. The utter confusion on their faces is so funny.

    Chronox5Chronox54 måneder siden
  • Having someone who has to constantly adjust their hair and someone else who has to adjust their glasses is a real help.

    cyndaquiltcyndaquilt4 måneder siden
    • @Dragon yeah really says how bad it is huh

      Chase GregoryChase Gregory4 måneder siden
    • @Chase Gregory America makes you mad about NOworld comments, damn bro

      DragonDragon4 måneder siden
    • @Dragon have you seen america rn bro why wouldn't i be mad

      Chase GregoryChase Gregory4 måneder siden
    • @Chase Gregory hey, why u mad bro

      DragonDragon4 måneder siden
    • @Dragon its not exactly the hardest thing to realize when watching this you dumb animal

      Chase GregoryChase Gregory4 måneder siden
  • These are my favorite types of tasks, when they have no idea what to do, just trial and error lol

    Viktor MoonshineViktor Moonshine4 måneder siden
  • This was one of the funniest tasks EVER!!!

    C MarqC Marq4 måneder siden
  • Having a woman correcting her hair and a guy with glasses were very useful.

    TherapestTherapest4 måneder siden
    • I don’t think a woman in general, but she does that with her fringes all the time through the series, so it was an obvious win for her team

      Erik LundqvistErik Lundqvist8 dager siden
    • I agree, a tad unfair in my book.

      Joe PinkstonJoe Pinkston18 dager siden
    • My thoughts exactly

      Dylan BlevinsDylan Blevins23 dager siden
    • nick klosky Yep 😂

      Sophia RedwoodSophia Redwood2 måneder siden
    • This comment made more and more sense as the video went on

      nick kloskynick klosky3 måneder siden
  • I did a simular task to my family and it was the funiest thing i have seen.

    Sir WilliamSir William4 måneder siden
  • Love this task. If I was gonna make a Taskmaster party game, if we could have parties anytime again, this would be top of this list.

    Jennifer SchlichtJennifer Schlicht4 måneder siden
    • I've shared taskmaster with a few friends at this point. I wholly plan to have some tasks set out for New Years, assuming the world hasn't burned down at that point.

      chibikomehchibikomeh4 måneder siden
    • Jennifer Schlicht virtual parties just aren’t the same except there is no driving home.

      Kathleen HensonKathleen Henson4 måneder siden
  • one of my all time favorite tasks!

    puffpuffsealpuffpuffseal4 måneder siden
  • Didn't Greg give the oldsters an extra point for figuring it out? I was pleased with that.

    Nic QNic Q4 måneder siden
  • Hey! I've seen this one.

    Adina AnghelusAdina Anghelus4 måneder siden
  • Normal rules.

    David BatguanoDavid Batguano4 måneder siden
  • I loved the task, but I kinda felt like it was one of the more unfair ones. This is the kind of group task that having an extra person is a pretty good advantage. And on that team with the extra person, you had a guy with glasses and a woman with long hair. Those are two types of people that on average touch their face and head significantly more frequently than other people

    gimmethundergimmethunder4 måneder siden
    • Hmm, not sure about this. Quickest way is to figure about what the rule is. More people means it’s harder to figure out which specific action lead to getting a point.

      fenhenfenhen4 måneder siden
    • Loads of tasks have advantages, though. Whether it's being taller, being sportier, being good at art, having a friend who lives nearby, or even speaking spanish. I think it's just that it stands out more in tasks like these, because it's not often that 'touching your face a lot' is a quality that comes in at an advantage.

      cyprolcyprol4 måneder siden
    • @Jeslyn Don't worry, I was fully aware of how meaningless rules and fairness are in the show and agree it helps make it better. But I was really rooting for Frank Skinner in this series of the show, and wanted his team to win, lol.

      gimmethundergimmethunder4 måneder siden
    • To quote Alex "And for this task we've divided the teams into groups of two and three because that's totally fair and no one ever gets in touch telling us it isn't"

      JeslynJeslyn4 måneder siden
    • In some other tasks, a group of two had some good advantages too. For example in the task where they had to make a bed and then lie on it

      Kezia IreneKezia Irene4 måneder siden
  • I would rule at this task because I touch my head all the time. And I grab my hair when frustrated.

    Mia SmithMia Smith4 måneder siden
    • @faiaflrt Hands down that's been the hardest part for me too. I can social distance in public just fine, I don't mind staying home, I constantly wash my hands anyway. But I never realized how much I touched my face before all this.

      chibikomehchibikomeh4 måneder siden
    • @faiaflrt lol also hard, sneezing or blowing nose in public or coughing. I have a smoker's cough and allergies. But suddenly I feel like I'm seen as Typhoid Mary.

      Mia SmithMia Smith4 måneder siden
    • Same. Hardest thing about the pandemic is trying not to touch your face.

      faiaflrtfaiaflrt4 måneder siden
  • Having Roisin on the team was a big advantage with all that hair she constantly has to try and tame xD

    cyprolcyprol4 måneder siden
    • @Tyrone MacNeil And last.

      Jess AJess A4 måneder siden
    • @Daniele Cogotti If the two person team is 100% then it's 50% per person. So a three person team is 150% compared to the two person team. If you considered the three person team 100%, you could also say the two person team was 33% less than the three person team.

      chibikomehchibikomeh4 måneder siden
    • @This Is Menchi I understand what you mean, but why 50%

      Daniele CogottiDaniele Cogotti4 måneder siden
    • First time having Roisin on a team was an advantage😂

      Tyrone MacNeilTyrone MacNeil4 måneder siden
    • Also having three people gives them 50% more head to accidentally touch.

      This Is MenchiThis Is Menchi4 måneder siden
  • "four comments" six comments in the section youtube are you drunk

    Wii U and MiiWii U and Mii4 måneder siden
    • @Pablo Sánchez Truth

      Wii U and MiiWii U and Mii4 måneder siden
    • Synchronizing thousands of servers around the world is not trivial.

      Pablo SánchezPablo Sánchez4 måneder siden
  • I really liked the absurdity in this task

    nervenkeksnervenkeks4 måneder siden
    • nervenkeks they should have more like this ...

      Gorkem GulanGorkem Gulan4 måneder siden
  • "At least I've worked out how to lose points" lel

    Adriano VazAdriano Vaz4 måneder siden
    • "lel" The French version of "lol."

      Electroshock Therapy for the SoulElectroshock Therapy for the Soul2 måneder siden
    • He figured out all two ways to lose points, that's genius in itself.

      Sparo SplatSparo Splat4 måneder siden
    • lol tim key 🤣

      Kezia IreneKezia Irene4 måneder siden
  • They should've just had this task on all episodes but with different sets of rules to get points.

    James AdityaJames Aditya4 måneder siden
    • The cupcakes were there to help them get points, I think. By their hands inadvertently touching their faces when they eat them, or they used a hand to wipe icing off their lips. Josh scored a point with a cupcake accidentally by licking icing off his hand. So I do think that prop was chosen on purpose: a food carried from hand to mouth but also a little messy.

      K DBK DBMåned siden
    • @James Aditya thank you

      They_Call_Me_ PebblesThey_Call_Me_ Pebbles3 måneder siden
    • @They_Call_Me_ Pebbles appreciate your opinion, thanks for sharing. You can get your participation medal on your way out

      James AdityaJames Aditya3 måneder siden
    • That would be stupid as hell

      They_Call_Me_ PebblesThey_Call_Me_ Pebbles3 måneder siden
    • They did that on swedish version of the show. Used this premise on s1 and then brought it back s3 but this time the teams scored a point when touching each other. It was equally hilarious.

      JeslynJeslyn4 måneder siden
  • Aaah, I loved this task

    T FT F4 måneder siden
  • i was so sad that there werent some sort of repeats:D

    Lubos ŠimkoLubos Šimko4 måneder siden
  • I love this task!

    Lily EssenceLily Essence4 måneder siden
    • Lily Essence its just sad that they didnt figure it out

      Matt RavenclawMatt Ravenclaw4 måneder siden