Put on an Item of Clothing in the Most Unusual Way | #HomeTasking #StayHome

6. mai. 2020
87 954 Ganger

It's the Taskmaster and Little Alex Horne here to announce the winner and the top entries of #HomeTasking task number 14 - put on an item of clothing in the most unusual way.

Keep your eyes peeled on Monday and Wednesday at 9am GMT for more opportunities to win and be featured in a compilation with a special message from the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies.

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  • These are beautiful works of art.

    romeinprogressromeinprogress2 måneder siden
  • Best one yet. Brilliant.

    Andrew RossAndrew Ross5 måneder siden
  • The t-shirt cannon was brilliant. I love the setup behind it, wth the kid doubting the dad. Really made it for me.

    Chris GriffinChris Griffin5 måneder siden
  • Not gonna lie.... never would have thought there were that many people who have back flipped into a pair of trousers.

    Scott KeoughScott Keough5 måneder siden
  • This task is the solution. In every task to date people have used every excuse to dress up in something. half of the reveal something from a sheet task was people revealing themselves in a silly costume. Hopefully this gets the dressing up out of their system

    derek goldderek gold5 måneder siden
    • @imouse1 Australia :D very serious all the time. I love British humour, but am still getting used to it.

      derek goldderek gold5 måneder siden
    • You must not come from a place that celebrates or appreciates fancy dress

      imouse1imouse15 måneder siden
  • The kid with the hula hoop should have won

    joen0411joen04115 måneder siden
  • I see Greg forgot how to film himself in landscape mode.

    malenotyalcmalenotyalc5 måneder siden
  • I kinda like his hair the more unruly it gets... seems to suit

    Jes The RedJes The Red5 måneder siden
  • Lmao pants?! Oh wait I remember pants...

    JeremyK 541OR.JeremyK 541OR.5 måneder siden
  • Glad to see a Boosh reference in there.

    Sandy RossSandy Ross5 måneder siden
  • Why was she dressed as hitcher

    Eloise ScalesEloise Scales5 måneder siden
  • A little worried that people are going to hurt themselves, do stay safe out there.

    Sira MeaSira Mea5 måneder siden
  • Hats off to you Greg.

    mandy cmandy c5 måneder siden
  • This is why i stopped watching this. Most of the top 10 are usually terrible. Greg is not good at picking winners.

    Chris MichelChris Michel5 måneder siden
    • And, yet, here you are

      imouse1imouse15 måneder siden
  • damnit! where's james acaster putting on a sweater whilst hula-hooping?

    CthulhuIncCthulhuInc5 måneder siden
  • The mum in the sweatshirt crouch (? 4th place...) is a real trooper!

    sadrevolutionsadrevolution5 måneder siden
  • Hullo David Sweeney!

    Bex HexBex Hex5 måneder siden
  • Does everyone in Great Britain have a bowler hat?

    Adrienne JonesAdrienne Jones5 måneder siden
    • Adrienne Jones - they should! Bowler hats are awesome. :)

      ElemyeyElemyey5 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or does Greg's nose get shinier and shinier after each task???? I mean honestly, the faux pants and the unruly hair, those I can deal with! But the nose!! It pokes and stares and just intrudes on you. Clearly sir, Cyrano de Bergerac would be offended.

    Ted LanzTed Lanz5 måneder siden
  • Still a Magnificent Beast you! 🤪 #coronathirst😃

    wendy longvillewendy longville5 måneder siden
  • Nothing to criticise Mr. Churchill, I think the beard suits you.

    chillato0chillato05 måneder siden
  • A guy on the first season Norway's version of this show (called Kongen Befaler (named after the game also known as Simon Says)), Kalle Hellevang Larsen, did the winner thing with the trousers some years back, so he would have won if he had been on here. BTW do you get many entries from outside UK?

    Sofie SundeSofie Sunde5 måneder siden
  • Greg, I must say that hat is getting a bit unruly.

    SeventhEveSeventhEve5 måneder siden
  • You look quite good in a bowler hat. There consider yourself criticised.

    Rowan AboatRowan Aboat5 måneder siden
  • feet n belt ftw!

    wayVierwayVier5 måneder siden
  • Criticise this: okay... Your hat fits your athletic physique of a bowler

    Will HWill H5 måneder siden
  • JusticeForHulaHoopGirl

    D HartD Hart5 måneder siden
  • The little girl with the hula hoop should have won, easily the best and most impressive

    D HartD Hart5 måneder siden
  • Well done everyone, my favourites were the little girl hula hooping, the lady with two slipper-bringing roombas, and the crowning of the king!

    kousetsuhanakousetsuhana5 måneder siden
    • Kate Johnston congratulations to you both on brilliantly executed tasks. Obviously I also must acknowledge the tremendous effort put in of both your Roobas and your brother’s garage door! 👏🏻👍🏻😁😂

      Anita DavidsonAnita Davidson5 måneder siden
    • I was the roombas and my brother was the king! This makes my day!!

      Kate JohnstonKate Johnston5 måneder siden
  • Just when I thought Greg couldn't get any sexier!

    Trey KTrey K5 måneder siden
  • Okay Tom Holland

    Carson HeinzeCarson Heinze5 måneder siden
  • It's true; every Brit owns a hat.

    OkurkaOkurka5 måneder siden
  • I see Greg(or Alex) and I click. 3:29 was pretty classy! And I laughed out loud at 5:35 😀

    CatherineCatherine5 måneder siden
  • Where'd you find the hat? In a cobweb under the fridge? Why does your huge mellon have to be so close to the camera? Can't you just sit back a bit? To be even more honest, I really don't see the point of you being in these videos at all Greg... you're just repeating something we can all read or see on the screen already. I live in California and out here you could get Circus work. But even at UK standards, you ain't nice to look at mate. Your gargantuan cranium and bird like quaff are quite jarring after just laughing at the hijinx in some of the funnier tasks. It's sad, but the dusty old bowler does make things a little softer. You kinda look like you are trying to sell antiques, in Queens, 100 years ago. LMAO BTW the dusty hat makes me wonder... I mean if you were OK showing that on camera, how natty is your skirt?

    Robot MunkeeRobot Munkee5 måneder siden
  • Greg: Aims to avoid all nitpicks by filming above the waist and wearing a stylish hat Greg: KWITISIZE THIS 8:29

    Project _J109Project _J1095 måneder siden
  • Hula Girl deserved more love. thats actually really imressive

    coltenw87coltenw875 måneder siden
  • I knew this was going to be full of jugglers doing what they do everyday.

    eponackeponack5 måneder siden
  • My favourite was #5 with the crowning of the King!

    Timmo WarnerTimmo Warner5 måneder siden
  • 8:31 Easy, you don't have a handlebar moustache to go with it. edit: just noticed, what is that red thing on the side of the hat??

    Land967Land9675 måneder siden
  • The hula hoop girl should have won!

    Dr WooDr Woo5 måneder siden
  • Hat tricks for dayssss

    feliciachurrosfeliciachurros5 måneder siden
  • Greg looking quite handsome with hat.👌 First place was spot on.

    Emily CheEmily Che5 måneder siden
  • I think the bowler hat is hot!

    TiffYG2133TiffYG21335 måneder siden
  • These put a good smile on my face and a giggle in my voice. Thanks to everyone who made one.

    Jenna MurphyJenna Murphy5 måneder siden
  • Thanks Alex and co.

    DarraghDarragh5 måneder siden
  • 5:27 I have that drill!

    imouse1imouse15 måneder siden
  • 1:55 My ovaries

    imouse1imouse15 måneder siden
  • 1:21 I don't care it took a million tries, SHOUT OUT because you can't control how it's going to turn out

    imouse1imouse15 måneder siden
  • du dududu du dududu du dududu du dududu dadadadadadadaDAAAA

    t0m1337nt0m1337n5 måneder siden
  • David Sweeney was a deserving winner, I giggled through every contortion! Well done 👍🏻

    Anita DavidsonAnita Davidson5 måneder siden
  • imagine think your idea is so clever and then the video editor groups all the simmilar clips lol

    AmeliaAmelia5 måneder siden
  • David Sweeney you win the Internet today!

    Jane MorrowJane Morrow5 måneder siden
  • Imagine the end of the pandemic...imagine. All the Taskers are going to be released in the wild and in the crowds, throughout the planet, all over the world. The world is really going to be a crazy place ; )

    1969Kismet1969Kismet5 måneder siden
    • @Anita Davidson Keep it on for longer, it suits you ; )

      1969Kismet1969Kismet5 måneder siden
    • @imouse1 Let me reassure you here. There's no sarcasm involved or meant or underlying. Pure and simple fun and hope for the best ; )

      1969Kismet1969Kismet5 måneder siden
    • I don't know if it's because of the sarcastic meaning but I genuinely feel uncomfortable with this lol

      imouse1imouse15 måneder siden
    • 1969Kismet the image you’ve placed in my head will keep me smiling for the rest of the day. 😁 See?

      Anita DavidsonAnita Davidson5 måneder siden
  • DavidASweeney, if you see this comment... Was that entry filmed backwards, and you were actually shimmying OUT of your trousers, or was that absolutely real?

    Lee FisherLee Fisher5 måneder siden
    • It was probably real. This was actually done by one of the contestants on the Norwegian Taskmaster for an impress the mayor task. That one was more incredible cause he did it with jeans

      K MK M5 måneder siden
  • Ninth place goes to Sprice... oh, hang on. Similar.

    Lee FisherLee Fisher5 måneder siden
  • 4:31 - You may have lost marks for the clothing item of choice. Clearly Greg Davies is the ONLY Taskmaster.

    Lee FisherLee Fisher5 måneder siden
  • The Hitcher 🤢👍

    Bantam80Bantam805 måneder siden
  • This is really helping people during quarantine and giving them something to do. Thanks so much from us all!

    yeety coconutyeety coconut5 måneder siden
  • 1:14 chuckled when they used the freeze frame.

    Joshua RoweJoshua Rowe5 måneder siden
  • Ignore the haters, mighty Greg! You're as sexy and adorable as you've always been!!!

    Atomic JulieAtomic Julie5 måneder siden
  • the kid hula hooping while putting on a shirt was seriously impressive!

    Emma WEmma W5 måneder siden
    • @D Hart Win, maybe, maybe not, but in the top 10 for sure, that was talent!

      dustigenesdustigenes5 måneder siden
    • @Sarah Perry tell her a random guy on NOworld thinks she should have won lol

      D HartD Hart5 måneder siden
    • Only come on to comments to say the same thing. She should have won

      D HartD Hart5 måneder siden
    • My best friends daughter!!

      Sarah PerrySarah Perry5 måneder siden
  • Task master now hosted by mr benn!

    Danny HanniganDanny Hannigan5 måneder siden
  • Do we understand the word unusual? Putting on hats with a certain amount of flair, isn't unusual.

    Vespa DavidsonVespa Davidson5 måneder siden
    • golden pony Try and get out more.

      Vespa DavidsonVespa Davidson5 måneder siden
    • Here it most certainly is

      golden ponygolden pony5 måneder siden
  • This week I just picked up a hat and put it on my head, like a loser. Apologies.

    pfelonpfelon5 måneder siden
    • That is ok. You would of still had my 10 points.

      SuperCJK333SuperCJK3335 måneder siden
  • 02:37 That's some next-level "Silent Hill" nonsense.

    Mark BoyesMark Boyes5 måneder siden
  • Uplifting as always. Thanks to Lord Davies, LAH and all the people who have entered this and previous challenges. Lovely to see the kids having a wail of a time participating. And all round, the originality, enthusiasm and craziness on show always leaves me feeling much more cheerful than I was prior to watching.

    LozmodeusLozmodeus5 måneder siden
  • 5:35 Water skiing? am I being pedantic that some of the tasks are not done at home? it was one of the rules if I remember it right that the task needs to be done in your house(including the yard), it seems like an unfair advantage that some people are quarantined at home while others can go to a lake or the woods to do the task.

    EE5 måneder siden
    • @Andrew Bergman no, i am sure anyone can take part as long as you have send the short video with said twitter hashtag. Here in Britain, most of our public lakes are in parks, nature parks and reservoirs away from houses.

      SuperCJK333SuperCJK3335 måneder siden
    • @SuperCJK333 Is "Home Tasking" only for Brits? Here in Eastern Canada having a lake in your backyard is a geographic reality and certainly not a sign of affluence.

      Andrew BergmanAndrew Bergman5 måneder siden
    • @Felipeeefl "Rules help control the fun!" - Monica Geller .

      EE5 måneder siden
    • Oh come on, it's just people having fun

      FelipeeeflFelipeeefl5 måneder siden
    • I completely agree. Its called (HOME) tasking. And unless that is there back garden with a lake and speed boat then that must be the richest upper class hometasking in history but i pretty sure it is the latter.

      SuperCJK333SuperCJK3335 måneder siden
  • Considering how most of us are not even used to putting on pants anymore, those are quite the feats!

    DrZaius3141DrZaius31415 måneder siden
  • This is a much better format. Thank you. my favorite was definitely the Archbishop of Garage Doors.

    Smarter ThanawaffleSmarter Thanawaffle5 måneder siden
  • Wallace was robbed

    Arthur ClarkeArthur Clarke5 måneder siden
  • Definitely loved the Wallace and Gromit. So flipping cute!

    Addy DAddy D5 måneder siden
    • That's the winner in my book! How did it not make top ten?

      Simran KhalsaSimran Khalsa5 måneder siden
  • How many people have fucking trampolines? lol

    AlexAlex5 måneder siden
  • Wouldn't dream of criticizing such an awesome hat ^_^

    squ33squ335 måneder siden
  • Todays installment is brought to you by Mr Ben

    Paul QuaifePaul Quaife5 måneder siden
    • Paul Quaife haha! Love it 😁

      Anita DavidsonAnita Davidson5 måneder siden
  • I am 24 years old and I still feel threathen by children that can properly hula hoop

    AllieAndPeachAllieAndPeach5 måneder siden
    • Watch "My Crazy Uncles" on Burnistoun

      imouse1imouse15 måneder siden
    • @Addy D I'm 31 and can hula hoop, you better run.

      FrankB1110FrankB11105 måneder siden
    • I'm 34 and I still feel threatened by that!

      Addy DAddy D5 måneder siden
  • Today I asked my friend about her morning routine , her exact words in chat : "I usually wake up at 8:10- 8:15 , check mails, brush my teth and have bf" I said " do you take your bf exactly after brushing teeth?" She replied " yes ! I am very hungry in the morning.". After three hours she blocked me. 😀😀😀

    BestOfUsBestOfUs5 måneder siden
    • @imouse1 Yea, I think we established(and he admitted) that his attempt of being funny was not very successful, on the positive side, we had something to spend the time with for a few minutes.

      EE5 måneder siden
    • @E that's what I'm saying, though. It doesn't make any sense even as b*** f*** because it has nothing to do with brushing your teeth

      imouse1imouse15 måneder siden
    • I should stop writing jokes from now on: She meant breakfast, I assumed boyfriend's dick.

      BestOfUsBestOfUs5 måneder siden
    • @imouse1 My suspicion is that bf means bu** fu**...even if it's true I still don't think it's very funny, I think us not getting the joke and debating over it is funnier than the joke itself.

      EE5 måneder siden
    • I googled it and can't figure it out, either, even if you consider that bf might be a sound (e.g., before, bee-eff) or an impolite reference to a sexual act. Genuinely don't know what this is.

      imouse1imouse15 måneder siden
  • Oh I guess I didn’t make it in here is the link if you want to see mine noworld.info/video/video/zqKpos6I2rq_15I.html

    ImmyImmy5 måneder siden
  • Putting on the item of clothing where it belongs doesn't seem all that unusual.

    David DavisonDavid Davison5 måneder siden
    • It says put it on in an unusual way. Not put the clothing on in an unusual place.

      Nikki WilsonNikki Wilson5 måneder siden
  • Say it, don’t spray it, Greg.

    Saori SSaori S5 måneder siden
    • Great...now next video he'll spit on the camera, have you people learned nothing? don't criticize the Taskmaster!

      EE5 måneder siden
    • Knew someone braver than me would point that out 😅

      Helen MacklinHelen Macklin5 måneder siden
  • Kinda feel the massive amount of hat tricks featured might've bumped even more interesting ideas out there.

    cesariojpncesariojpn5 måneder siden
    • At least there are still hat tricks to be seen, even without Football on at the moment.

      Lee FisherLee Fisher5 måneder siden
    • Judging by the mediocre top ten compared to previous tasks I suspect not 🙈

      The York RoseThe York Rose5 måneder siden
  • beep boop

    LolsnupLolsnup5 måneder siden
  • I got this video to 69 likes.

    BoBisDudeBoBisDude5 måneder siden
  • And of course Greg puts on a hat in a perfectly boring way.

    ThinkDeepThinkDeep5 måneder siden
  • I don’t suppose anybody knows where I could possibly lay my hands on this piece of music?

    bigkiwimikebigkiwimike5 måneder siden
    • I'm sure they have a copy at Guantanamo bay, I heard that they have it on infinite loop to torture inmates.

      Monkey BoyMonkey Boy5 måneder siden
    • Alex knows, you can ask him.

      EE5 måneder siden
  • people at home were trying to wear clothes in ways I couldn't have ever imagined. Nothing weird about that. Thanks china. 😀

    BestOfUsBestOfUs5 måneder siden
  • The T-shirt with the three heads is genius!!! 😂 2:35

    Ion TIon T5 måneder siden
  • The Wallace and Gromit bit is amazing. Well done!

    Mai NMai N5 måneder siden
    • Yeah, that kid was robbed!

      Ben WoodallBen Woodall5 måneder siden
    • Should have made at least top 10, instead of that poor attempt by the sunglasses guy! Would have been my winner!

      Louis WillardLouis Willard5 måneder siden
    • Mai N I loved that one! I love the references people do!

      Sarah KinseySarah Kinsey5 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Layton PerrettLayton Perrett5 måneder siden
  • hat is too round

    Spirit1299Spirit12995 måneder siden
    • @julie Wallis he's joking:) Greg said "critized this", Spirit1299 could've said the hat is too dark, it's the same, he is just joking ;)

      MelissaMelissa5 måneder siden
    • Spirit1299 shame. What was your attempt like? Did your video make it on here? How many times have you entered a film into this?

      julie Wallisjulie Wallis5 måneder siden