Pop the Balloons as Quickly as Possible | Full Task | Taskmaster

25. aug.. 2020
194 575 Ganger

Al Murray, Rob Beckett, Dave Gorman, Sarah Pascoe and Paul Chowdry try to pop all the balloons as quickly as possible in this series 3 task.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • I would've gone for burning the balloons.

    daximiliandaximilian4 timer siden
  • Enter :Tree wizard

    Kiyara DaCostaKiyara DaCosta10 timer siden
  • I would use my earrings to pop them

    whatthemusicknowswhatthemusicknows15 timer siden
  • The bag idea was almost correct, but it'd be better to just take down the whole string and bunch the bottoms of the balloons together before popping them.

    Steven SavoieSteven SavoieDag siden
  • These people act like the ones from the commercials who can't figure out how to do the most basic tasks. The fake laughter really helps prove this point. Watch without sound and you'll see.

    bryan hallbryan hall2 dager siden
  • Idiots popping balloons with teeth, stupid. Nails ppl

    Khaotic IntentKhaotic Intent3 dager siden
  • It's funny, because I would have just grabbed my pocket knife and ran down the side and popped all of those motherfuckers

    StephanieStephanie4 dager siden
  • "Let's go to a logical brain: Paul" "Really?" 3:20 lolol guess Paul's not so logical

    chaosawaitschaosawaits6 dager siden
  • I was waiting for someone to cut the string and drag the balloons across the grass. Grass pops balloons.

    Jeffrey HawkesJeffrey Hawkes7 dager siden
    • probably wouldn't have been that fast though, there's a lot of imprecision

      Tess CrelliTess Crelli7 dager siden
  • I would have heated a knife and made it red and run it through em all in under 20 seconds.

    Masood ShaikhMasood Shaikh8 dager siden
  • Cut the rope first i reckon

    Ella VeeElla Vee9 dager siden
  • I dont get the morse code part can someone please explain

    Yousef AhmedYousef Ahmed9 dager siden
    • @kakaokuh you have two methods to win: either (1) pop all the balloons at the fastest time OR (2) pop two balloons AND ONLY two balloons. That's it. To find rule #2, you must have the awareness to recognize the pattern, the intuition to think it may convey information, and willingness to put in the effort to uncover the message. Watch a few more episodes; they do this all the time.

      chaosawaitschaosawaitsDag siden
    • @chaosawaits I just don't get, is it a tip explaining a loophole in the rules (which doesn't make sense) or is it like a "bonus rule" giving another easier path to win?

      kakaokuhkakaokuhDag siden
    • @kakaokuh holy shit, why is this so hard for you?

      chaosawaitschaosawaitsDag siden
    • @chaosawaits But that's just not the case. If you only had to pop two balloons to finish, time should have been stopped the moment everyone popped their second balloon and the one guy shouldn't lose points for not popping all the balloons.

      kakaokuhkakaokuh2 dager siden
    • @kakaokuh lol what? More like a hidden legitimate rule within the rules. Their fault for not recognizing the pattern or recognizing the pattern but not taking advantage of it

      chaosawaitschaosawaits2 dager siden
  • I really thought they would reveal that the time had been ticking also when preparing for the popping. I mean, they had actually already popped their first balloon to get the letter in the first place!

    Abe And His BabeAbe And His Babe12 dager siden
    • @Lee Shepherd oh damn, my bad

      Abe And His BabeAbe And His Babe8 dager siden
    • The task says time starts when you pop your "next" balloon

      Lee ShepherdLee Shepherd10 dager siden
  • could have collected them in a container and 🔥

    Sushant BhargavSushant Bhargav13 dager siden
  • Feel like the British have the edge in the tooth popping school of thought😉😉

    rob happerob happe15 dager siden
    • Most British have great teeth nowadays

      Ella VeeElla Vee9 dager siden
  • I would win easy....I carry a knife

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake16 dager siden
    • @no peace yah but that's why I won so easily.

      Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake15 dager siden
    • It's not legal to carry a knife there

      no peaceno peace15 dager siden
  • I would have rolled the paper into a pointy thing with two ends and pop all of them and have a back up pointy thing just in case

    james lucjames luc17 dager siden
  • take all of them down and put them in one pile. Boil water then throw it on top.

    Cross-eyed RavenCross-eyed Raven18 dager siden
  • Cut them down, bunch them together and dowse in lighter fluid. Light up

    Timothy CreightonTimothy Creighton23 dager siden
  • Haven't watched it but best way would've been to take them all down put them in a pit and hit em with fire lol

    Darrick MohrDarrick Mohr27 dager siden
  • Cut the rope and group all together. Than use some shapr tool to pop them. Or make Alex pop all but one.

    FTWGame0NFTWGame0N27 dager siden
  • i dont really understand the loophole though.. is it because the task says "balloons" instead of "all the balloons"? so they should have just stopped the timer themselves?

    Kati de JongKati de Jong27 dager siden
    • @starburst98 All of them popped two ballons but alex didn't stop the time there. They didn't time themselves either.

      kakaokuhkakaokuh2 dager siden
    • @starburst98 but then it doesnt make sense that they imply that the last guys time is infinite because there were unpopped balloons.. and he should have been second place

      Kati de JongKati de Jong24 dager siden
    • They had to pop a plurality of balloons, the exact number was not stated. Therefore 2 balloons is a valid interpretation.

      starburst98starburst9824 dager siden
  • Thought Al would of paid Alex to pop all the balloons but one then Al could pop his first and only balloon.

    Connor RileyConnor RileyMåned siden
  • Is it just me or is The Taskmaster theme a mix of the Dexter theme and the Kahoot theme

    YeuxArdentsYeuxArdentsMåned siden
    • And Sherlock

      Anwar DandashiAnwar Dandashi11 dager siden
  • Grass pops balloons, i would've taken the whole line down and ran across them.

    TheProfessorDankTheProfessorDankMåned siden
  • 3:01 I dunno why but there’s something about jokes missing the concept of slo-mo being editing that really get me. Rob’s joke about Sarah coming in slower than Dave cuz of her slo-mo pops had me laughing the hardest.

    Bobby DeuceBobby DeuceMåned siden
  • ....wouldn't none of them win? since they all popped more than 2?

    Negative IvesNegative IvesMåned siden
    • Since none of them got the hint, it reverts to who popped all of them fastest

      EsquilaxEsquilax27 dager siden
  • Those long balloons are hard to find, I would never pop them.

    pork choppork chopMåned siden
  • Release them all into the stratosphere.

    potawatadingdongpotawatadingdongMåned siden
  • I immediately thought of a weed eater

    Matthew NewberryMatthew NewberryMåned siden
  • I still don't get this task, I mean it said "Pop ALL the balloons." How do you just pop 2 and win?

    FatPawsFatPawsMåned siden
    • The only person who read off the task card in this clip said exactly: "pop the balloons. fastest wins." Sarah remembered it wrong when she repeated it to herself. She said "pop ALL the balloons" but she was not reading off of the task card when she said that.

      yalazhayalazhaMåned siden
  • Couldve just used a bbgun

    MarcusjakMarcusjakMåned siden
  • Make a call and have someone bring me my garden torch. Pull balloon line off the connections and place them in a pile. Torch them all in 3 seconds.

    RoseKindredRoseKindredMåned siden
  • I would’ve gotten Alex to pop them for me because it says “time starts when YOU pop the next balloon”. I myself wouldn’t pop the balloon so technically all of the balloons will be popped and the time would be zero seconds.

    4D Green Tea4D Green TeaMåned siden
    • But how are you going to get Alex to do that? I fancy, "hey, will you pop my balloons?" Isn't going to work

      chaosawaitschaosawaits6 dager siden
    • The task clearly states "pop the balloons, fastest wins". So you do have to pop them yourself

      GrinsekotzeGrinsekotze12 dager siden
    • Kishinuma Ayumi Ooh maybe I’d pop 2 because I know Morse! But then maybe I’d lose on a technicality because sure it says pop 2 in balloons but that’s not what it says on the task, so the rest, Alex can pop it!

      4D Green Tea4D Green Tea17 dager siden
    • Smart! But I do think you should pop one balloon tho cause who knows u might be disqualified

      Kishinuma AyumiKishinuma Ayumi17 dager siden
    • I would've gotten a knife or siccors from the kitchen

      Elisa van den BergElisa van den Berg24 dager siden
  • 3 liters of fuel and a lighter would do the trick. Also good for views.

    Jeronimous84Jeronimous84Måned siden
  • I never understood the morse code part of this, what was the hint to win? What does it mean?

    viviciusznviviciusznMåned siden
    • @Esquilax Well all of them popped two.

      kakaokuhkakaokuh2 dager siden
    • It means that if one of them had only popped two balloons, instead of popping all of them, they'd have won automatically

      EsquilaxEsquilax27 dager siden
  • Find a wood chipper and feed the string through or take the string off the poles and put it in front of a car and drive. These guys put no thought into it.

    Joshua VossJoshua VossMåned siden
  • The best would have been to line them up perfectly and then shoot them all with one shot of a gun.

    Kristian StipeKristian StipeMåned siden
  • I'm surprised Al didn't try to pay Alex to do it.

    GriexxtGriexxtMåned siden
  • Pretty sure a lot of people knew it was morse code from the first second especially after seeing the balloons odd shapes. But our dumb ass wouldn't even know what that translates to anyway

    Tara MTara MMåned siden
    • That's what phones are for

      chaosawaitschaosawaits6 dager siden
  • I'd have gotten a bunch of knives and some gloves (so I don't accidentally stab myself) and slashed away lol, bursting balloons with your teeth seems like it'd hurt if you bit it wrong- like an elastic band but bigger and filled with air lol

    Manj JManj JMåned siden
  • I would have hammered nails through a sheet of plywood, put the balloons into a garbage sack and slammed the pointy part of the plywood down on them stomping on it.

    EX0stasisEX0stasisMåned siden
  • No one noticed the slight psychopath remark "I enjoyed that"

    Adriano VazAdriano VazMåned siden
    • @[ Subday ] violently smashing them with a cricket bat, yeah

      Adriano VazAdriano VazMåned siden
    • Oh no hide i heard he likes to pop balloons for fun

      [ Subday ][ Subday ]Måned siden
  • if i was one of the contestants, and if my home is near the set, i would ask can i go back to my home, bring a minigun/flamethrower here?

    dvisaruyadvisaruyaMåned siden
    • You have a minigun / a flamethrower at home? Just asking for the security services. 😉

      DonDuracellDonDuracellMåned siden
  • I would have taken the thin metal spring out of the first clothes peg. Job done!

    James ButlerJames ButlerMåned siden
  • Ohh ffs I thought the first balloon contained the note and there wasn't time to get tools. Also Morse code, who knows beyond SOS????????????????????

    Mia SmithMia SmithMåned siden
    • You know you can google it, right?

      Tyler3978Tyler3978Måned siden
    • Depends where you live, and its really not hard to learn. Even if you knew just half of the letters you could work out the rest

      Galax SpaceGalax SpaceMåned siden
  • The poor intern who had to pick up the rest

    Leto AtreidesLeto AtreidesMåned siden
    • @scribble animations xd

      Leto AtreidesLeto AtreidesDag siden
    • What about the one who had to pick up bob mortimors mess in the second champion of champions episode

      scribble animationsscribble animationsDag siden
  • Cut the wire and bunch them all together

    TalonTalonMåned siden
  • I wanna see one where they discover the secret clue to help them win

    PsiiKixPsiiKixMåned siden
    • @Jupon that was just recent though

      PsiiKixPsiiKix2 dager siden
    • also the one with the briefcase locks. The contestants had to math problems to figure it OR just look on the table opposite them and see the code. Bob figured it out

      JuponJupon3 dager siden
    • @Chelsea Wildflower Loftin Weyler looooooolll

      PsiiKixPsiiKixMåned siden
    • that happens in Series 5 when they're painting in complete darkness...I don't remember who discovers the secret but I know it doesn't help them win at all

      Chelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerChelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerMåned siden
  • I would have cut the string and put it on the grass and just stomp on all of them

    Shane NelsonShane NelsonMåned siden
  • Pls explain why balloons with normal air go fly

    Wout CaimoWout CaimoMåned siden
    • Alternative air ... helium hoax ... is Democrat witchcraft mr president !!

      jlbueno0611jlbueno0611Måned siden
    • the air was not normal

      -FAZIK--FAZIK-Måned siden
    • @omg pink balloon television

      Wout CaimoWout CaimoMåned siden
    • wind

      omg pink balloonomg pink balloonMåned siden
  • would have been cool if the morse code said: "pop all but 2 balloons and win"

    MisterGiantMisterGiantMåned siden
    • @S Tahboub -..- --- -..- .- .-.. .-.. -... ..- - - .... .-. . . -... .- .-.. .-.. --- -. ...

      Brandon DemirBrandon Demir21 dag siden
    • @Giardap Hslaw no more than the ones he popped

      S TahboubS Tahboub28 dager siden
    • That'd be a lotta balloons...

      Giardap HslawGiardap HslawMåned siden
    • Nice try Al Murray’s secret NOworld account, I see what game you’re trying to play at

      Jayk1406Jayk1406Måned siden
  • I can't be sure if I would've noticed it's morse code but if I had noticed, I'd certainly get my phone and check before reading the task :)

    theplasmawolftheplasmawolfMåned siden
  • I cant be the only one thinking of:"Tree Wizard"

    BongBoyBongBoyMåned siden

      HPPCHG 543HPPCHG 543Måned siden
    • Im always thinking about tree wizard 😂

      KyotrKyotrMåned siden
    • Now that's gonna be in my head all day. Good song though. 😂

      Mia SmithMia SmithMåned siden
    • Back from the dead to pop some balloons 🎵

      TaiwaneseBoiTaiwaneseBoiMåned siden
    • OMG he just made a balloon Tree Wizaaard

      watertacowatertacoMåned siden
  • "I'd like a butane torch, Alex."

    whisperingmistswhisperingmistsMåned siden
  • I'm disappointed none of the solutions involved explosions and/or fire.

    Frank KleinschmidtFrank KleinschmidtMåned siden
    • Right, they need a Bic

      StephanieStephanie4 dager siden
    • I was thinking bow and arrow

      2 Goats in a Trench Coat2 Goats in a Trench CoatMåned siden
    • @Savannah Mitchell exactly my thought! Just run with a blowtorch, popping baloons like a jedi

      OlothurOlothurMåned siden
    • Same! My first thought was a blow torch lol

      Savannah MitchellSavannah MitchellMåned siden
  • Dave and Sara using their teeth - funny Paul coming out with that compass - very funny Rob attacking the balloons with a corkscrew like he’s the killer in a slasher movie - hilarious Finding out what the morse code said - 💀

    Miranda HesterMiranda HesterMåned siden
  • That suit really suits Alex

    NightVale_InternNightVale_InternMåned siden
  • 😂 Great job!!

    TomatsyTomatsyMåned siden
  • I would’ve gone for a precision airstrike. If not available, a flamethrower or circular saw

    metalboxincmetalboxincMåned siden
    • Ha, i thought chainsaw :)

      SnowgoonSnowgoonMåned siden
  • Holy shit! That morse was legit!

    Tapani KiviojaTapani KiviojaMåned siden
  • two words: deodorant and lighter.

    Sneg MannSneg MannMåned siden
    • Lemme help Homemade flamethrower

      Hugo FontesHugo Fontes19 dager siden
    • @Tuomas Haimakainen But only when you're technically right yourself, when it's someone else it's horrible! :P

      Sneg MannSneg MannMåned siden
    • Sneg Mann Technically right is the best kind of right :D

      Tuomas HaimakainenTuomas HaimakainenMåned siden
    • @Mika J you are a wise man

      Ron WesilenRon WesilenMåned siden
    • @Space Atlantis oh how I love me some pedants in the morning. you're technically right, I hate to admit!

      Sneg MannSneg MannMåned siden
  • lighter fluid, blowtorch - bosh but seriously, - ed gamble - wah wah wah wahhh wah wah wah wahhhh

    CthulhuIncCthulhuIncMåned siden
    • "where is my mum...?"

      Jason PylesJason PylesMåned siden
  • shouldve gotten a lighter. balloons are weak to fire

    Duke of MarkusDuke of MarkusMåned siden
    • @MelodicWolf Good with energy aswell, specifically static electricity.

      ThemightyinvaderThemightyinvader14 dager siden
    • Balloons, weak against fire strong against water

      MelodicWolfMelodicWolfMåned siden
  • pulls out the chainsaw...

    aryan srivastavaaryan srivastavaMåned siden
  • Tbh my first idea when heard the challenge was burning the balloons with blow torch.

    Aiden IAiden IMåned siden
    • Ian's Variety Channel yeah that’s the word I was looking for thank you

      Aiden IAiden IMåned siden
    • A torch?

      Deference to DuskDeference to DuskMåned siden
  • but did Al get any points or did the 2 that flew away make it count as a disqualification?

    Isabel RaménIsabel RaménMåned siden
    • Alfred Kabatay you change the color of the balloons for letters like you saw lol. If there is no space in between the words its fine. Morse code wasnt meant to be written and adding some sort of / between words and letters would give it away. Alsoyoucanreadwithoutspacing. Especially when its just 5 words with context.

      Galax SpaceGalax SpaceMåned siden
    • @Galax Space how do you make a visual representation of a space using balloons? Do you actually leave a space there? If so, that makes the task look really empty. if not, you do it another way.

      Alfred KabatayAlfred KabatayMåned siden
    • Alfred Kabatay no. Full stop is its own character (.-.-.-)and word/sentence spacing is determined by the pause length between sounds. How do you convey per radio dot height? Morse code is made of 3 things. 1. Short beep 2. Long beep 3. Silence

      Galax SpaceGalax SpaceMåned siden
    • @Galax Space it does if you're trying to convey spaces or stops.

      Alfred KabatayAlfred KabatayMåned siden
    • The wind was also getting involved though so it could also be a coincidence that it looked that way.

      Jorge DiazJorge DiazMåned siden
  • We need to give credit to al for figuring out the morse code.

    SiddharthSiddharthMåned siden
    • Imagine someone would win by NOT popping two of those ballons. xD

      Martin VogtMartin VogtMåned siden
    • But he didn't though. He guessed that it *might have been* Morse code, but he never followed through on it. Nobody caught the secret.

      UnbearableWitnessUnbearableWitnessMåned siden
  • but but but the first balloon was the one containing the goal of the task. so why didn't it count?

    Mateusz ZawiszaMateusz ZawiszaMåned siden
    • Because the task reads "...Your time starts when you pop the next balloon." (In fact, it doesn't matter whether the balloon with the task inside was part of the task itself or not.)

      Adam AbramsAdam AbramsMåned siden
    • "You're time starts when you pop the next balloon" (0:56). The task said "next" balloon, not "first." Though they did refer to the "next" balloon as the "first" balloon later on.

      Jorge DiazJorge DiazMåned siden
    • The task was “the time starts when you pop the NEXT balloon”

      sollosisollosiMåned siden

    Mrs.RoyalPrincessMrs.RoyalPrincessMåned siden
  • I would have checked the grounds keeping shed for a weed whacker.

    Zach DuVallZach DuVallMåned siden
    • I was thinking of a stapler gun, with all of them in a neat line it could've been done in less than a single second if done right. Otherwise, any guns would do, but that would've been harder to find. :)

      Henri LemoineHenri LemoineMåned siden
    • I was thinking the same

      ChampTalosChampTalosMåned siden
    • @feha92 Moneybags Murray shoul have paid them for it, pissing of the Taskmaster even more.

      Martin VogtMartin VogtMåned siden
    • @Martin Vogt I was thinking that you were the one carrying the bags with balloons, the crew just set up the smeltery. But you have a point, so long as the one popping them, *if* the note says "time starts when *_you_* pop the _next_ balloon" then you could have the crew or anyone else pop them for you.

      feha92feha92Måned siden
    • @feha92 Well, in case the crew pops some: the time starts when YOU pop the first one. That begs the question: does it count if you instruct the crew to pop all but one, and then just pop the last one remaining?

      Martin VogtMartin VogtMåned siden
  • Alex Hornes.... Best moments... I'm dying......

    loriziellloriziellMåned siden
  • Almost positive there's a (spoilers) Morse Code alphabet chart framed in the house.

    Jennifer SchlichtJennifer SchlichtMåned siden
    • Damn someone is paying Attention lol didnt see that

      crayzsmokecrayzsmokeMåned siden
    • I think they must take away their smartphones (and watches) at other times, as relevant. Occasionally though they ask to use Alex’s phone.

      K DBK DBMåned siden
    • @Sara Van Roosbroeck I've seen some of them use their smartphone when doing the tasks. So they should be able to Google it.

      Strange Dad IVStrange Dad IVMåned siden
    • Clever! I mean, they can't be expected to know Morse code by heart.

      Sara Van RoosbroeckSara Van RoosbroeckMåned siden
  • I forgot there was morse code in this XD

    RoseRoseMåned siden
  • nice

    Akanksha PhillipsAkanksha PhillipsMåned siden
    • nice

      Frank KleinschmidtFrank KleinschmidtMåned siden
    • nice

      Rikard PetersonRikard PetersonMåned siden
    • nice

      El The SlytherinEl The SlytherinMåned siden
    • nice

      Imane K.Imane K.Måned siden
    • nice

      TheNikkePikkerTheNikkePikkerMåned siden