Outtake: When Jamali Broke His Leg Riding An Electric Scooter | Taskmaster | Series 11

11. april. 2021
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From an unseen outtake of series 11 of Taskmaster, Jamali Maddix recalls the time at school he broke his leg from riding an electric scooter
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Oh glad not only country/person confused by these "year" changes - on one hand, makes perfect sense - just - between american/canadian system (where my partner was from - did a conversion grid - oh so by blah blah (freshman, sophomore - you mean FORM whatever) - primer, standard and form was system I know (New Zealand - heard british reference to Form 6 - or 6th form before...) - dont have kids - so lost when comes to these "year" references - though granted understand makes much more sense

    Julia ConnellJulia Connell18 dager siden
  • You can see Greg slowly falling in love with Jamali as the series progresses.

    T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • Steady on - "falling in love" ?! 🤣 - I think that's taking it a bit far - might have something to do with Jamial relaxing & enjoying himself more - to me he seemed very angry at the start of the series

      Julia ConnellJulia Connell18 dager siden
  • Wow, I get him but jaysus that was a fuck up from you guys.... Cheers

    LJGLJG27 dager siden
  • LOL I thought he broke his leg on the show!

    nuwanda3333nuwanda333327 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who's kinda disappointed that it wasn't during filming?

    Big Cat Little LionBig Cat Little Lion28 dager siden
  • I definitely thought Jamali had fallen off the scooter during that task and broken his leg and they just hadn't shown it on the main show when I saw this title.

    atomicmrpellyatomicmrpellyMåned siden
    • Same!

      my_keys_are_br0kenmy_keys_are_br0ken24 dager siden
  • Whiskey throttle!

    barbeerianbarbeerianMåned siden
  • He’s just not funny

    seanseanMåned siden
  • Charlotte Ritchie has to be the redeeming quality of this season for me. What an absolute sweetheart and just a bundle of pure adorableness.

    Em JayEm JayMåned siden
    • Charlotte, Johnny Vegas and Catherine Parkinson should get their own 'Most Wholesome of Wholesome' mini competition (obviously the series is pending until 2 more equally if not even MORE pure of heart contestants appear)

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • @Gina Smith Sorry for you I guess.

      colaboytjecolaboytje28 dager siden
    • @colaboytje I find her very boring and bland, my least favourite of this series.

      Gina SmithGina Smith28 dager siden
    • It is impossible not to like her.

      colaboytjecolaboytjeMåned siden
    • That’s what I always think!

      NJTNJTMåned siden
  • where is last week's podcast though

    Alicia B.Alicia B.Måned siden
    • @T Electronix ok so I just discovered I could listen to it on the website... my bad 😅

      Alicia B.Alicia B.21 dag siden
    • ......on the podcast feed? (There isn't much need to put out audio-only recordings on yt)

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
  • Love the outtakes, a on going theme on age I’m turning 48 this week an I’m not sure if I feel grumpy old but I’m sure getting on board with it thank TM😂🥰

    Nadine ArgoNadine ArgoMåned siden
  • I always carry an electric stick in my purse,,,for emergencies

    Jenna MasoomzadehJenna MasoomzadehMåned siden
  • man. i thought he did it on the show. Good, i suppose, but.

    shramoshramoMåned siden
    • Click bait title.

      VideoNozokiVideoNozokiMåned siden
  • Season 11 has been so good.

    mark riggmark riggMåned siden
  • Outtake: jamali breaks his leg on electric scooter Click bait as fwck.

    AnonAnonMåned siden
  • What is a "scoo-a" ?

    Chris TopherChris TopherMåned siden
    • It's scooter pronounced in an accent that pronounces unstressed t sounds as glottal stops, as is common in lots of places in South England.

      Mister AppleMister Apple29 dager siden
  • "I got an electric stick." Lee is so quick-witted. I love him on this because his cocky and vaguely insulting mistrust on WILTY is totally absent. He's still cocky and confident here, but he's also more genuine.

    PoxyclypsePoxyclypseMåned siden
  • Absolutely loving this show! Thanks so much for making the clips available to Australian audiences. There's nothing quite like British comedy, and Greg Davies is brilliance personified.

    HypnotikaHypnotikaMåned siden
    • Any news of a Taskmaster Oz series?

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
  • I broke my foot at the beginning of 7th grade (American version) and still had to go to school for the 2 months I was in a cast...

    Jacob StromanJacob StromanMåned siden
  • Electric scooter? Jeez what a tough upbringing. Please lecture me more about how tough your life is.

    Alex JonesAlex JonesMåned siden
  • If I had a show/podcast/unannounced surprise tent-based traveling massage parlor, I'd want The Horne Section to compose/perform the jingle..

    Gatherer ThompsonGatherer ThompsonMåned siden
  • Wait...electric scooters all emerged in 2018 in Paris and then colonised London about 2 weeks ago. How did Jamali get his hands on one in Year 7? He must have been in some elite scooter subscription club or something!

    Joe BleasdaleJoe BleasdaleMåned siden
    • Jamali's 29, he would have been 11 in 2003. Razor Scooters released their first electric model that year. Learn your scooter history Joe

      God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-31God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-3119 dager siden
    • ... electric scooters have existed since the 1920s?

      Marc LongtinMarc LongtinMåned siden
  • I thought I was closest to Jamali generationally this season. But no kids I grew up with were getting electric scooters. We got the original razor scooters and then the scooter trend faded. Am I that old?

    lnfreemanlnfreemanMåned siden
    • Someone who is now 29 would have been going into 'year 7'/secondary school almost 18 years ago. ish? That seems a long time ago to have had electric scootahs.

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • 21 year old American here, some of my neighbors had electric scooters. They were nothing fancy. Usually manufacturered by Razer or any of those same scooter companies that make regular scooters. Definitely not like one of those mopeds you see in cities nowadays. But then again I lived in a pretty suburban middle class neighborhood. The parents typically spoiled their kids with rip sticks, drivable toy cars, bicycles, gaming systems, and club penguin memberships(lol that's my generation). Coming from an immigrant household where my parents saved every penny, I was always pretty jealous, but I still had my good ol scooter, bicycle from Walmart or a yard sale, and DS Lite. I'm sure it's the same today, plenty of kids probably still use regular ol scooters and ride regular ol bicycles.

      Angelbob77Angelbob7726 dager siden
    • I dunno, I'm 25 and I just had a regular, whack-you-in-the-ankles scooter too. He said he was 29, though. So I guess they must have been around. I've also _just_ realized I have no fucking clue what ever happened to my scooter... huh.

      Mackenzie Desire'Mackenzie Desire'28 dager siden
    • I’m 18, and not a single kid i knew in secondary school had an electric scooter so maybe not?

      libby Williamslibby WilliamsMåned siden
  • Jamali the worlds most entitled professional complainer...

    Jeremyk 541Jeremyk 541Måned siden
  • I don't know what is more sad; that he broke his leg or that his broken leg prevented him from going to school for 2 months?? What kind of babies do they raise in the UK??

    Shane DucholkeShane DucholkeMåned siden
    • @A for the past 30 years if you have a school with a 2nd floor, you have to have handicapped accessibility so that would not be the case. A broken leg doesn't prevent you from going up stairs with crutches??? I had a full leg cast at age 12 and went to a school 3 days later and lived in a 4 level split and had no issues with stairs or taking the bus. No chance would my kids not go to school with a broken leg.

      Shane DucholkeShane DucholkeMåned siden
    • Idk maybe just schools without lifts and a classroom on the second floor...

      AAMåned siden
  • Greg used to be a teacher, which is why he knows about Year 7 and Lee doesn't even though they're about the same age. No plot holes.

    Aboubacar AmineAboubacar AmineMåned siden
    • @DSQueenie Primary school is the same in NI - P1-P7 but first year of secondary is year 8 now but was '1st year' until '94 I think.

      itsonlysounditsonlysound21 dag siden
    • @AJ MillerI imagine it was more like “Your next task is to transport these Israelites to the other side of this sea. You may not use any wood except for this stick. Fastest wins. Your time starts now.”

      NoaqiyeumNoaqiyeum29 dager siden
    • I am in Australia. Here until 1980s for government funded schools (the majority) it was grade 1 to 6 called primary school. Then 1st yr to 4th yr high school and then if you wanted to go onto university you needed to do 2 more yrs which were called matriculation. This was usually done at a special college school where only those students attended. But if you went to a school which was funded by parents and not the government you could do the whole thing from grade 1 to year 12 at the same school. There were far less of these schools and they were very expensive so only rich kids went there. Then it changed somewhat in that, high schools started including the last 2 years at the school rather than going to a separate college and as the work force required a higher level of education for many jobs more students remained after the end of the 4th yr. Eventually it became normal for students to do the extra 2 yrs though it was not compulsory ( except if you wanted to go to Uni) Also the grade names made the change to grade rather than year...so a school had students from grade 1 to grade 6 and then grade 7 to 12 ( 1-10 being compulsory) The main difference now between government funded schools and privately funded ones is the former still do not have 1-12 at the same school, primary school is still a separate place to high school (aka secondary school) Private schools tend to differentiate by calling 1-6 junior school, 7-10 middle school and 11/12 senior school. government schools just stick with primary and high (or secondary.) We also have technical colleges which teach trades-apprenticeships. They also cater for adults who want further education which is not at University level. There are no previous qualifications need for these colleges unlike Universities which, except for an Arts ( humanities) degree, require very high standards of education especially in the science/medical, engineering and law areas.

      Petal PoppyPetal Poppy29 dager siden
    • Greg is so old he taught Moses how to part the red sea

      AJ MillerAJ MillerMåned siden
    • @final_xion Thank you! This is very helpful.

      Emily CheEmily CheMåned siden
  • Is the taskmaster high in this clip?

    Puissant PowernapperPuissant PowernapperMåned siden
  • lee needs to watch he doesn't strain his back carrying this season

    smilefiressmilefiresMåned siden
    • @dc m Comes across as fake to me. Too much playing a character.

      PeterorangePeterorangeMåned siden
    • Mike has been my fav. Like the lost python

      dc mdc mMåned siden
  • i dunno if its just due to covid restrictions & such but bit bored of this season... least funny so far... hopefully next season will be better... loved all the previous seasons

    Kevin TenutaKevin TenutaMåned siden
    • This series was variously filmed in and out of lockdowns so the rhythms will be a bit "off" from previous years

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • @Barry Rowlings yeah i like wosniak and jamali they at least say some funny things occasionally

      Kevin TenutaKevin Tenuta28 dager siden
    • @Barry Rowlings I find him quite annoying. I know I am a minority though.

      PeterorangePeterorange28 dager siden
    • I think Wosniak is carrying this series on his back.

      Barry RowlingsBarry Rowlings28 dager siden
    • @Kevin Tenuta I agree, partly the lack of an audience kills the vibe, comedians need that, and partly they just dont seem to get on so well as earlier series. End of series 5 they all did a big group hug, it was so touching.

      PeterorangePeterorangeMåned siden
  • Please do a Charlotte special episode... Just Charlotte things :) Lots of them. She's pure genuineness and love.

    iliya pezeshkiiliya pezeshkiMåned siden
  • I'M NOT THE FUCKING ONLY ONE. I broke my leg and snapped 2 ligaments last year on a electric scooter. Bastards.

    Michael PhelanMichael PhelanMåned siden
  • Please share all these. Especially any of Lee!!

    Chris ElliottChris ElliottMåned siden
  • this most disappointing season in my opinion .. charlotte richie and mike wozniack make up for the rest of the ~disappointing~ guests 💔

    Aa ::Aa ::Måned siden
    • @James Calbraith You should get in touch with Sarah and let her know how she "should" have acted in the studio.

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • @DE Miss Wouldn't go that far. On the podcast Sarah reffered to her current progress as "Joyless Seriousness". Pretty much sums her up for me.

      Barry RowlingsBarry Rowlings28 dager siden
    • @neithere yeah lee mack is usually much more funny on panel shows... on this program it seems more like he's depressed or bored or something..

      Kevin TenutaKevin TenutaMåned siden
    • To me it's a good season. I'm even almost starting to like Jamali. A bit disappointed by Lee not being as explosive as I wanted but many people behave very differently in the show, more naturally than they do on panel shows, so it's not really a disappointment but rather an interesting opportunity to see him from in a different mode. The women are nice, Mike is fabulous, didn't expect that.

      neithereneithereMåned siden
    • I am disappointed with this series and I was really looking forward to Lee Mack participating, too. Sarah has been the only contestant yet that hasn't grown on me throughout the show. Every time she is on I feel like punching her.

      DE MissDE MissMåned siden
  • Jamali is absolutely hilarious! Really fun to watch; thoroughly English! 👍🏻😁👍🏻

    Tee CarratTee CarratMåned siden
    • @Jeremyk 541 No if you want to see 'entitled' watch Tim Key from series 1

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • @golden pony Acaster's antics is so exaggerated it actually becomes funny. This guy isn't along that line it just doesn't become likeable.

      Nation歯引きNation歯引きMåned siden
    • @Flying Pen and Paper fun statement 'cos I love Acaster and hate this other guy and yet you might be right. And seriously I've only disliked like one contestant across the whole series - this guy. Oh wait, maybe Acaster actually has a lot of great one liners and remarks all around? (not being ironic with wordplay, just genuinely thought this right now). You could disagree with his humor but he definitely has a much higher output of zingers and remarks. Maybe am just slightly offended that this guy seems to not give enough of a duck to even halfway try something at least in more than one task on every episode. Am rather confident J.A didn't do so many lazy "can't be arsed" stuff. I've never found it charming of J to boss Alex around and pretend to know what Alex job is, he obviously didn't know the show and how some rules of the show worked but kept pretending he knew what he was talking about, am not really reading any second degree in those exchanges and 'cos he's not the taskmaster. I feel he's just slightly confrontational even after messing up whereas J.A didn't mind being constantly pegged down a couple notches when stepping out of the line and gracefully accepted his punishment or put down instead. That attitude of J just reminds so much again and again through every episode of an adversarial stance when people of color like me are being condescended or bullied by clueless people of lighter color in a position of authority, it just takes me off the fun vibe every time he does this am like hey Alex isn't being a dick and you're just uninformed but pretending to know the rules' ins and outs. The not saying hi or acknowledging Alex even exists JA did just seemed much lighter and comical to me than the constant confrontation, but feel free to blame my personal issues XD. To be fair, it seems J noticed that the second degree wasn't coming across as well as he would have liked to because in the latest episode he's more relaxed and less directly confrontational and it shows in the quantity of laughter he got in that episode.

      golden ponygolden ponyMåned siden
    • @Jeremyk 541 I thought that's why James Acaster was a favourite for so many. Hmm.

      Flying Pen and PaperFlying Pen and PaperMåned siden
    • People don’t like him because he’s super entitled and does nothing but complain and cries like a child if he doesn’t get get his way...

      Jeremyk 541Jeremyk 541Måned siden
  • Electric sticks are called something different now 😁

    Logan5Logan5Måned siden
    • "wands"

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • 👏👏👏

      josef2012josef2012Måned siden
    • I've got two immersion blenders

      lnfreemanlnfreemanMåned siden
    • @JackDManheim I know right. Every woman should have an electic mixing stick

      M BM BMåned siden
    • Yep. They sure are. Most women I know have at least one of them.

      JackDManheimJackDManheimMåned siden
  • I feel like Jamali went long way from being bit unlikeable and rude in first episode to actually being funny in latest one. He can take a joke, laughing at his own expence with everyone and that is something i respect.

    Emily CheEmily CheMåned siden
    • @Jacob Loving I don't care if he is confrontational with Alex(and i also think it is great to be like that towards him) but with Greg he was a bit too much in the first episode. He proved to be a cool guy though, can read the room and can take a joke, unlike certain person from the last group.

      Emily CheEmily CheMåned siden
    • @Manon I was also thinking about Iain! He was great after he toned it bit down.

      Emily CheEmily CheMåned siden
    • I've liked him a lot in all of the episodes so far. I'm pretty sure he's being difficult on purpose for entertainment value, and I find it entertaining.

      Flying Pen and PaperFlying Pen and PaperMåned siden
    • He was funny from the get go. People are just getting accustomed to his style.

      lnfreemanlnfreemanMåned siden
    • I like his confrontational style, keeps Alex on his toes

      Jacob LovingJacob LovingMåned siden
  • These outtakes are amazing, this show just gets better and better!!!

    TonzeffTonzeffMåned siden
  • Is an electric stick what Lee Mack calls his vibrator?

    ohdearnadiaohdearnadiaMåned siden
    • @ohdearnadia Jeeeeezus H, get over yourself.

      T ElectronixT Electronix21 dag siden
    • @T Electronix 😲 Noooo? You don't say. Thanks for explaining how jokes work 😐

      ohdearnadiaohdearnadia21 dag siden
    • He was just riffing on the 'we were at school soooo long ago they hadn't invented the wheel' idea

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • an electric stick that he sits on, hmmm...

      ParkchapParkchapMåned siden
  • I feel like Lee's quick wit is not appreciated enough on this show. Thank goodness for WILTY.

    Shanna PilonShanna PilonMåned siden
    • I think it is, I see many comments just like this

      Slimbones125Slimbones12524 dager siden
    • @Jamie Froud I can totally see how his brand of humour might not appeal to you, so fair comment, and I have to say I've given Not Going Out a fair chance and reckon he should definitely give up on being a comedy actor, but I don't think anyone can deny his skill as a comedian in panel shows/stand up. He's always razor sharp and his ability to come up with comebacks on the spot is a joy to behold, I can't get enough of the mental jousting between him and David Mitchell on WILTY. I've been really surprised by how subdued he's been on Taskmaster so far.

      andysutherland1979andysutherland1979Måned siden
    • Nahhh uh... Greg has even filled in for Lee on WILTY. Greg gets him.

      Justin EmerickJustin EmerickMåned siden
    • @Jamie Froud I used to have the same opinion based on his bits in QI (sort of too loud and aggressive for the show), but WILTY changed everything for me.

      neithereneithereMåned siden
    • @Jamie Froud Probably not only you, though you are likely in the minority.

      Peter JFPeter JFMåned siden
  • Classic Lee mack : I got an electric stick 😂

    Lee Ting WeiLee Ting WeiMåned siden
  • The notification said "When Jamali Broke His Leg Riding An Ele...". I thought it would be about him falling off an elephant, haha.

    The PendulumThe PendulumMåned siden
    • @Hinterfragen! *moron

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • @wloffblizz Your comment was changed by you. Did you make an orthographic mistake yourself? :O Oh, oh. Ironically someone, who tries to correct a spelling error on someone, who calls somebody else a "morron" instead of "moron", could be called a moron. ;) And semantics aside, I am right about him. His qualities are mediocre at best. He is hardly ever funny, he speaks like a 14 year old, who tries so hard to be "lit" and seeing his results on the show, he is not the brightest candle either. He tries to come by as "streetsmart", but he clearly is not. All he is, is the guy, who gets invited to reach a certain ethical group, who - moronicly - seem to identify themselves with him.

      Hinterfragen!Hinterfragen!Måned siden
    • @Hinterfragen! Ironically, someone who tries to insult someone but can't even spell "moron" could quite accurately be called a moron.

      wloffblizzwloffblizzMåned siden
    • This is Joe Wilkinson "balance the pony" levels of not reading to the end of the sentence.

      ScarecrowHugginsScarecrowHugginsMåned siden
    • Your comment got more of a laugh out of me than the short clip lol

      Luke TaylorLuke TaylorMåned siden
  • Why have the taskmaster podcasts on this channel been blocked in the UK?

    Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • You don't need to "watch" a youtube video to listen to the podcast, just listen to them all on the audio feed.

      T ElectronixT Electronix22 dager siden
    • @the real boris johnson trust me you're PM, can't you pass legislation to get them back?

      GallifreyFNMGallifreyFNMMåned siden
    • THEY HAVE! I thought you were full of it until I checked and they had mysteriously disappeared from the list.

      the real boris johnson trust methe real boris johnson trust meMåned siden
    • @Caelan Elsey yea but I was listening to them here

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • Punishment for Brexit.

      MomonMomonMåned siden
  • YEAH

    SwagmanSwagmanMåned siden
  • Yay

    Catherine NguyenCatherine NguyenMåned siden