Make Yourself Look Like a Famous Person Doing an Unlikely Activity | #HomeTasking #StayHome

27. mai. 2020
94 516 Ganger

It's the Taskmaster and Little Alex Horne here to announce the winner and the top entries of #HomeTasking task number 17 - make yourself look like a famous person doing an unlikely activity. The first letter of the celebrity and the first letter of the activity must be the same.
We apologise that the name of the winner is incorrect! @JamesWoolley5 is this week's winner - well done James.
Keep your eyes peeled on Monday and Wednesday at 9am GMT for more opportunities to win and be featured in a compilation with a special message from the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies.
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  • Frida Khalo Flossing KILLS ME

    romeinprogressromeinprogress2 måneder siden
  • I know it's tempting to make fun of Donald but we shouldnt give him any attention. Any exposure helps him and we shouldn't support that. Just ignore his existence of you don't like him, or if you're American, don't vote for him.

    natchos mnatchos m4 måneder siden
  • Jesus jamming made me laugh out loud. A winner for me! :D

    renza88renza884 måneder siden
  • Chuckle brothers churning made me CACKLE

    Jess5_11Jess5_114 måneder siden
  • these are hilarious HAHAH SO GOOD

    kathy thaikathy thai4 måneder siden
  • Whooo, had to wait a long time for that one hahahahahahahaha LOL

    Janet CaterinaJanet Caterina4 måneder siden
  • The Morrissey and Brian May made me chuckle!

    waitingforthewinterwaitingforthewinter4 måneder siden
  • Not sure that quarantining is unlikely for the Queen to be doing right now!

    Paul J. MortonPaul J. Morton4 måneder siden
  • 7:20

    Chris MichelChris Michel4 måneder siden
  • These are all great -- except for Charlie Chaplin, Hitler and Morrissey, all of whom seem like odd choices for levity. I always thought that kind of humour was weird -- that things like mass murder, racism, and sexual assault are funny if you give it enough time. Odd.

    Quinn MQuinn M4 måneder siden
  • Nick Knowles, Nick Knowles, Nick Knowles!

    Meredith BurtonMeredith Burton4 måneder siden
  • James Acaster judging!

    Joel CleasbyJoel Cleasby4 måneder siden
  • Love Trump's drumming. What is the music called behind this clip, the music behind all the clips?

    Deborah ColyerDeborah Colyer4 måneder siden
    • Just a taskmaster-music-theme, they use them for more clips. Alex's band (the horne section) creates the music, perhaps you could look for those.

      Widdekuu91Widdekuu913 måneder siden
  • Hair looks good Davies

    Kirsch RotKirsch Rot4 måneder siden
  • Holy shit, the James Acaster one! 👌

    pwarner184pwarner1844 måneder siden
  • So much literal LOL gold here even before the top ten but yeah, the Nick Knowles one was spectacularly dumb, bravo! 💯🏆 Amazing work, everyone!

    Gord OxleyGord Oxley4 måneder siden
  • I loved the elegant simplicity of Ban Ki-Moon playing the bass kazoo, but I actually found myself singing the Nick Knowles song hours later. A clear winner. Best top 10 ever! Honourable mention to (Queen) Victoria vogueing

    Meredith BurtonMeredith Burton4 måneder siden
  • Ban Ki Moon Bass Kazooing is just incredible! 🤣

    BleeesBleees4 måneder siden
  • Kermit Kills should have been number one it was so hilarious :D

    SillymotionSillymotion4 måneder siden

    nuwanda3333nuwanda33334 måneder siden
  • Ban Ki-Moon on Bass Kazoo 😂😂😂😂

    Joseph BleasdaleJoseph Bleasdale4 måneder siden
  • Bass kazoo killed me

    Caitlin McLarenCaitlin McLaren4 måneder siden
  • anyone else from the UK who cant watch the full episodes of the taskmaster tell me why i cant see watch them even tho i live in the uk i used a VPN and put myself in london to see if its just a uk wide thing that stop us from watching it but! it let me watch the taskmaster episodes with a VPN IN LONDON when im not even that far away from london myself. if anyone know whats going on please could you let me know many thanks.

    VenomVenom4 måneder siden
  • Lincoln line dancing is wrong because Lincoln is the last name.

    Silver SunshineSilver Sunshine4 måneder siden
  • From watching this, its painfully obvious people have far too much time on their hands right now. Glad to see its not being squandered!

    Medieval Folk DanceMedieval Folk Dance4 måneder siden
  • I can't tell if I don't know some of these pictures because I'm too old, too young, or live under a rock

    amurray 5amurray 54 måneder siden
  • 7:22 What's Acaster doing though?! Audience-ing?!!!

    MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NIMarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI4 måneder siden
    • James is judging

      JennyfischJennyfisch4 måneder siden
  • 12:06 Look, he Kermited a murder!!!

    MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NIMarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI4 måneder siden
  • Your hair and plants are overgrown.

    finehomemadewinefinehomemadewine4 måneder siden
  • I’m fairly scared of what the British people’s idea of a famous person is

    lisalisa5 måneder siden
    • I mean all these people are pretty famous in britain...

      Dr. DrasticDr. Drastic16 dager siden
  • Kermit kills had me rolling, Nick Knowles weird montage was great. That James Acaster impression & lets be honest, look-a-like was spot on 👏

    Helen MacklinHelen Macklin5 måneder siden
  • Ban Ki-Moon really got me :D

    nervenkeksnervenkeks5 måneder siden
  • omg Kermit I was not expecting that!!

    KK5 måneder siden
  • the chuckle brothers were great!

    KK5 måneder siden
  • Why are there no more full episodes being uploaded?

    VicVic5 måneder siden
  • 3:39 absolutely love the prue impersonation

    KK5 måneder siden
  • Guess Hurling isn't too unusual of a thing for Helena Bonham Carter to be doing 😂 this was probably the most fun for me to do cause I'm proud of my Helena outfit. Shame I still haven't made the montage.

    Alex SongAlex Song5 måneder siden
  • I would have swapped Jesus Jamming with the Bjork guy. I love a swan dress. Also, is it fair to surmise that the macarena has hung on in the UK longer than in Canada? I wouldn't imagine that more than one person would think of doing the macarena if the videos were all from here.

    SquishSquish5 måneder siden
  • rik mayall reading made my day

    Catatonic & GinCatatonic & Gin5 måneder siden
  • William Shakespeare Washing Socks, Bottom Burping Boris, Elton Extinguishing, Jesus Jammin’, and Björking Björking were BRILLIANT! They were all delightful, to be sure :)

    T. K.T. K.5 måneder siden
  • Does anyone even know who the number one guy is? I call bs.

    Michael BarrettMichael Barrett5 måneder siden
  • That dude was pretty spot on with the James Acaster impression.

    Michael BarrettMichael Barrett5 måneder siden
    • I'm glad you think so! It's taken me a while to get it right 😄

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
  • I'm sorry but Adolf does Aerobics was hilarious and shoulda been a T10 haha.

    Michael BarrettMichael Barrett5 måneder siden
  • Hilarious 😂👏🏻 x x

    Claire OsborneClaire Osborne5 måneder siden
  • Nick Knowles, Bjork Building Bridge, James Acaster Judging, William Shakespeare Washing Socks, Queen Quacking, Brian May Barbecuing Badgers, Morrisey Meateating... Fantastic!

    admiralbumadmiralbum5 måneder siden
  • Petition to make Annie Axeing a feature film xD

    flusendiebflusendieb5 måneder siden
  • I so wanted there to be one of Jimmy Carr paying his tax. Oh well, can't have everything...

    Anna HelanderAnna Helander5 måneder siden
  • Hahaha all of these are laugh out loud funny. Loved the Rik Mayall and Joe Lycett ones and of course James Acaster. Bjork gave me strong Noel Fielding vibes and the Morrisey one brought me a lot of joy as well. Couldn't have judged these, i love them all and yeah Greg is right, Nick is insane. Nice job everyone!

    cuesgirlcuesgirl5 måneder siden
    • I'm glad you liked my James Acaster 😊

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
  • Brian may here! 😂

    Ewan GuitarEwan Guitar5 måneder siden
  • Didn't expect the Queen to Quack lol

    Alana CastilloAlana Castillo5 måneder siden
  • Kermit kills is a masterpiece!! Edit: lol I wrote it before Greg said "it's a horror masterpiece!" I mean it's true!

    Ion TIon T5 måneder siden
  • Frida Khalo playing soccer isnt right

    KosmonavtKosmonavt5 måneder siden
  • Can someone explain the Neil Armstrong one?

    Deanna FinleyDeanna Finley5 måneder siden
    • John Glenn juggling?

      Trish GiftTrish Gift4 måneder siden
    • Neil Armstrong juggling. The uploader can't spell?

      Si HopebgoodSi Hopebgood5 måneder siden
  • That was a remarkably good James Acaster actually

    Mike SchilderMike Schilder5 måneder siden
    • I'm glad you think so! I sometimes break out into it randomly 😂 it's addicting

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
  • Jesus Jam is what the romans made after they killed him and took him off of the pole

    cohenlabe1cohenlabe15 måneder siden
  • Everyone outdid themselves! Every week there's greater and greater things! Loved especially: William Shakespeare washing socks, Jesus jump-starting, queen Victoria vogue-ing, the Hulk hiccupping, Harry Potter hoarding potatoes, and Hulk Hogan hoovering :)

    kousetsuhanakousetsuhana5 måneder siden
  • I mean what else is Iron Man supposed to do?

    NmatNmat5 måneder siden
    • It's only natural

      Ion TIon T5 måneder siden
  • A politician talking out his/her ass? How is that "unlikely?" :D

    Aaron GrangerAaron Granger5 måneder siden
  • bunch of good ones this time

    mister klugemister kluge5 måneder siden
  • I loved "Jesus Jamming"!

    BenzaitenBenzaiten5 måneder siden
  • Ban ki moon on bass kazoo won first place in my heart

    oddrey52oddrey525 måneder siden
  • Calling it now, there will be a Robin Hood Robbin'

    MaiahiMaiahi5 måneder siden
    • Maiahi wrong and I take personal offence

      Ewan GuitarEwan Guitar5 måneder siden
    • The video sucked so much I couldn't watch past the second minute. Please let me know if I was right.

      MaiahiMaiahi5 måneder siden
  • Ziggy Stardust Zooming! Very nice. I would have done Xerxes being xenophobic in a xebec, but that's perhaps not unexpected.

    icturner23icturner235 måneder siden
  • Dirty Dominic Cummings driving to Durham is definitely the best regardless of what else anyone has come up with.

    icturner23icturner235 måneder siden
    • But I have to admit that the official winner is very, very good too.

      icturner23icturner235 måneder siden
  • These should have been played alphabetically (except for where there are multiple characters in the same video).

    icturner23icturner235 måneder siden
  • Chuckle brothers churning butter was great.

    Celine RazaviCeline Razavi5 måneder siden
  • You people are amazing. I LOLed several times, including the pole dancing Pope, the queueing Queen, and THE QUEEN QUACKING. Really quacked me up.

    CatherinzslCatherinzsl5 måneder siden
  • Whenever I watch these I repeatedly think "Number one better be really good to beat all this". And this one was absolutely brilliant. I even checked his twitter to see whether he's seen this, and he has! Now someone has to show James Acaster his judging alter ego.

    JennyfischJennyfisch5 måneder siden
    • When Greg mentioned Nick Knowles I thought, ‘how do you make yourself look like him?’ Of course, he nailed it.

      kisbiekisbie4 måneder siden
    • @Algolei I True, I don't blame him

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
    • @Rob Rat He was probably tired of all the cabbage comments.

      Algolei IAlgolei I5 måneder siden
    • I tried to tag James when I first posted it but I think he deleted twitter 😔

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
  • 😂😂😂

    Anita DavidsonAnita Davidson5 måneder siden
  • I wish they would subtitle these. Some of them are just confusing

    madgrinchhattermadgrinchhatter5 måneder siden
    • I feel you. I'm not British so some of the celebrities are not familiar for me

      kousetsuhanakousetsuhana5 måneder siden
  • Pretty good James Acaster impression there! Also Brian May barbecuing Badgers... LoL

    KompoismKompoism5 måneder siden
    • I'm glad you like the Acaster impression, I'd been practicing 😄

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
    • Kompoism thanks that one was starring me 😂 (the brian may one)

      Ewan GuitarEwan Guitar5 måneder siden
  • greg calling the winner deranged has to be the highest compliment he's ever given

    SenSen5 måneder siden
  • The James Acaster impression should have earned points

    JedJed5 måneder siden
    • @Sillymotion It's crazy how even just getting in the video is so exciting! What was your one?

      Rob RatRob Rat4 måneder siden
    • @Mckadow Plays Stuff yeah! Makes it easy to find 😄

      Rob RatRob Rat4 måneder siden
    • @Rob Rat dude your impression was amazing!! I made it to the montage for the first time ever too, losing my mind over here :D

      SillymotionSillymotion4 måneder siden
    • @Rob Rat Fair play ^^ Did you notice you are almost perfectly in the middle of the video?

      Mckadow Plays StuffMckadow Plays Stuff4 måneder siden
    • It was great

      Cyn DellCyn Dell4 måneder siden
  • Omg, these are so good! Loved 3:15 and skating Slash, but Annie was my winner!

    CatherineCatherine5 måneder siden
    • Skating Slash has a very cool attitude, perfect likeness!

      kousetsuhanakousetsuhana5 måneder siden
  • Annie Axeing was brilliant and adorable and terrifying 😂

    KirstenKirsten5 måneder siden
  • the funny thing about Al Capone accounting is that he ended up in prison not for his criminal activities, but for tax evasion.

    mushvillamushvilla5 måneder siden
    • Yes, that is the joke.

      Catherine RCatherine R5 måneder siden
  • "Nick Knowles noticing coal" everyone else stood no chance.

    Lemony SnicketLemony Snicket5 måneder siden
    • There’s been many great moments in Hometasking, but that was the first real masterpiece. Alex should probably call an end to this right now.

      kisbiekisbie4 måneder siden
  • Adolf aerobics made me smile.

    Mr. D.Mr. D.5 måneder siden
  • The James Acaster Judging was great

    JibsterJibster5 måneder siden
    • Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it (that was me BTW 😄)

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
  • We didn't make the montage, but it was only our first attempt. The winner was hilarious. Well done!

    Barnsley GreenBarnsley Green5 måneder siden
  • I need more of Sia Surprising people; it was too cute. That Kermit Kills one really drew me in too.

    James LaineJames Laine5 måneder siden
  • Morrissey meat eating my person fav. I once heckled him at a concert shouting pork chop sandwiches at him 😋

    Paul QuaifePaul Quaife5 måneder siden
  • As soon as I saw Bjork was not in the top ten my expectations for the top ten went sky high. The twist for Annie was excellent!

    Katherine AllenKatherine Allen5 måneder siden
  • William Shakespeare washing socks lolol mona lisa doing macarena how do people come up with this stuff ! So good xx

    Sophie BoatmanSophie Boatman5 måneder siden
  • Jedward babies Jesus and ceaser salid best by far lol

    Megan FiorillaMegan Fiorilla5 måneder siden
  • The captions under john and edward.... Sneaky

    DirenaarDirenaar5 måneder siden
    • « I’m John and I’m Edward, together we shit »

      Who caresWho cares5 måneder siden
  • Björk!!!!! Fantastic one!

    ZouchZouch5 måneder siden
  • This is so good. I think Nick's a worthy winner. Ban isn't Ban Ki-Mun's first name though.

    Toby KToby K5 måneder siden
  • Ceaser was basically a You-Suck-At-Cooking cameo

    MaiylinMaiylin5 måneder siden
  • Love these... haven’t done them as I’m on my own in isolation in apartment , but have loves thinking of what I would do Great topic of conversation when on zoom! thanks so much to home tasks and everyone doing them wow.

    Nadine ArgoNadine Argo5 måneder siden
  • All were excellent, but I shrieked with laughter at Morrissey meat-eating 😋

    blackmoon9793blackmoon97935 måneder siden
  • Adolf tries aerobics Lul

    ArchirnoArchirno5 måneder siden
  • Judging James Acaster was absolutely brilliant!

    LukasLukas5 måneder siden
    • @Nat Thank you!

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
    • @Daniel Bissett Thanks Dan, you're such a great friend 🙄😂

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
    • @Nat Me too, it was awesome :)

      Widdekuu91Widdekuu915 måneder siden
    • Loved the impression very good.

      NatNat5 måneder siden

      Daniel BissettDaniel Bissett5 måneder siden
  • Morrissey munching meat, I'm gone 😅😅😅

    shoobear25shoobear255 måneder siden
  • That James Acaster Judging impression was spot on Bjork and Rik were also pretty fab

    lnfreemanlnfreeman5 måneder siden
    • Robert Eldridge I think even Acaster himself would have been fooled. Gotta love the guy who did Richie reading Rick’s reminisces as well.

      kisbiekisbie4 måneder siden
    • @Rob Rat You sounded just like him!

      Sarah KinseySarah Kinsey4 måneder siden
    • Björk voice was adorable

      kousetsuhanakousetsuhana5 måneder siden
    • Thanks, I'm glad you liked my James Acaster 😄

      Rob RatRob Rat5 måneder siden
  • Bottom burping Johnson takes it for me. Still chuckling.....

    Sabine MackinnonSabine Mackinnon5 måneder siden
  • I thought Bjork was the funniest!

    pearlhartney9pearlhartney95 måneder siden
    • There was so much wonderful quirk in it. From all the Bs to the voice to the swan dress, and incorporating the iconic loo paper - 👏

      CatherinzslCatherinzsl5 måneder siden
  • This whole series is like watching humanity slowly descending into madness

    Stef du ToitStef du Toit5 måneder siden
  • Melania Meditating here! :D

    Widdekuu91Widdekuu915 måneder siden
    • Widdekuu91 Brian May Barbecuing here! 😂

      Ewan GuitarEwan Guitar5 måneder siden
  • No one did Yoda Yodelling!

    Elsie Swan-StevensElsie Swan-Stevens5 måneder siden
    • Yodalling!

      ameliaamelia5 måneder siden