Make the Best Celebrity Portrait Out of Loo Roll | Full Task

28. april. 2020
115 324 Ganger

In this episode of Taskmaster Joe Lycett, Lolly Adefope, Noel Fielding, Mel Giedroy and Hugh Dennis attempt to make the best celebrity portrait they can out of toilet roll.

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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Hugh's looks kinda like Joseph Gordon Levitt

    Tanya KTanya K3 dager siden
  • I cnt be he only one who tought th Joes portrait looks like Tilda Swinton in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL

    Lucia Di LazzaroLucia Di LazzaroMåned siden
  • Also thought Hugh's was Hugh Grant. Or Shaggy. Should've added some scooby snacks

    Iamtheoneandonly01Iamtheoneandonly013 måneder siden
  • I hate to say it but Lolly should have been last. Harry Potter is a fictional character and can't be a celebrity. He can be a famous character but only real people can be celebrities.

    dbuzmandbuzman3 måneder siden
    • What about Hatsune Miku?

      HannaHanna4 dager siden
  • 3:48 That's Billy Connolly from a few years ago.

    ExEssex :ExEssex :3 måneder siden
  • This task would be easy if you have Mod Podge and sharpies

    spacey roguespacey rogue3 måneder siden
  • Still can't believe the riggery, gaggery, goopery and absolute tom foolery of hugh not being last

    AshAsh4 måneder siden
  • I thought Hugh's portrait was Andy Murray.

    Bret TerryBret Terry4 måneder siden
  • I also thought that was Hugh Grant 😂

    MaverickMaverick5 måneder siden
  • Strange. Harry Potter was the one I would have also made

    iamlatskuiamlatsku5 måneder siden
  • so this it where it goes...

    Essy MessyEssy Messy5 måneder siden
  • make the michelin man

    Black HatBlack Hat5 måneder siden
  • I was so sure Hugh made Julius Caesar

    TeodorLBTeodorLB5 måneder siden
    • That's brilliant!

      turosfagyiturosfagyi9 dager siden
    • Me too!

      Lamis AmhazLamis AmhazMåned siden
  • Big flex

    GallowsGallows5 måneder siden
  • Lol that looked like Santa not necessarily God. Lol Noel's was best but Hugh's queen portrait was really funny.

    Mia SmithMia Smith5 måneder siden
  • does someone else think Hugh's looks like Matt Smith?

    neinnein5 måneder siden
    • Now that u said it yeah... It is him

      Mia SmithMia Smith5 måneder siden
  • Is it just me, or is the task intro music really creepy?

    IgorIgor5 måneder siden
  • Funny bastards, deliberately released.

    Liz CollinsonLiz Collinson5 måneder siden
    • Final task, re roll the toilet paper...

      Liz CollinsonLiz Collinson5 måneder siden
  • "Loo roll" never heard of this name for toilet paper 😂 love it😂

    killermuffinxoxokillermuffinxoxo5 måneder siden
    • @E I've never heard anyone under 60 call it a loo 😂

      Ava WhiteAva White5 måneder siden
    • Loo = Toilets/Bathroom in England.

      EE5 måneder siden
  • Mel’s portrait is the spitting image of Alan Moore.

    Jonathan NichollsJonathan Nicholls5 måneder siden
  • Four Yorkshiremen: Toilet paper? Aye. Luxury!

    scarylion.roarscarylion.roar5 måneder siden
  • The comments on this one will be a doozy

    Nairo CamiloNairo Camilo5 måneder siden
  • Thought this was a #hometasking prompt for a sec and I was about to school the internet lolool. Then I was momentarily devastated bc I though it was the results compilation. Then I felt relief when I realised it was a clip from the show.

    Erin OkayErin Okay5 måneder siden
  • Okay we get it, you are loaded

    CMDR MawortzCMDR Mawortz5 måneder siden
  • I thought it sait portal of celebrities and it was a quarantine task. Im-

    Eliška MahovskáEliška Mahovská5 måneder siden
  • What a waste of precious ressources.

    MoinSpongiiMoinSpongii5 måneder siden
  • Another task in this season rigged for noel, but hugh should have won this one anyway.

    kdpflushkdpflush5 måneder siden
    • @STELLAR! oh wow lmao some anger issues there. but ok then! have a good life. nice chat.

      biancabianca4 måneder siden
    • Bianca D I’m sorry but you can’t just write an entire paragraph and then insist no one take it too seriously. (Not to emphasize that the entire debacle about taking only 1 point out of only his wins is just an unnecessarily inadequate idea) And you seem so focused on Noel’s innocence in this game. I GOT IT. (Even tho he never showed an ounce of humbleness or acknowledge how unfairly favored he was). But look. Suppose you’re entirely correct. Find some solace in that. But take all this fairness argument away and I *still* don’t like the dude! He’s such a bore-some yes-man and he makes me feel uncomfortable at the mere sight of him or one of his ‘works’. I didn’t quite hate him before, but the more I’m forced to think about him the more I cannot stand any bit of him. By now i’ve formulated the conclusion that he wasn’t worthy of being on the show *at all* as he did not make me laugh a single time and was never satisfying to watch. I don’t want to have to hear or read anything related to his life/existence anymore. You’ve made you point clear (multiple times), I hope I’ve made mine.

      STELLAR!STELLAR!4 måneder siden
    • @STELLAR! No one gives him way too much credit. lol Just like yourself and the OP, Greg's unfairness towards Hugh in some tasks and the number of art-related tasks this series, got a lot of people bashing him. That's why I even bother replying to comments, bc I just think it's unfair when he isn't the one who picks the winner, and it's not like he tried to win Greg over to get points. He did the tasks and had fun like everyone else. I mean, if we do some quick math... He was 8 points in front of the second place this series (Joe). If you take one point out from the tasks ppl think he shouldn't have won that are art related (3 or 4 tasks) plus the dancing task, he would still be in front of everyone else. He won a lot of tasks on his own merit, like the banana one, the bread, the jumping on one foot, the water splash, the cheese golf, etc. He didn't win just bc of the art ones. Tbh I wasn't a fan of his when I started watching the series (I actually only knew and liked Joe) and I didn't think then that it was an unfair win. But in the end we gotta remember this is a Brit panel show made for fun, with Greg being the one who decides it all. It's 100% subjective and we can't take it too seriously when it comes to the points.

      biancabianca4 måneder siden
    • I'm not a huge Noel fan, but I don't mind his art. It's good. It should be good since he has a degree in problem is they seemed to have ramped up the "Whoever is the best at art will automatically win this task" tasks by about 400% for this season.

      kdpflushkdpflush4 måneder siden
    • Bianca D No, I find him obnoxious because he’s extremely cringey to watch or relate to. And I couldn’t be more uninterested in his background, be it art or not, but I find that *_a t l e a s t_* 1/4 oh his victories were wrongly awarded based on the quality of his results in comparison to the less questionably better ones of his competitors (depending on the task, I don’t mean that everyone was better than him at all times). I try to be as objective and fair as I can, I came into this without knowing any of the participants, or favoring somebody else against him. And the conclusion I arrived at is that his victory is unjust and false and that he is given wayy too much credit. Now, if you’re a fan of his I don’t believe there is much point to this discussion as you wouldn’t want to change your mind, and if you’ve been one for a long time you would be biased not to 🤷‍♀️ Let’s just agree that he’s not perfect and move on.

      STELLAR!STELLAR!4 måneder siden
  • Just take a single loo roll and say it's a portrait of Lord Loo Roll Johnson, the Baron Loo Roll, the man who invented toilet paper.

    Nicholas RowleyNicholas Rowley5 måneder siden
  • It didn't say "only" did it? So just taking the huge ass portrait of greg from the wall behind them and putting a bit of loo roll on a white spot should have been fine.

    TheMG26 nTheMG26 n5 måneder siden
  • Hugh's looks like James Acaster or some other lanky looking nerd to me 😂

    L. AshbrookeL. Ashbrooke5 måneder siden
    • I realize Hugh is a well paid, famous comedian, but to me it seems he is still underrated. I recently saw some of his older, sketch comedy stuff, and it's brilliant, top notch stuff.

      kdpflushkdpflush4 måneder siden
  • Hello, yes, I would like to order some loo roll. How much? Oh, a Noel Fielding portrait amount, please.

    Eris OnWheelsEris OnWheels5 måneder siden
  • So that's where all the toilet role went?

    Adam SmithAdam Smith5 måneder siden
  • Look how smug they are, with their mountain of toilet rolls

    Jason RyanJason Ryan5 måneder siden
  • Upload more individual tasks from Series 7. It's got the best ones.

    Andrés PavajeauAndrés Pavajeau5 måneder siden
  • tbf hugh's looks like hellen mirren as the queen

    becky fbecky f5 måneder siden
    • I thought it was supposed to be Joe

      Joey BulfordJoey Bulford5 måneder siden
  • This should be a Home Task!

    DeeDahDeeDah5 måneder siden
  • Hugh's looks like Matt Smith

    Grace WalkerGrace Walker5 måneder siden
  • John Lennon and God were also my guesses

    Not GabrielNot Gabriel5 måneder siden
  • wow! 2017, Those were glorious heady days when people had plenty of bog roll. Series 4 was great. It was the first time I heard the word spatchcock. Now I do it every time I cook a chicken.

    flibbertygibbetflibbertygibbet5 måneder siden
  • Too soon man

    Geoffrey HuntGeoffrey Hunt5 måneder siden
    • @TeamPaul17 kook ñ

      Robert WeyersRobert Weyers3 måneder siden
    • Not soon enough. People are out here acting crazy in these streets. Some of them need a laugh.

      TeamPaul17TeamPaul175 måneder siden
  • Imagine flexing on everyone that hard.

    OldschoolhockeyOldschoolhockey5 måneder siden
  • These were clearly different times...

    Sebastian RechSebastian Rech5 måneder siden
    • Lol I thought the same. All that toilet paper.

      Mia SmithMia Smith5 måneder siden
  • Wow 5 minutes more! thanx

    Fran LambFran Lamb5 måneder siden
  • I am sorry, *loo roll?*

    GrieferGuyGrieferGuy5 måneder siden
    • @TeamPaul17 If you call "toilet paper" "toilet paper" in the US, why don't you call the place you use it a "toilet"? "Toilet paper" is also called "loo roll" or "bog roll" by some (including me). I call a "toilet" a "lavvy" but I've never heard "lavvy roll" or "lavvy paper".

      ExEssex :ExEssex :3 måneder siden
    • @TeamPaul17 I'd call it "toilet paper". You'll sometimes hear "bog roll", too.

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)5 måneder siden
    • TeamPaul17 I mean, loo is just the posh name for the toilets, or so I thought. You can hear joe call it a toilet roll in the beginning

      Jayk1406Jayk14065 måneder siden
    • "Loo" is the UK term for what we call a restroom/bathroom in the US. Loo roll is their term for toilet paper.

      TeamPaul17TeamPaul175 måneder siden
  • Now the pandemic hoarders have something to do with all their stockpiles that they can't return

    M LM L5 måneder siden
  • This task is quite the taunt in these times.

    thelightupmariothelightupmario5 måneder siden
    • Zero loo roll issues here in Sweden. 🙄 we just didnt go mental and hoard tons of it. 😆

      Andreas karlssonAndreas karlsson5 måneder siden
    • Dubious Bidet?

      Bucket_headBucket_head5 måneder siden
    • Haven't bought any TP this year

      DubiousDubious5 måneder siden
    • Ram ranch really rocks

      Zombified DAKNESZombified DAKNES5 måneder siden
    • only if you dont think ahead...

      toast1012toast10125 måneder siden
  • How incredibly topical. What a waste of good money.

    Blue 7119Blue 71195 måneder siden
    • @TeamPaul17 it’s understandable cause jokes don’t translate well with just text

      Blue 7119Blue 71195 måneder siden
    • @Blue 7119 My bad. It didn't quite read like a joke. I was actually thinking "Is this guy serious?" when I read your comment, LOL.

      TeamPaul17TeamPaul175 måneder siden
    • TeamPaul17 it’s a joke

      Blue 7119Blue 71195 måneder siden
    • When was this series filmed? 2017? With them filming in in 2016? Were you that concerned with toilet paper back then?

      TeamPaul17TeamPaul175 måneder siden
    • I like that your immediate concern is the money and not the paper

      X501X5015 måneder siden
  • First?

    Blue 7119Blue 71195 måneder siden
    • It would appear so, yes

      Bacon BaconBacon Bacon5 måneder siden