Make and Demonstrate the Best Method of Transport in Your Home | #Hometasking #StayHome

24. april. 2020
129 114 Ganger

It's the Taskmaster and Little Alex Horne here to announce the winner and the top entries of #HomeTasking task number 11 - make and demonstrate the best method of transport in your home.

Keep your eyes peeled on Monday and Wednesday at 9am GMT for more opportunities to win and be featured in a compilation with a special message from the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies.

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  • *invents teleporter

    Abysmal AvocadoAbysmal Avocado11 dager siden
  • Shelf-underground at 8:12 would have ranked in my vote. Adorable, next station is the kitchen XD

    romeinprogressromeinprogress2 måneder siden
  • I thought the winner was meant to be a pun, as in "around the world in a tea pot." as opposed to "around the world in eighty days".

    RR2 måneder siden
  • 13:16 - _“Hey, stay safe out there”_ - My eyes are up _here,_ Greg!

    Sebastian SimonSebastian Simon4 måneder siden
  • there were SO MANY great ones for this task!

    londontolosangeles12londontolosangeles125 måneder siden
  • All the ones with Kids in just having a great time, brings a much needed smile to the face seeing them all and the family joint efforts! That cardboard slide on the stairs looked awesome!

    KompoismKompoism5 måneder siden
  • 4:25 they've successfully made two types of perpetual motion transport- YAY !!! 😉😆🙄

    Jeff CarrJeff Carr5 måneder siden
  • 6:58 Dr Who was awesome! Not only the best transportation device ever, but clearly demonstrated its ability to move through time as well! Hats off to you brilliant family! You made my day, I hope this comments reaches you, I really do. Excellent stuff!

    justandy333justandy3335 måneder siden
  • WHO else is here for online school?

    sophia dohrnsophia dohrn5 måneder siden
  • Thanks for this Alex

    DarraghDarragh5 måneder siden
  • 3:15 the Floor Is Lava master in the flesh

    GastoghGastogh5 måneder siden
  • I love the horse-bike!

    Miriam BrouwerMiriam Brouwer5 måneder siden
  • #stopbeggingit

    Mayhem 2.0Mayhem 2.05 måneder siden
  • standards just keep going up

    Natalie ReesNatalie Rees5 måneder siden
  • The #1 winners are drinking their hot drinks from calamityware cups! Google it.

    Sly Hat JonesSly Hat Jones5 måneder siden
  • I like how the dogs are coerced into doing all the work but the cats get to just lay there doing nothing.

    Dubsy DubsDubsy Dubs5 måneder siden
  • You and little Alex stay safe too!!!💗💗

    lisa martinezlisa martinez5 måneder siden
  • I’m so glad they cut the music at 2:23 so we could hear that joyful laughter

    MKMK5 måneder siden
  • How do i upload or send a video in ppl? Please

    DJ Bombaya LewisDJ Bombaya Lewis5 måneder siden
  • So many brilliant videos. It must be so hard to choose the top ten!

    Hanna HolstHanna Holst5 måneder siden
  • As I watch everyone bad mine waw see how

    SaalxtSaalxt5 måneder siden
    • As I watch everyone's I see how bad mine was

      SaalxtSaalxt5 måneder siden
  • I see someone finally found a use for all the toilet paper they horded.

    Isaac ValentineIsaac Valentine5 måneder siden
  • Anyone know the name of the song?

    zangratzangrat5 måneder siden
  • Well Brits definitely read more than Americans 🤣

    Lolly LollyLolly Lolly5 måneder siden
  • I think I posted it to late

    Alice GouldAlice Gould5 måneder siden
  • It would be so much fun if, after all this was over, a special episode of taskmaster was filmed with some of the favourite hometaskers

    Tyler MurphyTyler Murphy5 måneder siden
  • I loved the cannonball

    SakineSakine5 måneder siden
  • I know my depression has kicked in, as I'm not getting as much joy from this as I usually do. Keep up with the videos they re sure to help someone elses mood until mine returns. And they give me something to look forward to throughout the week

    BelladonnaHarkerBelladonnaHarker5 måneder siden
    • Tempted to give a task a go? Very absorbing when you get into it. Mind yourself

      Eamonn GibbonsEamonn Gibbons5 måneder siden
    • Look after yourself.

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)5 måneder siden
    • Take care! 😘

      Barbara 165Barbara 1655 måneder siden
  • Is nobody gonna talk about the skill the kid showed with the ball? 3:16

    Winter CheckmateWinter Checkmate5 måneder siden
  • My fave? 10:38 Cuff that boy racer now and throw away the key! ;)

    Si HopebgoodSi Hopebgood5 måneder siden
  • I found this HomeTasking master list of points all tasks....

    Barbara KoziolBarbara Koziol5 måneder siden
  • Is Greg shittered or sick?

    Evan WilliamsEvan Williams5 måneder siden
  • Greg, Just binge watched all 4 series of 'Man Down', your task is to make another series.

    Antony Di SottoAntony Di Sotto5 måneder siden
  • The giggling... says it all. Thank you, Alex, Greg, and all involved. Legends the lot of you.

    M. Hans LiebertM. Hans Liebert5 måneder siden
  • A brilliant series, nice1 everyone for doing it! 👏👏👏👏👏

    S SS S5 måneder siden
  • Discovering TaskMaster and Hometasking a few days into the stay-at-home order is, to me, the best thing since sliced bread. I smile from ear to ear whenever a new Hometask is released. Thank you Alex, Thank you Greg and THANK YOU every last person, couple, family, pet who rises up to the challenge. I

    Adelaide McMillanAdelaide McMillan5 måneder siden
  • Lol I got in

    Joshua EveleighJoshua Eveleigh5 måneder siden
  • 0:53 just flexing on us with that many paper rolls

    Leo MoncayoLeo Moncayo5 måneder siden
  • People are so funny, loooooove this task!!

    Cheryl FullertonCheryl Fullerton5 måneder siden
  • Helping families in creating happy memories that will last a lifetime during this challenging time in history thank you Task Master.

    Brenda FairbrotherBrenda Fairbrother5 måneder siden
  • 8:12 I see Geoff Marshall has been busy during lockdown.

    cesariojpncesariojpn5 måneder siden
  • omggg..amazing entertained.roumd of applaud for everyone.

    di c ladi c la5 måneder siden
  • Greg is getting closer and closer to the camera each video when he says "stay safe out there" and I'm not sure how to feel about it.

    Brighton SheehanBrighton Sheehan5 måneder siden
    • I want to get inside his nostrils! ... or not.

      Kristian StipeKristian Stipe5 måneder siden
    • Also really curious about the apparent sunburn.

      Craig SaundersCraig Saunders5 måneder siden
  • Wow I love it! ❣️

    DobsterDobster5 måneder siden
  • you're gonna tell me, noone carried her gf around like a princess as a method of transport for her? *swim to UK to get gf

    Apollo MarsApollo Mars5 måneder siden
  • Love the suitcase with legs

    Tom bones JonesTom bones Jones5 måneder siden
  • How many times yall think the lady on the tires got broke filming that hahahaha

    Amanda FelicianoAmanda Feliciano5 måneder siden
  • Magnificent. These have inspired me to new levels of both creativity and laziness. I've incorporated my wheelchair into costume designs before, but I've given up on my desire to get my giant cat pull or carry me anywhere. Or even pretend to. 😂 (And since the cat is so massive, I can't really transport him in any effective and amusing way.)

    Eris OnWheelsEris OnWheels5 måneder siden
  • This made me think about when Joe Wilkinson had a strongman tote him about in an adult baby carrier.

    BGeniusBGenius5 måneder siden
  • My favorite was the underground.... awesome!!!!

    Ginny ShawGinny Shaw5 måneder siden
  • Why a sink?

    Blake St ClairBlake St Clair5 måneder siden
  • 4:24 adding some serious jeopardy to the proceedings

    carelesshxcarelesshx5 måneder siden
  • family taskmaster would be a great show

    OnehiccupOnehiccup5 måneder siden
  • Greg both strangely red and understandably drunk

    davidletuckdavidletuck5 måneder siden
    • Yeah, I clocked that. Puurleese tell me he's not ill? 😥🤞❤

      Penlotte ToydPenlotte Toyd5 måneder siden
  • It looks like the format change of Greg after the top ten is sticking, and it was the right move.

    Jonathan RossJonathan Ross5 måneder siden
  • Colin furze should have got on this imagine him whipping out a pulse jet!

    frankieboii2000frankieboii20005 måneder siden
  • All these people having dogs pull them with leashes instead of harness - please stop. They can damage their trachea. Monsters

    saving1catatatimesaving1catatatime5 måneder siden
    • I cringed at that.

      CheshireKatCheshireKat5 måneder siden
  • Oh to be a small child pulled through your own home

    Lady InsertnamehereLady Insertnamehere5 måneder siden
  • Next Task: Create a toupee or hair piece from completely edible materials.

    herr biggestfanherr biggestfan5 måneder siden
    • Sam Simmons did that once in an episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown! he put some lettuce or cabbage on a bald guy's head in the audience!

      Sarah KinseySarah Kinsey5 måneder siden
  • I loved the folding transformer disguise.

    Peter TaylorPeter Taylor5 måneder siden
  • This is a compilation of all the good ones. We need a compilation of all the terrible ones! And Greg reacting to them!

    Stef du ToitStef du Toit5 måneder siden
  • 3:27 should have been included.

    LogicalLogical5 måneder siden
  • it's beautiful when people can come together for a common cause...

    MrTinglesMrTingles5 måneder siden
  • no one with a wheelchair?

    VeitForABetterWorldVeitForABetterWorld5 måneder siden
    • @Moving Target Thanks

      VeitForABetterWorldVeitForABetterWorld5 måneder siden
    • yes at 1:54

      Moving TargetMoving Target5 måneder siden
  • 0:53 Now that cat knows how to flex

    Mark SuckerbergMark Suckerberg5 måneder siden
  • tears of joy with every episode! thank you TM!

    Jim DeArrudaJim DeArruda5 måneder siden
  • 4th place was so funny!! Should have won imo.

    Lukas DuchLukas Duch5 måneder siden
  • 4th place - just happened to have a pair of handcuffs handy - riigghhht 🤔

    chris ochris o5 måneder siden
  • This brings joy to so many families! Thank you Alex and Greg. Re-watching all the Taskmasters on TV now starting with season 1. Who else? :-)

    Addy DAddy D5 måneder siden
  • The one mimicking Up should be blurred for copyright issues. 😂😂😂

    CedarPointLuvr1 1CedarPointLuvr1 15 måneder siden
  • *PETA would like to know your location*

    TheOfficialCzexTheOfficialCzex5 måneder siden
  • Wizzykate’s was awesome! I want a go on that death slide - those kids will never forget that.

    CB GBCB GB5 måneder siden
  • Any other John Oliver fans notice the starry outfit in the clip at 7:13?

    George WadeGeorge Wade5 måneder siden
  • Just a little shoutout to saily mcsailface! We see you, and you’re great! Lol

    CB GBCB GB5 måneder siden
  • Going to space in a coffee pot has a olde worlde fable feel to it, like something out of Edward Lear or Lewis Carroll. Well done.

    GuanoLadGuanoLad5 måneder siden
    • Mde me think of ButtonMoon

      Helen MacklinHelen Macklin5 måneder siden
  • Yet again, better and better, the imagination and skill of all of the taskers is so good, these must keep going after the lockdown is over

    Karl ClemmyKarl Clemmy5 måneder siden
  • Bby_drake won it for me. The police after Dennis the menace had me giggling

    GlennGlenn5 måneder siden
  • Thank you for keeping the Taskmaster comments at the end!!!! And well done to the home underground family, i enjoyed their work immensely. Among the top ten i think the tortoises were my fave :P

    kousetsuhanakousetsuhana5 måneder siden
  • The guy at the computer @ 10:24 .... like WTF???? so funny

    Sandra RSandra R5 måneder siden
  • "Buh-bye. Buh-bye. Buh-bye." Loved it XD

    Daniel ColeDaniel Cole5 måneder siden
  • Looks had people have been .missing out on? !it that's what

    Ruth RiceRuth Rice5 måneder siden
  • *How freckin hard can it be to FLIP YOUR PHONES?!?!?*

    AnonymAlkoholikerAnonymAlkoholiker5 måneder siden
  • I absolutely love this. It’s something to look forward to, and it makes me smile...and occasionally laugh! 😀🥰

    Dr WooDr Woo5 måneder siden
  • i would've given this one to the guy being pulled by the turtles

    David SmithDavid Smith5 måneder siden
    • Tortoises. He has A LOT of patience. He was sat there for over 2 hours.

      Simon TaySimon Tay5 måneder siden
  • That 4th place seriously cracked me up. Really funny.

    CaranAWorldCaranAWorld5 måneder siden
  • How the F did not 3:15 win?! I'm in shock

    AfropalmenAfropalmen5 måneder siden
  • Thanks for all the creativity ❤️❤️❤️ Watching those videos makes me so happy 👏

    Real SalicaReal Salica5 måneder siden
  • 1:02 - Sorry, but that was never going to win. The taskmaster, like Rick Astley, is never going to give you 'Up'.

    Lee FisherLee Fisher5 måneder siden
  • SNORE!!!

    D AD A5 måneder siden
  • Anything that involves "toilet paper hoarding" gets my vote! The cat on cardboard, rolling across all those rolls of toilet aaper cracked me up!

    Laura LutherLaura Luther5 måneder siden
    • @Ernest Natiello bahabahaha!!! Now that 'upped my crack' . Lol

      Laura LutherLaura Luther5 måneder siden
    • seeing as how it's toilet paper related, shouldn't it have "upped your crack?"

      Ernest NatielloErnest Natiello5 måneder siden
    • I agree. It should be included in encyclopedias. Define a cat...

      glacier activityglacier activity5 måneder siden
  • So many cats and dogs being put to work here, poor things 😂😂

    Tim LewisTim Lewis5 måneder siden
  • Wow this challenge everyone was amazing! I had so much fun watching these. Keep up the great videos everyone.

    Rachel SperoniRachel Speroni5 måneder siden
  • The matress-stair slide is my childhood

    natchos mnatchos m5 måneder siden
    • The most amazing thing is that I am pretty sure that every kid who first discovers the idea that one can slide down stairs in a cardboard box or on a mattress is at the moment convinced that one is a genius since one is the first in history to have discovered this possibility. That feeling is amazing (and terribly wrong). The feeling is true, though. In the middle of the slide "OMG I AM A GENIUS" a tenth of a second before "how am I going to land this thing?". 100% pure existence. More brilliant than base-jumping - because one as a child feels one is the first in history to do this - and because base-jumpers actually have a plan for how they want to land. As child - we throw ourselves off the stairs with the idea that landing the experiment - we will worry about that when the problem arrives.

      glacier activityglacier activity5 måneder siden
  • You should compile all of these and make a broadcast episode when the quarantine is over.

    Super DSuper D5 måneder siden
  • Shouldn't you be giving credit to everyone in the montage?

    DemerionDemerion5 måneder siden
  • 0:54 Bloody hoarders!

    OkurkaOkurka5 måneder siden
  • I’m happy that Greg is using kind language during these for the kids. Not that I don’t love the vulgarness of the tv show lol.

    Steve BlaneSteve Blane5 måneder siden

    That Girl With The CoffeeThat Girl With The Coffee5 måneder siden
  • enjoyed this episode, but let's hope quarantine doesnt last too much longer. ps, i hope this filters back into their normal show too :)

    alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennon5 måneder siden
  • At 3:18 you can see Alex on the TV and it says "meta" (from "#hoMETAsking"), that is seriously meta!

    Benjamin WaltherBenjamin Walther5 måneder siden