Make a Really Really Big Version of Something That is Usually Quite Small | #HomeTasking #StayHome

1. mai. 2020
124 027 Ganger

It's the Taskmaster and Little Alex Horne here to announce the winner and the top entries of #HomeTasking task number 13 - make a really big version of something that is usually quite small and demonstrate it in action!

Keep your eyes peeled on Monday and Wednesday at 9am GMT for more opportunities to win and be featured in a compilation with a special message from the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies.

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  • So many made me laugh, but the giant underwear on the line and the hula hoop earrings were top for me 😂😂😂

    cannibalbananascannibalbananas29 dager siden
  • I love the real car as an rc, lol.

    Theo HaegeleTheo HaegeleMåned siden
  • lmao the giant frypan and egg one was amazing. imagine telling your class you got on "tv" for being a fried egg

    KiwiDaniKiwiDani5 måneder siden
  • Ahh the Eggs 😂😂😂

    paras2npatparas2npat5 måneder siden
  • Is there really a Taskmaster boardgame??? And also...I love all of you people! You are crazy creative!

    Adelaide McMillanAdelaide McMillan5 måneder siden
  • I loved the bird poo one. i laughed at it, would've added it to the top 10

    SakineSakine5 måneder siden
  • Personal favorites were the light switch at 7:50 and the perfume bottle at 11:20. Just funny visual gags done really well.

    Joshua RoweJoshua Rowe5 måneder siden
  • These are so creative

    NippleNinja2NippleNinja25 måneder siden
  • Task 13 was a triumph! I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS! It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    Bihari KristófBihari Kristóf5 måneder siden
  • If cookies are called biscuits in the UK, what do they call biscuits? So confused 🤷🏻‍♂️

    D.McElhaneyD.McElhaney5 måneder siden
    • A bun, roll, batch, cob... it's a whole regional thing that can cause a war in England so we all doth our caps politely and agree to disagree. When I first heard of biscuits and gravy I thought it was preposterous that you would defile a custard cream with gravy but then learnt what it was but eh who am I to judge someone ate a bat and look where we all are right now, hometasking !!

      Amanda GouldingayAmanda Gouldingay5 måneder siden
  • I loved big Little Alex Horn! Also guys with big crow are brilliant 👏

    var varvar var5 måneder siden
  • 13:30 Vertical Video Syndrome :-(

    Kas van 't LandKas van 't Land5 måneder siden
  • Can someone please help me out, what is the one at 11:30?

    Kirsten WinchKirsten Winch5 måneder siden
    • i think it was picking your nose and eating the snot. dont know if that was linked to the final nose clip though

      alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennon5 måneder siden
  • Isn’t that just a copy of the Balsen advert though?

    wizzardoffuzzwizzardoffuzz5 måneder siden
  • Monster fish tank guy was in here!

    IllaythiaIllaythia5 måneder siden
  • Loved the trampoline eggs lol

    JchatheJchathe5 måneder siden
  • "He got pretty Dawson's Creek after a glass of wine" 🤣🤣

    bookgal63bookgal635 måneder siden
  • I want a giant biscuit now 🤤

    Catherine SCatherine S5 måneder siden
  • The fried eggs made me laugh.

    mandy cmandy c5 måneder siden
  • The potato masher really got to me hahahahh

    K C GeorgesonK C Georgeson5 måneder siden
  • Weak first place

    StealthAssasin 1DayStealthAssasin 1Day5 måneder siden
  • Why are comically oversized things so funny?

    Nick CurrieNick Currie5 måneder siden
  • We need more Greg!

    Mandy TyzackMandy Tyzack5 måneder siden
  • 10:27 - I was hoping for exactly that. Kudos!

    Michael WinterMichael Winter5 måneder siden
  • imagine having money

    Staka DugganStaka Duggan5 måneder siden
  • Does taking Rik Mayall and making a Greg Davies count?

    Isabelle DrennanIsabelle Drennan5 måneder siden
  • I consumed cereal with a shovel and dident get in ):

    Caedmon Berkes-AdamsCaedmon Berkes-Adams5 måneder siden
  • i feel like deep down we're all just Poo Fly Kids...

    MrTinglesMrTingles5 måneder siden
  • Funny how many people came up with similar idea independently

    ohcrapitsmrGohcrapitsmrG5 måneder siden
  • i only just missed this task

    Hamish Hector-TaylorHamish Hector-Taylor5 måneder siden
  • Eyebrows.....

    Sarah PottsSarah Potts5 måneder siden
  • 10:26 Legit though that was alex for a sec

    Mihoshika FurudeMihoshika Furude5 måneder siden
  • Love your work havnt missed an ep but my dreams are now haunted by the TM music themes

    anggellos87anggellos875 måneder siden
  • I loved the bird poo idea 😂

    FrankieFrankie5 måneder siden
  • Baffled by how many people did q-tips. Update: And guitar picks.

    Celine RazaviCeline Razavi5 måneder siden
  • The bird poop one should have been in the Top 10. Absolutely hilarious. These videos are so much fun!!!

    Johnathan CJohnathan C5 måneder siden
  • I'm surprised no one made something invisible to the naked eye bigger, like a bacterium or even an atom That would have been an epic scale of size.

    Kathryn WhiteKathryn White5 måneder siden
    • corona virus, pacman style lol. too early? i'll let myself out, sorry

      alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennon5 måneder siden
  • Wonder if Greg will ever figure out where the camera is on his phone...

    codswallop321codswallop3215 måneder siden
  • The Taskmaster is channeling Brian Blessed at the finale.

    Jay DixonJay Dixon5 måneder siden
  • A lot of these had a pretty loose grasp of the word 'working'. Some of those that didn't get any points were much better than the winner. But never mind. Still a good job.

    icturner23icturner235 måneder siden
  • Greg’s specs are the winner for me!

    Charlie DanceCharlie Dance5 måneder siden
  • I saw many videos on twitter that were WAY better than some of these. Seems like when there’s a kid involved the video is chosen for the montage even if they don’t really do anything special.

    Not just another guyNot just another guy5 måneder siden
  • Red dwarf reference at 15:35 Smeg refrigerator.

    Aaron PincusAaron Pincus5 måneder siden
  • I hope they use this task on the actual show

    LewisLewis5 måneder siden
  • The deadpan delivery really sold the giant lipstick.

    NmatNmat5 måneder siden
  • Hey up Greg, you lost your hair comb?

    kidneystone53kidneystone535 måneder siden
  • Haha! The giant bird poo was my winner!😂

    CatherineCatherine5 måneder siden
  • The giant child eating fly, it's a mosquito! How could you not get it? It sucked the blood!

    natchos mnatchos m5 måneder siden
  • oH my god the fried eggs loooll

    natchos mnatchos m5 måneder siden
  • The fried eggs are genius 5:02

    chick256chick2565 måneder siden
    • @chick256 😊

      EE5 måneder siden
    • @E 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🐥🍳🐣

      chick256chick2565 måneder siden
    • Obviously you loved the eggs part, you're a chick.

      EE5 måneder siden
  • Haha, love the cello violin

    Kiyua HiawogKiyua Hiawog5 måneder siden
  • Greg's hair is a bit messed and he's now singing stay safe out there. I'm getting concerned.

    Brighton SheehanBrighton Sheehan5 måneder siden
  • it's funny how many people come up with very similar ideas

    Brenda FairbrotherBrenda Fairbrother5 måneder siden
  • Tale as old as time Song as old as rhyme Ben Steele and his friend.

    GyropilotGyropilot5 måneder siden
  • I absolutely love this task's compilation of submissions! This really gave me the laugh I needed today, so thank you everyone!

    Maria MarsbarMaria Marsbar5 måneder siden
  • Did 2nd place just literally film some cow shit and think that will do 😂

  • 6:52 I presume this was at work, or do they actually have an aquarium in their house!

    We say no to pay to winWe say no to pay to win5 måneder siden
  • Taskmaster Greg - did you ever take the trip to Joe Lycett's yurt he kindly bought you in Series 4?

    SteveD81SteveD815 måneder siden
  • 2:40 LMFAO

    ArchirnoArchirno5 måneder siden
  • Gonnae stop with the ads from people's home videos :(

    Chris NicolChris Nicol5 måneder siden
    • @alphadawn2015 lennon the adverts.

      Chris NicolChris Nicol5 måneder siden
    • what's an ad?

      alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennon5 måneder siden
  • Big biscuits are the best biscuits.

    Clare WillisonClare Willison5 måneder siden
  • we all only love the singing Henry Hoover and no other vacuum cleaner i guess

    P. Sandra TangkulungP. Sandra Tangkulung5 måneder siden
  • The fried eggs were cute

    Kirsch RotKirsch Rot5 måneder siden
  • The bird poo was the one where I actually laughed out loud.

    ZouchZouch5 måneder siden
    • Same here. 😆

      Qwiksylvr 2012Qwiksylvr 20125 måneder siden
    • That one should have been in the top 10 at least!

      Sarah KinseySarah Kinsey5 måneder siden
  • When I saw the very first one, I thought "How is this not a winner?" The choice of TV shots was inspired!

    Martin PoulterMartin Poulter5 måneder siden
  • Aww, my submission didn't make it in at all this time :(

    Benjamin MeijerBenjamin Meijer5 måneder siden
    • OMG! It was so funny. I think it would have taken first place. Thanks for sharing it on twitter.

      Trish wTrish w5 måneder siden
    • Yours was brilliant

      Not just another guyNot just another guy5 måneder siden
    • @Trish w NOworld probably won't let me send a link to it here, but you can look up @Ball_Cipher on Twitter to see it. I think I uploaded it 5 minutes or so past the deadline so that probably didn't help.

      Benjamin MeijerBenjamin Meijer5 måneder siden
    • What did you do?

      Trish wTrish w5 måneder siden
  • The spider in the bath is brilliant.

    The Pirate CatsThe Pirate Cats5 måneder siden
  • but.. but ... a lot of those weren't "working" ...

    Sicho84Sicho845 måneder siden

    feliciachurrosfeliciachurros5 måneder siden
  • This was ‘ridiculouslay’ fun!!!! 🐬🐬🐬

    JenniferSwiftBloodJenniferSwiftBlood5 måneder siden
  • Brilliant. So many fantastic ideas!

    Dr WooDr Woo5 måneder siden
  • i actually love how at the beginning we just had 5-8 mins and now we're at around 15 mins

    lolthispoopslolthispoops5 måneder siden
  • Is it Big or just very far away?

    Brendan CullBrendan Cull5 måneder siden
  • The poo bag emoji kid should have made the montage!!💩

    Looby LooLooby Loo5 måneder siden
  • Is it really necessary to have 5 adverts in this video? So irritating...

    MrPhil1503MrPhil15035 måneder siden
    • what's an ad?

      alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennon5 måneder siden
    • I didn't had ads either, only a banner at the start.

      EE5 måneder siden
    • You have adverts? I didn't get a single one! I WANNA GIVE THEM THE AD REVENUE MONEY! XD

      XenophacilusXenophacilus5 måneder siden
  • Don't put Q-tips in your ears!

    Andrew MartinAndrew Martin5 måneder siden
    • @E Infinitely worse!

      Andrew MartinAndrew Martin5 måneder siden
    • How about other people's ears?

      EE5 måneder siden
  • if the taskmaster had any sanity left, he would of put that kid with the toy train in the top 10

    Geo SerenityGeo Serenity5 måneder siden
  • So Audible was the number 1? I don't ge-...oh wait it was a mid-video ad at the perfect moment.

    Daniel ColeDaniel Cole5 måneder siden
    • what's an ad?

      alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennon5 måneder siden
  • OMG Greg's Hair! Thought mine was bad, feel a bit better now I've seen his. Shave it off Greg.

    Louise WalkerLouise Walker5 måneder siden
  • "The fact that it ate a child at the end definitely appeals to me" -- Greg Davies Why am I not surprised?

    JohanJohan5 måneder siden
    • Very W. C. Fields, for those old enough to know who that was!

      Chicago BoyChicago Boy5 måneder siden
  • I love these videos but god the music is awful

    RamblingsRamblings5 måneder siden
  • The snake and ladderss

    Oren KassnerOren Kassner5 måneder siden
  • There was so many good ones that never made the video 😄

    STE6677STE66775 måneder siden
  • 7:34 NEK MINNIT Ka Pai Kiwis!!! 11:21 Giant Perfume - I love this! 😂

    CatherinzslCatherinzsl5 måneder siden
  • The person who nonchalantly wiped the floor with their daughter is my favorite.

    Лекс ЭльбаррелЛекс Эльбаррел5 måneder siden
    • Endearing though I'm confused as a child isn't much bigger than a mop!

      The BamforthThe Bamforth5 måneder siden
    • That one and the bird shit one should have won!

      Sarah KinseySarah Kinsey5 måneder siden
  • 9:23 I Never imagined it would reach the Philippines!!!!

    jake rebadaviajake rebadavia5 måneder siden
  • 3:31 tried to recreate the color palette of the show? pretty good :)

    Bastien MerindolBastien Merindol5 måneder siden
  • 3:31 Oh great, big thanks to the people who made a global-sized game of Pandemic. Real cool, guys.

    Joseph PilatoJoseph Pilato5 måneder siden

      Carolina MacielCarolina Maciel5 måneder siden
    • 😂

      Miriam BrouwerMiriam Brouwer5 måneder siden
    • @alrith72 To add to the pedantics, the game wasn't even set up correctly. There were player cards on the space of the infection card deck, no objectives were in play, and perhaps most importantly: That game doesn't even use dice....

      Bob ZwetslootBob Zwetsloot5 måneder siden
    • Pandemic is a board game produced in 2008, the legacy version shown here 2015. And just to be a pedant they made a giant die not a giant game. Yes I am fun at parties 🤓

      alrith72alrith725 måneder siden
  • best one so far!

    Marieke van EssenMarieke van Essen5 måneder siden
  • Bird poo should have been among the top ones. It was magnificent!

    MalawisLilleKanalMalawisLilleKanal5 måneder siden
    • @4hm35319hd0h5 *Ba dum tsss*

      Sampoorna108Sampoorna1085 måneder siden
    • It was indeed, excrement!

      4hm35319hd0h54hm35319hd0h55 måneder siden
    • Was the best one.

      Sarah-Anne _Sarah-Anne _5 måneder siden
    • It made me laugh out loud! My Mom looked at me as if i was crazy.

      Sampoorna108Sampoorna1085 måneder siden
    • So simple, yet brilliant! I loved it!

      bumble beeswaxbumble beeswax5 måneder siden
  • 5:09 Wow even Steve Merchant took part!! 🤣

    V8HiluxV8Hilux5 måneder siden
    • @MalawisLilleKanal 😅

      V8HiluxV8Hilux5 måneder siden
    • Nah, not lanky enough, and his eyes were not bulging with unknown riches.

      MalawisLilleKanalMalawisLilleKanal5 måneder siden
  • Is it just me that feels like these videos are getting too long and filled with mediocre entries?

    boblebobboblebob5 måneder siden
    • boblebob Mediocre to say the least yeah

      Not just another guyNot just another guy5 måneder siden
  • I enjoyed snakes and ladders 1:49 :D I would kind of want to play life-sized snakes and ladders :D And I loved oversized snooker.

    Krzysztof WronaKrzysztof Wrona5 måneder siden
    • Hopefully without live snakes

      Krzysztof WronaKrzysztof Wrona5 måneder siden
    • Hopefully one day soon everyone can play a huge game of snakes and ladders whenever they want! It was a good one ;)

      KompoismKompoism5 måneder siden
  • In all honesty this is definitely the weakest selection yet, especially after the wonderful historical re-enactments. But still plenty to enjoy. I can’t believe Greg didn’t put the giant bird crap in his top 10.

    kisbiekisbie5 måneder siden
  • 8:53 that’s a difficult pill to swallow.

    Rowan AboatRowan Aboat5 måneder siden
  • Hahaha- the one of the wife decking her husband with a q-tip is excellent!

    Anabel TeresaAnabel Teresa5 måneder siden
  • Love the BIG FOOD items, Barry Lewis would be proud of you, however If you want to see more really BIG FOOD being made check out his BIG FOOD play list -

    Cricket EnglandCricket England5 måneder siden
  • Very underwelmed by a huge amount of these, an 8 minute video with all the drab removed would of been better

    Paul QuaifePaul Quaife5 måneder siden
    • Eh, just let the people have some fun and enjoy their 20 seconds of fame. Sometimes the lesser-quality ones are very heartwarming because you can see how much fun they had making it.

      SoepsasSoepsas5 måneder siden
    • Agreed, though I actually really like the giant table football. Sometimes it’s the complete lack of effort that makes it more entertaining.

      kisbiekisbie5 måneder siden
  • As a cello player, I got *extremely* neevous at the cello part

    George RuizGeorge Ruiz5 måneder siden
    • @George Ruiz Well that's true but the saxophone is also a very distinct part of his theme. I just thought piano would be less unique since it's also a key element in Josuke's theme

      Hot PantsHot Pants5 måneder siden
    • @Hot Pants Giorno plays the piano, not the sax

      George RuizGeorge Ruiz5 måneder siden
    • Huh I thought of you more as a saxophone player

      Hot PantsHot Pants5 måneder siden
  • 10:26 it's so quick, but I laughed so hard!!

    TheTheoTheroneTheTheoTherone5 måneder siden