James Acaster Ignoring Alex Horne | Taskmaster

29. aug.. 2020
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From series 7 of Taskmaster, every time James Acaster ignored Little Alex Horne's polite greetings.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • "Hi James 🙂" 'Bunch of eggs 😒'

    Amber FallAmber Fall4 dager siden
  • he's not ignoring alex. that's just his way of saying hi - with his eyes. and contempt.

    lisa simpsonlisa simpson6 dager siden
  • "The task isn't be nice to Alex." At some point they should give just one contestant a task that says "Be as nice to Alex as possible. You have 8 weeks." And not tell anyone else.

    Joe TickleJoe Tickle7 dager siden
  • Now all type in "hello Alex". At the time of this comment the correct video is 7th one down! 👍

    Jordan LewisJordan Lewis13 dager siden
  • Hi James Bunch of eggs Hi James

    sam tinklersam tinkler14 dager siden
  • "bunch of eggs"

    Tyler NassTyler Nass16 dager siden
  • not particulary funny, just rude

    Hugh JassHugh Jass18 dager siden
  • Alex: "Hello, James." James: *pointed silence* Phil and Rod: 👁️👄👁️

    Issaca Pomerance-TriftsIssaca Pomerance-Trifts19 dager siden
  • I will never not laugh at the elevator task, that was almost sadder to watch than the hula hoops

    F_lloutboyF_lloutboy24 dager siden
  • Still a better love story than Twilight.

    Diogenes of SeattleDiogenes of SeattleMåned siden
  • The maze runner referance- Omg

    The cherrioThe cherrioMåned siden
  • You have no idea how long I’ve asked for this

    Lol innit famLol innit famMåned siden
  • Like an annoyed teenager when the parents ask "How was your day?"

    Autumn GordonAutumn GordonMåned siden
  • Call me petty if you must, but this is the reason I don't like James Acaster. No excuse for rudeness. If I were famous and worthy of being on Taskmaster, not only would I say hello to Alex, I'd make him a cup of tea too.

    Cat in a boxCat in a boxMåned siden
    • It's not rudeness. It's a bit. Alex and James are both comedians and are achieving comedy together in this, Alex in this case playing the straight man. You must remember that when the task starts and Alex says hi, they have both most likely already met a little while before the cameras started rolling and exchanged grettings and small talk. Once the camera is on, they both assume their comedic personas and James not saying hi for the cameras it just a running gag. I personally quite enjoyed it, and it had a lovely little pay-off when after the airing of the last episode, James tweeted "Bye, Alex." 👋😊

      SingenStatt AtmenSingenStatt AtmenMåned siden
  • Obviously not a bit.

    Wilhelm HedinWilhelm HedinMåned siden
  • wish they'd included a screenshot of when James' tweeted "Bye Alex" after the last episode of the show

    eva miaeva miaMåned siden
  • So hot, that James is👍

    NameNameMåned siden
  • I love how at the end Rhod and Phil started ignoring Alex as well :)

    Linda MLinda MMåned siden
  • Finally!!!

    Viraj ReddyViraj ReddyMåned siden
    • Now every Alice Levine greeting

      Viraj ReddyViraj ReddyMåned siden
  • I thought this would make me laugh but it just made me sad. *HI ALEX*

    Jenna MurphyJenna MurphyMåned siden
  • "I love catching people in the act. That's why I always whip open doors." - Dwight Schrute

    Ramone CricketRamone CricketMåned siden
  • Everyone watching this every time James ignores Alex: 👁️👄👁️

    Luna H.Luna H.Måned siden
  • I just ate a whole box of mac&cheese

    PsychxticRosePsychxticRoseMåned siden
  • this is called FANSERVICE. thank you Taskmaster!

    Chelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerChelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerMåned siden
  • I mean, I'm pretty upset when I've just woken up too.

    Zack HansonZack HansonMåned siden
  • I bet the show probably has a bunch of re-takes and b-roll footage of things like entrances and exits. Every time James glares at Alex, I imagine him thinking, “Why are you saying hello to me? We’ve been filming together for 45 minutes already. I will not lie to our audience!”

    Elizabeth S.Elizabeth S.Måned siden
  • Can we get six minutes of Phil in that onesie? 😉

    warmgulfwindwarmgulfwindMåned siden
  • See as with last season and the one player said hi Alex in a variety of ways, I thought this was a secret task to NOT say hi to Alex, like at the beginning they gave the task only to James. It would be a funny reveal for the last episode

    Jason FlayJason FlayMåned siden
  • Please bring back James to the show. He is GREAT!!!!

    C MarqC MarqMåned siden
  • Jerk.

    -FAZIK--FAZIK-Måned siden
  • The way he goes through doors or entrances 😂

    NeaNeaMåned siden
  • Hilarious Brill Love taskmaster can't wait for S10

    Alfred ParkinsonAlfred ParkinsonMåned siden
  • I don't know how it's in UK. But in Russia it is a highest level of disrespect, not answering to a greetings. It's actually an insult. You may have your face punched to small pieces because of it.

    Павел СлюнособакинПавел СлюнособакинMåned siden
    • It's considered rude in the UK too (well in the video it's not actually rude because it's a comedy show and it's a joke) - I'm pretty sure if this happened in real life in the UK people would judge. I wouldn't say that it's the highest level of disrespect in the UK though... just kind of impolite.

      birdspiracybirdspiracyMåned siden
  • I hope we get a compilation of Mel and the wax seals, with a message from Mel finally telling us what she did with them :)

    gusey1397gusey1397Måned siden
    • She melted them down for later

      Timothy CreightonTimothy Creighton16 dager siden
  • I find this incredibly rude. It's like refusing a handshake

    Duckbilled WalrusDuckbilled WalrusMåned siden
  • I love this man so much. I mean James (not Alex)

    Alanna xoxAlanna xoxMåned siden
  • Alex comes across as very needy :D 😂😂😂

    SydMintSydMintMåned siden
  • They could have included when Alex asks why he never says hi mid-task and James shrugs and Alex says "It would be nice" missed opportunity 😂

    Imogen MaeImogen MaeMåned siden
  • That dude needs a serious attitude check. Something along the lines of a broken jaw sounds about right. Alternatively, the "taskmaster" should have disqualified him the FIRST TIME that happened.

    Just Another Shattered RealityJust Another Shattered RealityMåned siden
    • the whole thing is scripted, they both agreed on it

      NikolettNikolettMåned siden
    • It's a bit, mate.

      Timotheit4Timotheit4Måned siden
  • James’s mood is a Monday morning.

    Original T-T-T TudorOriginal T-T-T TudorMåned siden
  • the actual taskmaster is alex.

    john somerandomnumberjohn somerandomnumberMåned siden
  • I thought this was an actual task but no, just rudeness

    SimienSimienMåned siden
  • 0:53 was the best one. The long walk to the caravan, no Alex in sight. And James with a side glance.

    Portsmouth TaskmasterPortsmouth TaskmasterMåned siden
  • Hi James Bunch of eggs

    SmallVoicesSmallVoicesMåned siden
  • I thought it was a task! "Do not greet anyone for 6 months, your time starts now." Like when a certain someone had to keep sending Greg sexy texts.

    The sandwichThe sandwichMåned siden
  • You need to include the clip where he explains why he doesn't say hi (it's not part of the task), otherwise it just comes off as weird

    Jared HuangJared HuangMåned siden
  • James ignoring Alex is the second best thing of this season right below Rhod Gilbert using the same picture for every task

    Kabir AgnihotriKabir AgnihotriMåned siden
  • He accidentally says hi in one episode

    Tanveer HaqueTanveer HaqueMåned siden
  • I've read a load of comments but none I've seen explains why JA is blanking AH. So why?

    ExEssex :ExEssex :Måned siden
    • "Its not part of the task, is it" is a direct quote from Acaster. I think he did it to maybe stand out from every other contestant that's been on the show. Or he knows that, on camera, Greg despises Alex and thought Greg would enjoy the rudeness towards him.

      Achilles ImmortalAchilles ImmortalMåned siden
  • not part of the task

    Тορ ИзρТορ ИзρMåned siden
  • Hello james

    Niteraz aka Ok OkNiteraz aka Ok OkMåned siden
  • I think James did said hello to Alex in the switch task, at least in the middle of it rather than the beginning

    Angelo BarredoAngelo BarredoMåned siden
  • now we need a supercut of the nicknames from last series!

    L. Lee ButlerL. Lee ButlerMåned siden
  • Hi James!

    RoseKindredRoseKindredMåned siden
  • Its not in the task, is it?

    Zak LanisZak LanisMåned siden
  • The supercut we deserve

    Goa ConstrictorGoa ConstrictorMåned siden
  • Bring James back on and give him the task to say hello to Alex.

    Ian ReidIan ReidMåned siden
  • this is both the funniest and saddest thing I have ever seen

    Charo DCharo DMåned siden
  • I'm not sure why people find this funny.

    AgustinAgustinMåned siden
  • Well as most of us have not seen the end of this series 7. Im actually wondering if this ignoring thing is a task made just for james.

    Jancel AboboJancel AboboMåned siden
  • This made me like James less also when he called Greg a big pussy but I do laugh every time he enters violently through a door

    TiffYG2133TiffYG2133Måned siden
  • i actually thought james isn't saying hi because it was a personal task for him and if it isn't it is little bit mean

    Michael ___Michael ___Måned siden
    • It’s a bit, no harm done

      ReedReedMåned siden
  • I have been waiting for this compilation since this series first aired

    Pompey EyrePompey EyreMåned siden
  • I think James actively dislikes him

    oxy 75oxy 75Måned siden
  • Alex Hornses...... Best...

    loriziellloriziellMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂😂love it👌

    Me GMe GMåned siden
  • It happened I didn’t think they would do it but they did

    Gabriela BGabriela BMåned siden
  • Gosh, too many people thinking that this is not a bit and actually thinking Acaster is an immature or rude person. Taskmasters is a somewhat scripted show that heavily relies on the comics to do their part by putting a comedic spin on the odd silly tasks. Perhaps it’s because you have only seen Acaster in his brash antics, however if you see his interviews, you’d see that he is a genuinely down-to-earth, sweet person who is extremely respectful; personality wise, it’s a complete 180 of the character he plays, and to be fair, his comic persona is pretty much respectable as well anyway. He is by no means a rude or “immature” person. In one of his written interviews, he retold a story of a panel show where the participating guest were shown a clip of an “internet famous personal” called Sam Pepper, where Sam essentially surprise and coerce random girls to make out and basically get off with him on camera. Other participating guest sort of laughed it off, but James said he couldn’t keep up his act, he dropped his persona and told off Sam by saying that- “That is the most fucked up thing I have ever seen,” and so on to Sam peppers’ face. James later told the editors to keep that part in if they intended to televise the ridiculous coercing clip they showed on the panel.

    ReedReedMåned siden
  • After the last episode of the season, James tweeted "Bye, Alex"

    This New Meta SucksThis New Meta SucksMåned siden
    • @Aaron Hurst obviously I get the joke but he's actually talked about the real reasoning recently on a podcast called "might delete later" which was super interesting

      Mary LouMary Lou4 dager siden
    • It's because it's not on the task, none of the tasks say 'say hello to Alex'.

      Stephen FrankStephen Frank8 dager siden
    • @This New Meta Sucks Probably scarred after the constant lettucing he was getting, bless him

      Aaron HurstAaron Hurst15 dager siden
    • This New Meta Sucks ohh ok, thanks anyways :)

      hey it’s charhey it’s charMåned siden
    • @hey it’s char he doesnt use twitter or any social media anymore, he deleted them

      This New Meta SucksThis New Meta SucksMåned siden
  • I love how he turns to acknowledge Alex, just so it’s clear he did hear him and he is ignoring him

    JakeTakesTheCakesJakeTakesTheCakesMåned siden
  • Well done for not including the "why don't you ever say hi to me" moment. Not part of the task, is it.

    Kevin WKevin WMåned siden
  • Always felt sorry for Alex in these parts 😂😂

    Sarah FosterSarah FosterMåned siden
  • They should've included the clip of Greg asking James why he doesn't greet Alex

    Berkeley PickellBerkeley PickellMåned siden
  • It's great

    slothfulcobraslothfulcobraMåned siden
  • I dont know if this deliberate ( - yeah mate - "not in task" - whatever) - or he was trying to be "funny" either way it came off as extremely *rude* to me, esp after Alex asked him why (wish they included this) - seen comments, 'should have been a task' - NO, should be considered basic common manners - esp to Alex who is the creator and writer of the show ffs - James just comes off - esp combined with his occasional temper trantrums - as a rude, arrogant immature little shit

    Julia ConnellJulia ConnellMåned siden
  • Hello James

    Icelandic PotatoIcelandic PotatoMåned siden
  • Such a good joke by James. I laughed every time he did this in the series

    Connor MartinConnor MartinMåned siden
  • In the final clip the tone of voice he uses when he says hi to Rhod and then James is so noticeable 😂

    FrankieFrankieMåned siden
  • ..but, WHY?

    Filippo SerraFilippo SerraMåned siden
  • We asked and they delivered!

    Mister AppleMister AppleMåned siden
  • I will never get tired of him Kramer-ing into the rooms

    Christian HeasleyChristian HeasleyMåned siden
    • that was one of my favorite bits from this series. Acaster is a legend.

      Wapinschaw YamsWapinschaw Yams13 dager siden
  • You never know if it's just an act

    May MccarthyMay MccarthyMåned siden
  • One of my favorite running gags on the show x)

    Dyanne AboboDyanne AboboMåned siden
  • A compilation long overdue! Haha.

    Gabriel Paolo PerezGabriel Paolo PerezMåned siden
  • I love that this is a video haha

    CynthiaCynthiaMåned siden
  • It's like when you come into the kitchen and see the pile of washing up you should've done 2 days ago - a brief irritated glance and then carry on with something else...

    alexxxthalexxxthMåned siden
  • does he say hi to Alex in the "what does this switch do" challenge? He walks outside and I think I got really excited because he said Hi!

    Nekome CrossNekome CrossMåned siden
    • Yes. In that episode James asks 'Where is he? Where is Alex?' inside the house and then when he goes out and sees Alex says 'Hi Alex!' I've only seen season 7 ten times 😂

      Lotta KukekeLotta KukekeMåned siden
  • Holy ish by the end of it he's spread it like a disease XDDD Rhod started off confused, as if offended on Alex's behalf. "Do you not say hello, James...?" Two team tasks later and none of them responded to Alex XDDDDDDDDD

    slipknot95maggotslipknot95maggotMåned siden
    • Love the bit

      ReedReedMåned siden
  • He DOES say hello back at least once during this series.

    BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollinsMåned siden
    • @Michael Klopf it was the task "find out what this switch turns on", he was really excited doing it and when he got out and saw Alex, he greeted him and said he likes the task the best so far

      NikolettNikolettMåned siden
    • @Adriano Vaz I agree with bobby, I watched the season two weeks ago and I think at one time he said hi. I can't give you evidence, because I don't know which episode it was :D

      Michael KlopfMichael KlopfMåned siden
    • @BobbyLCollins let's wait till the whole series is up but I definitely don't remember any time he did said Hello back to Alex

      Adriano VazAdriano VazMåned siden
    • @Julia Connell Yes he does. He definitely says hello to Alex at least once.

      BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollinsMåned siden
    • No, he never ever does

      Julia ConnellJulia ConnellMåned siden
  • Hello James = 0:03 0:11 0:15 0:20 0:24 0:38 0:48 0:51 0:58 1:03 1:06 1:12 1:23 1:34 1:36 1:41

    what's a good usernamewhat's a good usernameMåned siden
  • I love how by the end Phil and Rhod didn't say hello back

    Lisandro DiazLisandro DiazMåned siden
    • That cracked me up, and I'd missed it in the actual episode, may have missed it on the rewatch too without this compilation.

      CarlosMensuckassCarlosMensuckassMåned siden
  • I just LOVE James' cute, moody-ass behaviour! He's soo freaking adorable somehow...

    Anita SusanAnita SusanMåned siden
  • Now one with Alice and the pet names.

    CascascapCascascapMåned siden
    • @Johan Olin link please

      TheGinnnnnngerTheGinnnnnngerMåned siden
    • Cascascap been done.

      Johan OlinJohan OlinMåned siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Dave MontesDave MontesMåned siden
  • he does so little and is yet so funny

    Isabel RaménIsabel RaménMåned siden
  • I thought this was so mean!:(

    Aidan SheridanAidan SheridanMåned siden
    • Don’t worry, it’s a bit. James is a pretty sweet person. It’s all in fun. Better than putting people down and making personal rude remarks, like most odd comedy panel shows.

      ReedReedMåned siden
  • "It's not in the task, is it?"

    hollyhollyMåned siden
  • I like how it evolved to the point that all three of them ignored Alex 1:38

    Shannon MathewsShannon MathewsMåned siden
  • for someone who tried to drown himself when he didn’t get the spice girls’ debut album ‘spice’ for christmas, i am not surprised! xD

    Thejazhazo MedomThejazhazo MedomMåned siden
    • If I had cabbages in my trailer I wouldn't trust anyone either

      kutip1027kutip1027Måned siden
    • HAHhahahhaaa

      trumanblankktrumanblankkMåned siden
    • Louise didn't deserve it!

      Jess AJess AMåned siden
    • Lol why would he lie about that

      Malav PatelMalav PatelMåned siden
  • 0:48 he DID give him a thumbs up

    Sophia RedwoodSophia RedwoodMåned siden