Ed Gamble's Best Taskmaster Moments

18. mai. 2020
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"I have three sensitivity levels!" - It's Ed Gamble's best moments on series 9 of Taskmaster.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • The GOAT

    Wilhelm LindbergWilhelm LindbergDag siden
  • i can see why ed and james are friends now lmao

    Akanksha PhillipsAkanksha Phillips2 dager siden
  • Love me some mr gamble

    Mugshot MarleyMugshot Marley4 dager siden
  • Love a diabetic comedian

    Jesse WilkinJesse Wilkin27 dager siden
  • Ed is a legend

    Marcus BreathnachMarcus Breathnach28 dager siden
  • Best of the best of, well done Ed. Real laugh out loud stuff

    D M WD M W2 måneder siden
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    RIA SUCI ANISA 2014RIA SUCI ANISA 20144 måneder siden
  • What happened to their face at the last task. It seems burnt

    BestOfUsBestOfUs4 måneder siden
  • Please do best bits of bob Mortimer

    King of the SnakesKing of the Snakes4 måneder siden
  • Can someone send me a link with the pea task?

    Adina AnghelusAdina Anghelus4 måneder siden
  • Lol, paus at 11:40. Joe Brand looks like The Godfather

  • very annoying how the saddle was put on the wrong way around :/

    Georgia GGeorgia G4 måneder siden
  • I thought the exact same about that chickpea 😂

    KICKA10KICKA104 måneder siden
  • I cannot look at Alex Horn anymore without seeing him sitting on a cake.

    FHD فَهِدFHD فَهِد4 måneder siden
  • Ed Gamble is the man.

    gaijinplus1gaijinplus15 måneder siden
  • Why was everyone wearing tuxedo at one point??

    cola kiddcola kidd5 måneder siden
  • Ed is such a GOOD BOY

    Chelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerChelsea Wildflower Loftin Weyler5 måneder siden
  • Is that a giant painting of Rolf Harris?

    Euan WakefieldEuan Wakefield5 måneder siden
  • Which season is this?

    Joe SmithJoe Smith5 måneder siden
  • Why is there a painting of Jeremy Corbyn

    Nathan ScheiderNathan Scheider5 måneder siden
  • Ed was the only good thing about this season

    Arbitrary StuffArbitrary Stuff5 måneder siden
  • I do like Ed. I would keep him in the cupboard under my sink if i could.

    ZouchZouch5 måneder siden
  • The bloody chickpea 😂

    Amelia IsabelAmelia Isabel5 måneder siden
  • "but you're a sentient being..." "WELL SORRY FOR THAT!"

    Adriano VazAdriano Vaz5 måneder siden
  • They're eggplants. Why can't you just call them eggplants? Why do you call fries chips? Why do you call chips crisps? Why do you call cookies biscuits? What do you even call biscuits? Jedward Bread? :P :P :P :P :P

    BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollins5 måneder siden
    • BobbyLCollins nandos is a South African restaurant

      Cheetah_chiefCheetah_chiefMåned siden
    • ​@Cheetah_chief it's adapted from 18th century English, long before many of these words existed, which doesn't account for so many discrepancies. My only point here is that it's confusing, and I still don't know what brits call actual biscuits. Like, say biscuits and gravy. Do you even know what I'm talking about? Is that the equivalent of me having no idea what a Nando actually is?

      BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollinsMåned siden
    • BobbyLCollins American English is adapted from British English.

      Cheetah_chiefCheetah_chiefMåned siden
    • @Cheetah_chief The Normans and the Saxons created the language. The Brits simply turned it into a perpetual guessing game. It is a camper, or is it a caravan? Is it a trunk, or is it a boot? Is it gasoline, or is it petrol? Is it a comforter, or is it a duvet? Is it juice, or is it squash?

      BobbyLCollinsBobbyLCollinsMåned siden
    • They created the language.

      Cheetah_chiefCheetah_chiefMåned siden
  • I'm amazed his metal seronade to himself wasn't in here, easily one of my favorite Ed Gamble moments on Taskmaster.

    Shadownet SpyShadownet Spy5 måneder siden
  • Loving that Taskmaster portrait.

    Sew CrazySew Crazy5 måneder siden
  • Finally! I've been waiting for you to make this.

    HeatherLiliasHeatherLilias5 måneder siden
  • The more the seasons (series’) progress, The less British comedians I know. The more I hate myself. Yet I still love the show.

    Justin ColemanJustin Coleman5 måneder siden
  • “Oh, I’m so sorry!” about being a conscious being was quite the laugh.

    Justin ColemanJustin Coleman5 måneder siden
    • Probably why people laughed at it...

      Collin KappaCollin Kappa4 måneder siden
    • Didn’t even miss a beat either, so good

      Josh IkedaJosh Ikeda5 måneder siden
  • What the fuckaroo is buckaroo?

    Justin ColemanJustin Coleman5 måneder siden
  • Less clips. More episodes. Say it with me everyone. “Less cli...” You get the point.

    Justin ColemanJustin Coleman5 måneder siden
  • I’m sorry but the shed prize takes is right up there, the absolute melt down everyone had when they saw that gnome was amazing. It also inspired me to buy the same one for my brother, who both hates and is terrified of gnomes, for Christmas, and he likes it.

    Ana SwiftAna Swift5 måneder siden
  • I’m pretty sure those are eggplants

    it’s a dogit’s a dog5 måneder siden
    • it’s a dog , there the same thing, aubergine = is eggplant

      Joe SmithJoe Smith5 måneder siden
  • How did they not include the balloon popping task?! It was genius!!!!! I’m disappointed 😂

    GG5 måneder siden
  • 6:21 make me laugh so hard.. and it's not even part of a task.

    binaryalgorithmbinaryalgorithm5 måneder siden
  • ed's chick pea gambit was easily imagined to be performed by james acaster - kudos!

    CthulhuIncCthulhuInc5 måneder siden
  • I went from this too some sad clown on BGT , he was from norway and very sad 😂😂😂 then to a video of a cat opening a door. Maybe I'mon the wrong show but i think Ricky Gervais would be proud?

    Scott WilsonScott Wilson5 måneder siden
  • Me at the start: what the frick is an aubergine? Me when they show the picture: ahhhhhh you mean an eggplant.

    DrogosBagginsDrogosBaggins5 måneder siden
  • I'm still hoping for Taskmaster second chances, with only last place finishers,

    toagtoag5 måneder siden
    • Champion of Champion except it's Loser of Losers

      xSpaceSaucexSpaceSauce27 dager siden
    • So they should have a Championship between all the second-placers too! And third-places, etc. Basically every which way that this show can go on forever, I’m happy.

      K DBK DB2 måneder siden
    • @Cara Compass pretty sure there are contestants just there for fun though. Osman, Beckett, Wilkinson, Gierdroyc, Key immediately came to mind.

      Garfield's SpaghettiGarfield's Spaghetti4 måneder siden
    • Alex has said they won't because so many contestants genuinely care about winning and came, say, 2nd, that it'd annoy them

      Cara CompassCara Compass5 måneder siden
  • Q: What’s the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean? A: I’ve never paid to have a garbanzo bean on me before.

    Rex StetsonRex Stetson5 måneder siden
    • It doesn’t work as well when written. Typed, etc. Okay read.

      Justin ColemanJustin Coleman5 måneder siden
  • i have never heard of a game called buckaroo. i had to google it to be sure that was even a thing

    theothermullentheothermullen5 måneder siden
  • Rose Matafeo taskmaster song is a thing of legend.

    Alexandre DucharmeAlexandre Ducharme5 måneder siden
  • Is the curly hair girl hay cuz I have crush on her😂😂

    Anja MajstorovicAnja Majstorovic5 måneder siden
  • This vs the trip that is James's best of hehe

    Gray Chapman's PipeGray Chapman's Pipe5 måneder siden
  • I hate when the best of comes out and they don't have the episodes of that season available. Booo

    Maggie MaurzMaggie Maurz5 måneder siden
    • ikr, in my country only two seasons available 😭

      var varvar var5 måneder siden
  • i really loved Rose, but i could not be mad with Ed winning. be sure to check out his podcast w Acaster!

    lance sterlinglance sterling5 måneder siden
  • Ah, the other half of Punch and Judy. Punch and Judy being James and Ed. ...although I'm not sure which one is which.

    Sir PinklySir Pinkly5 måneder siden
    • I’ll punch your Judy. (assuming your Judy has done something terribly offensive.)

      Justin ColemanJustin Coleman5 måneder siden
  • Can you publish more seasons in for us quarantined folks in the new world please?

    IwoodlikethatIwoodlikethat5 måneder siden
  • it physically pains me that the saddle was on backwards

    Anna PapworthAnna Papworth5 måneder siden
  • 20 minutes with the chickpea and it started during the day and it ended at night.

    eponackeponack5 måneder siden
    • And Joe Wilkinson’s potato throw was classed as null and void. This boils my piss.

      james82james825 måneder siden
  • Alternative titles: "Fucking fly!" "It's not about the spirit!"

    Stephen DavisStephen Davis5 måneder siden
  • Where can i find this series? Or is it not out yet? Last one is 5

    EMINEMEMINEM5 måneder siden
    • go on dailymotion, almost all series are uploaded there

      eri139eri1395 måneder siden
    • There is nine seasons all on UKTV Play (app)

      Katie HoustonKatie Houston5 måneder siden
  • The chickpea was the best ever!

    RahBean BeanRahBean Bean5 måneder siden
  • The saddle is facing backwards. English people are not very bright, or observant.

    Vespa DavidsonVespa Davidson5 måneder siden
    • Charlotte Taylor lmao the irony of op

      Cheetah_chiefCheetah_chiefMåned siden
    • Neither of them are English. Katy Wix is from Wales and Rose is from New Zealand so you're not very observant either

      Charlotte TaylorCharlotte Taylor5 måneder siden
    • Your profile picture is the response to this comment

      Not Toby HolmesNot Toby Holmes5 måneder siden
  • How fit is rose and her shid

    Love 21Love 215 måneder siden
  • Surprised she didnt stick that rolling pin in a place thats almost begging for it to be inserted!

    Bitchute is better than YoutubeBitchute is better than Youtube5 måneder siden
  • Where's the DoDo?

    Martin FitzpatrickMartin Fitzpatrick5 måneder siden
  • What color were the Taskmaster and Little Alex Horne in the last act of the montage? I'd say either trump orange or glaringly magenta!

    Joel PriceJoel Price5 måneder siden
    • The look like girls from snog marry avoid...

      Lofty RadishLofty Radish5 måneder siden
  • Ok but where is the serenade? :(

    Lola SLola S5 måneder siden
  • I feel like the person who went last on the first task got the short end of the stick because Alex knew where all the good spots were at that point.

    Paramount DonkeyParamount Donkey5 måneder siden
    • He always knows where my good spots are. -Greg Davies

      Justin ColemanJustin Coleman5 måneder siden
  • Getting some "my lovely horse" vibes from Ed's chickpea romance film

    Emma CEmma C5 måneder siden
  • Wow! I’m missing some series, clearly! I haven’t seen any Ed Gamble tasks (until now) , and the man’s an inventive genius!

    Dave RiversDave Rivers5 måneder siden
  • Quarantine life update: learned aubergine is the British English term for eggplant

    mollie 123mollie 1235 måneder siden
    • Touche

      Calum ThatcherCalum Thatcher23 dager siden
    • @calumthatcher we don't speak English we speak Merican lol 🦅🇺🇲

      mollie 123mollie 12323 dager siden
    • Does US education teach literally nothing about their own language? That William the Conquerer brought lots of French words to England is as basic as it gets.

      Calum ThatcherCalum Thatcher23 dager siden
    • Aubergine come from French language. But it is also used in some other languages like England due to dispersity of culture.

      Lecd63Lecd63Måned siden
    • It's actually the French word. British English uses a lot of words from other languages - particularly french - while the rest of us just say eggplant

      Teazia CockburnTeazia Cockburn2 måneder siden
  • the fact that his striking water feature isn't included is a war crime

    elvieshezzaelvieshezza5 måneder siden
    • No mixing bleach and glass cleaner then releasing the mixture upon a crowded city of enemy civilians is a war crime. Don't instigate or participate in large scale chemical warfare kids.

      Jocom FiresinJocom Firesin5 måneder siden
    • @elvieshezza yeah but they cut out the mermaid's song!

      Adriano VazAdriano Vaz5 måneder siden
    • @Sarah DS ah, yeah lol, i didnt see that

      elvieshezzaelvieshezza5 måneder siden
    • That was absolutely brilliant, but they probably didn't because they already uploaded that task this week on itself

      Sarah DSSarah DS5 måneder siden
  • I wish the chickpea comes over as a guest in the Dream Restaurant someday. #PopadomsOrBread

    Piyush LahekarPiyush Lahekar5 måneder siden
    • Honestly though, the podcast is great.

      Henry HillHenry Hill5 måneder siden

      Henry HillHenry Hill5 måneder siden
  • Waaaa wa wa waaaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂

    Joseph BleasdaleJoseph Bleasdale5 måneder siden
  • Anyone else agree Ed Gamble is absolutely hilarious and seriously underated?

    Callum KnoxCallum Knox5 måneder siden
  • I hate to be THAT person but when can we expect more full episodes?

    BloodRanger 118BloodRanger 1185 måneder siden
    • go to dailymotion, i watched through the entire show on there ahaha

      eri139eri1395 måneder siden
    • Full episodes are uploaded on thursdays

      JennyfischJennyfisch5 måneder siden
    • I’m pretty sure they do one every week

      __5 måneder siden
  • Gamble was phenomenal, love it when contestants take it seriously, he truly cared about winning. Him taking over Alex's job was stellar too.

    thesimpsons17thesimpsons175 måneder siden
    • Where's the spoiler? Lmao

      Deli RenDeli Ren5 måneder siden
    • Pretty big spoiler for those of us with only 4 series available. No worries. Us Americans have short attention spans.

      Justin ColemanJustin Coleman5 måneder siden
  • I'd put the chick pea in my nose and fire it into Alex's mouth.

    airkamiairkami5 måneder siden
  • I didn't know Ed was a hummus-sexual

    MukiMuki5 måneder siden
    • Him and Ed look like a pair of humous

      Just a hot dogJust a hot dog3 dager siden
    • not gonna lie, that made me falafel

      carpiicarpii2 måneder siden
    • That's good

      Asher LoatAsher Loat2 måneder siden
    • Nice

      Tim G.Tim G.5 måneder siden
    • Garbonzoh no you didn’t.

      Justin ColemanJustin Coleman5 måneder siden
  • What about him serenading himself?

    Spottydog714Spottydog7145 måneder siden
  • What's going on with Greg in the last bit? Looks like he's covered in an absurd amount of fake tan. Leftovers from a gag earlier in the episode?

    shinespidershinespider5 måneder siden
    • It was the studio gag of the episode. The 5 contestants were all in tuxedos or similar, while Greg and Alex were painted orange.

      theplasmawolftheplasmawolf5 måneder siden
  • For me the best moment was when Greg recalls never getting Buckaroo as a Child 😂

    Baden HowellBaden Howell5 måneder siden
  • Ahhh. You needed the live task with him writing on David's back and the Rose part of the Chickpea. Anyway, Ed did a fantastic job on the show. Actually, this whole series was outstanding.

    David BatguanoDavid Batguano5 måneder siden
  • He seems stable...

    JeremyK 541OR.JeremyK 541OR.5 måneder siden
  • Just brilliant!

    Mai NMai N5 måneder siden
  • Still waiting for Joe Wilkinson and the 42 calippos

    Beans On ToastBeans On Toast5 måneder siden
    • …"that's all they had"

      Psy0psAgentPsy0psAgent5 måneder siden
  • cannot hear the Taskmaster theme tune without singing "where is my muuuum...." along with it

    Joe WebbJoe Webb5 måneder siden
    • Ed as a giant baby is surely somebody's fetish.

      Bel SBel S5 måneder siden
    • I always get David’s version stuck in my head 😂

      Katie HoustonKatie Houston5 måneder siden
  • why are the whole episodes no longer available :(

    M4rt3rnusM4rt3rnus5 måneder siden
    • they're still on the channel, but they're blocked for people in the UK, so if you live there or a VPN makes it look like you do, that might be the problem.

      flusendiebflusendieb5 måneder siden
    • ?? All the ones they've uploaded so far are still available on this channel.

      bucket of crabbucket of crab5 måneder siden
    • M4rt3rnus They still are for me.

      Spyball CenterSpyball Center5 måneder siden
  • One of the funniest of the season

    Robby 48Robby 485 måneder siden
  • 😂😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Kathy RivettKathy Rivett5 måneder siden
  • What is going on with there makeup? My god somebody used to much on them looks so fake

    anschifulanschiful5 måneder siden
    • It was the gag for the show. As it was the finale all the contestants wore suits and Alex and Greg got fake tans.

      FrankieFrankie5 måneder siden
    • they look like Oompaloompas :D or like Trump :D:D

      Timbo ManiaTimbo Mania5 måneder siden
  • Can't decide if I think he is the best human ever or just a giant prick.

    SaraSara5 måneder siden
  • I’ve got 3 sensitivity levels!!!!!!

    Manda BrownManda Brown5 måneder siden
    • Egg is boiling now!

      Joseph BleasdaleJoseph Bleasdale2 måneder siden
    • And I'll be honest, I'm on my top fucking one now!

      Die LegendeDie Legende5 måneder siden
  • Clearly the video is missing Ed Gamble's best moment; being frustrated with David Baddiel's drawing & communication skills.

    Engineer-of-SoulsEngineer-of-Souls5 måneder siden
  • Not including his rant about being on the same team with David Baddiel (drawing on the back) is a crime!

    Андрей ГолышевАндрей Голышев5 måneder siden
    • Amen, it is up there with Carrot in a Box in my top 10 TV moments.

      Hans TunHans Tun2 måneder siden
    • It’s just like his best friend james acaster’s bit at rod gilbert

      DewantorooDewantoroo4 måneder siden
    • for anyone interested: noworld.info/video/video/yXralLefs9yfprc.html

      DanDan5 måneder siden
    • This, I should've read the comments before watching. Wouldn't have been as disappointed at the end.

      Alexander SolanoAlexander Solano5 måneder siden
    • Not including his self-sonnet must have broken some geneva convention! That is to this day my favorite Taskmaster moment of all time.

      Mr. KirkelajnenMr. Kirkelajnen5 måneder siden
  • 'Nobergines'

    JamieJamie5 måneder siden
  • Nice

    Sunny AgarSunny Agar5 måneder siden
  • Cool

    otvmagic gamingotvmagic gaming5 måneder siden
  • Great video😀

    Splitz FireSplitz Fire5 måneder siden
    • I was first

      Splitz FireSplitz Fire5 måneder siden