Do Something Really Cool in Slow Motion | #Hometasking #StayHome

3. juni. 2020
77 520 Ganger

It's the Taskmaster and Little Alex Horne here to announce the winner and the top entries of #HomeTasking task number 18 - make yourself look really cool in a slow motion video!
Keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday at 9am GMT for more opportunities to win and be featured in a compilation with a special message from the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies.
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  • you: aw, you're smiling, who you thinking about? me: oh no one me, secretly: *ARCHIBALD!!!!!!!!!*

    myla hobbitmyla hobbit4 måneder siden
  • His real name is Ben, and he does stuff like this all the time and was part of a meme where he completely knocked someone to the floor at kennilworth castle.

    xxshad0wqueenxxxxshad0wqueenxx4 måneder siden
  • Hurray to the ANVIL!

    xxshad0wqueenxxxxshad0wqueenxx4 måneder siden
  • Sweet, my friend won. His real name is Ben but we all call him Anvil. He is also a knight and a giant of a man but he is honestly the best!

    Heva1987Heva19874 måneder siden
  • 01:16 08:01 04:47

    Vernon FurmanVernon Furman4 måneder siden
  • The Bubble! what the crazy mooon shine happened to the Bubble not being in the top 10? Fair dinkum......

    SoulBirdSoulBird4 måneder siden
  • Really wish the theme tune was timed to end on the last hammer strike

    Paul NaumburgerPaul Naumburger4 måneder siden
  • I'm not wanting to make a huge fuss but glorifying the act of mowing down peaceful citizens with projectile weaponry as "incredibly cool" is at best tone deaf, Nerf gun or otherwise, at worst...

    David BeddardDavid Beddard4 måneder siden
  • Greg: *selects top 10* also Greg: *Doesn't understand how things made the top 10*

    Ontario Traffic Man: reaperexpressOntario Traffic Man: reaperexpress4 måneder siden
  • Archibaaaaaaaawld!!!!

    Amanda FelicianoAmanda Feliciano4 måneder siden
  • Why has ‘BenBackflip’ featured in so many of the top tens and montages when he literally does the same thing every time? It’s impressive but I’m sure others are too.

    HerHollynessHerHollyness4 måneder siden
  • It would have been great if the Slow Mo Guys had known about this challenge....

    Philip AbelanetPhilip Abelanet4 måneder siden
  • Wait so...does Greg not pick the top 10 himself?? is Greg just the puppet to the real Taskmaster who lies in the shadows??

    Land967Land9674 måneder siden
  • This is one task where I feel like the contestants on the show actually did a better job than the audience. Usually 500 people can come up with a better idea than one guy on a show but idk about this one.

    Shabadoo ShabadooShabadoo Shabadoo4 måneder siden
  • 3:48 Is that James Acaster's cabbage arch nemesis?? Looks just like him!

    Ariana AJ BeaverhausenAriana AJ Beaverhausen4 måneder siden
    • Ariana I thought that too!

      Jane MorrowJane Morrow4 måneder siden
  • People I'd love to see on Taskmaster: 🌟 - Sean Lock - Miles Jupp - Johnny Vegas - Alan Davies. - Bill Bailey. - Phill Jupitus. - David Mitchell - Jimmy Carr - Rowan Atkinson - Stephen Merchant - Tim Minchin - Sue Perkins - Angela Barnes - Isy Suttie - Sarah Millican - Ronni Ancona - Maisie Adam

    Roberto BeccoRoberto Becco4 måneder siden
    • What's the name of that large comedian that is wannabe gangster that I can barely hear what he says? I think he would be fun on there too! :) Henning Wehn would be cool too, he'd just follow orders!!

      Andreas karlssonAndreas karlsson4 måneder siden
  • Taskmaster: keeping the crotch goblins busy this quarantined summer holiday! 😆 That clip of the 3 kids and the bow and arrow was my fave. The cool kid reading his book and saving his (I assume) sister from the arrow was too cute for words. 😄 Thanks for these fun videos entertaining the masses, we are not worthy! 😆❤

    Ariana AJ BeaverhausenAriana AJ Beaverhausen4 måneder siden
  • Archibold was robbed there I said it

    Jess5_11Jess5_114 måneder siden
  • 3:15 Prince Andrew Kung-Fu Jenga?

    EladTreborEladTrebor4 måneder siden
  • Drop playback speed on this video. Done. Alex wins

    Robeon MewRobeon Mew4 måneder siden
  • 1:21 those 100% look like dildos. don't even deny it.

    Sanity016Sanity0164 måneder siden
  • Archibald is definitely top 10 how cool is he. But I could watch slow-motion blacksmithing forever. Mesmerizing.

    Catherine RCatherine R4 måneder siden
  • Greg - you okay Babes?

    quertovichquertovich4 måneder siden
  • My fave is 4th place. I like crisps. :)

    Si HopebgoodSi Hopebgood4 måneder siden
  • Big kudos to the band. Do they have a name?

    Stig HelmerStig Helmer4 måneder siden
  • 7:15 hell yea

    KosmonavtKosmonavt4 måneder siden
  • So cute. I want them to keep these going after covid is over. Seriously makes my day.

    Josephine Anne WeigersJosephine Anne Weigers4 måneder siden
  • Mostly meh..... But the arrow catch was sweeeeeeet !!!! Well done. Well done to you !

    FunkleGaffFunkleGaff4 måneder siden
  • I personally like the old, big quiff ;-)

    bookgal63bookgal634 måneder siden
  • my takeaway: parents are getting more irresponsible with their kids.

    BenzaitenBenzaiten4 måneder siden
    • And Mr Blacksmith should be wearing gloves

      Pax TelemanusPax Telemanus4 måneder siden
    • Small price to pay for 5 points mate.

      Hellbeard DoomsnakeHellbeard Doomsnake4 måneder siden
  • Have loved all of these to data and appreciate everyone involved. But this topic's contributions were universally lame. It just didnt works a topic. Maybe go back to tasks not invitations to use a camera function?

    Dark JudgeDark Judge4 måneder siden
  • First place was awesome! 💥

    CatherineCatherine4 måneder siden
  • I love my British cousins across the pond. You guys are so damn brilliant.

    Unknown UserUnknown User4 måneder siden
  • These were all super fun to watch! :D

    SingenStatt AtmenSingenStatt Atmen4 måneder siden
  • Is that a competition you made for your channel alone?

    AA VFXAA VFX4 måneder siden
  • These were even better than usual. Water balloons all good!

    Janet CaterinaJanet Caterina4 måneder siden
  • I was going to say Archibald was robbed but as the wife of a guy who dabbles in blacksmithing i can't.

    cuesgirlcuesgirl4 måneder siden
  • Loved the how to not- catch- the- ball advanced skills video

    Barbara NunnBarbara Nunn4 måneder siden
  • Interviewer: So, what is your definition of "cool"? Taskmaster Viewers: Uhhhhh...sunglasses?

    LarsonLakeLarsonLake4 måneder siden
    • @RepressedJoker How would I know? I watch Taskmaster.

      LarsonLakeLarsonLake4 måneder siden
    • Are they wrong?

      RepressedJokerRepressedJoker4 måneder siden
  • The winner was pretty good, the other on top ten I think didn’t deserve to be there.

    Runar AndersenRunar Andersen4 måneder siden
  • The guitarist wins just for wearing a Mudhoney t-shirt!

    ZouchZouch4 måneder siden
  • 2:30 police brutality

    Moritz SchmaleMoritz Schmale4 måneder siden
  • "Stay safe out there (segues to someone doing something unsafe)”

    Domingo MorenoDomingo Moreno4 måneder siden
  • Slow week then

    EnnahdeeEnnahdee4 måneder siden
  • No women are cool? Pigs and bunnies don't count. Disappointing.

    D MorseD Morse4 måneder siden
  • Watching from Canada, huge fan. Great work everyone.

    Rob Playing GamesRob Playing Games4 måneder siden
  • The winner well deserves it. Well done

    AC geekAC geek4 måneder siden
  • That bunny tho and the piggy ears! 💖👏😆

    JchatheJchathe4 måneder siden
    • Melted my heart. I wish I was at a farm or zoo right now.

      Unknown UserUnknown User4 måneder siden
  • This was the most boring round to watch so far. The winner saves it a little, it's actually cool to watch him in slow motion, but otherwise I didn't even "nose exhale" once while watching these. Jumping into water in slow motion is still just jumping into water. Bursting bubbles and balloons in slow motion are nice but there have already been millions of such videos around before this task. The kid catching the arrow in mid-air is cool, that's what it should have been about. Otherwise, it feels like almost nobody actually came up with anything interesting that would use the "slow motion" theme creatively :(

    Michal ForišekMichal Forišek4 måneder siden
    • I agree most of them are kinda boring. I skipped through the first 2 minutes of this video

      AC geekAC geek4 måneder siden
  • I understand why i didnt make the cut, but i was very much hoping for a superior/succesful bonnet slide! Nevermind, eh! Well done y'all

    Look Woolly FilmsLook Woolly Films4 måneder siden
  • Big Queef

    316SR316SR4 måneder siden
  • still nobody told Greg that its "landscape not portrait" yet? lol

    donutz37donutz374 måneder siden
    • He wouldn’t fit in the frame that way :)

      Máté HavlikMáté Havlik4 måneder siden
    • He knows. He's doing it on purpose as he knows it annoys Alex.

      SteveD81SteveD814 måneder siden
    • I think he doesn’t want to show his home, for privacy. That’s my guess.

      Adam ArensAdam Arens4 måneder siden
  • Thank you to all the cool hometaskers! My faves were the baby catching an arrow, the fire spinner, the book on fire, and the winner blacksmithing!

    kousetsuhanakousetsuhana4 måneder siden
  • I think we all learned that water balloons popping in slow motion always looks cool. Very fun task to watch. For once, I think the first place winner deserved it. For science.

    No OneNo One4 måneder siden
  • Im gonna replay this in 2x speed

    thumbs upthumbs up4 måneder siden
  • 1st place - That is some super cool looking blacksmithing. (As cool as glowing hot metal can be.)

    CatherinzslCatherinzsl4 måneder siden
  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu**in hell! the lockdown has been harsh on greg look at that receding hairline making a run for it :D

    V8HiluxV8Hilux4 måneder siden
  • Greg seems to look and sound more jaded every time. Cheer up Quiffy Greg! We love this! It's certainly getting me through these weird times. A very big thank you to you and Alex and everyone else who works on these. They make my week. Please keep them coming.

    TheWizzylizzieTheWizzylizzie4 måneder siden
  • At 3.38 - Was that Donald Trump opening his Bible ? lol

    karatefellakaratefella4 måneder siden
    • *a

      David SmithDavid Smith4 måneder siden
  • Okay, the arrow through the soap bubble was pretty great… you get a first prize from me, at any rate! (Or perhaps tied for first… with the backwards-and-slow-motion arrow-catch preceding it!!)

    Ricky TenderkissRicky Tenderkiss4 måneder siden
    • Me too

      Janet CaterinaJanet Caterina4 måneder siden
  • Watch this video at 0.25 speed for maximum coolness 😎

    Rrajigar CardRrajigar Card4 måneder siden
  • Greg, rubbish is cool. Don't you know...

    Ekiam BlueEkiam Blue4 måneder siden
  • Except the 1st place, none deserved in top 10

    GameThroughGameThrough4 måneder siden
    • What about the pig balls

      No OneNo One4 måneder siden
    • I don't really agree, 1st place got it unfairly. This is Moneybags Al Murray all over again. Most people actually use what they have lying around the house which is the purpose of this version of Taskmaster in the first place. So I actually prefer the shitter clips. Those people are actually trying.

      Marcel MittendorfMarcel Mittendorf4 måneder siden
    • Ben Backflip always deserves a place in the top 10 😁

      Martin ReindersMartin Reinders4 måneder siden
  • The bunny smashed it😂😂😂

    Mrs ApplezMrs Applez4 måneder siden
    • That was adorable; the piggies, too.

      Unknown UserUnknown User4 måneder siden
    • Bunny binkies are the best!

      CatherinzslCatherinzsl4 måneder siden
  • The level of crazy is getting higher by the challenge! Where will it end? I fear the worst 😄

    1969Kismet1969Kismet4 måneder siden
  • 7:34 don’t know why they had to pixelate that guy shorts in second place after all he is no Phil Wang....

    Cricket EnglandCricket England4 måneder siden
    • Well he still no Phil Wang

      Cricket EnglandCricket England4 måneder siden
    • Seemed like the person who submitted it did it for satire.

      Orthwine RoherdihonOrthwine Roherdihon4 måneder siden
    • Maybe they censored it themselves?

      MonicaMonica4 måneder siden
    • Did he have an erection? I didn’t really get that submission.

      No OneNo One4 måneder siden
  • This makes me think UK folks have no idea what cool is

    John MichelinJohn Michelin4 måneder siden
    • @the very serious, serious channel honest no wonder I am so in love with your culture! Even your name is of worthy of my envy!

      John MichelinJohn Michelin4 måneder siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣yup..

      di c ladi c la4 måneder siden
    • You are 100% right. We are all nerds trying to fit in

      the very serious, serious channel honestthe very serious, serious channel honest4 måneder siden
  • 7th place reminded me of Tree Wizard 😂

    Alyssa OrangeAlyssa Orange4 måneder siden
    • Archibald was bloody awesome! Should have gotten second place cause number one was just plain cool. :3

      Andreas karlssonAndreas karlsson4 måneder siden
    • TREE 🎄 WIZARD 🧙‍♂️

      Robeon MewRobeon Mew4 måneder siden
    • lol I love that clip.

      Unknown UserUnknown User4 måneder siden
  • Contestants: _Finally a use for the slow motion feature on my phone!_

    DribbleondoDribbleondo4 måneder siden
    • Brian Cohen no shit

      Nathan DecellesNathan Decelles4 måneder siden
    • Yea but it never works very well and will never bas as good as The Slow-Mo Guys

      Cricket EnglandCricket England4 måneder siden
  • 6:52 me when I can go to McDonald's again after the lockdown

    P. Sandra TangkulungP. Sandra Tangkulung4 måneder siden
  • Double sunglasses haha

    the very serious, serious channel honestthe very serious, serious channel honest4 måneder siden
  • Very very cool. World should be like this. We will live longer.😊

    BestOfUsBestOfUs4 måneder siden
  • apparently i was one of the first here

    Max HerdmanMax Herdman4 måneder siden
    • @Cricket England couldn't have said it better myself. every time i see first comments, my brain loses brain cells. i have come to believe that these people don't know how to have or don't want to start a grown up discussion. i don't think a single on of them has ever replied back to me

      alphadawn2015 lennonalphadawn2015 lennon4 måneder siden
    • @Cricket England Again? I think we get the message.

      AJ's DominoesAJ's Dominoes4 måneder siden
    • And even if you were this is all the crap you can be bothered to type. Ever thought maybe just maybe watching the bloody video and commenting on what you have watched rather than pasting this crap or is that too much for you. It may have been funny back in 2005 when NOworld started but in 2020 it’s just sad, lame and pathetic

      Cricket EnglandCricket England4 måneder siden
  • First

    Medo's fun things MokayedMedo's fun things Mokayed4 måneder siden
    • AJ's Dominoes Oh, I'm sorry, just one moment. Is this a five minute argument or the full half hour?

      Cricket EnglandCricket England4 måneder siden
    • @Cricket England Hi everyone. I didn't realise comment wars were still popular

      AJ's DominoesAJ's Dominoes4 måneder siden
    • Looser

      Cricket EnglandCricket England4 måneder siden
    • @Cricket England HEY! it is 20s , "first" coments are vintage now and super cool. "Complaint first" comments are out, try next year :p

      Gabriel B.Gabriel B.4 måneder siden
    • AJ's Dominoes yes and I do the same to every idiot who thinks it 2005

      Cricket EnglandCricket England4 måneder siden
  • These are such a nice idea

    _another_random_reader__another_random_reader_4 måneder siden
  • Oh man I missed this one :(

    P. Sandra TangkulungP. Sandra Tangkulung4 måneder siden