Completely Erase this Eraser | Full Task | Taskmaster

21. april. 2020
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In the series 8 grand finale of Taskmaster, Joe Thomas, Iain Stirling, Sian Gibson, Paul Sinha and Lou Sanders are tasked with completely erasing an eraser. It gets heated.

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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • the flushers didn't erase it? they just moved it to a different location wtf? their time is still going to this date, unless they've found it and erased it by now.. what they think the toilet is some magic teleportation device to another dimension or something?

    CliffJumpingProdCliffJumpingProdDag siden
  • It's not an eraser anymore. It has becomes Piece of Shit Eraser

    Wasis Haryo SasokoWasis Haryo Sasoko2 dager siden
  • Alex is the best part of this show lol, he took how long I take to fully clean you hahahahahaha

    explorer4161explorer41616 dager siden
  • Dude, I would've just literally drawn a pic of an eraser, then erase it. lol

    Ku DastardlyKu Dastardly6 dager siden
  • But it's rubber. The title is a bit misleading :p

    Matstoen BeatsMatstoen Beats7 dager siden
  • I've always wondered what kind of idiots would flush anything but various bodily outputs, toilet paper and maybe very soft/chunked food. Guess I have my answer now.

    notthere83notthere8313 dager siden
  • This goes all the way back to when Tim Key didn't make the iceblock disappear, except then it was done out of trying to be different and clever and this was more everyone trying to win I guess? Either way Key didn't get any points and neither should the rest

    Mars VillaMars Villa14 dager siden
  • I would just erase the word "erasor" in the letter...

    Miracle ElcarimMiracle Elcarim16 dager siden
  • I once tried running on a treadmill with my crocs on as a very young kid and the damn thing atomized them in about 15-20 seconds flat. So that's what I would've probably done. The eraser would've just gone in seconds.

    Varun GuptaVarun Gupta16 dager siden
  • Do erase and flush mean the same thing in the UK? Or are these people just retarded?

    CodPastCodPast19 dager siden
  • The only person who deserved points is the only person who actually erased the eraser.

    Crazy RobotsCrazy Robots20 dager siden
  • Could they have erased the word "eraser" of the paper??? I am watching too much of this show.

    Dilip Suresh Kumar SDilip Suresh Kumar S20 dager siden
  • Not literally erasing the "this eraser" part in the letter with the abrasive side of the eraser. Tid bit disappointed. Still highly entertained and the sand paper should have been the 5:er.

    F4R207F4R20721 dag siden
  • Minus points because they all threw it in nature and toilet 🤷‍♀️

    man of the woodsman of the woods22 dager siden
  • No ones talking about Alex’s mullet

    OutThere.OutThere.Måned siden
  • So the person who just chucked it into the next bin would've won? This show is so inconsistent. Sometimes in the awarding of points they follow the instructions literally and other times they just ignore them completely.

    A IyasA IyasMåned siden
  • I would have used a razer blade to slice the eraser out of its functionality.

    11Kralle11KralleMåned siden
  • I'll take an eraser over an iCrap any day! At least an eraser works unlike an iShit!

    JS 09JS 09Måned siden
  • What a bunch of cunts. Polluting the water system by flushing them down the toilet.

    XerdozXerdozMåned siden
  • s8 is dog shite. acaster/fielding/ranganathan/gilbert/mortimer/giedroyc. compared with this? fucking interminable.

    Thejazhazo MedomThejazhazo MedomMåned siden
  • Does Alix have a mullet?

    J BakerJ Baker2 måneder siden
  • Impossible unless you separate chemical elements to make something else..

    Jean BarqueJean Barque2 måneder siden
  • i really thought someone would either write down "this eraser" and erase that, or erase the words "this eraser" in the letter :/

    Van HavenVan Haven2 måneder siden
  • The chutney ferrets went straight to the toilet.

    Seán O'NilbudSeán O'Nilbud2 måneder siden
  • Cant believe nobody broke it in two and erased each part with the other eraser.. 1/10 WOULD NOT WATCH AGAIN.. I am so dissapointed. Where is James Acaster FFS, who took him off the show? I bet he wouldve thought of it. Check and mate taskmasters

    Johan SkinnarsJohan Skinnars2 måneder siden
  • It's like a bunch of fucking babies with no grasp of object permanence

    Cedric WangCedric Wang3 måneder siden
  • Whats up with the ponytail om Greg and Alex?😂

    HeddaHedda3 måneder siden
  • so why didnt anyone put it in a blender or the garbage disposal that would of easily worked

    cole gordoncole gordon3 måneder siden
  • Greg this is how you start a mutiny, the only person who erased should get all the points. The rest are disqualified. Or you give five points for erasing and then assess points based on time. And then bill them for fucking up the plumbing of the house with their erasers.

    Daniel ClemmerDaniel Clemmer3 måneder siden
  • A pound of C4... ta da!

    Kimble81Kimble813 måneder siden
  • Poor Joe. He was so upset because of the work he put into it 😥

    cannibalbananascannibalbananas3 måneder siden
  • i would use a treadmill

    grandepescadograndepescado3 måneder siden
  • Rubbers are condoms in America so everytime they say it i giggle a bit

    josh idlerjosh idler3 måneder siden
  • Worst. Task. Ever.

    Travis OlsonTravis Olson3 måneder siden
  • In sweden we cant even flush cooking oil as it messes with the plumbing over long time, meanwhile in the madland

    Tomas JonssonTomas Jonsson3 måneder siden
  • that's sincerely the most forced canned laughter I've ever heard

    eructuseructus3 måneder siden
  • I’d stick my rubber in Lou’s mouth

    Pantone_PapiPantone_Papi3 måneder siden

    An AliasAn Alias3 måneder siden
  • they call them rubbers in the UK? that's what we call condoms here.

    sol oopssol oops3 måneder siden
  • I would've chucked it over a fence

    Emma S.Emma S.3 måneder siden
  • You don't chew up an eraser to eat it, you have to swallow it like a pill.

    rebcarebca3 måneder siden
  • British people calling erasers rubbers is hard to get used to. To rub out a rubber means very different things here

    Ike Peat OfficialIke Peat Official3 måneder siden
  • e·rase rub out or remove (writing or marks). "graffiti had been erased from the wall" remove all traces of (a thought, feeling, or memory). "the magic of the landscape erased all else from her mind" remove recorded material from (a magnetic tape or medium); delete (data) from a computer's memory. So going by the second definition they did erase it.

    Jasper LaneJasper Lane3 måneder siden
  • I would have put it in a blender with some water and then poured the resulting liquid down the drain.

    Kilian RayleighKilian Rayleigh4 måneder siden
  • Joe definitely should have won. He completed the task in good faith and intelligently. Splitting up the eraser(So you can do it twice as fast) and rubbing the two bits on to sandpaper for increased abrasion is really the best way of 'erasing an eraser'

    Neurofied YamatoNeurofied Yamato4 måneder siden
  • I would have written the words "the eraser" then erased it!

    Dana MooreDana Moore4 måneder siden
  • When she chewed the eraser I felt sick to my stomach, it was not great.

    Thepopmario Game'sThepopmario Game's4 måneder siden
    • i felt my stomach acting up?

      Apollo MarsApollo Mars3 måneder siden
  • The eraser had sth written on it. Wouldn't erasing that inscription had counted as 'completely erasing the eraser'?

    Cecilia fernández castroCecilia fernández castro4 måneder siden
  • toilet was the first thing to come to my mind too. And joe raging about "swanky workarounds" to the task, isn't that what this show is about? finding shortcuts within the verbiage of the rules to accomplish tasks? lol

    jc 17jc 174 måneder siden
  • I would lowkey eat it

    The Bearded BoiThe Bearded Boi4 måneder siden
  • Nobody is talking about what a shithead thing it really is to use a toilet as a garbage dispenser. Best case: the water plant has to fish your trash out of the filter. Worst case: your trash causes a blockage in the pipes. There are only three things that go in a toilet: Bodily fluids, shit, and toilet paper. Every single other thing is bad etiquette to flush.

    Jonas BergmanssonJonas Bergmansson4 måneder siden
  • Which season/series is this from? I cannot find it on NOworld. Thanks

    maroonedsiamaroonedsia4 måneder siden
  • Who the hell are these people? Never heard of a single one of them.

    Mark RichardsMark Richards4 måneder siden
    • @Mark Richards i only recognized Joe Thomas from The Inbetweeners, but they were all really funny

      Timotheit4Timotheit4Måned siden
    • @Atticus Baker Nope. Heard of most of the other contestants from the other seasons. These people are just who they could get at this point.

      Mark RichardsMark Richards4 måneder siden
    • Probably cause they’re british

      Atticus BakerAtticus Baker4 måneder siden
  • Why didn't anyone just... chuck it?

    PhudgePhudge4 måneder siden
  • I would have erased the words on the paper stating ‘this eraser’... am I the only one? Hahaha 😂

    Harry JacksonHarry Jackson4 måneder siden
  • Take a picture and erase it with photoshop or something

    McMuffMuffMcMuffMuff4 måneder siden
  • What if you just ate it

    Kanie SwansonKanie Swanson4 måneder siden
  • It’s like the giant ice cube task in like season one? Where they needed to make the ice cube disappear and Tim just chucked it into the river which obviously, it wasn’t disappeared within the time limit.

    Anne TAnne T4 måneder siden
    • Henceforth I think it’s bullshit that the flushers weren’t pushed to the bottom of the ranks.

      Anne TAnne T4 måneder siden
  • Technically, matter can't be created nor destroyed. So, there's really no way to "erase" it.

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith4 måneder siden
  • Get me a belt sander.

    YourPalALYourPalAL4 måneder siden
  • Well, i would simply throw the eraser as fast as i can out of the window. And that would be it.

    juara lampungjuara lampung4 måneder siden
  • I had no idea Brits would say, "Eraze this erazer." Here in the US, where we only call them erasers, we pronounce it with a clearly soft sssss sound.

    Gretchen KrebsGretchen Krebs4 måneder siden
  • I love how Joe got bonus points, that was deserved

    Isabel RaménIsabel Ramén4 måneder siden
  • 6:05 does Alex have a ponytail?

    Wolfy100Wolfy1004 måneder siden
  • Where can an American watch these? This is quickly becoming my favorite show

    Cardo WikeCardo Wike4 måneder siden
    • On dailymotion

      Emily CheEmily Che4 måneder siden
  • idk why no one just took a sharp knife and cut it up into bits.

    myla hobbitmyla hobbit4 måneder siden
  • This show is so entertaining

    G GG G4 måneder siden
  • erase the eraser... I ate erasers in my youth.

    Jan-Erik BergvallJan-Erik Bergvall4 måneder siden
    • Hmm, takin the mixer in the kitchen, and do it with some milk and it would be gone.

      Jan-Erik BergvallJan-Erik Bergvall4 måneder siden
  • Destroying or flashing the eraser down the toilet is not ERASING it! I hate it when they do stuff like that in the show.. the sandpaper was a great idea, or they could try erasing the word eraser on the paper (as someone commented) or even erase the letters that were printed on the actual eraser

    Μαριαννα !!Μαριαννα !!4 måneder siden
  • This isn't even a workaround. It literally says erase the eraser. Flushing down a toilet isn't erasing it. That's boring.

    PegglezPegglez4 måneder siden
    • @Pegglez Especially since it was said “chucking it isn’t erasing it”-but flushing it is?

      Kelly LoomisKelly Loomis4 måneder siden
  • One bonus point for chewing up a rubber like a mad person xD

    SuicideBunny6SuicideBunny64 måneder siden
  • If u rub these against the school chairs it’s gone in seconds

    Jenga 77Jenga 775 måneder siden
  • Surprised no one wrote 'this eraser' in pencil on a page and then erased that completely 👀

    Cheshni JeenaCheshni Jeena5 måneder siden
  • I'm disappointed noone took a picture of the eraser and erased the picture/photoshopped the eraser out of the picture

    LemonLemon5 måneder siden
  • Why is nobody talking about how there’s now two people from the inbetweeners in this?

    I once killed A man with my shoeI once killed A man with my shoe5 måneder siden
  • I wouldve taken a photo of it on my phone, and used the editing software to remove it. 30 seconds, erased. boom. (im an american who just discovered this great show a day ago and idk if the show has rules against smartphones or not)

    The Professor 10The Professor 105 måneder siden
    • that's exactly what I thought as well. great minds :)

      kimkim5 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one wonder why they are saying, "eraze"

    Sheet ManSheet Man5 måneder siden
  • i would have swallowed it whole

    MyCatAndMe • 999,999 subscribersMyCatAndMe • 999,999 subscribers5 måneder siden
  • I bet she has a rubber collection.. fnar!

    Billy BollockheadBilly Bollockhead5 måneder siden
  • As an American, I find it strange how the entirety of taskmaster is basically exactly what it seems. In America there would be some trick to use that they would get halfway through the task and figure it out and win. Here it is just literally, “Get rid of this fucking rubber”. Also in America a rubber is a condom. Edit: This is way better than most American TV shows and I fucking love it as well as most British TV but this was just my observation.

    Drinks 101Drinks 1015 måneder siden
  • Lou always looks like she has two erasers in her lower lip

    Alcoholic PapiAlcoholic Papi5 måneder siden
  • I love how they pronounce it erazerr

    7ito The Gaymer7ito The Gaymer5 måneder siden
  • "Rubber collection" means something very different in america

    Midnight ZirconiaMidnight Zirconia5 måneder siden
  • I would have eaten it.

    Jaïr van der SterreJaïr van der Sterre5 måneder siden
  • My first thought was "eat it" too 😆

    Alyssal1Alyssal15 måneder siden
  • Rub it on the pavement outside. Easy win.

    Ok GamingOk Gaming5 måneder siden
  • why was my first thought 'eat it'

    Yara NieuwenhuisYara Nieuwenhuis5 måneder siden
  • Greg has a enormous chin. Look at it!

    Flying DudeFlying Dude5 måneder siden
  • "I used to collect rubbers" has a VERY different meaning in America! Lmao. A rubber is slang for a condom..

    Catie SmithCatie Smith5 måneder siden
    • Joshua Woolridge Should’ve known someone as rude as you would have no sympathy for people with Down syndrome

      Lemon DestructionLemon DestructionMåned siden
    • @Lemon Destruction How is that extra chromosome treating you?

      Joshua WoolridgeJoshua WoolridgeMåned siden
    • Joshua Woolridge or maybe it’s not an American term

      Lemon DestructionLemon DestructionMåned siden
    • @Lemon Destruction Maybe no one in America wants to talk to you?

      Joshua WoolridgeJoshua WoolridgeMåned siden
    • SLAL Bass if it’s a common term and I live in America and don’t know it then it clearly doesn’t have a different meaning in America.

      Lemon DestructionLemon Destruction3 måneder siden
  • My first reaction would have been to fkn eat it too

    Joey BulfordJoey Bulford5 måneder siden
  • I wouldve gotten a pen, written 'this eraser' and erased it

    I'm IlliterateI'm Illiterate5 måneder siden
  • 0:21 Hah, who calls them rubbers?

    Senor StudlySenor Studly5 måneder siden
  • imagine being a master at sleigh of hands and just instantly saying "done"

    TheSpliceerTheSpliceer5 måneder siden
  • Things that go in the toilet: Urin, feces and toilet paper. That is it. OH, and a few other bodily fluids, when it is unavoidable. Awarding points for something every two year old is learning not to do, is... Not the best idea. Sorry for being a killjoy. I just love lakes. Toilet water goes into lakes, you know. Sewage treatment is obstructed by objects. Want the job of separating this shit from real shit..?

    Anna OlsénAnna Olsén5 måneder siden
    • They could have added ”don’t try this at home, kids!”. Just to be clear. No points for any of them either!

      KarinKarin4 måneder siden
  • I would have taken a photo of it and then erased it in paint or a similar programm on my laptop.

    Julia G.Julia G.5 måneder siden
  • Only one erased it. Other's were bullshit.

    Swedish OtakuSwedish Otaku5 måneder siden
  • "Completely erase this eraser" ...Scratch, scratch... "Completely erase _____________" Done. This was my first thought. LoL ahahaha

    Nicolò MezzasalmaNicolò Mezzasalma5 måneder siden
  • Couldn't you just take a picture and erase the eraser on the picture. That would be at least a definition of erased.

    LongShotRTLongShotRT5 måneder siden
  • Bad idea, but my first thought was to eat it

    hoshikoto15hoshikoto155 måneder siden
  • only one person erased it at all... 5 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 Llike seriously

    Madwizard145Madwizard1455 måneder siden
    • Lou deserved at least a point for eating it

      howard baxterhoward baxter5 måneder siden