Cinematic (Task)Masterpieces | Taskmaster

12. sep.. 2020
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Incredible to think that so many of the biggest cinematic moments of this generation have come from Taskmaster. Here's an homage to some of our favourites including Romesh Ranganathan's Tree Wizard and Bob Mortimer's banana flip book.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • “And tiny bitch puppet, Alex Horne!”

    CaptainCaptainDag siden
  • Taskmaster The Movie. Group of college students start their own Taskmaster group, but start getting bored which leads them to more challenging tasks, tasks that lead them to bank robberies, kidnapping and murder. With the final task being a free for all, last player standing wins.

    Rebel WolfRebel Wolf28 dager siden
  • -Ooh, isn't this lovely Hugh? -I'm not sure yet.

    Sandcastle •Sandcastle •Måned siden
  • When it going to channel four

    Andrew ShoreAndrew ShoreMåned siden
    • No one knows yet

      JoshJoshMåned siden
  • "I'm not going to have a poo"

    suɐʌə ɹouuoɔsuɐʌə ɹouuoɔMåned siden
  • I love Taskmaster so much!!! I can not get enough!!!!!

    Hezy RathburnHezy RathburnMåned siden
  • Ok, I've watched all of the NOworld Taskmaster. What am I supposed to do with my life now?

    Holly AHolly AMåned siden
  • 2:53 "I Want to be your Sledgehammer"...

    TheHutchy01TheHutchy01Måned siden
  • Tree Wizard will be in TV history forever!

    Portsmouth TaskmasterPortsmouth TaskmasterMåned siden
  • Tugtemester is bloody brilliant! So want to watch that film XD

    BrydonBrydonMåned siden
  • This channel always seems to use the same clips

    ShalomJackieShalomJackieMåned siden
  • Can someone explain why the full episodes are not available in all countries? It cuts into their massive DVD-sale revenues?

    GriexxtGriexxtMåned siden
  • Bob Mortimer is a fucking genius. Make me change my mind 🤣

    ssgoktasssgoktasMåned siden
  • Tree wizard is only good because its SOOO bad. There are plently of other moments that are worse that are better.

    Chris MichelChris MichelMåned siden
  • See, this video agrees with me. Donna and Donna clearly had the better soap opera cliffhanger.

    ChellChellMåned siden
  • I'd adore a Best of Alix Laughing compilation.

    MellissaMellissaMåned siden
  • Tree Wizard needs to be TV series or a movie.

    Chris's PlaylistChris's PlaylistMåned siden
  • Tugtemester looks awfully like something out of mel and sue's assassin show

    Amanda MakAmanda MakMåned siden
  • "tiny bitch puppet Alex"

    unlucky marchunlucky marchMåned siden
  • I always think of tree wizard when cutting my lemon tree or grape vine.

    Sarah-Anne _Sarah-Anne _Måned siden
  • Will we be getting anymore best of contestants? Playlist only has 31/45 at the moment

    Connor RuseConnor RuseMåned siden
  • Nothing can ever top Tree Wizard! Wherever did he find that song? 😉

    Dave RiversDave RiversMåned siden
  • What, no retro computer games? I hope that turns up again.

    squalloogalsqualloogalMåned siden
  • the three questions to ask yourself when making your own trailer: 1. We need the words, don't we? 2. Trailers have gotta be very pithy, haven't they? 3. Gotta think about the look, haven't we?

    Chelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerChelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerMåned siden
  • Please make your full episodes available in other countries I love the work you guys do

    TuCk3R0TuCk3R0Måned siden
  • Cul de Sac was a clear winner

    Super DSuper DMåned siden
  • "You have firty minutes" "How many?" "Firty"

    cruccicrucciMåned siden
  • What language is Mel speaking when she says ''What's the case?''. 7:45

    ReubenReubenMåned siden
    • Swedish, I think.

      Mister AppleMister AppleMåned siden
  • But what about Took?

    Ethan MurphyEthan MurphyMåned siden
  • Alex's impression of Hugh is perfect

    kdpflushkdpflushMåned siden
  • I really hope Romesh knows just how iconic and loved Tree Wizard is on NOworld

    Kelly JouleKelly JouleMåned siden
  • Missed Moments: - Alex being born. - Ed’s relationship with a chick pea. - Sally’s Water Cooler moment. - Joe’s candle safety video. - Sian’s impressive legs.

    Joe GreensladeJoe GreensladeMåned siden
    • Any water cooler moment, honestly.

      Wii U and MiiWii U and MiiMåned siden
    • which ep is sian's impressive legs from ?

      RanaculaeRanaculaeMåned siden
    • @Joe Greenslade The worst Joe

      Johnny SkyfireJohnny SkyfireMåned siden
    • Adele Dazeem Neither, it was Joe Thomas

      Joe GreensladeJoe GreensladeMåned siden
    • @Adele Dazeem me neither

      Chelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerChelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerMåned siden
  • Sally Phillips' head-camera footage should've been included! Absolutely horrifying.

    Omniscient NescienceOmniscient NescienceMåned siden
  • Tree Wizard!

    Ian ThompsonIan ThompsonMåned siden
  • Even though it was fake trailer I still kind of want to watch Tughmaster. Maybe for a future team task they’ll have to film a scene from Tughmaster

    Jayk1406Jayk1406Måned siden
  • TREE WIZARD!!!!!

    BenzaitenBenzaitenMåned siden
  • "Tugtemester." So, in Scandinavian that means something like "master of harsh dicipline".

    NabiumNabiumMåned siden
    • @AM Steensberg They didn't find that word, they just made up a word they thought sounded Swedish and ended up with a random Danish word. :P Tugt in Swedish is tukt.

      NabiumNabiumMåned siden
    • Where did they find that Word? 😁.... It's not exactly common daily language here 🇩🇰

      AM SteensbergAM SteensbergMåned siden
    • Fits him perfectly then xD

      Widdekuu91Widdekuu91Måned siden
  • And the Oscar goes to: Best Picture - Taskmaster: the Movie Best Live Action Short - Tree Wizard Best Animated Short - How to peel a Banana And one Emmy win for Outstanding TV Drama Series with Cul de Sac

    JumbleJammyJokesJumbleJammyJokesMåned siden
    • Grammy to Over My Shoulder.

      Mister AppleMister AppleMåned siden
  • Credit to the production team for editing these so well

    Sam FitzpatrickSam FitzpatrickMåned siden
  • Taskmaster greatest puns when? (fishes, tracksuit, etc,)

    RachelRachelMåned siden
  • Bob Mortimer= genius Romesh’s Tree Wizard = always funny

    Toby BToby BMåned siden
  • i remember being in awe of tugtemester

    カルマカルマMåned siden
  • Would love to see a moments of pure genius compilation

    Alex StewartAlex StewartMåned siden
  • I love how Alex did not object to helping with a piece where he is described as "tiny bitch puppet".

    That Won DudeThat Won DudeMåned siden
    • I think that's the only way that they got him to sign on. "Come on Alex!" "No. I'm just here to observe." "We'll call you a 'tiny bitch puppet'..." "That's much better than what Greg calls me normally. I'm in."

      Chris JeanChris JeanMåned siden
    • Lol, I've watched that a hundred times and always thought it was "tiny pitch puppet"

      Super DSuper DMåned siden
  • Cul de Sac should've won, it was brilliant.

    L4cH4nC3L4cH4nC3Måned siden
  • The flip book would be the ideal secret santa gift.

    PRAR RenniePRAR RennieMåned siden
  • Hug Dennis

    Matt BakerMatt BakerMåned siden
  • nothing will ever beat the melodic wonder of tree wizard ^^

    altblanknaltblanknMåned siden
  • still waiting for tugtemester

    Arina NuhaArina NuhaMåned siden
  • Tree Wizard should be commissioned as a kids' TV series, I imagine it somewhere between Catweazle and a bit of a mess.

    Saviour MachineSaviour MachineMåned siden
  • Tree Wizard is better than Tenet

    Dom The MusicianDom The MusicianMåned siden
  • Oh I had forgotten about Tugtemester - thanks for reminding me of this masterpiece!

    just1bootjust1bootMåned siden
  • This really needed '28 days tater'

    jhfh3112jhfh3112Måned siden
  • how could you use a clip from the same round of Sally Phillips birthing Alex but not use it, rip

    Reese PettigrewReese PettigrewMåned siden
  • I still refuse to believe Tugtemester is not a real movie. It needs to be.

    Widdekuu91Widdekuu91Måned siden
  • That amazing

    acab zacab zMåned siden
  • Sally Phillip's Birth of Alex or water cooler moment not being in this compilation is criminal.

    Sparo SplatSparo SplatMåned siden
    • @Chelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerI liked Bob's video but arguably his answer to "I'm not gonna have a poo" is more memorable. Can't ever forget Sally's though. Like ever.

      Jennifer SchlichtJennifer SchlichtMåned siden
    • Her 'birth of Alex' was unironically just a cinematic masterpiece.

      cyprolcyprolMåned siden
    • yeah why would they put Bob in there twice & not include Sally's far more superior film for the same task?

      Chelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerChelsea Wildflower Loftin WeylerMåned siden
    • Absolutely, it’s almost as if they leave out one of the best clips for every compilation on purpose

      wichwichMåned siden
    • 100000000%

      JeremyK 541OR.JeremyK 541OR.Måned siden
  • So, when can we expect to get Tugtemester in cinemas? That trailer is great honestly

    Daniel AnderssonDaniel AnderssonMåned siden
  • Nice

    ipodguy9ipodguy9Måned siden
  • "I'm not gonna poop" 😂

    White SkyWhite SkyMåned siden
    • @wich I remember watching it in the episode where Sally took his poop for their first challenge.

      White SkyWhite SkyMåned siden
    • @White Sky you mean you remember watching it or did you find it somewhere?

      wichwichMåned siden
    • @wich OH THANK GOD I MAANGE TO WATCH IT HAHAHAH. For a minute I thought there's another reason. I think it was better explain in another episode of Sally making a sculpture thingy of it

      White SkyWhite SkyMåned siden
    • White Sky yes, something about his arsehole being especially high up and that he can’t sit on the toilet regularly but has to sit backwards otherwise the shit will go all over the back of the seat. The story in itself is hilarious but Sally being in complete hysterics makes it all the more funny. Man I do hope they repost those outtakes at some point, would be a sad, sad loss if they don’t.

      wichwichMåned siden
    • @wich ooh isn't it something like how his poop or the way he poop is special or something

      White SkyWhite SkyMåned siden
  • I love Scandinavian crime dramas - Mel and Hugh's "Tugtemester" was so amazingly accurate.

    SerenaSerenaMåned siden
    • In the Netherlands, a group called Klikbeet ('clickbait') made a sketch that wasn't as good as this, but more focussed on the silences in between. A clip for a non-existing series that was called Boring (but with a diagonal stripe through the O) I don't remember if there was a lot of Dutch language in there..that could spoil a few jokes of course. But it's on NOworld, if you search for 'Klikbeet Boring.'

      Widdekuu91Widdekuu91Måned siden
  • James>>>

    Nikki RabieNikki RabieMåned siden
  • Yes

    Isabella EarnhardtIsabella EarnhardtMåned siden
  • "Tiny bitch puppet Alex Horne" is underrated.

    fuzzyjammiesfuzzyjammiesMåned siden
  • *Tree wizard!*

    muskatDRmuskatDRMåned siden
  • Why isn't Sian Gibson's 'tremendous legs' task included here?? That was a great cinematic experience! 😂

    absolutely notabsolutely notMåned siden
    • Probably because that season is not on NOworld yet.

      MooshieMooshieMooshieMooshieMåned siden
    • Well they obviously thought it wasn’t

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • Should be called Cinematic Taskerpieces

    1997MCW1997MCWMåned siden
    • This is "Gymtasktics" all over again

      bobidou23bobidou23Måned siden
    • Nah this title makes more sense and is better

      BARUtubbigBARUtubbigMåned siden
  • Tree wizard was funy but Bob's banana peeling was just phenomenal.

    Hayreddin BarbarossaHayreddin BarbarossaMåned siden
  • Interesting coincidence that Tugtemester awesomely would have matched with Denmark Taskmaster's: shot a cliffhanger film.

    robandbeerobandbeeMåned siden
  • I love Donna but hate Donna.

    Aoife keenanAoife keenanMåned siden
    • How can you hate Donna when it was Donna who out-Donnad Donna in the end?

      JennyfischJennyfischMåned siden
    • @Mister Apple nah man what planet are you living. Donna is much better

      Marcello HonnebierMarcello HonnebierMåned siden
    • No way, Donna is miles better than Donna.

      Mister AppleMister AppleMåned siden
  • I will never get tired of tree wizzard

    SirRichelSirRichelMåned siden
    • 🌳🎈🎈🎈🧙🏾‍♂️

      Jennifer SchlichtJennifer SchlichtMåned siden
    • Any way we can get that for a ringtone? That song plays in my dreams lol

      Holly AHolly AMåned siden
    • Oh ma god it's anotha balloon.

      jimyjimyMåned siden

      RubyPiecRubyPiecMåned siden
    • Is a Tree Wizzard made of roywood?

      kisbiekisbieMåned siden
  • The return of the tree wizard

    Sam StarkSam StarkMåned siden
    • Nearly as good as “Taskmaster the musical”

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • god that was awesome

      corvus whocarescorvus whocaresMåned siden
  • Oh hi al ex

    Isabelle RoeIsabelle RoeMåned siden
  • Tree wizard

    MaseMaseMåned siden
  • One of my absolute faves

    Jeremy WalkerJeremy WalkerMåned siden
  • Last time i was this early, i was straight

    TaylorHasIsuues 007TaylorHasIsuues 007Måned siden
    • @Cricket England Jokes on you, my ex bf is aromantic so never loved me in the first place. Hate to let you down my guy, but i realised i'm gay anyways

      TaylorHasIsuues 007TaylorHasIsuues 007Måned siden
    • That’s what your Bf said

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • Yes

    Bas BloemBas BloemMåned siden
  • First big bog

    QuippQuippMåned siden
  • First!

    hello :Dhello :DMåned siden