Bring Alex His Dinner | Full Task | Taskmaster

30. mars. 2021
166 994 Ganger

From series 4, Hugh Dennis, Joe Lycett, Lolly Adefope, Mel Giedroyc, and Noel Fielding attempt to bring Alex his dinner, whilst hopping across some bunting.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.

  • Why should the food go to him. I would have shouted „If you want Dinner Alex, get your butt next to me here,ASAP!“ One hop, dinner served. Greg would have approved 😂

    Das KänguruDas Känguru2 timer siden
  • Don't hop, drag the foot.. Commenting at the start, let's see who figures it out..

    See, the thing isSee, the thing is6 dager siden
  • Just put your foot down once and don't pick it back up. Just drag the damn thing lol

    KaissuKaissu17 dager siden
  • Lolly at 1:52

    Lu CLu C24 dager siden
  • This is so British xD

    Yori iroYYori iroY24 dager siden
  • I expected someone just walk up to Alex, giving him the dinner, then argue only their *boot* touched the ground, not their *leg*.

    PiscotVPiscotV24 dager siden
  • See, if it were me, I'd intentionally put my raised foot back down and then just drag that foot while hopping with my other foot. Only one penalty

    finalcountdown3210finalcountdown321028 dager siden
  • No one thought to slide the tray on the ground and just keep the leg up that way u can go under the flags...

    Ari AmoreAri Amore29 dager siden
  • i was thinking: Well put your leg down and eat one bread then run to alex while dragging the food on the ground. so basically it only touched the floor once :hmm

    Juhani UJuhani U29 dager siden
  • I would probably have crawled while keeping one foot raised and gotten the longest time out of everyone...

    SquirrelOfTheNightSquirrelOfTheNightMåned siden
  • the way the camera pans from 5:04 to 5:07 combined with the music is extremely cinematic for some reason

    MyrinMyrinMåned siden
  • I would've touched the ground, then drag my foot the entire way. Thus only touching the ground once with the once raised foot.

    ActionronnieActionronnieMåned siden
  • i was expecting one of them to pick up the table and use one of the feet to walk on, so that the foot never touched the ground

    Krise9939Krise9939Måned siden
  • Start by putting one foot down, eat a sandwich, then just slide your feet across the lawn in a shuffle.

    Christian MayChristian MayMåned siden
  • Mel is, by a considerable margin, the most lovably adorable contestant in 11 series.

    NagnullatNagnullatMåned siden
  • I was kinda hoping for someone to just purposely step in place so they'd just eat the entire meal

    Firstname LastnameFirstname LastnameMåned siden
  • “Ay! D’ya wanna race later?”

    Jade LeoncioJade LeoncioMåned siden
  • Am I the only one who feels bad for Hugh?

    First name Last nameFirst name Last nameMåned siden
  • Ignoring the times I feel like Hugh truly won this task. No penalties and his cutting of the course should have earned him bonus points.

    Christopher FieldChristopher FieldMåned siden
  • I wonder if just putting the foot down and dragging it while the other steps normally would've been faster than Noel's hopping.

    A.J. SteinmanA.J. SteinmanMåned siden
  • Hugh Dennis is my all time favourite contestant. I really related to the expression of detached amusement that was on his face throughout the show 😄

    NJ 21NJ 21Måned siden
  • Where are the series 10 episodes

    Ileana EndomIleana EndomMåned siden
  • greetings from switzerland and a huge thank you for some bright fun during this time at home... As I am only able to watch this via NOworld and would prefer to watch it on the official channel, will you upload series 9 full episodes too? I can't wait :-) Thank you for beeing british and having humor :-)

    BlackDragonWhiteHawkBlackDragonWhiteHawkMåned siden
  • Obvious answer, step on the ground, then drag the foot the whole way.

    Jim AdventuresJim AdventuresMåned siden
  • I would've taken 1 penalty to put my foot down and then just drag it. Be done in 20 seconds.

    Clev SteamerClev SteamerMåned siden
  • Mel: it has got to go down. Me: thank you Mel... for perfectly describing my relationship with all food in just 6 words...

    Jóhann GunnarssonJóhann GunnarssonMåned siden
  • Mel is such a joy.

    アンAnneアンAnneMåned siden
  • I would argue that bread isent dinner

    Nils MoeNils MoeMåned siden
    • There was milk, too. Can't forget the milk as part of the meal. =P

      Allen ZAllen ZMåned siden
  • I thought that Hue Dennis had it, until I heard: is he faster at hopping than Nole. And I know he didn't stand a chance

    Tyler The greatTyler The greatMåned siden
  • Does anyone else find the intro music loud compared to the rest of the video? I find myself racing to turn the volume down and then bringing it back up.

    SquishSquishMåned siden
  • I low-key had a crush on Noel after I started this season

    Lovely GhoshLovely GhoshMåned siden
  • I still don’t know whether Noel is male or female, and I like that.

    ShepShepMåned siden
  • This gang is the best

    Miralem ImamovićMiralem ImamovićMåned siden
  • 💗

    Isabella EarnhardtIsabella EarnhardtMåned siden
  • Wasnt Noel in heels? If yes, damn

    Agent88Agent88Måned siden
  • We have this in sweden also did you guys take it from sweden or did sweden take it from you.

    MrUnknownMrUnknownMåned siden
    • The UK version was the first. Alex Horne, this "taskmaster's assistant", was the original creator in 2010, with the first episode airing in 2015

      Debra NDebra NMåned siden
  • Best cast

    Kedia AjaxKedia AjaxMåned siden
  • Strange no one put their foot down once, and dragging their feet through it.

    rex Previouslyrex PreviouslyMåned siden
    • Ya that was my first idea, just accept the one sandwich penalty and moonwalk my way in

      kingoffongpeikingoffongpeiMåned siden
  • Hugh Dennis was so underrated in this series. I like Noel, but so often Hugh nailed it and Greg marked down his efficient genius and pandered to Noel's whimsy.

    joc1178joc1178Måned siden
    • @Elise L It was a clever idea, but his drawing was genuinely terrible.

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)26 dager siden
    • I think of Hugh might have done better if Greg was more lenient. Like with the looking at a mirror to draw a picture of a woman

      Elise LElise LMåned siden
    • I think of Hugh might have done better if Greg was more lenient. Like with the looking at a mirror to draw a picture of a woman

      Elise LElise LMåned siden
    • Desky!!

      joc1178joc1178Måned siden
    • Not to mention Noel having the advantage with so many artistic tasks in this series. Team Desky!

      Laurie fromKSLaurie fromKSMåned siden
  • What ever happened to posting series 11 on here?

    Andrew EAndrew EMåned siden
    • but series 11 is posted on this channel? or at least the first two episodes are, as the show is currently airing. of course I don't know if you're affected by geo-blocking but the posts are here.

      BenzaitenBenzaitenMåned siden
  • Noel is part flamingo, part banana. He could be his own exotic sandwich!

    Spoonie86Spoonie86Måned siden
    • LMAO

      First name Last nameFirst name Last nameMåned siden
  • i cant believe no one thought of just dragging through the floor

    YellowYellowMåned siden
  • this task makes me hungry

    YellowYellowMåned siden
  • Noel looks like Severus Snape

    Dipesh BhatiaDipesh BhatiaMåned siden
  • I mean, if it touches the ground it's hardly raised anymore now is it?!

    fiskfisk33fiskfisk33Måned siden
  • Noel hopped on one leg in HEELS, too!

    David ShiDavid ShiMåned siden
  • Mel just seeing the bread and instantly eating it without thinking is one of my favorite moments from possibly my favorite series

    Allie ThekAllie ThekMåned siden
    • "Mel will have a piece of choc...."

      Bubba GuyBubba GuyMåned siden
  • This was my first Taskmaster series and it’s also my favorite. :) The cast is so good!

    CaptainPolarisCaptainPolarisMåned siden
  • I am impressed on how different they solve it.

    Runar AndersenRunar AndersenMåned siden
  • Want a race? We just had one.

    Runar AndersenRunar AndersenMåned siden
  • Two things I was expecting going into this: 1. Someone to try hop straight through and fall flat on their face, or 2. Someone exploiting the rules and just placing the tray on the ground and dragging their other foot on the tray Disappointed to say I saw neither 😔

    ironicallyscreamingironicallyscreamingMåned siden
    • i was waiting to see if someone would lay on the ground and crawl through with one leg in the air, pushing the tray in front of them lmao

      MyrinMyrinMåned siden
    • i expected noel to do the worm with a leg in the air

      NikolaiNikolaiMåned siden
  • Note: Never give Hugh a blade.

    ZearthZearthMåned siden
  • Should have gotten Alex to move closer lol

    Red DwarfRed DwarfMåned siden
  • Still one of the best casts this series has ever had.

    Lee JayLee JayMåned siden
    • @Spicyice101 Rhod exudes chaotic energy and I'm here for it.

      VolvaryVolvary23 dager siden
    • If it had Rhod Gilbert it would be perfect, his solutions were the best

      Spicyice101Spicyice101Måned siden
  • Thats my mate Tony Three Pies

    r i c or i c oMåned siden
  • Everyone: "Oh no! I messed up!" Mel: B R E A D

    Hilary HeimanHilary HeimanMåned siden
    • @JarvisChrist noel: HOP HOP HOP PART FLAMINGO

      TheJessy8888TheJessy8888Måned siden
    • Hugh: S C I S S O R S P L E A S E

      JarvisChristJarvisChristMåned siden
  • This was a great series

    Lisa CeaseLisa CeaseMåned siden
  • Have I seen this Task 100 times? Yes. Will I watch it again anyway? Sure.

    TottiKarottiTottiKarottiMåned siden
  • "That's the 12th time he's used a blade across the series."

    Eoin O'DonnellEoin O'DonnellMåned siden
  • my idea was to lay on the ground and crawl forwards while pushing it before me ...

    SailorIda3SailorIda3Måned siden
    • @Asterix dont even have to drag it, just hold the bad one up :)

      SailorIda3SailorIda3Måned siden
    • @Yerin's Buddy not sure if its easy or not really :)

      SailorIda3SailorIda3Måned siden
    • Mine was to touch my foot to the ground once, then drag that foot on the ground to Alex, thus touching the ground only once.

      AsterixAsterixMåned siden
    • Crawling while trying to not touch the ground with one foot doesn't sound easier than hopping

      Yerin's BuddyYerin's BuddyMåned siden
  • if scissor boy brought the food with him while he cut those, he would of been in 2nd

    Rodrigo NRodrigo NMåned siden
    • @Rodrigo N yeah, but then you need to add the bread penalty. For every slice of bread eaten they get 5 seconds added on to their time. Joe ate 4 slices so he got an extra 20 seconds. Hugh ate no bread so he gets no penalty and beats joe. Noel got one 5 second penalty but was still way faster than Hugh so still wins.

      07kattho07katthoMåned siden
    • @hecking gi he was slower than joe was, so neil got 1st then joe then scissor boy

      Rodrigo NRodrigo NMåned siden
    • With penalties considered, he was in second

      hecking gihecking giMåned siden
  • Mel is probably the most positive individual on the show. Honorable mention goes to Mel who was constantly happy to be there. EDIT: I meant to say honorable mention to Lolly, but for some reason I typed Mel instead. That said I think it fits and we can have 5 points to Mel and a bonus point, with 4 points to Lolly for being a ray of sunshine.

    TheSilverOrnTheSilverOrnMåned siden
    • Mel is officially nice. But yes, Lolly's great too.

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)Måned siden
    • That was definitely the happiest season.

      Ethan HEthan HMåned siden
    • @Kevin Brown Now you are scoring points like a true Taskmaster!

      TheSilverOrnTheSilverOrnMåned siden
    • And bonus points to Mel for being the human equivalent of a Golden Retriever puppy.

      Kevin BrownKevin BrownMåned siden
  • "I'm part flamingo" legend

    • I can believe that.

      Rikard PetersonRikard PetersonMåned siden
  • "Scissors, please."

    Enycma PieEnycma PieMåned siden
  • I remember watching this whole season and thinking "damn, Noel Fielding is actually super athletic"

    Tim BawdenTim BawdenMåned siden
    • I know! When he whacked the cheese with the snooker queue in Champion of Champions I was quite impressed.

      glockenreinglockenrein24 dager siden
    • I was thinking "damn, Noel Fielding is doing that with heels!"

      Allen ZAllen ZMåned siden
    • Throwback to the finale when Greg's like "this artsy thing is just an act, you're just a lad" lol

      EmyEmyMåned siden
  • I love Lolli

    LouLouMåned siden
    • Except when she touches the fishbowl.

      Senna AugustusSenna AugustusMåned siden
  • Please bring back Mel

    georgethejedigeorgethejediMåned siden
    • A People's Choice series where the fans get to vote on which past contestants they want to return could be a smashing idea of they did it right. Personally I'd bring back Rhod Gilbert and Liza Tarbuck, just because I like seeing Alex suffer.

      Kevin BrownKevin BrownMåned siden
  • "Oh yeah I'm good at this, better even than old scissor boy." haha

    Michael DiCrastoMichael DiCrastoMåned siden
    • Haha

      damageing stingdamageing sting23 dager siden
    • We already had one

      Kirk StoneKirk StoneMåned siden
    • you wanna race later?

      Kezia IreneKezia IreneMåned siden
  • First!

    Primal GroudonPrimal GroudonMåned siden