A Special Task... #NiteFort

1. mai. 2020
53 627 Ganger

Are you bored at home? Are you looking for adventure! Well look no further, NITEFORT is here! Build a fort at home to help those experiencing homelessness….
Adventure awaits: www.justgiving.com/campaign/Nitefort
More info on SHOC here: sloughhomeless.org.uk/
This isn't your usual #Hometasking task! Be sure to use the hashtag #NiteFort with your submissions, and donate to SHOC or another local homeless charity if you can. The Taskmaster looks forward to seeing your entries!

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  • Nite fort fort nite

    DJ Mikael PhDJ Mikael PhMåned siden
  • When is this coming out?

    yeety coconutyeety coconut4 måneder siden
  • 🙂

    Lily InceLily Ince5 måneder siden
  • I figured out what they were doing with the hashtag... and I don't like it.

    LambeauGamesLambeauGames5 måneder siden
  • If anyone makes anything actually usable and lets homeless people self-isolate on their property for the month, that would be an instant win for me. Fun AND practical AND a lesson for the kids about helping people. The homeless in my city are scared to be in shelters right now for obvious reasons and yet if they try to tent outside the cops show up and tear everything down and bin it. The charities can't even keep up.

    Catherine RCatherine R5 måneder siden
  • I love this, can't wait to see the results. I already love hometasking but this just takes it to a whole new level of amazing. Xx

    Lucy CairnsLucy Cairns5 måneder siden
  • Little Alex Horne!

    AzyefAzyef5 måneder siden
  • Little Alex Horn Is 15cm taller than me.

    Jezebel von TexJezebel von Tex5 måneder siden
  • Alex, some local churches do the biblical caring for the members. I found out about it when my wife died and I was unemployed. My local church reached out to me and asked if I needed assistance with food, utilities, or the mortgage. We had life insurance policies in place for that risk, so I didn't need it. However I know about that fund. Gave the fund $3,000 on Tuesday, so yes acting locally. Thanks Alex for promoting acting locally. It is needed everywhere. This is in addition to close relatives being helped. Many churches are stepping up tot he plate on this one.

    isettechisettech5 måneder siden
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Oreo WaingortinOreo Waingortin5 måneder siden
  • #nightfort?

    GeneralityGenerality5 måneder siden
    • I think it might be wordplay on the game Fortnite?

      Michael DewingMichael Dewing5 måneder siden
  • Are you not sick to death of that whole 'we're in lockdown, do something quirky' shit already?

    Pete BowdonPete Bowdon5 måneder siden
  • Do they know scouts across the country have been doing this all April? And broke the record for largest virtual camp I think...

    EmilyEmily5 måneder siden
    • Still sounds good to raise money tho

      EmilyEmily5 måneder siden
  • Epic!

    Str 1066Str 10665 måneder siden
  • It says you can't use YOUR bed. Can you use someone else's?

    Chris KentChris Kent5 måneder siden
    • i wonder if you could use alex horne's bed?

      Naomi EdNaomi Ed5 måneder siden
  • NiteFort... Nite... Fort... Fort... Ni- NANI?!

    mrmariomikemrmariomike5 måneder siden
  • Here they put bags of foods on fences where homeless people can get what they need from

    Julchen D.Julchen D.5 måneder siden
  • People who watch community already know what to do

    FelipeeeflFelipeeefl5 måneder siden
    • Felipeeefl oh yea best fort ever

      B MooreB Moore5 måneder siden
  • Little Alex Horne (6' 2)

    TetrisdoodTetrisdood5 måneder siden
  • 30 days... people gonna splash some cash... also makes me think Alex is getting fed up of working during the lockdown... 🤣

    V8HiluxV8Hilux5 måneder siden
  • Who out there is going to create a blanket fort so complex it has a Turkish district, a weird club, Latvian Independence Day parade?

    • I hope whoever it is gets to present it in Troy and Abhed in the morning

      Oreo WaingortinOreo Waingortin5 måneder siden
    • OMG COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!! lol I love that show

      skaterangelskullskaterangelskull5 måneder siden
  • Fortnite!

    Justin ShumanJustin Shuman5 måneder siden
  • Do we film making the fort or do you film the inside

    Elsie Stimson-HandleyElsie Stimson-Handley5 måneder siden
  • does that mean we have to upload 8 hours clips of us sleeping in it for a night?

    Janinho897Janinho8975 måneder siden
  • Little Alex Horne, 6'2"

    WayneWayne5 måneder siden
    • Everyone is little compared to Greg!

      Sarah KinseySarah Kinsey5 måneder siden
  • we like fortnite

    bimybimy5 måneder siden
  • So... as a recovering addict and someone who was homeless for many of his formative years this is really touching to see. TM good on you

    PhobosPhobos5 måneder siden
    • Pete Bowdon if you’d like to come talk with me on discord I’m more than open to it but there’s no reason to attack me I was just sharing my experience and giving them kudos on helping raise money but honestly I don’t got to defend myself to you I’m sorry you feel so bad you got to be a cynical asshole if you want to hear my story SkullKidDGL#5958 on discord but there’s no need to be such a prick

      PhobosPhobos5 måneder siden
    • @Phobos Yup. You. Whenever you see so much gushing and openness and love for such a moronic concept there's always you.

      Pete BowdonPete Bowdon5 måneder siden
    • Pete Bowdon me?

      PhobosPhobos5 måneder siden
    • I bet you a tenner that you're not a real person.

      Pete BowdonPete Bowdon5 måneder siden
    • Phobos good luck man!

      LePain 0LePain 05 måneder siden
  • Great initiative, will support the charity, but possibly a fort is trickier!

    dougm24dougm245 måneder siden
  • Not a task for apartment dwellers.

    JohannaEGJohannaEG5 måneder siden
    • Alex didn’t say anything about building a fort outside :)

      Rebecca ConradRebecca Conrad5 måneder siden
    • Those with balconies could still join in. Or those who live on the ground floor and have yards etc

      Starry AStarry A5 måneder siden
  • They knew what they were doing with that hashtag

    wernt0wernt05 måneder siden
  • Yay

    Denver FulfordDenver Fulford5 måneder siden
  • What is a 'friday' and where can i get one?

    Ariana GandhiAriana Gandhi5 måneder siden
  • wait a minute! so no more task videos for 30 days?! bammer!

    jim mimisjim mimis5 måneder siden
    • This is a special Friday task for little Alex Horne's charity. More tasks on Monday and Wednesday at 09:00.

      UnChannelDuVulpineXUnChannelDuVulpineX5 måneder siden
  • With involved in the charity Alex means that he eats and sleeps there.

    OkurkaOkurka5 måneder siden
  • Let's go! This sounds epic and I'm gonna go all out

    Baxter Boy123Baxter Boy1235 måneder siden
    • @Epicdoughnut633 thank you so much

      Baxter Boy123Baxter Boy1235 måneder siden
    • I subbed to you dude

      Epicdoughnut633Epicdoughnut6335 måneder siden
  • This is a pretty cool thing. Also I understand that they wanted to get from 30 hours to the next unit 30 days. Still, I think a task called "nitefort" should have only a fortnite to be accomplished...

    Benjamin WaltherBenjamin Walther5 måneder siden
    • I hate that that pun works so well

      Ollo BOllo B5 måneder siden
  • People are going to straight up build houses...

    Jared HuangJared Huang5 måneder siden
    • That would also help the homelessness problem.

      GeneralityGenerality5 måneder siden
    • I have built an entire deck with a ramp and full, proper roof in a week with a team of only six people. If I really wanted to, I could probably construct a small house in a month with little issue. Just saying.

      Alex SongAlex Song5 måneder siden
    • And?

      Fulano de TalFulano de Tal5 måneder siden
    • Not in 30 days they won't.

      Simon TaySimon Tay5 måneder siden
  • Does that mean n o more tasks for a month ????????🤯🤯

    Ian VennellIan Vennell5 måneder siden
    • No. More tasks on Monday and Wednesday at 09:00.

      UnChannelDuVulpineXUnChannelDuVulpineX5 måneder siden
  • This is a beauti- as well as deeply meaningful idea to generate some awareness, understanding, and empathy for the situation of our homeless fellow humans. Thank you for creating it.

    Cornelia RémiCornelia Rémi5 måneder siden
  • Epic fort match!!

    George ParkesGeorge Parkes5 måneder siden
  • Leicestershire scouts and explorers have been camping out for the whole of april and their 30 days finishes tonight.

    Zoe GuyZoe Guy5 måneder siden
  • The no bed rule is interesting.

    Sandy RossSandy Ross5 måneder siden
    • Couch!

      GrieferGuyGrieferGuy5 måneder siden
  • With the way some of the other tasks have turned out with people having 30 hours I feel like some people going to have extensions by the end of 30 days.

    Tom WillTom Will5 måneder siden
    • Yes, there'll probably be enough quality forts built to accommodate everyone in Slough!

      CatherinzslCatherinzsl5 måneder siden
  • Making an outdoor location without a bed that you have to sleep in, in an effort to draw attention to homelessness, is a really creative idea, Alex. I applaud you for this task, and I hope it leads to a great deal of money to help those in need in Slough - and elsewhere!

    PokerJoker811PokerJoker8115 måneder siden
    • I'd just like to point out that the task doesn't say it has to be outside...

      Benjamin WaltherBenjamin Walther5 måneder siden
  • What country can you rent a place for 5,475 pounds a year?

    Bright Star Last NameBright Star Last Name5 måneder siden
    • Plenty! Shared accommodation will be well within that range. Also in this case the cost is likely the price of a shared shelter housing.

      Eva BEva B5 måneder siden
  • 30 days? So this is the last one ever? Nobody is going to remember it in a month. Pity. 😳

    squalloogalsqualloogal5 måneder siden
    • In the description of the results video that was released an hour ago, it says "more tasks on Monday and Wednesday at 09:00" or words to that effect. This is a special Friday task for little Alex Horne's charity.

      UnChannelDuVulpineXUnChannelDuVulpineX5 måneder siden
    • Note that it doesn't say "Hometasking #". This does not mean there won't be a task on monday.

      Bart NikkelenBart Nikkelen5 måneder siden
  • It’s Friday?! 🐬 Also this is a great idea I love it!!! 🐬 I wonder if it’s possible to make a multi-story fort?! 🐬

    JenniferSwiftBloodJenniferSwiftBlood5 måneder siden
  • 101 like

    egg lordegg lord5 måneder siden

    //TNTz [-]//TNTz [-]5 måneder siden
    • Nitefort >> Fortnite

      Frosty FlamesFrosty Flames5 måneder siden
  • Really? Friday? Are we still doing that "days" thing?

    Wouter vanRWouter vanR5 måneder siden
    • @1969Kismet I used to be for Sunday shopping but from a stint ou f no days of then covid. I welcome a sunday shutdown.

      Dennis SaundersDennis Saunders5 måneder siden
    • @Dennis Saunders Same in Europe. Mostly things are shut on Sundays and it's only fair that people should rest or do whatever they enjoy. Some shops are still open though, it seems to be a thing now shopping all week at all hours. You'd never catch me dead shopping on a Sunday or on a bank holiday. You'd be hard pushed to catch me shopping any day to be fair ; )

      1969Kismet1969Kismet5 måneder siden
    • @1969Kismet yeah it is Quebec thing. I honestly like it especially when I gotta go back. A mandatory day off be nice.

      Dennis SaundersDennis Saunders5 måneder siden
    • @Dennis Saunders Shutdown on a lockdown? So people have all the fun!

      1969Kismet1969Kismet5 måneder siden
    • @Barbara 165 exactly if not needed no one is paying are attention. Jesus its may. Wtf.

      Dennis SaundersDennis Saunders5 måneder siden
  • 30 days, sounds like this is gonna get pretty spicy

    Clayton BeckClayton Beck5 måneder siden
  • Remind me again in 29 days

    316SR316SR5 måneder siden
  • Americans be like: wHaTs A pOuNd?

    Xxextrememeerkat playoverXxextrememeerkat playover5 måneder siden
    • @UnChannelDuVulpineX ik

      Xxextrememeerkat playoverXxextrememeerkat playover5 måneder siden
    • These HomeTasks are popular all over. It's almost as if everybody has a load of free time to use right now.

      UnChannelDuVulpineXUnChannelDuVulpineX5 måneder siden
    • The third comment is you saying that your non-joke comment was a joke. The *second* time was to me. Second. I even said that it was the second time *in this thread*, it wasn't hard to find what I was referring to, just scroll up. The fact that I had to explain this to you proves my point. Stop using that excuse.

      UnChannelDuVulpineXUnChannelDuVulpineX5 måneder siden
    • @UnChannelDuVulpineX And also, Taskmaster is a purely British thing. 🙂

      Xxextrememeerkat playoverXxextrememeerkat playover5 måneder siden
    • @UnChannelDuVulpineX But I am still a 'child' and stop making it into an argument as it is just an uncivilised thing to do and I do speak actual English. And, quite frankly I didn't understand why you used the term 'second' as I haven't done this multiple times.

      Xxextrememeerkat playoverXxextrememeerkat playover5 måneder siden
  • when you're early and there's only three comments so you make one more

    カルマカルマ5 måneder siden
  • Going to the hardware store

    Jonathan FingerJonathan Finger5 måneder siden
    • I'm going yes I'm going to the hardware store sorry

      Kusane HexakuKusane Hexaku5 måneder siden
    • @Matthew44 Animations I think when they started home tasking it was just going to be through April. It'll be interesting to see if they have any additional tasks in May.

      Laura RedmanLaura Redman5 måneder siden
    • Time to build

      Jonathan FingerJonathan Finger5 måneder siden
    • 30 days!?!?

      Matthew44 AnimationsMatthew44 Animations5 måneder siden